President Trump Announces US Withdrawal From Syria

The consensus on this is a mixture of disbelief and cautious optimism:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump has ordered a rapid withdrawal of all 2,000 United States ground troops from Syria within 30 days, declaring the four-year American-led war against the Islamic State as largely won, officials said Wednesday.

“We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency,” the president said in a Twitter post on Wednesday morning. He offered no details on his plans for the military mission, nor a larger strategy, in Syria.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said in a statement that “we have started returning United States troops home as we transition to the next phase of this campaign.”

In a series of meetings and conference calls over the past several days, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and other senior national security officials have tried to dissuade Mr. Trump from a wholesale troop withdrawal, arguing that the significant national security policy shift would essentially cede foreign influence in Syria to Russia and Iran at a time when American policy calls for challenging both countries….”

Lingering questions:

1.) How long will it be before Israel activates their puppets in Congress and stages another false flag gas attack to stop the withdrawal of troops?

2.) How long will it be before ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis and the Pentagon get their way and talk Trump out of this?

3.) How long will it be before Republican senators whining about it causes Trump to walk this back?

4.) What happens after Turkey invades northern Syria to wipe out the Kurds which seems to be the cause of this?

If this actually happens and Trump brings the troops home and ends our involvement in the Syria quagmire, then great. I find it hard to believe though. What’s the catch?

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  1. They are gong to use Turkish or other troops to do this is my guess. This is a long term project involving oil and gas lines and “manifest destiny” for Greater Israel. There is no off switch to this golem.

  2. The intelligence community types will not allow this to go forward. It’s actually quite interesting to watch John Schindler (@20Committee) and the rest of those types flip the hell out about this.

    Btw, Hunter, I think it’s worth pointing out that the IC types are smart enough to know that America needs constant proxy wars against Russia (as is currently happening in Syria) in order to avoid dealing with its own centrifugal forces and to maintain its empire. In that sense, America & Russia are ‘symbiotic rivals.’ Their rivalry is what allows America to justify maintaining forces in Europe, the 5 Eyes Security Alliance (translation = Britain, Canada, OZ & NZ give USA access to all their spy agencies), NATO, etc.

    The moment America normalizes relations with Russia is the moment the entire system begins to fracture.

    • “The moment America normalizes relations with Russia is the moment the entire system begins to fracture” – I’ve seen info that suggests ‘threats from space’ will be the next and perhaps the biggest bogeyman of them all…

  3. US troops are still in Jordan and Iraq and CIA/mossad support for ISIS is still ongoing. Trump just stated last week that the reason we are in the Middle East is for Israel’s security. There must be something else going on here.

    • “Trump just stated last week that the reason we are in the Middle East is for Israel’s security.”

      That’s right. So, Israel’s security “trumps” our own security. It’s so obvious that even morons should be able to see through the bull.

    • To say that of Israel’s security, and then do this (pull troops out) suggests a really big message for Israel to digest. Perhaps Trump has finally worked out that they will always work to subvert him no matter how many Jerusalems he offers up. This may be his payback.

  4. This seems like one of those “wait and see” deals.

    With luck, it’s actually true, though.

    Personally, I’d slash the military budget down to $1 billion and basically put the Army into storage, with a skeleton crew, until it was actually needed to defend the country. But that could never go through under our current system.

    Bizarre that out-and-out fascists like myself are the peaceniks of the modern age.

    • It’s us Nazis and Fascists who are the good guys, just like our predecessors were 80 years ago. We are against imperialism, colonialism, slavery, animal cruelty, pollution and capitalist exploitation. Can the other side make the same claims with a straight face?

  5. To borrow a phrase: “big if true”.

    The War isn’t in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ukraine, North Korea, Jerusalem…

    It’s in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, and so on.

    Were Trump to fight this war, he could win. But does he have the brains, guts, and balls to admit* that this is a war and not “politics as usual”?

    * The first step of the “think – say – do” paradigm of human neuroanatomy.

  6. Ahh well….I guess soon we’ll be seeing more footage in hospitals of children with water all over them pretending to be victim’s of some phony gas attack.

  7. Shelley adelson and benjy nutty yahoo aren’t going to be happy about this.

    Will drumpf attack Iran to win back their approval?

  8. It is indeed great news, if Trump stays with it.
    As to the *catch* that Hunter mentioned at the end of this piece, perhaps I am being conspiratorial, but let me point out one possibility. Sara Huckabee Sanders mentioned the “next phase of this campaign” in her quote above. If it is over and we are withdrawing, how can there be a *next phase*? Perhaps she just misspoke, or perhaps she let something slip?

