2018 Year in Review – Traitor of the Year Nominations

2018 is winding up. It’s time for our year in review and nominations for the hotly contested White traitor of the year. 2018 has been a particularly nasty year for us Southern Nationalists, Populist Conservatives, Immigration Patriots and White identitarians at least here in the USA and also in not so merry old England. In contrast, our kinsmen in Central and Eastern Europe seem to be doing…


But, on the American plus side, some of my most hated American traitors died like

George Bush Sr.
John McCain

Also, the good guys seem to have won in Syria and the cursed Neo Conservative/Zionist war mongers who once dominated Conservative Inc, Conservative media and had full access to the controlled mainstream media – they were unable to pull off yet another American intervention, American war against the latest “HE’S HITLER”, “THEY’RE GASSING LITTLE CHILDREN” Syria’s Assad or Vladimir Putin.

The Powers that be didn’t even try to wheel out one of their fake populist Country and Western/Rock stars like Hank Williams Jr, Toby Keith or Ted Nugent to incite Red State White folks to bomb Syria like we bombed Iraq and Serbia.

M’thinks the Neo Conservative, Christian Zionists put up some feelers and Red State White folks just replied:

“Shut up and build the God damn wall”.

Best of all, most of the foolish White European vs other White European wars and Christian sectarian divisions seem to be ending. The John McCain’s weren’t able to get us to go to war with Russia over Russian conflicts with ethnic Ukrainians in the Crimea.

The mass Muslim migrant invasions of Europe seems to have unified all of Central and Eastern Europeans and also galvanized about 20% of Italian and Western Europeans to come out of the closet to defend fortress Europe. Gatekeepers like Pope Francis can’t intimidate everyone in to keeping silent.

But, back to our disunited States of America.

Who do our OD readers think was the worst traitor in 2018?

Here are some past winners/losers for Instauration Magazine/American Renaissance magazine traitors of the year.

The Traitors:

1985 GOP House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich

1986 Indiana Senator Dick Lugar

1987 Joint prize – White government/ADL/SPLC informants such as Glenn Miller

1988 US Secretary of State George Schultz

1989 Once strong White political adviser Lee Atwater

1990 Conservative TV talking head George Will

1991 Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards

1992 Conservative TV talking headFred Barnes

1993 Hillary Rodham Clinton (Poor choice – see my letter next month)

1994 Jack Kemp and William Bennett (Very good choices)

1995 OJ Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey

1996 Fidel Castro (strange call, shows Wilmot Robertson getting a bit old – Castro isn’t a renegade to White British American majority – plus it’s way in the past 1960)

1997 Last White American media owner Ted Turner (excellent choice)

1998 Al Gore (Kind of lame choice, all White American Vice Presidents are lame)

Amren 2013 Rand Paul

Amren 2014 Bill Gates

Amren 2015 ? I couldn’t find it.

Amren 2016 Glen Beck heads towards well-deserved oblivion.

Amren 2017 John McCain


  1. I nominate David French of National Review fame who is fanatically anti-Trump and has adopted a whole slew of non-white children one of which he hoisted on his shoulders and paraded around at CPAC. Second runner up cuckservative Erick Erickson of the “conservative” blog Redstate.com

    • That’s pretty good nominations of David French of National Review and Erick Erickson of the (not so) Redstate.com

      But these treasons are kind of old, most of us in the know understand that National Review has been cuckservative, Neo Conservative for ~ 15 years, plus their readership is what ~ 80 years old.

      No 2018 White traitor of the year should be someone, something new, under the age of 75.

    • Is Rand Paul really that bad of a guy, beyond the unrealistic libertarian viewpoints?

      I 3rd the David French nomination.

      • Rand was voted traitor of the year for one specific year 2013 – and boy did he have a terrible, treasonous year! He got on the cover of Time Magazine (Time Warner Inc Oy Vey!) and was featured as “America’s Most Interesting political thinker”, this was the result of Rand Paul’s embrace of Al Sharpton and BlackLivesMatter in the Ferguson MO race hoax, riots etc. Then Rand Paul forced a trusted pro Southern Aide (The Southern Avenger) to eat crow and argue that completely renounced all Southern History and had become a Libertarian who worships Martin Luther King JR and Rosa Parks (Ron Paul did the same). But Rand Paul still threw the aid under the bus in preparation of a pro BlackLivesMatter Libertarian crusade for the US Presidency which he would launch in the worst Black slums of Detroit. Of course the crusade tanked.

