The Defenestration of Steve King

I decided to take a week off from writing.

The Steve King episode has really driven home the feeling that I have been stuck in a loop writing the same article over and over and over again for the past two years:

The GOP is beholden to wealthy Jewish donors. It consistently spends its political capital, not on what it promises its voters in elections, but to advance Israel’s legislative agenda. It exists to police the Right and keep it safe for its Jewish donors and is incapable of being reformed.

Steve King didn’t praise “white supremacy” in his interview with The New York Times. He was making a point that the charge of “racism” has been so overused that it has become increasingly commonplace to accuse conservatives of White Nationalism, white supremacy, fascism, Neo-Nazism, etc, etc. In the quote in which he was taken out of context, he expressed amazement at how quickly this has happened and wondered how “Western civilization” has become taboo.

The GOP Congress pretty much tripped over itself to disavow and purge Steve King. This had long been in the works and conservatives were disappointed when King was reelected in the midterm elections. National Review and the NRCC had openly called before the election to purge Steve King like Roy Moore. King did himself no favors by caving under the pressure and putting out that statement.

All of this raises the question: why continue to pay any attention to this at all? Why invest so much time and attention in following, documenting and writing about conservative failures? Why not tune out and do something else? Nothing has changed on this front in decades.

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    Please. Look ahead 5 – 10 and 20 years. I don’t know if you REALLY understand HOW bad it’s going to get for us whites. If you do it right you’ll save the south and get very rich in the process. If you don’t … you’ve tossed 10 million worth of gold off a bridge. You’ve wasted great talent and a perfect platform.

    You’re at the biggest fork in the road of your life. How do you “feel” about ( as you say, ) wasting the last 2 years ? Don’t waste the next 2. A hundred million future Confederates are in your hands. The pen is mightier than the sword, and YOU can accomplish what an army cannot, if you choose to.

  2. “The GOP is beholden to wealthy Jewish donors.”

    One day the Republican Party will give up its addiction to bribes from billionaires, and REALIZE it is the party of White people! (Sarcasm)

    “he expressed amazement at how quickly this has happened and wondered how “Western civilization” has become taboo.”

    He expressed amazement at how fast hardline Communism and White Genocide is approaching, because despite winning an election or two, he knows absolutely nothing about practical politics – like 99% of people.

    “The GOP Congress pretty much tripped over itself to disavow and purge Steve King. King did himself no favors by caving under the pressure and putting out that statement.”

    Political Correctness, Stockholm Syndrome, the Party Line, these are different names for the same thing.

    It’s called Siding With the Bully.

    “All of this raises the question: why continue to pay any attention to this at all? Why invest so much time and attention in following, documenting and writing about conservative failures? Why not tune out and do something else? Nothing has changed on this front in decades.”

    Following the news is a spectator sport. It never changed anything.

    When Bob Whitaker was alive he didn’t follow the news at all. He identified the establishment’s weak point, and organized a group of people to hit that point over and over.

    BTW I was impressed when you were doxxing anti-Whites. The anti-Whites know that inflicting punishments on their enemies works. See one brag about it here:

  3. The “blow up” will come no matter what; sit idle at your own risk. Voting will not change the course of this doomed train. The chasm from the washed-out bridge looms ahead. I voted for Trump; he condemns me for my race and my desire to see white children prosper. He opens the door to banning all firearms via end-around furniture bans (more vociferous rights-tramplers have seized upon this disgusting violation to now concentrate on pistol grips). He only talks of the Wall now because he knows he’s a one-term loser if he caves (due to demographic changes, this loser is still probably one-term; and the massive democrat election fraud, done in the open without punishment, will ensure it). We are deplatformed; our right to speech is routinely and massively violated, ANTIFA and other massively-funded, global terrorists attack us with impunity and we do time if we even defend ourselves. There is literally no reason to vote for the GOP, the coward traitors who deserve nothing less than a spot alongside the globohomo dems in front of a wall.

    It’s coming no matter what – for those who say “but…but… lesser of two evuls!!!”, the GOP will happily go along with ANTIFA even killing “white supremacists”, and will happily betray our God-given right to firearm ownership. No more voting. The “blow up” will come no matter what brand of traitor wins at the “ballot box” Do as you believe right, as free white men.

  4. In your article titled “We Iz Democrats Now,” you talked about the idea of White Nationalist Leaders as a group switching over to the Democrats. I think now would be a good time. We could announce that because of the Republicans continued loyalty to Israel, over White America, and their anti-White cowardly cuckholded ways: that all of us as a group are going to register as Democrats and support Tulsi Gabbard, in the primaries for her run for President. This would send shock waves through both parties. It would teach the Republicans that we are tired of their politically correct cowardly ways; and that the lynching of Steve King was the last straw. It would also get many Democrats to take a second look at what we are for, and maybe win some on our side. Either way; it would be entertaining. Really, we have nothing to lose. Also, during the presidential election we could all change back and support Trump again, if he deserves it. We need to start acting like a “Union.” just support who supports us more, and no loyalty to any party. I am not saying I agree with Gabbart on everything; but lots of our people agree with her a lot on her past anti-war stance. Pluss the Republicans used our movement, or at leas Trump did during the election and since then we have become irrelevant. It is time to let them know we are still a major movement, if we are one.

