Live Thread: ZOG’s Shutdown (Part 2)

Here we go again.

President Trump wants to build am expensive monument to racism on the Southern border. The federal government is entering a partial shutdown until he yields or a deal is struck.

Note: Is anyone going to care about this except political junkies? The timing is Christmas weekend in the immediate aftermath of a midterm election

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  1. Trump is the only potential antidote to the yellow vest movement coming here. I think we are going to see some token winning.

  2. If I was President, I would shut down the government whenever I wanted. Government workers are liberal voters, they aren’t going to vote Republican, until they have left government service. The military, if it is not defending the borders of the United States from invasion, are nothing but welfare queens. Shut down the government and all the pressure will be on the Dems to sign the bill to open it back up. The President would have enourmous power if he wasnt a weak, spineless, pussy.

    • I agree 100% and since he’s totally doing the Jewish lobbies bidding, I’m wondering what the angle is. We know the Jews love open borders for us, so this must just be another distraction.

    • Agree with Pamela and Putnam. Shut the demoncrats down. We need to be VERY active in voting for and supporting “the least worst candidates,” till WE create our version of The 4th Reich : A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY.

  3. After a quick Googling of what will and will not be shut down until a deal is struck, it occurred to me that we would not be worse off if these bureaucracies closed permanently.
    *Essential services* remain open, including the Post Office (!) and our foreign occupation military bases. Food stamps and Social Security checks to Boomer cucks will continue also. The DHS, which did not even exist until 9/11, will still be operational, but without paychecks until a deal is struck. This “shutdown” is not much of a shutdown, nothing but political theater.
    Much more of the FedGov than this needs to be shutdown for a Southern Nationalist to get excited.

  4. Shills of the Jew State, calling it Deep State is an evasion of the truth, are going berserk at Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from Syria.

  5. Wow, the border wall would be racist. The Globalist tower of babel one world order devil’s better let the Israeli State know they are soooooo racist for having a border wall.

    Lamentations 5:2 Our inheritance has been turned over to strangers, our homes to aliens.

  6. would agree in principle that shutting down washington is a net good thing, as 90% of DC workers vote democrat, so who cares if they don’t get paid. and they certainly perform no useful function.

    but the problem is the leftists have a stranglehold on most television media, so they can always use a shutdown to bash republicans regardless of what the scenario is. that’s why republicans are so afraid of these things. having a voice on most of radio and half the internet has not been enough to counteract the overwhelming television control, at least in the past.

  7. During the so-called shutdown 85% of ZOG will continue to operate as usual. And those extremely important nonessential government personnel who don’t show up for work will eventually be paid for their time off anyway.

    Even if Trump was serious about draining the swamp and all the rest of it he couldn’t do it, because the corruption has been institutionalized. And since we are apparently incapable of forming any kind of meaningful political resistance we’ll just have to wait until the whole rotten empire collapses on its own before anything changes.

  8. If no wall funding is approved, then Trump should just immediately remove all troops from overseas and put THEM on the border and permanently patrol it. These neocon wretches want it both ways=a wall, and wars for Israel is ok and fully funded with smiles all round, but a wall on the Mexican border…..thats suddenly a ‘monument to racism’. The old ‘r’ word is wheeled out yet again.
    I’ll reiterate-your real enemies are in the white house, not the Middle East, and they can’t be removed by democracy. Always remember that every time you’re told ‘your vote counts’.

    • by the way, old chap. the word is “racialist” as opposed to “racist.” the latter is not present in the english language. so, if i am to be slurred, please use the proper noun.

  9. I know we’ve all become desensitized through necessity to function daily, but that ACLU language is scandalously outrageous —- “monument to racism”?! These subversive traitors should someday be held to account .

  10. I went on IRS website to pay my quarterly. You guessed it, shutdown. I guess money doesn’t matter to ZOG as much as controlling the money. If the IRS stops receiving money because of the shutdown then Trump should shut it down all year.

  11. So zog turned off the electricity to the national Christmas Tree as part of the government shutdown. No lights. No shining star on top.

    Do you think anyone in D.C. would have had the nerve to turn off the hanukah menorah on the White House lawn? That’s a rhetorical question.

    Merry Christmas to all WNs worldwide.

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