Syria Celebrates Peaceful Christmas While Paris and W Europe Burn

Christmas Peace in Syria Paris Burns

Chicago is looking and feeling terrible. I’m fortunately out of the Chicago city, but when I’m in it, I feel like I’m back in racial and criminal anarchy New York City 1988-92. The most vicious and hateful Jews (Governor JB Pritzger, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, University of Chicago and Northwestern Presidents, the Chicago Jews Media) dominate our City & Illinois state politics, our economy and our culture. They’ve promoted and incited the most incompetent White hating Blacks and undocumented Laraza – “the Race” and various sexual degenerates. Illinois apparently has a semi official LGBT US Senate seat (Sen. Tammy Duckworth). Illinois’ new Jew governor JB Pritzger is creating “Deputy Governors” so Blacks and Hispanics (soon LGBT) have their own almost Governors This was also done in New York City in the late 1980s – Black AA deputy mayors to placate the Sharpton led Black mobs. Chicago law enforcement was basically turned over to BlackLivesMatter and our BLM District Attorney Kim Fox seems indifferent to Chicago’s 3,000 plus annual shootings and 600 plus annual murders. DA Kim Fox has a murder clearance rate ~ 15% – thus Chicago criminals are literally getting away with murder (source: link)

Barack Obama basically moved to Chicago in the 1980s to make his base of operations for a national Black Liberation Theology personality cult. The Obamas just managed to steal a huge chunk of prized South Side Lakefront parkland (Andrew Jackson Park), getting the lakefront parkland for free and also putting us Chicago Illinois tax payers on the hook to build a $500 million presidential center, complete with a 27 story luxury high-rise once called a “library”! This public land theft was done in my old University of Chicago neighborhood and old White liberals/park lovers are furious. It’s like something done in a corrupt Black African country, where the Idi Amin/Mugabe style dictator steals a national public nature reserve and makes it his private palace for his daughters and mistresses!

So that’s Chicago Illinois year end 2018. In other news, France and England continue to burn with riots, migrant rapists, jihadists etc. But on the very plus side:

The nation of Syria looks to be at peace as locals and tourists enjoy a safe, beautiful Christmas complete with Christmas concerts and German style Christmas markets.

Thank you President Assad and a special “thank you” to our European Christian kinsmen the Russians!

Look at the beautiful Syrian 1st couple Mr. and Mrs. Assad! They look almost as handsome and almost as White European as our beloved President Trump and our 1st lady!

Hey atheists/Talmudist/Bolshevik/Communists/Neo Conservative Zionists…

You lost Syria, you lost Russia – Leningrad is once against beautiful, Christian St. Petersburg!

Get ready to start losing lots and lots of other things – get ready to see perverts and sadist haters like Harvey Weinstein taken down. Oligarchs and international money changers like George Soros will suffer similar fates of Yukos Oil Oligarchs (arrested, displayed in a public cage, sent to force labor camps in Siberia).

So I conclude by wishing all our OD readers a merry and old fashioned Christmas. Though places like Chicago Illinois look lost, there are so many good things happening all over the world. What once was lost is now found.

Merry Christmas.


  1. People need to read up on men like Assad whom the MSM tarnishes with all they’ve got. Ditto for Gaddafi. These men were overwhelming liked by their own people and worked hard for the nations they ruled. Everything the Western media says about men like them is overwhelmingly false.

    Gaddafi had built a huge water purification plant. The first thing bombed in Libya was that plant, Why? He also had no central bank. He also gave his citizens free medical care, free education, and gifted them money when they married. He wanted to create a united Africa, with its own currency, that was no longer dependent on outside help. I know less about Assad but one thing that is known is that he protected Syrian Christians and allowed them to practice their faith without danger. He is not a globalist and the domination of Syria is part of Oded Yinon’s, scratch that, the Rothschilds’ “Greater Israel” plan.

    • Saddam, Kadaffi, Assad, Nasser….they were all Arab nationalists, madame. And that is something ZOG cannot abide.

  2. Many parts of Syria are in smoking ruins, due to ZOG and their Janissary whores. It’s monstrous. ZOG’S Janissaries are still in Syria, looting as much oil as possible. I’m glad that some Syrians are enjoying peace, as well as life and limb, in certain sections. Bless them and keep them safe, The atrocities committed by “my government” SICKENS me. May EVERY-ONE get what they deserve.

  3. Yes I did some research on Syrian Christians. Their woman are astoundingly attractive! The Left in Australia, and likely throughout the West,
    hate Syrian and Iraqi Christians as much as they hate white South Africans. The fact they would actually blend in to Western society easily may have something to do with it…
    I wish them all a merry and safe Christmas.

  4. Syria and Iran are “our enemies” because they are the Whitest people in the Middle East. Whites are the Jews number one enemy, because we have the power to crush them.

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