  5. …and when “based” Steve’s figurative body hit the hypothetical pavement, Ben Shapiro pissed on him.
    Thus, the legendary valor of the Small Hat Gang. I despise conservatism as much as I despise liberalism. Two sides of the same coin. All held in the rancid purse of the Tribe.

  6. Why, Brad?

    Because this:

    The time is now for whites to separate themselves from ‘supremacy’ and define themselves as white liberationists. When I said we shouldn’t be afraid of labels like ‘white supremacism’ a few days before King went off, I meant we should use the power of naming ourselves and let our enemies – jews primarily – call us epithets like ‘white supremacists.’ But we should embrace our white identity and never back down from taking pride and conviction in it. Use the label ‘white’ but not as an assertion of ‘supremacy.’ That distortion is for the jews to fabricate and be exposed therein.

    • Who asserts we are “supremacists” in the negative definition jews have attached to it? Virtually no one, but the jews. It doesn’t matter what we say or how we present ourselves. The jews present us in a negative light for not grovelling at their feet. We need to make fellow Whites understand who we are and who they are in the eyes of those who hate us for merely being White.

      • “Liberationist” is a terrific term. Black Panther genocidal racists, American Indian Movement separatists, La Raza Hispanic supremacists, etc., are all classified as being part of liberation movements. The trick, of course, is that they are all oppressed groups held down by the evil Pale People. Appropriating the language and symbolism of anti-White haters might be fun.

  7. I should add that I don’t think King was necessarily asserting something like ‘white supremacy,’ but I do think he made it a bit too easy for anti-whites to distort his meaning.

  8. Also, the Roman Catholic Church and its functionaries are whites’ enemies:

    John Engler, former governor of Michigan and chief Larry Nasser enabler and apologist, is a Roman Catholic.

    Disgusting. This plot to construe the depravity of the RC’s child sexual abuse scandals as a function of gay male perversion is exactly that – a cover up for the Church’s anti-white agenda. Some outlets have gone so far as to attribute Jesuit violence towards women as etiologizing in the anglo-protestants, such as in the January Vanity Fair article that lied outright about Georgetown Prep and St. Alban’s in DC, claiming that the anglos at St. Alban’s began the ‘Rodeo’ rape practice, which in fact began and likely stayed at Georgetown. Further, reports are coming out all over about Jesuit abuse of teen boys in prep schools around NYC.

    The fight for white women and for the allegiance of healthy white men is on. Instead of a stealth gaslighting operation, it is now an open battle.

    We can and should win it.

    • Yeah, the Holy Roman Catholic Nancy Pelosi, and the Holy Roman Catholic Kevin McCarthy should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to Steve King!

  9. ‘Defenestration’?…….time to refer to the dictionary. This backward Aussie geyser has no bloody idea what that one means!
    As for Steve King-its ironic how everyone wants to live in Western civilization and enjoy its fruits…..but don’t ever dare defend it or those who created it!! Das waysis.

  10. It stings a bit seeing this happen to Steve King, as he had long been regarded as maybe the most favorable congressman to our views. Just for asking a simple question, he’s lost all his influence on the special committees, and probably opened himself up to a challenge in the next primary.

    More generally, it’s quite funny that “Western Civilization” is now just as offensive as “White Supremacy.” Something that a public figure with a sturdy set of balls could take up and run with if they wanted to damage the left…though King himself doesn’t seem willing.

    • Steve King,

      too stupid to understand that the Jew York Times is (((enemy))) media,

      is getting exactly what he deserves.

      he’ll be removed from Congress altogether in the next election.

      if (((they))) can’t primary him out, (((they))) will re-arrange the boundaries of his district.

      that’s how (((they))) got rid of Dave Bratt.

  11. They are all so, so pathetic. They are our biggest obstacle. There is nothing more pathetic than grown white men refusing to defend their own people and civilization.

    Our grandparents wouldn’t be “conspiring” to vote these traitors out of office, they’d be dragging them out of office. My, how times have changed. No! My, how “we” have changed.

  12. One of the saddest aspects of this whole shitshow is that Steve King voted for his own defenestration. He actually voted himself guilty for something he didn’t do.

  13. What a bunch of useless, backstabbing, self hating f**ks. GOP will support every other brand of racial identity except their own. If anyone really thinks these traitorous fools, Trump included, give a rat’s ass about White people and the civilization White people built they’re delusional.

