2019 New Year’s Resolution

2018 New Year’s Resolution

While I have some friends who dislike New Year’s Resolutions, I find them useful because I spend a lot of time around the end of each year reflecting on my work and my goals.

Here’s my 2019 New Year’s Resolution:

  • Stay consistent

As far as this website goes, my biggest regret of 2018 is allowing myself to get knocked off course by movement drama in March and effectively ceasing to write here until July.  It’s a shame because we got off to such a strong start in January and February. Anyway, I am determined to not let that happen again.

  • Avoid movement drama

I’m not going to get sucked back into that black hole. I’ve learned my lesson. I see it playing out day in and day out on Facebook and nothing positive ever comes of it.

  • Avoid Antifa

In 2018, I think I spent far too much time on these losers. While I don’t have any regrets about doxing them, I would have been better off writing about the subjects that interest me than feeding trolls. There isn’t much of interest to our readers either in unraveling their pathetic, boring lives. It just isn’t worth the investment of time to figure out that some Antifa is a drug addict.

  • Pass on activism

In 2018, I wanted to take a big step back from public activism. I think that was the right move. Over the past five years, I’ve been to dozens of rallies and demonstrations. I’ve grown tired of them. I enjoyed participating in the Hurricane Michael relief effort. I enjoyed the real world meetups. I would still like to do things of that nature in the real world.

The Yellow Vests movement in France shows how protests and rallies have to emerge organically from public outrage. We’ve spent years trying to accelerate this process while absorbing the costs. Most of Donald Trump’s supporters are satisfied with his presidency and there is nothing we can do to force the issue. Maybe the Democrat House will impeach Trump and spark a backlash in the streets?

  • Book reviews

I wrote a couple of these between March and June when I wasn’t updating the site much. I plan to do more of them in 2019 while keeping the site updated with news.

  • Punditry

We will continue to follow and analyze Trump’s erratic and disappointing administration although I think most people now agree we won the argument. We’ve been following Trump for four years now. The novelty has long since worn off. Hopefully, we can dial this back and focus more on other topics now that most people in our movement have become disillusioned with Trump.

  • History

The Black History Month 2018 series was one of things I enjoyed doing most this year. In February, we will pick up where we off and further explore black history in Africa and the Caribbean.

  • Social Networks

In 2018, I made good on my promise to rebuild my network on Gab. I took a break from that in November. OD will be returning in some form to Gab, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Rebuild my finances

In 2018, we raised $5,000 to respond to one of the ridiculous Charlottesville lawsuits. I’m hoping that will be over soon and that I can finally move on from that experience.

  • Finish my book

I abruptly ceased working on this project after getting served with the Charlottesville lawsuit this summer. I resumed working on it in November and hope to finish it some time this year.

  • The South

I’m knee deep in exploring European intellectual history in the Early Modern Era at the moment, but I would like to return to focusing on the South at some point in 2019. We will start by exploring how these intellectual trends going on in 17th and 18th century Britain carried over into the colonial South.

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  1. My wife and I have just returned home to Australia from London. I can’t describe how uncomfortable that cattle class is on a flight that long. We couldn’t sleep for the entire trip.
    Moving through customs in London, the officials always look Indian or Pakistani. The last face I looked at was a brown one before boarding the plane-haven’t they just totally taken the place over!
    We stopped over in Dubai and were forced to endure body searches, and having our bags and paper’s checked…..when we were only there for a refuel. Total fucking BS! We weren’t trying to enter the country. On flying out, you notice what a completely ugly joint Dubai is-totally devoid of any greenery or natural beauty. We decided not to do a tour of the sights while there-you’ve only got to step outside the airport and you’ve probably broken some local law. It was so good to be finally heading home. We’re still in Sydney and yet to take the six hour drive home-but its good to be back on home soil. Sydney looks like fucking Beijing though.
    I’m a little grumpy and tired but can’t wait to get home.
    My new years resolution is to stay home for at least the next five years!
    I write this while now sitting inside 2019. Happy new year everyone.

