Charlottesville Police Give Up On Charlottesville

This is a heartwarming story:

“The department is experiencing a “mass exodus,” according to Police Chief RaShall Brackney.

“It seems like, I think, on average, one to two officers a week are leaving the department,” she said.

Brackney said the department, which has 128 officers, is conducting exit interviews with all departees and four issues are the leading causes — salary, a lack of take-home cars, the climate in the city since Aug. 12 and attitudes of members of the initial Police Civilian Review Board.

“It’s very difficult in this time, in this place, given the culture and the climate,” Interim City Manager Mike Murphy said. …

The third big issue for officers is the climate in the community, which Brackney said has been toxic since before the Unite the Right rally.

“Officers in our community are routinely verbally assaulted, they’re cursed at. There’s a lot of not feeling as though they’re appreciated,” Brackney said. “We have it on video where people are cursing our officers, calling them names for no other reason than walking down the street.”

Brackney said officers see an opportunity for a better environment in other departments. …

Brackney said board members are on radio and TV and at marches saying officers’ days are numbered and that they’re coming after them.

“The officers do not believe that there’s going to be any fair, impartial oversight,” Brackney said. “It’s well-documented of how some of them have treated our officers, including me.”

City residents’ attitude toward officers hurts recruitment, Brackney said, which makes positions remain open longer. …”

Fair, impartial oversight?

James Fields, Jr. got over four centuries in prison for trying to GTFO of Charlottesville. He had Maumee, OH plugged into his GPS and was trying to go home.

I didn’t fully understand what kind of place Charlottesville was when we had the Unite the Right rally. I had gleaned some insight into it from the mass arrests at the Loyal White Knights rally and the crazy people hijacking city council meetings, but I didn’t anticipate the total collapse of law and order. Normally, the police exercise authority in a community, not a violent howling mob.

The police are giving up on the People’s Republic of Cville. They can’t take it anymore. I can’t say I blame them. I couldn’t think of a place that I was less inclined to revisit this summer when offered the chance to attend Unite the Right 2. It made New Orleans with all its crime, graffiti and stench of urine look reasonable. Why would anyone want to visit a place where mobs can attack you with impunity and its courts will prosecute you and throw you in prison for attempting to defend yourself?

Imagine having to deal with a community like that on a daily basis: a place where random, unfriendly people just explode on you in anger for no reason at all while walking down the street. This is so foreign to the experience of the vast majority of Americans that we weren’t prepared to handle it. The cultural norms that prevail elsewhere in America no longer exist in Charlottesville.

If I lived there, I would be trying to get out too: Lynchburg, Madison, Waynesboro, Staunton, Culpepper. You can go in any direction and find a better place to work and live.

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  1. Thomas Jefferson must be rolling over in his grave.

    Can his beloved Montecello be moved to the future White ethnostate?

      • @ Captain John, I still have a soft spot for the Founding Fathers and what could have been.

        They were based enough to only allow property owning White males the right to vote. It seems inconceivable that they weren’t aware of the ways of the jews in their midst. These were well read men of the highest intelligence. True Renaissance Men.

        I know that Jefferson died broke,mand had to sell off his extensive library which became the foundation for The Library of Congress.

        As far as Jefferson being a “spiritual jew,” i can’t say. He was a deist. I’m sure antifa would consider him an enemy, and he’d be on our side in our battle against zog, SJWs, neo-marxists, and NPC sheeple.

        Evangelical zionists are the spirtual jews we have to deal with in the present tense.

        In any sense, Jefferson left C’Ville better than the boomers and their progeny did.

        • “In any sense, Jefferson left C’Ville better than the boomers and their progeny did.”
          Exactly how? He single handedly made the degeneration and destruction of America inevitable with his insertion of the phrase “All men are created equal” into the Declaration of Independence. All our problems since that time stem from the misapplication of that ill-considered and objectively false phrase. And you think this is something that only occurred since the 1960s?

          • @gkruz
            “He single handedly made the degeneration and destruction of America inevitable with his insertion of the phrase “All men are created equal” into the Declaration of Independence.”

            The Declaration of Indpendence was a political/propaganda document, not a legal document. It was intended to get support from the French revolutionary government, who were radical left wingers and the British left wing who also opposed the British crown. Without that propaganda they would not have got their support, and might have lost the war against the British Empire.

            When it came to putting it into law what they stood for, in the Preamble to the Constitution no less, the White Founders at a point when America had the highest percentage of Whites in its history, dedicated the country to “Ourselves and OUR POSTERITY” and no one else. And the first laws regarding immigration they said, Only Whites Could Be citizens.

