Chinese Rover Lands On Dark Side Of The Moon

If it wasn’t for the Civil Rights Movement, Whitey would have probably built a moonbase by now, landed on Mars and be going to work in flying cars. Instead, the Chinese are on the moon:

“BEIJING — Hours after a space probe from China made humanity’s first landing on the far side of the moon, sending images of its surroundings back to Earth, the spacecraft deployed a rover on Thursday to take still more photographs and scan the surface of terrain never before traversed.

The rover, weighing 300 pounds, rolled off a ramp on the lander at 10:22 p.m. Beijing time, laying deep tracks in the moon’s soft soil, its solar panels spread like wings, according to a photograph released to state media. The rover is now programmed to roam across a barren vista toward a distinct crater. …”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren who is running against Trump in 2020 recently announced that she is donating her Senate salary to HIAS to resettle more refugees in the United States:

“WASHINGTON (JTA) — Days after launching a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren pledged her salary to HIAS, the Jewish immigration advocacy group, as long as the government is shut down.

“Over 7,000 people in Massachusetts have been sent home or are working without pay during the #TrumpShutdown,” Warren said Tuesday, New Year’s Day, on Twitter. “Until @realDonaldTrump re-opens the government, I’m donating my salary to @HIASrefugees, a nonprofit that helps refugees and makes our country stronger in the process.” …”

The US government is currently in a partial shutdown over a mere $5 billion dollars to build a border wall as another caravan of 15,000 people prepare to leave Honduras. Look at our absurd country which is swimming in trillions of dollars of debt and has lost the ability to send astronauts to the International Space Station. Then look at what China is doing both on earth and the moon.

Is the China the bad guy because “muh democracy” – the Chinese are the happiest people on earth – or do we live under an utterly dysfunctional system governed by a worthless elite?

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  1. Remember Eisenhower’s warning about the Military Industrial Complex? + NBC/MSNBC national security journalist made headlines today by blasting the network for “becoming captive and subservient to the national security state, reflexively pro war in the name of stopping President Donald Trump, and now the prime propaganda instrument of the War Machine’s promotion of militarism and imperialism…” + 21 Trillion missing from the US Gov’t (Solari Report) = ?

  2. We could’ve been building probes and spaceships traveling at 25% the speed of light (proposed by Von Braun), and could’ve already explored a dozen or so solar systems close to our own.

    Instead, we’ve got heretics sending billions to Israel, 100-150 million non-Whites sucking us dry like vampires, and have spent enough in foreign wars to fund THOUSANDS of Voyager probes.

    America hasn’t been great for a very long time, Goyim…

      • No, Captain, but not for the reasons you fools think.

        Man will NEVER leave this planet, because it is the only ‘world’ there is. God created Adam both on, and of, the Earth – there are no ‘life-bearing planets out there- it’s all a hoax.

        And even if you disbelieve the concept of a closed globe, (or the more extreme Flat Earth cosmology) the Church’s self-witness states that redeemed Adamity (and ONLY Adam’s seed- there’s a point here, fyi) will live on the ‘new’ (recreated, but not annihilated) heaven and earth, ‘as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, WORLD WITHOUT END, Amen… at the parousia.

        We are NOT going into space, because it is impossible to go past the van Allen radiation belts. And all of the movies that clearly show the moon landing (both in 1969 and today) is false, cannot be brushed away.

          • Its funny when I see “Nazis” saying we ddn’t go to the Moon when Hitler’s Nazis were the first to build guided rockets and rain them down on London.

            And when Hitler was defeated, his rocket scientists were taken to America in Operation Paperclip. It was the Paperclip Nazi scientists like Werner Von Braun that were put in charge of NASA when they put he first men on the Moon.

            No Nazis, no Moon landing!


            “Where is your evidence that the moon landing was a hoax?”

            You want to talk science with a Flat Earther/Fundie Christian, who said Daily Stormer promoting the mass rape of White women is smart politics? Hahaha!

          • Spawn, I just don’t believe a government that has a history of lies and obfuscations, who are in the grip of the Jews. And neither do you, so why disparage my stances? you have never been to the moon, and neither have I. Do you believe Schindler’s List, also?

            More of, here’s a good starting point:

        • Didn’t you play in that movie Capricorn One? Don’t tell me-you were the guy that disappeared because he discovered the TV transmissions were being received before the spacecraft telemetry arrived. I am glad to see you weren’t liquidated after all. Or did you just rise from the ashes to tell all about the great government conspiracy?

    • Hideous, isn’t it?

      The Chinks must be laughing their slants off at their rivals committing a humiliating suicide by groid.

    • @Marcus: America’s golden age was between 1950 and 1970. It’s been all downhill since then. We LITERALLY could not build another Saturn V rocket today, because the technology has been long since been lost / forgotten.

  3. China and Japan are free to pursue a space program, without being held back by wars for Israel, endless foreign aid to the turd world, and
    welfare expenses to help non white moochers in the West. No nation reaches its full potential with brown hordes always claiming victimhood and bleeding us dry. These parasitic leeches are holding up our progress.
    But……god help the moon and Mars if China get them first. We all know the environmental state China is now in!

