Trump Administration Announces Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan

The Trump administration announced today that it is pulling 7,000 troops out of Afghanistan which is nearly half of the troops that are deployed there:

“WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is withdrawing roughly 7,000 troops from Afghanistan in the coming months, two defense officials said Thursday, around half of what the American military has there now.

Mr. Trump made the decision at the same time he decided he was pulling American forces out of Syria, one official said. The move is likely one of the first steps to end the United States’ involvement in the 17-year-old war.

The 14,000 American troops currently in Afghanistan are divided between training and advising Afghan forces and a counterterror mission against groups like the Islamic State and Al Qaeda. The reduction, one official said, is in an effort to make Afghan forces more reliant on their own troops and not Western support. …”

This is great news.

Trump has decided to wind down the wars in Syria and Afghanistan. It is also clearly a response to the outrage in his base over the optics of passing criminal justice reform while failing to get the border wall funding. We have been saying he had to do something and this is it.

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    • I didn’t know he was pulling out of Afganistan too. Trump is going nuclear on the neocons.

      So Coulter applies preassure to Trump -> Trump squeals and applies preassure to the Jews -> The Jews squeal and apply preassure to their Republican puppets -> Republican puppets suddenly highly motivated to fund wall.

  1. Wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan=fighting in countries you know nothing about for globalist Jews who are destroying your own nation while you’re gone.
    They send you to some shithole most Americans care nothing about, when you should really be on the Mexican border actually defending your nation. EVERY American should be outraged at this treason which goes on decade after decade.

  2. The U.S. will never really leave Afghanistan. Ever. In related news, a female Afghan pilot who came to the U.S. as part of a training exercise and decided she didn’t want to go back to a repressive failed -state sh#thole has been granted ASYLUM. Huh?! Billions spent , blood spilled to “spread democracy” and somehow the denizens of Afghanistan are eligible for asylum ??

  3. Much of Trump’s base are pro-war Christian Zionists. However those people tend to have a cultlike worship of Trump and base all their positions on whatever he says so they won’t criticize this action or anything he does.

  4. Glad that Trump is going to bring some more troops home. This is one of those rare things that everyone from Ron Paul libertarian types to full-out White Nationalists can celebrate.

  5. Too little. Too late.

    Fuck zog’s troops.

    If trump rolls back 1st Amendment censorship, antifa violence, support for zionism, and deports All 30 million or more illegal immigrants; then we can be cordial.

    I won’t be holding my breath.

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