            It couldn’t be more clear if you know what Posterity means, but modern Americans are such dummies. They keep bringing up a document that has no legalk basis, while ignoring the most powerful law of the land.

      • Jefferson proved he was a spiritual gentile by being a great statesman and genius but forced to sell his land to “Commodore Levy”. A Jewish friend of mine in high school used to joke about the Jewish founding father “Oh, he lent them money!” I politely refrained from sharing his guffaw.

  2. Oh boo fucking hoo. The poor innocent pigs feel “unappreciated”. They sided with niggers and kikes against their own race. Cops are the lowest form of race traitor.

    • @Mosin-Nagant, Very true. Even so-called “racist ” cops bleed blue when one of their “brothers and sisters ” in uniform are injured or killed.

      Fuck them. Don’t trust them, and never speak to them without legal representation.

  3. Attention PC brainwashed cops. The ONLY thing far left freaks understand is a night stick up their ass. They’re self hating whites … dumber than a box of rocks. They don’t even know WHY they’re angry ! They’re the empty headed bottom of societies barrel and they should’ve all been dealt with in a VERY “Dirty Harry” way the day James Fields was boxed in by a mob of scum, and forced to escape death by any means necessary. It wouldn’t have BEEN necessary had cops simply done their jobs.


  4. Well, the C’ville boys in blue don’t get a bit of sympathy from me. I hope that entire cesspit burns one day soon …and that every single “officer”, judge, dirt-bag politician and lefty degenerate who f**ked-over our people burns right along with it. The “Po-Po” havin’ a hard time in Commieville? Poor babies… (belly-laugh!)

    • I agree (nihilistic cackle). It’s sadistic pleasure watching the clown-show progress as the sane part of the local population looks on in disgust. What we need is another Unite the Right rally to really tip the ship over, but I grant that’s asking a bit too much in the way of sacrifice.

  5. Most cops are Republicans and they seen how the citizens and politicians treat someone they disagree with. The polarization is only going to intensify. ZOG troopers are going to have a hard time in 2019.

  6. To hell with the pigs in Commieville, they deserve to be treated with contempt. We’re losing more and more territory to the hostile anti-white hordes every year. College towns like Cville used to be the safest and most civilized of communities. I guess no one is going to do anything to correct the situation, so the deterioration will continue until total collapse occurs.

  7. It’s a little peek into the “loving” soul of the leftist.

    The past 1.5 years have been shockingly instructive on the character of our fellow “Americans.”

    • Iron- Just as ADI has noted over at F&H, the recent revolts in France will accomplish the same as here in Weimerica, (i.e., nothing) unless and until we have (and stand behind) a complete World-and-life-view, to replace the satanic counterfeit now in place.

      Trouble is, as I’ve noted time and again on this sole forum (alone), those who complain the loudest here are the same voices who live for anarchy as the normative state of things, in that they are in total rebellion against God and His Christ.

      In that, they are the ideological bedfellows of the antifa(ggots) of C’ville.
      Why should ANY of them be given legitimacy, therefore?

  8. That cop car looks like something from the 90’s! Do they still make those things?
    As for the cops, if they want the respect of the community, they can start by doing their job and stop trying to be popular with the wrong people. Crawling up criminal and leftist butt means they lose the respect of ordinary people whilst the crims just laugh them off the streets.
    A true loner is he who can’t choose the side he’s on.

  9. It’s not just the cops, residents of the independent city of Charlottesville (its own political entity) struggle to square their Ivory Tower ‘idealism’ with cognoscenti entitlement and racial disparities in education:

    The tensions in C’ville likely worsen by the month, given what a pressure cooker must arise out of all the UVa faculty jettisoning ‘noblesse oblige’ as their kids encounter minority and lower income residents of the city. The UTR rally would only have served to embolden the city’s black residents, and further indemnify its upper middle class white ones.

    There have been reports throughout recent years of young white women going missing and turning up dead by the hand of black male perps in the city whose quaint college town setting cloaks significant clashes between the haves and the have nots, often color-coded.

    These problems exist in a larger state whose academies continue to almost totally ignore the BDS (Virginia boasts one of the highest college-per-capita rates in the country) movement in favor of its military industrial complex-employed plurality population.

    It’s only a matter of time before authentic tragedy strikes in C’ville. White women students should be on alert, and americans in general will increasingly recognize UVa as an institution given over to plutocratic privilege beyond even the typical elite bastion of hypocrisy and ‘enlightenment.’

  10. I believe that R. L. Dabney (1820-1898) started his college education in Charlottesville. Were he still here, he would no doubt write a brilliant, pointed, and methodical deconstruction of what Cvilee has become.