  14. Here is Ann Coulter running off the cliff of Queen Beeism:

    She valorously defends (north)western civilization’s values (which every non-white utilizes and even harkens to then denigrate them, ironically) only to contort a hit piece by Nina Burleigh about Amanda Knox into some example of the mythical ‘white supremacist’ vein in american culture.

    First, Burleigh is not white. I’m pretty sure she’s half egyptian or middle eastern of some kind. Second, she wrote an expose pretending to vindicate Amanda Knox of the crime of being a racist whitey murderess when in reality it only nominally did this; her mediterranean propaganda fabricated all sorts of unflattering and slyly implicating fake ‘facts’ about Knox. Burleigh’s obvious jealousy and hateful racist projections were on display throughout.

    So Ann’s assertion that Knox falsely accused a black congolese man in the rape and murder Meredith Kercher is an expression of her inability to get along with other women, particularly anglos. Ann got a nose job at some early point in her life to refine her more typically catholic-looking (she is half) one, sorry to have to say. Her sort of ‘WASP’ look isn’t totally authentic.

    The guinea mafia cops physically beat on Amanda and used a dishonest italian language interpreter to coerce a scientifically-proven false confession out of her as a means of distracting-by-scapegoat from their own corruption.

    Brad is right in that even rogue conservatives aren’t true renegades, which is why pro-whites should ditch the ‘conservative’ label and go truly rogue.

  15. Steve King didn’t do anything wrong, until he cucked to the (((controlled opposition))).

    GOP=Gathering of Pussies

  16. I notice Nancy Pelosi said she will not be a censor of what Democrats say. Contrast that with cowardly Republicans. He cucked out! Never Cuck! It empowers the enemy! If we are to have a future white conservatives must radicalize and radicalize. Red states need to secede! Its not going to get any better. Trump is as good as it gets and he leaves a lot to desire. Let New England and the Pacific Coastal States become independent nations.As well as the majority Latino Southwest. They could then follow their ideology to its logical conclusion and become entire sanctuary nations, ban guns, legalize abortion at any stage of the pregnancy, subsidize Transgenders, criminalize “hate speech” and even put a “Racism Tax” on white people in order to negate their white privilege.

    • King didn’t “cuck”, he turned traitor to Whites when it suited him.

      Treason is the worst crime any social animal can commit.

    • Even if red states were able to secede, without natural barriers, the whole rotten process of infiltration would start all over. White people build a nice society…brown people and scumbag traitors want in to reap the benefits. Any whites able to secure living space of their own are going to have to possess an iron will of exclusion.

      • Understandable. It’s a completely useless pursuit.

        Actually, worse than useless. Because it’s all so vile and negative, owned totally by our enemies, it just drains energy pointlessly even thinking about it.

      • Yellow vests apparently now occupy all the toll booths in France and seem to be intent on starving the (((beast))) of revenue through this and organized bank runs. Very little in the (((media))) about it. Krystalnacht is here and banks and government buildings are the first target.

  17. Nah don t tune our

    Instead use Saul Alinaky tactics to humiliate and punish the cucks

    That s what I m going to do

  18. The problem is this: they have the weapons of state violence– and are using it to steal your wealth, destroy your community, and create future that is grossly unacceptable and evil.

    I don’t follow politics because I like it. Far from it.

    Its because there’s a gun at my head and a hand in my wallet, and another on my family, I want it gone.

  19. H.W.
    I enjoyed reading your take on “Black history month” last year. Will there be a rerun this year and can we look forward to other daily historical snack-bites in the future?

  20. I am very disheartened and angered over this whole thing. Angry at the Republican idiots and traitors, angry at King for cucking out and not explaining himself better. I am beginning to think that many whites almost deserve to go extinct, as sad and tragic as that would be. We have got to shake this mind-virus of self-hatred and surrender. I think this country is already lost. Doesn’t look good for Western Europeans, either. I worry whites will not wake up until they are a hunted and exploited minority.

  21. his mistake was doing an interview with the new york times. an obvious trap.

    but yeah, it’s evident the republican party probably can’t be saved, and that we have no representation or leadership at the national level.

    then again, hunter and all his less than sharp associates marched directly into an obvious trap in virginia, so hunter doesn’t have much room to talk. maybe if he avoids ever going into another obvious trap again, or at least for the next 20 years, hunter can talk about this stuff once more.

  22. If the demise of the West implies the destruction of every anti-Catholic ungrateful toothless “anglo” degenerated worm like @MaryOldHag I’m totally ok with that.
    I’m.sorry for what’s happening in many countries with European populations or European culture, buy I- along with 95% of the planet – am glad to see ALL the “horrible” “insane” “sad!” things that are taking place in USSA and Great Britistan.