        Rand Paul was also give Conservative star status by being given the GOP response to the Obama State of the Union Speech – Rand Paul used this platform to argue that the United States must change it’s view of immigration and welcome anyone and everyone 800 plus million that wanted to come to our country, provided they wanted to work a job (what kind of job? Pimp? Drug dealer? convenience store owner in the ‘hood selling crack pipes, porn and malt liquor?)

        Just read the entire Amren Rand Paul 2013 Traitor of the year article, one of Amren’s best:


        Just read about all the terrible, treasonous and just plain stupid things Rand Paul set about immigration, crime, racial realities – all to somehow get on the good side of the American fake news, lying press and then get elected President of United States on a race denying, pandering to the Black underclass Libertarian, Constitutionalist program. Of course the crusade tanked and Rand Paul, like his idiot father ended up winning less than 5%.

        Now we/I take some personal pride in outing Rand Paul along with his cowardly, whining Libertarian Constitutionalist true believer father Ron Paul and exposing them both to be terrible traitors who always run and cry whenever anyone says:

        “You’re RACIST”.

        To be fair, Rand Paul has stopped making this insane, treasonous comments about immigration, BlackLiesMatter and hasn’t done any more photo ops with Rev. (not) Al Sharpton.

        Instead Rand Paul has switched to making sensible comments supporting President Trump’s America First, non interventionist military policy. And Rand Paul will on occasion dis the Jewish Neo Conservatives without naming the Jew.

        So our activism has solid results. We expose the worst traitors and they stop doing it.

    • Richard Lamoureux nominates Bill Kristol as 2018 worst traitor.

      I réspond:

      William Kristol is certainly one of THE worst, most hateful anti White Americans in North America. But, he’s not a traitor.

      Because he isn’t one of us.

      Bill Kristol belongs to an alien tribe, a people that are most definitely not of us….

      Who are they?

      I’ll give you a hint:

      It starts with “J” ends with “W” and rhymes with …


      Neo Conservative William Kristol, the son of Irving Kristol (I kind of liked Irving Kristol) is …

      A Jew.

      These people hate us.

      That’s life.

      • Sorry, didn’t read the “White” part. Embarrassing. For White traitor of the year, I nominate Jeff Flake.

      • Here we go again–the simplistic explanation for everything on the planet from high prices at the grocery store, to global warming–THE JEWS!!!!!
        Sure prevents much thinking and research doesn’t it Jane?

        • And yet the critters are tireless in their anti-White labors, and control the media, entertainment, money, and a good part of government. All of which they use frantically to promote mass brown immigration, beat down the White man, and promote every foulness from feminism to trannyism.

          Anyone who thinks and researches can’t AVOID the damned jews at every turn.

          The fact you want to absolve them indicates that you must be one … (((Benzie))).

  2. Good idea for an article but incomplete !? We need names with pic next to … and would likely be a long list. It could go viral if done right.

    • The Irish!! That’s the best nomination of all. Though you can make a case for Brett Kavanaugh who stiffed the pro-lifers he was supposed to represent right out of the gate. What else is new.

    • The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite of both the UK and the USA, for selling out everyone to the Jews, due to a combination of greed, envy of the Chosen People delusion, and sheer snotty hatred of all other white ethnicities, like the Irish. Suck on it, Brown boy.

      • gkruz Actually, you’re right, the prods have sold Whites out at every turn, including destroying our cities simply because they didn’t like Catholics. They actually objected to Catholics having morals. I’ve been saying it for some time, a protestant is nothing more than a jew turned inside out. We’re reading The Slaughter of Cities now, and a nice job the WASPs did to destroy our country. You can see the knee-jerk hatred of the Irish (I’m half Irish) come through with these prods. Even here, it seems like they would support anyone except a Catholic.

  3. *Nancy “Face Lift Fiasco” Lugosi

    *Tim Cock – I mean Cook

    *”Beto” O’Sullivan, or whatever that Irish prick’s real name is

  4. Any white soyboy nerd who marries Asians…..there’s about five million of them in my country-I’d hate to think how many you have. During Christmas shopping at the mall they drove me mad-mixed race little turds running around and nearly tripping me over…..the Philippino mothers looked like they were just rescued from a brothel. The father’s often looked like Gerry Beckley. My race is being destroyed by these traitors and my blood is boiling!
    Race traitors destroy us from within, where it hurts whilst a Muslim is only invading and attacking from the outside.
    My pet hate is these discusting, dirty race diluting wretches.