  11. 1) Southerners need to stop blaming the mythical “Yankees” for your dystopias. Dixians WORSHIP the JEWS that have been wrecking the South since the beginning. Good GOD! Southern regions are as bad or worse than any Northern dystopia.

    2) I don’t understand why the obedient cops just don’t take over. They have the literal power to do so. I don’t get it. Excepting cops are ZOG’s servile little myrmidons.

    • The cops have been indoctrinated with anti-Whitism just like everyone else. Moreover, the last thing they want to do is risk losing their pension and retirement packages. Hence, ZOG’s White Genocide enforcers.

  12. The ‘C’ville War II’ started two years ago, in this ‘shitty little town.’ Virginians should vote to shut down the university, and fire all tenured faculty and staff, as well as de-legitimize their pension funds through the state.
    Of course, this will only happen, when we excise DC from the rump of Virginia… just sayin’…

    Oh- and reading on Cantwell’s site, since learning of his part in this facade called ‘exercise of free speech’ has helped me understand just how UTTERLY CORRUPT and TOTALLY USELESS FEDGOV is… the point that we no longer need the Leviathan state. Partition.

  13. Here is the relevant quote: “This was on display in Charlottesville more starkly than anywhere else. Self described anarchists attended city council meetings, flaunted the rules of order, and demanded the city government break laws and violate court orders. They wanted a body with all the powers of a government, to carry out the whims of the mob, absent any guiding principle, higher authority, or limits on its power, and they got exactly this. In Charlottesville, laws are not universally applied rules to establish order, but rather excuses for those powers to be wielded selectively for political purposes.” –

  14. I don’t feel sorry for the cops. Had they done their jobs James Fields would be a free man instead of rotting in prison for the rest of his probably abbreviated life. Cops should be prosecuted for malfeasance and dereliction of duty.

    Cville deserves to sink into anarchy and chaos with plenty of Diversity for good measure.

  15. I think in there has been a disappointing showing by white cops in these protest locations, most of whom, maybe all of whom, appear too dull to realize they are cannon fodder. If some of them sided with the authorities only because they are not independently wealthy and have families to think about, the least they could have done, or can still do, is LEAK some inside info exposing the corruption.

    I hear David Boies is coming after Kessler, Enoch and some of the other figures associated with UTR with one of these bogus lawfare lawsuits. The fact that it’s David Boies shows that the top people in this movement are a subject for personal attention by the some of the most powerful people in this country.

    I sure hope Kessler understands that discovery in a civil suit is a two-way street and that if Boies is going to start issuing subpoenas and deposing alt right figures, alt figures need to do the same in response and subpoena/depose antifa, cville authorities, etc. Maybe they should also file counter-suits against antifa.

  16. There’s a bit of an interesting point here, I think. If the CVille police department is crippled this way, the People’s Republic will find it difficult to enforce their will.

  17. It sounds like cops who couldn’t live with themselves after that day are the ones leaving. Orders came from the jew mayor and darkie police chief to stand down no matter what, and it’s foolish to expect spineless college town cops to disobey an order, even if they’re good men.

  18. To hell with them. If they didn’t resign on the day, they can burn in hell as far as I’m concerned.

    VSP as well. I hope BLM picks a few of them off.

  19. Hell will eventually come to Charlottesville. If TSHTF expect it to be a killing field to rival Cambodia or Rwanda. If the blacks and leftists are ever loosed from what few restraints remain on them they will morph into hundreds of little Pol Pots purging anyone not exhibiting the correct level of PC thinking.

    The good news? They will pretty much be tied down to that rotten city. The rednecks in the surrounding areas will likely make short work of any Tyrones or Moes who make the mistake of venturing too far out.

    Also don’t expect too much of Staunton or Waynesboro. Staunton wants to be the new LGBTQXYZ anal sex capital of the world while Waynesboro is as black friendly as you will find. Go a little further out and you will be fine.

  20. The only real solution in sight is a 7 year drought over the entire nation helping to bring on the mother of all financial depressions followed by a nuclear attack wiping out all our military facilities and major cities turning this country into one vast wasteland where all these once rich liberal elites are ripped to pieces by wild animals masquerading as humans who are fighting for their survival. May God speed that day … and may God Save the South …

  21. Southern nationalists should be organizing the whites in the rural areas around Charlottesville. Create tension and polarization.

  22. all self respecting white cops should leave that hellhole if they had any sense. Let the pocs tear their society to pieces as per their brainwashing provided to them. Let them find out who’s bitch they really are.

  23. I can think of maybe one or two cities in the world that deserve a MOAB dropped on them more than CharlottesvilleSSR. Anything that causes law and order to collapse in that socialist enclave is a good thing.

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