December Jobs Report Shows Strong Growth

President Trump got some fantastic news today on the economy which continues to defy expectations of slipping into a long overdue recession:

“The U.S. job market delivered a blowout performance in December, giving a clearer signal that the economy is on solid footing even as investors fret about the trade war and other risks in 2019.

U.S. stocks and Treasury yields surged Friday after Labor Department figures showed employers added the most workers in 10 months, wage gains accelerated and labor-force participation jumped. Contrast that with the drumbeat of bad news in recent days, highlighted by the plunge in a closely-watched gauge of manufacturing and several big companies warning of slower revenue.

Across-the-board strength in the job market — the linchpin of the recent spurt in economic growth — will support further gains in consumer spending, the biggest part of the economy. …”

The economy is adding lots of new jobs. Wage growth is ticking up. The long term unemployed are coming off the sidelines. It is something to celebrate. Who knows how long it will last though?

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  1. Total BS numbers – like always- used to justify economic and monetary policy. Fed Chairman Powell said today that the Fed would be monitoring the stock market and would adjust monetary policy to support it which sent stocks soaring by 750 pts- Powell basically admitting that the Fed’s mandate at this point is to provide liquidity to Wall St- not higher savings’ rates for Main St. Usually at this point in “The Greatest Economy Ever™”(Trump’s words) the Fed Funds Rate would be approaching 4 or 5% instead of the paltry 2.25% it is at now. The Fed is already floating the idea that they are done raising rates.

  2. Bezo took several existing models and combined them. FedEx ups model was combined with the b3rnaise impulse buy model. Add subsidized free shipping and an army of delivery personnel are needed to deliver muh Christmas feels. Instead of building or rebuilding something like the greystones of north lawndale the workers are delivering trinkets from China that are discarded in the streets. Explain how this occurs absent money printing. We bought it for trinkets remind you of anything?

  3. Poll for all readers:

    How many people do you know that have recently been hired or promoted into a living wage job?

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