  5. Here is Instauration Magazine’s write up of Traitors of the Year 1994

    Wilmot Robertson’s Instauration Magazine was excellent – and it discuss the JQ in an intelligent, fair manner.

    Kemp and Bennett sing a perfidious duet
    Majority Renegades of the Year

    The sole issue facing the American Majority today is
    not balanced budgets, tax cuts, crime control, Octopean
    government, free trade or moral collapse. The
    sole issue is whether we can hold on to our nation and
    our Americanness before it dissolves, as it is now dissolving,
    into a poisonous multicultural and multiracial stew.
    The people of California, in a noble feat of resistance,
    passed Proposition 187 to slow the invasion of invaders
    who cannot be stopped by force and to lower the birthrate
    of an occupying swarm that demands to be fed, pampered
    and welfared at the expense of the occupied.
    But it was all in vain. Once again the will of the people
    was thwarted by the arbitrary wi II of the courts. Once
    again democracy, so-called, was honored in the breach.
    Should it ever happen that for some reason the judges
    can’t get their way, there is always the threat of massive
    city riots to bring the Majority to heel. Our government, as
    we learned long ago, is no longer ours. Government in
    these times cares more for itself than it does for the governed.

    Our enemy in this sputtering demographic conflict is
    not only minority racism, not only corrosive liberalism.
    Our enemy, as one cartoonist put it in a different context,
    is “us.”
    “Us” includes Jack F. Kemp and William J. Bennett,
    both of whom pulled off a supreme ad of treachery when,
    just before the vote on Prop 187, they wrote a seven-page
    article for the Wall St. journal ordering Californians to
    vote “no.” Here we have two leading Republicans turning
    against their own kind, at the very moment Majority members
    were finally rousing themselves in a last-ditch effort
    to keep their state from being transformed into a Mexican
    state, from becoming Alta California. Down in his fiery pit
    Judas must be smiling.

    It is useless to answer the various arguments Kemp and
    Bennett advanced to back up their race-unconscious
    pitch. Their main emphasis was that Prop 187 was “unAmerican,”
    as if protecting your people from oblivion
    amounts to some kind of dirty politics. The words echoed
    the sentiments of their Jewish gurus, Jude Wanniski, being
    Kemp’s and Irving Kristol being Bennett’s.
    Who exactly are these Republican pols who play so
    fast, loose and irresponsibly with the great scary issue of
    our day? jack Kemp was not born in Buffalo, as one might
    suspect. The native hearth of the star quarterback of the
    Buffalo Bills and the nine-term New York congressman
    was the heavily Semitic Fairfax section of Los Angeles,
    where he attended a public school that was 75% Jewish
    and where his first girlfriend was a rabbi’s daughter. Later,
    when he went on the congressman’s obligatory pilgrimage
    to Israel, his hyper-Semitism turned into a permanent neu
    rosis. In Congress he never ceased to vote the straight Israeli
    ticket, which caused some colleagues to call him
    “Yitzshak Kemp.” Listen to what gushed from his mouth at
    an Israel bond dinner: “No matter how the political winds
    blow, Israel will never be lacking for friends [funds?] as
    long as I have air in my lungs to speak out.” Kemp also
    voted the straight black ticket while in Congress. He practically
    idololized his Negro teammates in his football
    Kemp poses as a straight arrow, which has allowed the
    media to incarnate him into a 59-year-old Republican Galahad,
    the Republican who can easily bolt his party and
    join the Demos, especially if some semi-honest officeseeker
    like Patrick Buchanan should be the C.O.P.’s presidential
    candidate in 1996. As Secretary of HUD in the
    Reagan administration, Kemp’s fits of liberalism warmed
    the cockles of Democratic hearts.
    But Kemp is not as squeaky clean as the media pretend.
    No renegade ever is. One significant glitch in a
    man’s character leads to another. Back in 1973, Kemp entered
    a 50-50 partnership with a raging homosexual to buy
    a lodge in Lake Tahoe, where queers contaminated one of
    America’s beauty spots with wild all-night parties. From
    then on the Washington rumor mills took it for granted
    that Kemp, although married with four children, was “that
    way.” Newsweek (Dec. 2, 1985) devoted several paragraphs
    to the question of Kemp’s sexual ambivalence.
    What about that other backstabber, WiIIiam Bennett,
    the 46-year-old Harvard Law graduate and Brooklyn-born
    Democrat who became Reagan’s Secretary of Education
    and Bush’s drug czar? The state of American education
    was no better when he left the Cabinet. Hard drugs were
    as plentiful post-Bennett as pre-Bennett. Failure, of course,
    is no handicap in Washington, where what counts much
    more than character is winning elections or being appointed
    to plush, supernumerary government jobs. politicians
    are judged not on what they do but on how many votes
    they get (or steal) and how much money they pour into the
    grasping paws of minority organizations. Media treatment
    is also of great import, and that’s where Bennett does not
    do as well as Kemp. He is a little too flip, a trait deemed
    inappropriate for “respectable” Republicans.
    It’s a truism in American politics that if you sell out to
    jews and other lobbyist gangs, you wi II sell out your own
    people. That is precisely what Bennett and Kemp did in
    their inglorious attack on Prop 187.
    America is now dying on the vine. When, as seems
    likely, it is stone-cold dead, its tombstone should be
    placed beside the grave markers of Majority Renegades
    Kemp and Bennett, which should bear the inscription:

