Trump Administration Announces Remain In Mexico Deal

While I have made some jokes about Trump being forced to eat crow and pay billions of dollars to Mexico and Honduras, the truth is that he might have better luck bribing these mestizos to end catch and release than getting his own party to reform our immigration laws:

“WASHINGTON — The Trump administration, mired in a battle with Congress over funding of a border wall, announced on Thursday that the United States would begin requiring people seeking asylum at the southwest border to wait in Mexico for a court ruling on their cases.

After weeks of talks, the Mexican government reluctantly agreed to accept the waiting migrants, which could substantially reduce the number of people trying to gain entry into the United States and deter even those with the most credible asylum claims.

Mexican officials did not say where the immigrants would be housed or what resources they would be given, but noted that humanitarian visas and work permits would be made available.

The policy shift amounts to the boldest effort yet by the Trump administration to discourage people from seeking refuge in the United States. …”

Andrés Obrador and the mayor of Tijuana are more based on immigration than Mitch McConnell which is pretty funny considering that Trump is more hated in Mexico than almost anywhere else on earth

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