  9. We should still cut a deal with Russia, asking them to help the Kurds. Also, a public acknowledgement that Russia is responsible for the defeat of ISIS would be nice. And even better if we acknowledged Obama and Hilary’s culpability in the rise of ISIS, along with our staunch allies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

  10. Trump’s track record for doing what he says he’s going to do is practically non existent. Who knows, we’ll be told very soon by “reliable sources” that Assad is gassing his people again and it’s US military to the rescue bombing his people again.

  11. No NATO, no military bases overseas, no foreign aid, no nothing for anyone else. No visas for third worlders, no immigration (legal or otherwise), no matter how much force needs to be used to stop it. No foreign entanglements, period. Yeah, I know I’m dreaming.

  12. the catch is, trump needs a win, and needs it badly.

    he has a few bullets left in his gun, and he can fire them in desperate times when he needs a win. now is one of those times.

    BUT – it could be all talk. just like how he starts talking tough on the border when he needs a win and needs to energize his base.

    it is 50-50 on whether this is just more talk or actual withdrawal from syria.

    he could split the difference, and get some, or most of the troops out, then claim victory, while keeping the useless, sack of crap generals and republican senators somewhat satisfied.

    the real deal is to get out of afghanistan. they’ll scream and kick the entire way if trump makes a serious effort to get out of that.

  13. If President Trump truly follows through with this decision…….


    He’s being attacked from all corridors of the Establishment……..

    Let’s see if he can withstand the pressure and fulfill………

    An obvious White Pill……

    And Rand Paul…….

    Hopefully, still holding out on delivering the $38Billion to Israel…….

    With ZERO funding for the Southern Border Wall……

    While funding $15 Billion for Central America……..

    In the End, we the Alt-Right/Dissident Right still have each other……..

    We’re a Powerful Force if we can learn to see….

    The Forest for the Trees……..

  14. Did we beat ISIS or was it Russia that does not have to follow rules of engagement nonsense as does the U.S. And if we defeated ISIS and al-Qaeda it is only fitting we do so since the CIA formed what morphed into ISIS and al-Qaeda in the first place.

  15. Trump never had the balls to reveal to the American public the extent of the Obama admin’s support for ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria.

  16. Trump made the same announcement a while back and “Married to the Marines” Mattis cucked him. We’ll have to wait and see. I heard Hush Bimbo lamenting the announcement because we have to counter Iran and Russia. “American Excretionalism!”

  17. He’s turning out to be one of the worst presidents in my lifetime. Not just because he doesn’t do anything for “us” but because he fed us more lies than all the lying presidents before him. I had my doubts about him and stated so many times – I mean he was in over his head with Jews and all other Israel lovers – but he appeared to have had enough of DC like the rest of us. Here was a 70-year old man that was working overtime to Make America Great Again. But, he wasn’t doing that. He was working tirelessly for Jarvanka, Jewish interests, and all things Israel.

    His one speech to AIPAC during the campaign trail was filled with more truths than all his speeches to the Goyim during the entire campaign trail. We got what we deserved for being fools. AGAIN. It appears the corrupt, greedy capitalists are far, far worse than the career politicians.

    When I head Bill Binney state that, in his opinion, the chance of Trump releasing the FISA warrants un-redacted was only 20%, I knew all the talk about him going after the Deep State and exposing the pedophile network that rules the world was just bullshit.

    The time to put on our yellow vests is fast approaching. Make sure yours has plenty of pockets for matches.

  18. The Kurds want their own state, wherever they are. They hate Arabs and are committing atrocities in Iraq against the Sunni Iraqis. Americans support them because they support a genocide of Sunni Arabs;read the New Yorker piece about how the coalition has been engaged in wholesale mass murder of Sunnis occupied by isis. And how the Baghdad government[ Shia/Kurds] have torture prisons and kangaroo courts for Sunnis iris. Americans only care about isis but have supported the holocaust that Assad/Russia is engaged in in Syria. isis rose out of the mass murder by Americans and Shia/Kurdish Iraqis in Iraq , and by the mass murdering policies of Assad. All we had was 2000 troops in Syria; fighting on behalf of the Assad/ Kurds /Russians who are engaged in a genocide. so unless we do the right thing and topple Assad. those troops don’t belong there. Russia / Assad have been bombing isis and all who oppose tht regime for years; hence the refugees. All Americans care about is the piece bout isis; they will not see the whole picture and don’t care about a holocaust of Sunnis in Syria /Iraq.

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