    • Are you sure Wanniski was Jewish? I always thought that “ski” signified Polish and “sky” signified Jewish. I looked him up in Wikkepedia and it certainly wasn’t obvious that he was Jewish. His mother was Scottish and his father was said to be Polish. I suppose his father could still be a Polish Jew even with the “ski” ending.

        • good counter-example. I was also thinking of the greatest writer of novels, Dostoyevsky, and I am pretty sure he didn’t (((echo))). So, I guess we can say that “sky” versus “ski” is a general rule but doesn’t hold universally.

      • Jud,

        There aren’t simple rules for identifying Jews by their sir names. The Jews tend to change their names and change their countries as often as regular people change their clothes.

        Since lots and lots of Christian Whites use Old Testament names like “Joshua” and “David”, “Issac” and “Joseph” that doesn’t work either.

        Jews in show business and the Communist business are always, ALWAYS changing their names to try to fit in, disguise their Jewish identity.

        Leon Trotsky was born Lev Bronstein, so some German Jewish sounding intellectual who hangs out in Jewish Communist places in New York City, Switzerland with Lenin – he’s not going to be accepted by Russian Industrial workers as their natural leader, so he changes his name to

        Leon Trotsky or just…


        Or take the Right Wing talk radio host – Michael Savage. His birth name was

        Michael Weiner

        Do you think he would have a big career as a Right Wing talk show host of the

        Weiner Nation?

        Don’t think so.

        Watch international, diaspora Jews start changing their names to Islamic names and trying to fit in, hide and lead Islamic populations, Islamic causes like ending all immigration restrictions of the worst Muslims to still White nations like Denmark and Norway.

  6. Carl Green – excellent choice for international traitor of the year Teresa May. Another childless hag leader Angela Merkel was our international choice last year.

    But for the domestic contest – I’m going with ex Miss American Gretchen Carlson, the bitch that took out/down Roger Ailes at Fox News over made up charges of sexual harassment and then Ms Carlson took over the Miss America beauty pageant and turned it in to a PC, anti Trump feminist bitch fest – she bullied everyone who wouldn’t go along with her strident PC feminist program and she ended the evening gown and swimsuit competition. Needless to say, the ratings completely tanked. A junior traitor of the year is the 13 year old Canadian feminist that took down the Boy Scouts of America and forced them to make the entire Boy Scouts co-ed, accept girls (along with Homo and Trani Scout masters)

    I think the worst forms of American/Western feminism are one of THE worst corruptions of Cult Marxism. I don’t think even Satan the Devil likes Feminism, sure it was a great weapon in his plan to destroy our Christian civilization but the Devil doesn’t want to hang out with these no fun feminists.

  7. I nominate Paul Ryan AND Mitch McConnell (who is particularly odious, because of whom he married). That damned wall could have been completed last year if not for those two. UGH.

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