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Looking back over the past two years, I started out 2017 deeply skeptical of the incoming Trump administration. I predicted “we are about to enter the gates of this false paradise.” By 2018, I was convinced that subsequent events had proven that my assessment was correct. The rest of the movement remained on the Trump Train until the 2018 midterm elections, but has since caught up.

2019 opens with more uncertainty than the last two years:

– There is the impending outcome of the Charlottesville lawsuits and the impact that will have on the movement

– There is the incoming Democratic House, the Mueller report and the possibility of impeachment which will create a foil for President Trump that has hitherto been absent

– There is the possibility of war as a distraction from a gridlocked Congress

– There is the possibility of an overdue economic recession

– There is the mounting disaffection in Trump’s restive base over his pursuit of a mainstream conservative policy agenda and his failure to address the trends that got him elected

– There is Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s failing health

– There is an increasingly isolated, besieged Trump who has steadily shaken off his establishment handlers (Mattis, Preibus, Cohn, McMaster, Kelly, etc.)

– There is the onset of the 2020 election cycle

– There is the growing unrest in parts of Europe symbolized by the Yellow Vests movement

I agree with Ross Douthat that we are likely to see the emergence of a more unpredictable President Trump, stymied by the Democrat House and increasingly at odds with the Republican Senate, listening less to his advisers and making bolder plays to shore up his flagging base. This is what I expect to happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if war or recession or both come to dominate 2019.

We’re going to continue to cover the Trump administration as we have for the past two years, but hopefully this year with fewer distractions by movement drama and more consistency. The focus here will be on writing and analysis about the outside world, not on street activism or infighting. We’re going to continue to mix politics and current events with diving into other subjects like history.

As of right now, I am content to jwatch the chips fall. We could be in a very different place a year from now. Alternatively, we could also just have a year of partisan gridlock and more censorship.

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  1. Why even waste too much time covering Trump? American politics are boring and broken and certainly aren’t going to fix anything for us.

    • Boring things can be very important. It would be better if the important things were interesting that we might easily take notice of them. The movement is not for people who want to amuse themselves. Real political activity, the kind that gets results, is often tedious.

      • As long as a hostile out-group controls almost all media and education, American politics is just banging your head against a brick wall. Most people just truly don’t give a damn unless they are starving or in constant danger. I don’t think things are going to change until this mess gets much worse than it already is.

  2. I 80 % believe Trump was ‘biding his time,’ analyzing the details of Washington BS, making a few moves and observing the results while letting steam build up in his angry base ….. to come out swinging and mostly KO’ing much of the swamp in this, the year of campaigning for 2020. Sound naïve or too wishful ?

    There are a LOT of prophecies about his re-election. “IF” mark Taylor is right, “IF” God is using him for a short time for HIS will to be done … we’re in for the mother of all reality shows ever !

    Contingency plan : REALLY get the Confederate conversation going.

    • While I don’t agree with the 4D-chess-tier idea that he’s just waiting, I do think that he realized that if he doesn’t push a wall at every opportunity, he stands a very good chance of losing in 2020.

      Realistically though, I think he’ll likely lose in 2020.

  3. I think it is safe to say that attempts to censor by the establishment will continue to increase, and the establishment will grow increasingly anti-White. There will be more anti-White thuggery and the establishment will let the Anti-Fas get away with it. Those of us who do what works in these times will generally survive, while those who don’t will be plowed under. Play time is over.

      • Correct, despite all our conceits we are subject to the same natural laws as the animal kingdom. Animals that don’t do what works, take no new territories, and cannot not hold existing territories. In your animal kingdom example, the left wing establishment are the apex predators, while the conservative “intellectuals” are the Dodo Birds they are hunting to extinction.

        The left wing animal repeats what hurts the right wing animal, while the right wing animal never repeats anything that hurts the left wing animal. When someone pointed this out, it become so obvious to me. Look at any comment thread on social media where left and right interract, and you see the same depressing pattern over and over. The left repeating what hurts the right, while the right never repeats anything, let alone anything that hurts the left.

        The old order will not survive this process, but a small number will adapt to do what works, and they will survive. Over time the ones that do what works will take new territory and will prosper.