    • @Nemo

      We have rampant immigration because we have no democracy. We are caught up in endless foreign conflicts because we have no democracy. A large chunk of our manufacturing went overseas because we have no democracy. We supply endless foreign aid and medical care to the turd world because we have no democracy. Chinese investors are buying up all our property and sending values through the roof because we have no democracy. We are never asked what WE want.
      We should never be afraid of fighting for our children’s rightful inheritance-but we should be afraid of becoming extinct.
      A grubby politician was on TV the other night saying ‘Australia is a successful, multicultural nation that is enriched by the diversity, and most Australians support many more coming in. We have a duty to accept them with open arms’. How does he know most Australians support it? We are never asked. And why do we ‘have a duty to help them’? They are not our problem. This piece of vermin doesn’t speak for me, or most white Australians.
      We’re reaching a fork in the road where we either take command of our destiny, or allow our ‘elected leaders’ to turn our childrens inheritance into third world shit dumps.

    • There are no bigger fools than you “religion before blood” people. I guess the Catholic clergy class will enjoy molesting mongrel brown boys just as much as white ones, eh? Hope you will enjoy Brazil-world.

      • @Powell Without the Catholic Church, that in large part replaced the Roman Empire, bringing political stability to Western Europe, along with with parishes, schools, monasteries, hospitals, universities and more, you still would be illiterate and dressed like a neanderthal.
        From the fall of Roman Empire til the time Rome (Catholic Church) turned its back to rich Constantinople and the Middle East with the schism of 1054, and focused its attention to Western Europe, Europeans lived in abject misery – only a couple of new cities were built in Europe, in Visigothic Spain for 5 centuries for example.
        It’s a question of GRATITUDE, fkn gratitude. Not “religion before blood.”

      • I don’t get why it should be controversial for Christians to say that can love their Kenyan or Peruvian brothers and sisters without wanting to live next to them. Cultural preservation is not anti-Biblical. Don’t people understand the meaning of the Tower of Babel story?

  23. Cucks are a bunch of wastrels who stand for nothing. Whites have no rights in 2019 because they have no democracy. Whites in most Western nations will be a minority by 2070 because they have NO democracy. In actual democracy, creeping minority status is something we could have voted our way out of-but we couldn’t.
    Forget Middle Eastern dictators. You have dictators in the white house, and most of the West.

  24. I took a 36 hour break from the news cycle and just saw this piece on Friday morning. I am not surprised by the House vote of 424 to 1 condemning White Identity. And that is basically what it was, a condemnation of White people being pleased to be White and be separate. The Republican Party does not represent the White Christians who vote for them. Not after C-Vill;e, not after Steve King, and not at any future point. America indeed is flawed at its core, and beyond the point of salvaging it, as I argue in my little book *Rethinking The Propositions*.

  25. “…that all of us as a group are going to register as Democrats and support Tulsi Gabbard, in the primaries for her run for President.”

    I’m doing it.
    Trump (with this Wiesel-ing to the Jews) deserves impeachment, and/or the death penalty.
    I’ve never voted anything but R since Nixon.

    I’m voting for my race, and ONLY my race, from here on out.

    BRING ON THE PARTITION of THIS God-DAMNED COUNTRY. I want a white Ethnostate, where Christianity is the State Religion, and the Death Penalty is enacted by the Citizenry of the city, Biblical style. NO accursed Lawyers, NO outside-appointed Judges (that aren’t moral) NO Sodomy, NO Niggers, NO Spics, NO nothing, but white America, and ONLY White America.

    The Republicans are seventh-level traitors in Hell. May they bear the brunt of all of the race-cowardly avoidance they have wrought, since Reagan signed MLK day into infamy.

    • Yeah , OK

      I just want to be in the same room with Mittens Romney and then he will get his hair messed up and get in to his first fist fight in his life

  26. The best write up on House Resolution Condeming WHITE SUPREMACY will be by Pastor Martin Lindstedt…He tells it like it is…liker it or not…The Congress is ANTI WHITE and with their policies and laws and attitudes and anti white insanity will destoy the WHITE FOUNDING RACIAL STOCK….DC is nothing but a hell hole center of Zionist Worshippers and Golem Hive Mind Cyborg ZOMBIES of ZOG…Many say Saturn Cult controls all the politicians and some say VRIL LIZARDS control.them…I never dreamed USA would turn out the way it is now…Weed Pot Heads and Opiod Heads and all of them running to the Tatoo Parlors……

  27. Vdare’s John Derbyshire has one of the best takes on this and calls out Mitten Romney as the worst cuck:

    “That time-servers like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy and skulking cowards like Mitt Romney should be trying to destroy a congressman’s career at the urging of Leftist front organizations like the Anti-Defamation league and the SPLC tells you everything you need to know about the congressional GOP.”

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