Heading Down to South Carolina

I will be heading down South and spending all of January in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. I want to be a lot more mobile this year and actually see Southern places and especially Southern people. Last year I was stuck in February on Hilton Head S.C. Island with a bunch of old golfers from Ohio:


I would like to talk and hopeful meet with as many of our OD readers and listeners of The Political Cesspool radio show.

We had a solid year and survived some brutal purges. Let’s plan some solid, successful activism in 2019.

Folks can contact me at:



    • Jim,

      My girlfriends have been very few and far between – but high quality.

      My two best girlfriends were from Tennessee and Texas.

      Miss Cindy Ray from Chattanooga Tennessee and

      Miss Beth from Texas

      What gals!

      Not exactly Southern Belles but just healthy, fun Southern gals.

      God bless the South.

    • Serious competition there – who’s more boring:

      Golfers from Ohio vs golfers from Utah….

      Golfing while Rome burns.

  1. 800 billion for Black and Latino retirement funds. Hundreds of billions more for “distressed” zones. You tried to humiliate me a year ago during the “We’re gonna get tired of winning” phase. I wouldn’t belabor the point except that you think it was a solid year. I guess life must be easy if you can take a month off. Not me… I work all the time just to stay afloat here in California, my home state. Merry Christmas.

  2. From December 1 to March 1 my base of operations moves from the top floor of the PAN AM Building in Midtown to Room 105 of the Landmark Motor Hotel in L.A., just off of Hollywood Boulevard and North La Brea.

  3. Jaye, watch yourself in Georgia. Rumor has it that the devil is looking for a soul to steal because he is way behind and looking to make a deal.

    • Agreed.

      Charlie Daniels did warn us about that Devil going down to Georgia….

      Not sure even the Devil is interested in going down to Georgia to take MARTA – Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta.

  4. Thanks for the invite John Ogelton.

    I wish I had a private plane that I could do like AH did in his best election – barnstorm the country. Southern States like most US States are big and I’m not the best loner driver that can do 12 hour drives most days.

    City living has gotten me averse to long drives or really driving at all.

    Let’s Skype, talk on the phone.

    I really do need to hear some Southern accents this year. Last year was terrible.

    Many Ohio golfers are so…..


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