  4. No more IRL activism, HW? Are we going to allow Pantifa to proclaim “Who owns the streets? We do!”????

      • I leave you with this – if “southern nationalist” media doesn’t dare mention a peep about re-booting The Confederacy … why bother commenting about it ? I look around, ( after years of trying to get the Confederate conversation going, ) and see zero about a second Confederacy. Does NO ONE from League of the SOUTH to ODD to David Duke, care to engage in conversation about ‘hey, ya think there might possibly be a way,’ to re boot the south. To bring Dixie, “back with the wind ?” I find it more than strange NOT to hear a peep about it ! EVER !!! Especially considering the 100 % certain consequences of NOT bringing Dixie back.

        Goodnight and good luck … southern … nationalists (?)

        • I don’t write nearly as much about it these days because traditional Southern culture seems to be so far gone, so overwhelmed by corrosive modern trends that we would basically have to reconstruct it from scratch. There isn’t a cultural foundation for restoring the Confederacy

          • Nonsense ! There’s a HUGE base out there waiting to be “activated.” It won’t happen overnight. But if there’s no motivation to re-boot the south … WHAT’S THE POINT OF BLOGS LIKE THIS ???

          • It is hard to see that base and easy to see the cultural decay. Insofar as we still have a sense of cultural identity, it is EXTREMELY attenuated and has proven nearly impossible to mobilize. Most Southerners are absorbed with their own lives and oblivious to the future. As much as I hate to say it, I increasingly see little difference between Southerners and other Americans.

          • It just happened slower down here than in the rest of the country, but with mass media, mass transportation, and immigration, the rot finally set in.

            Granted it took a slightly different course than in other areas, but I think that without changes, the next generation will see Christianity hollowed out completely, the last vestiges of Southern culture wiped out, and everything reduced to vapid materialism.

        • Gray Ghost and Hunter, I think you are both too close to the forest to see the trees. There is a larger picture out there. Yeah, the Old South is increasingly occupied these days and I don’t see it surviving much longer in its original state. But I am seeing the Stars and Bars in surprising places these days .. inside and outside of the open air gulag which used to be known as the United States.

          The Sleeping White Giant is slowly but surely waking up world-wide. Yes, Donald Trump has been largely ineffective at imposing any Pro-White changes but he has successfully exposed the treacherous “True Conservatives” as the faux opposition they are.

          Don’t totally discount the White Left, either. They are far more aware of the JQ than conservatives, especially Conservative Southerners are and I think the day where Antifa turns on the Leftist Establishment once they realize that right-leaning Whites aren’t the only Whites that TMFIIC want to vote off the island, look out!

  5. I would like to see a moratorium on woman-hate in the New Year.

    Kevin MacDonald tweeted earlier this week a fake news story about how tyrannical some white female University of Missouri student was to get a black male classmate disciplined for merely ‘asking her out.’

    The guy stalked her for months, ignored her refusals, and then had the nerve to sue when Missouri finally disciplined him, claiming discrimination for being black and male.

    Southern men need to step up and cease this indulgence of white woman-hate. Because that’s what it is, plain and simple, and it cannot be tolerated. This very likely means purging our ranks of controlled opposition agents.

  6. I predicted Trump’s win in 2015. I warned everyone what his presidency would bring (the most jewish control of a US government’s actions than any previous jew ass kisser before him). I explained continually that he TALKS the game but DOES differently, virtually every time. He is the epitome of the “conman”.

    I explained that he would tickle whitey’s ears in a plethora of ways, while simultaneously would be DOING the opposite.

    What is my point (that I am right and others wrong)? NO.

    My point is to get people to understand that the R vs D scam will NEVER have a “savior”, no matter what the bastard says. I am PREACHING like a crazed preacher on the street corner that we, as a collective, should NEVER vote for either a R or D again. And that we NEVER allow the previous R’s or D’s to come into whatever voting block we can derive.

    BTW: jews can have no part of this process, because like with the Trump lemminghood, they corrupt and take over such movements to bring harm and their deviance to control.

    I am no leader and I don’t want the position. It is the only viable working idea I can come up with.

    Never an R or D Again!

  7. While you sit back and watch the “chips fall where they may” this year, it’d be advisable to make some preparations for the coming storm. Firearms and ammo are at historic low prices and you’ll eventually need all you can afford as we all know there is no way in hell we’re voting our way out of this.
    The US Empire is in it’s death throes and when it falls the hard crash will be unlike anything in recorded history.
    Stop thinking along the lines of what you can do to change the current situation (you can’t). Start thinking about how you’re going to survive what will follow the inevitable reset. Control what you can control. The rest is distraction. We whites have the gift of forward thinking. Let’s start using it.