  2. I went to college in the sixties, in Calif, with free tuition.

    Now I know the real reason for no tuition. Those who would not go if they had to pay, did go as it was free. Hundreds of thousands, or millions, went to college for that reason alone- a freebie.


    And Cali turned blue. . .

    This I presume is the real reason that public school is free. . .

    • Unfortunately, foresight is a talent lacking among the stockyard class. We’ve been brainwashed from our first breath and we need to reconcile with that reality in order to be psychologically freed. A first step in understanding our true reality.

  3. Good stuff. Whether one feels that there is value to demonstrations (of whatever nature) or not, I think everyone should be able to agree that you do sterling work as a writer and while the MAGAtards have done a lot of damage over a wide variety of areas, distracting you from writing would be up there on their list of sins.

    The Black History Month articles are always entertaining and enlightening. Look forward to buying your book.

  4. Hey Hunter,
    Glad to hear that there will a renewed focus on history and book reviews at OD this coming year. And looking forward to the completion of your own book project.
    You state that a populist protest movement must “emerge organically” instead of being forced. I agree, and think that your history and philosophy pieces will help build that movement far more than memes and social media can.

  5. Brad,

    How about a resolution about getting on the bandwagon with cryptos. Does blood in the streets frighten you?

      • Something websites never do is show their users how to get Bitcoins. They just put up a link and complain that no one uses it. So suggest you make a little video showing people how to buy them and send them to you and stick the vieo next to your donate link.

      • Brad, You don’t have to post this. It’s for you but if you want to do so, be my guest.

        You can learn the ropes later. Your IQ is certainly high enough to figure things out pretty darn quick. Just download the Exodus wallet onto a secure computer, open it up and copy the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin public addresses from the wallet (receive addresses) onto your website and start getting donations immediately. You can keep the funds there until you figure out the rest later. You’re missing out, my friend, while the prices are at the bargain basement level. Red Ice and a lot of others are light years ahead of you. I hate to see you miss out when they take off again. They are going to be very volatile until there is mass adoption. And, that could take years…

        Today Bitcoin is around $3,800 and for someone to send you .01 BTC will mean you get $38. When, yes when, it goes back up to $20,000, that same .01 will be worth $200. Someone might send you .005 ($19) or .01 today but you won’t get many when it’s at $20,000.

        The donations sent to you are truly anonymous unless someone identifies him/herself with a particular address from which they sent coins to you. Since you’re posting some of your own public addresses in order to get donations, people will know those addresses are yours because you published them but they can’t steal your funds without the private keys. With Exodus, you can obtain the private keys later when you understand the fundamentals. If you’re hacked, that’s a different story but I’m sure you know how to prevent that.

        Get the Exodus wallet:

        How to install Exodus:

        There are no more excuses!

  6. With NONE of the “southern nationalist” blogs having ANY vision whatsoever for a re-booted Confederacy … all of you are just biding time until very soon it will be too late to save the south … and you won’t even be able to blog anymore without being arrested for hate speech.

    Soy, gmo, chem trails, millions of tiny subconscious messages from the controlled media … all wear you down. You’re the souths only hope. Do your soul your heart and the south a favor, and add 1 more resolution.


    It would be a very good “foundation” for blogs like this and if marketed would at least quadruple your audience in the first year $$$$$$$

  7. I will stick with Michael and the League as long as I”m physically able. I’m trying not to judge those who left too harshly. But, I appreciate those who stayed with all my heart and soul. . There’s a special brotherhood that connects those of us who remain. And, also……we’re getting new people every day. And those who come in now suffer few illusions about what the future may hold. Being faithful to the L.S. principles brings peace and joy despite it all!

    • I think our online presence where we reach the most people has suffered due to the singleminded focus on public activism.

      I’m a bit jaded on activism because it seems like we have invested so much resources in doing that to recruit new people only to alienate them through pointless, divisive arguments on Facebook.

      I also look back at how unproductive I was most of last year because of 1.) getting entangled in movement feuds in March through June or 2.) going at it with Antifa for months on end like in September and October.

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