    • @John, There’s aren’t any life forms or ecological niches to kill with habitat destruction via overpopulation or industrial pollution on either Mars or our moon. But I understand where you’re coming from.

    • @hansfranksavatar, Yes. They sent relay satellites prior to the launch of the lunar lander. They were necessary for the PLA’s space division to control the lunar probe on descent and landing, as well as to transmit data back from the rover.

      The marvels an intelligent and motivated population can accomplish in a ethnostate.

  4. “If it wasn’t for the Civil Rights Movement, Whitey would have probably built a moonbase by now, landed on Mars and be going to work in flying cars. ”

    Brown countries can’t afford nice things like going into outer space. All brown countries are poor.

  5. Pretty clear democracy is a sham and the main way out is a fight. The playing field needs more of a level than it has right now for a fair fight. What to do? It is past time studying the problem, clear as day now and time to actively move towards solution.

  6. Unfortunately, China is anti-Christian and often makes Christians and/or their family members disappear under darkness of night. I would venture a guess those being made to disappear are not a part of the “happiest people on earth”.

    Just stating a fact, not extolling Muh America… we will be doing the same soon enough (at least to white conservative Christians).

    • You’re right. China is at a stage of oppressive totalitarianism comparable to the USSR. The police exist to protect the Communist ruling class & don’t give two Fs about the citizenry.

      • The UK has reached a state of totalitarianism even worse than the USSR. At least Soviet children were not being gang raped, assaulted and sex trafficked. Well maybe they were by the elites but not on the scale in the UK.

  7. Elizabeth Warren is a traitor.
    HIAS is an open enemy.
    It took China 49 years to get to the moon after us. China would never have gotten to the moon if our race had not gotten there first.
    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.

  8. Let us remember the Apollo program was to end with with Apollo 24. Instead we stopped it at Apollo 17 in 1972. This year will be the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. Space exploration is the ultimate expression of the Faustian impulse for our people. We dare not stand idle while other nations exploit the energy and weapons potential for Helium 3 found only on the Lunar surface.

  9. 3 days before his death on 7 March 1999, Stanley Kubrick confessed to fellow film-maker T Patrick Murray, that he had faked the films of the USA claimed 6 ‘moon landings’ of 1969-1972, when the CIA had its own film studios at Laurel Canyon, California.

    T (T. Patrick Murray): That we didn’t land on the moon, you’re saying?

    K (Stanley Kubrick): No, we didn’t. It was not real.

    T: The moon landings were fake?

    K: A, a, a … fictional moon landing. A fantasy. It was not real.

    T: The moon landing in ’69 …

    K: Is total fiction. I perpetrated a huge fraud on the American public, involving the United States government & NASA, the moon landings were faked, the moon landings ALL were faked, & I was the person who filmed it.

    T: Why did they have to fake it? Why would they have to do that?

    K: Because it is impossible to get there.

    • (((Stanley Kubrick))) is overrated. I find his movies painfully boring. Just a bunch of doofus actors standing around staring into space, because there’s no script. In one movie he had an actor chimp out like Jack Nicolson did in Shining, but even then it was a bore.

      • Well, I guess if a movie doesn’t have Duane Johnson or a cigar smoking orangutan in it then it’s probably going to be too cerebral for you.

        • Are you triggered buttercup? I’m just saying what I see. 😀

          If a movie drags the people who made it failed to do their job, which is *entertain*.

          If Kubricks wasn’t a Jew, no one would have hired/funded him, sat through his dull movies and blown smoke up his ass later. His movies would have never have reached the cinemas at all. Its the same with Woody Allen. “Jewish Privilege”.

  10. Am I the only one that doesn’t give a shit about outer space and thinks the billions that NASA pisses away could be spent on fixing the shitty roads in this country.

  11. China’s Queqiao relay satellite is positioned well behind the far side of the moon and keeps the Earth in sight for radio transmissions.

    Charged particles in the donut-shaped Van Allen belts are minimal at Earth’s magnetic poles. There are other well-known, sparsely charged regions as well. NASA sent Apollo’s astronauts through these regions as quickly as possible. All of this is easily Binged, including dosimeter readings from each mission.

    (((Kubrick))). They lie, especially when making a truthful statement that serves a greater lie.

  12. I can’t believe how many people believe this nonsense. There is plenty of forensic photo and factual evidence that space is fake. But I guess the reality will shatter their dreams of the obvious evidence that people will not and refuse to look at. Yes, our government’s don’t lie and doesn’t worship Lucifer. Keep believing and don’t forget, worship Trumps Luciferian space force with big cheers and smiles as they’re laughing at you.

  13. Conspiracy theories are the bane of the white racialist movement if indeed a movement it can be called.

  14. While they’re up there, could they drive around to the “light side” and see if any of those American flags that were definitely planted between 1969-1972 are still there… just curious.

  15. I see the missile technology Bill Clinton give China in exchange for donations to his presidential elections has paid off dearly now.

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