  8. I have been disgusted with Trump for ages now, ever since the first missile attack in Syria. His obeisance to his brain dead twat of a jew daughter, who is obviously the puppet of the repugnant Jewred Kushner, slime of slimes, has been a study in grotesquerie. I feel kinda sorry for him though. He’s really up against the wall, now.

    Mainstream White Americans want everything to be “nice”. Pleasant, honest, courteous, etc. Whites have been deluding themselves about the inherent Nature of non-Whites for centuries. Whites could cherish “feel good” pretensions about racial reality because, for the most part, the vast majority of Whites have never experienced living beside non-Whites 24/7. Well that reality is changing EVERYWHERE.

    To whomever is reading my words – whatever your worst fears are, when the Democrats take control of the House, in a few days – they will ALL come true. All of them.

    Trump, and his millions of Magapede fans, are about to learns some VERY harsh lessons. They you can’t negotiate with every-one. You literally can’t live with every-one. That there are millions of terrible people, who do NOT want “the best for every-one”. Who have lurid and vicious goals, and enjoy mayhem and murder.

    Get ready for real folks. Ragnarok is up to bat. The Hour Cometh. The Hour is NOW.

  9. Yeah, but Donald Trump is still a very tough White guy New Yorker. He has mostly all the right enemies that hate us, that want to see us replaced. Trump’s instincts on issues like Crime, immigration, Islamic terrorism, South Africa and the Fake News media are good. He also just doesn’t kiss as* to the media, Al Sharpton, he’s good at insulting people we hate. That’s always good.

    He also doesn’t waste any time on Libertarianism – for that he has my eternal thanks.

  10. God as reality works because non-believers who are not insane can simply skip it and say what is wrong with people who want reality. https://rightedition.com/2018/12/29/the-liberal-mainstream-media-is-now-using-communist-tactics-to-push-their-propaganda-and-lies-on-the-american-public/
    The lie I believe to be most easily corrected would be that of economic recession as an inevitable event. Please explain how people one day producing x amount are left destitute the next day because they are now producing x plus y ? Recession Sounds like muh economic principles instead of common sense “we are being defrauded”. First step, we are being defrauded ; second step, the economic principles seem to assert financial mismanagement is proper; third step, who did this? – harry dexter white; fourth step, who is harry dexter white and why did he change his name; fifth step, he is a kike and we are being defrauded by counterfeiting kikes.

  11. Henry Makow had an article posted on his website on December 21, 2018, about the Yellow Vests movement and a possible manufactured aspect to it. I am sure everyone here knows about the publicity the The Economist magazine gets after it is releases it first cover of each year. The article has an interesting possibility to consider. We already know they control both sides to geopolitical issues to some degree. We already know that they manufacture events. We already know they start movements and drive culture. We already know that everything we have been taught and adapt predominantly starts with them. So, it’s worth a read no matter where your own beliefs lie:


  12. Next spring will be funny.

    Weather goes warmer, important to street activism. 29th of March is deadline for Brexit. It will be one big clusterfuck and will make British people very angry. . At the very same time Macron last credibility disappear and yellow vests last patience runs out. And the EU parliament election campaign is on the full steam. EU elections are in May and coalition of European pro Whites want to take over EU.

    Now add economy crash and this is how our European spring shit storm gonna look like. As WWII and other events have shown, Global Elite consider controlling Europe very important so a lot of time and resources comes here.

    What will take down the pressure from American patriots and gives Trump free hands. Final note, Global Elite leaders are very old, Mr. Soros is 88 and in this age, stress and 16 hour working days are not good, so Global Elite may lose some of their leaders at the worst moment.

    100 years ago, 1919 was the turning point for liberals in Russian Civil War. I think, 2019 will be turning point for us.

    Number magic.
    1913 was good year in Russia, nobody thought that this will be the last good year. 2013 was good year for liberals in the US . They did not understood that this was their last good year.

    1914 WWI started, everybody thought that it will be fast and short. 2014 US election campaign started and everybody thought that it will be another Bush Clinton show.

    1915 emerged that WWI may be much complicated that thought before. 2015, Trump showed up

    2016 Brusilov offence happened and looked like Russian Monarchy was saved. 2016 Hollywood tapes came out and and looked like Hillary was saved.

    1917 Czar Nicolas fell. 2017 czar Obama fell.

    1917-1918 in Russia ,many officials came and went, many people do not understand how irrelevant was Lenin and Communist party is this time.
    2017-2018 was one big mess in the US pro white movements.

    1919 become clear that comrade Lenin and Communist Party and Red Army are not bunch of angry clowns but something much more serious. White Russia finally understood and begun fight back but it was already too late.
    2019 Swamp finally understand that C`ville was not clown show but part of something bigger and launches full scale attack but it will be too late.

    Happy New Year. For Jewish or liberal readers, your next year will be not happy…:D

  13. Hunter,

    I browsed through OD’s archives and noticed that the blog had covered the peak oil theory some years ago (before the shale boom). Have you studied the theory that the shale boom is in reality a bubble that is artificially decreasing the cost of petrol in America? There is some info on this idea here:




    I lean towards the idea that ‘Peak Shale’ will be hit within the next few years after which the bubble will burst, causing a severe recession (similar to 2007-2008). I’d like to hear your own thoughts on this subject.

    I can’t picture it happening in 2019, probably 2022 at the soonest.

  14. Two themes for the movement in 2019:

    1) Continuity vs Discontinuity:

    Continuity: in other words, the FTN / MAGA faction wants us to believe that we can still “take back America” within the constraints of the normal electoral and Constitutional process. The math argues otherwise.

    Discontinuity: Something like the Yellow Vests, Partition, or just a general break down in the ability of ANY government to rule over the entire territory as local folks “resist” which would lead to some kind of break in the Constitutional Order. WE NEED TO GET OUT AHEAD OF THIS – AS A MOVEMENT.

    2) Professionalization and Solving the Money Problem:

    In the brief moment in time between Election night 2016 and HailGate, the focus of the movement needed to be on Professionalizing, and solving the money problem, both of which would have allowed the movement to resist the de-platforming plans that were already in the works.

    The opposite happened.

    This still needs to be done. And note carefully that money alone doesn’t solve the problem unless you have Professionalism in the “faces” of the movement; people aren’t going to follow or support an erratic, untrustworthy leadership cadre. Trust is a must.

  15. Possible Pluses: New Attorney General Barr (Who previously criticized Mueller Fucker); New Chief of Staff Mulvaney (Who actually has a personality compared to bland Kelley); Subtract FBI traitors that resigned or retired; Subtract Mueller, who if he DID have anything on Trump, it would’ve leaked already; Some more possible pluses: M. McConnell continues to push through Conservative judges; Cadaver Ginsburg should croak pretty soon; Pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan; Putin-Trump continue to want to meet; Gov’t shutdown over Wall; Nationalism continues to grow in Europe; Jewmerican newspapers hit with virus; More and more people learn the horrible truth about the 100,000,000 Christians That Were Exterminated by Jews http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-occupiedgovernments-USSR.html

    • Some possible good news to think about. I saw an article where one senior insider says that if this government shut down continues much longer, than they can permanently furlough government employees. He said that eighty-five percent of them are not only a drain on the process, but that they are Clinton, Bush, and Obama employees who do nothing but engage in sabotage of everything Trump is trying to do.

      I don’t think Trump is some four-dimensional chess-playing genius. Indeed, I think it was a big mistake for Trump to come down from his original asking price for the wall (as it was something that both the Democrats, including Schumer, Pelosi, and Obama) had all voted for to five billion and shrinking. I really don’t think the wall is that big on his list, but it was the only way to get elected by the proles.

      Trump should have doubled down on that figure when he allowed the government to shut down AND invoke a National Emergency (because that is probably what he will have to do in the end, anyway, whether he caves on the shutdown or not). But if he has two working brain cells, he will NOT cave and invoke the National Emergency Act anyway even though it will be fought in court.

      The five billion is only a token and not likely to fool his base and Trump is an idiot if he thinks he will sail into the Presidency in 2020 if he only gets five billion or less from the Democrats. Luckily Pelosi and her crowd are too full of hubris and arrogance to recognize that. I hope they continue to refuse to be let off so lightly. They might be our saving grace in spite of themselves.

      He really has nothing to lose by doing this. All that will happen if the government opens right away is more government employee sabotage and endless investigations into himself and his family by the Democrats and their little committees. Faceless bureaucrats aren’t the only ones who forfeit their paychecks during this shutdown; Senators and Congressmen do, too.

  16. One good thing that Trump did was to unleash the regulatory burdens in the energy industry. There is a reason a lot of us are paying 50 cents or more less for gas this year. This has also allowed the development of various projects that were sitting on the sidelines. The projects will provide jobs to many blue collar Americans.

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