Gated Communities in South Carolina

I m spending my second winter month on Hilton Head SC island, this time I m working harder to get off this island to find some real Southerners.

I m doing just OK.

I spent a 3 day weekend in Charleston SC – once the cultural capital of the South.

The city and surrounding areas are booming, population doubling and tripling. Charleston looks like Boston MA…. unfortunately the city now seems to be populated by Yuppies from Boston and other North Eastern places . Lots and lots of healthy, good looking folks, just not Southern folks.

Fort Sumpter was shut down. But the Confederate History Museum was open and staffed by two lovely Southern women – we hit it off!

I m 2 for 2 with Anglican Church services. I attended a service in a historic Charleston SC Anglican Church – racially integrated but exclusively Southern, great Black gospel music, no bad Lib or homo politics. I made some new friends and business connections.

It does look like gentrification of Northeasterners is pushing out Black Southerners and just Southerners out of Charleston SC.

I m back on Hilton Head Island and making an effort to meet some permanent residents. I m doing a little better.

My best Southern experience was finding a regular Southern bar in Buford SC near a Marine airbase – good regular folks. I hit it off with these locals.

It s really tough to win friends and make a huge difference as a tourist.

Plus, this Island is a gated community with signs threatening $1,000 fines and prison for littering!

I ll try to spread sone rumors that the invading hordes of Central American migrant invaders might ….




  1. I have some very, very distant relatives in the up country/back country of South Carolina. I’ve never visited with them, and like most Southerners right now I’m sure they are considering the place of their relative who was a hero in the Civil War/WBTS, and, afterwards led the early resistance to Northern Tyranny in South Carolina.

    I say “their relative”, as they are a lot closer to the subject, than I am, and they are directly in the line of fire. I would love to visit with them, and someday, if I can just sort of ease into it, I will.

    The ladies like the low country around Charleston because of the shopping. I’ve spent time on exclusive Kiawah Island which comes complete with big alligators and Mexicans.

    You might want to check out Folly Beach, the best meal, and the cheapest I had in South Carolina was in Folly Beach.

  2. $1,000.00 to litter any where in South Carolina. I am a native Southerner. I was born in 1952 in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was raised on my Grandparents Farm near Cheraw, S. C. in Chesterfield County. Whst do you want to Know?
    I will tell you some good ? news.
    Morris Disease just lost a count case.Tell those fellows in Buford Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are

    • Thanks B.B.

      I m trying to do my best and promote the Southern cause

      I m going to a Southern college hockey tourney this weekend in Savanah GA

      Wish me luck


  3. You mean Beaufort, right? The town of Beaufort was featured in the greatly flawed but highly watchable Great Santini (1981?). Watchable because of Robert Duvall, Blythe Danner, David Keith (playing a stereotypical “redneck” who ends up apologizing for his stereotypical bad whiteness at the end of his life but it’s a bit too late to do any good–sigh, isn’t that always the way?), and a black actor whose name I can’t remember but who does a great job in a role that is in every way the stereotypical “afterschool special” innocent victim of white bullies–he even has a stuttering problem! Beaufort looked fantastic in that movie and its residents should be proud, if it looks like that today. Great cinematography, shots of fishing on tidal rivers in slanting late afternoon sun shafts to die for.

  4. @Jaye

    Pretty disappointing when you can’t find real Southerners in SC.
    I was in Great Britain recently…..and had to leave London to find some real Brits. In fact…’ve got to get out of most of Britain to find any real Brits! I think they’re mostly in Spain or Australia now.
    In Australia itself, you have to get out of the cities to see any dinky di Aussies. Fair dinkum…..the Chinese, Indians and Muslims just own the cities now…..and we never asked for them.

  5. Sorry I m on the road trying to make posts with just a phone

    Yes there were some typos

    Mea culpa

    When you see some just e-mail me or let Hunter know and we ll get them fixed

    It s important to keep living doing regular things

    And not give up and despair over little things or big things

    We learn to adapt , live off the grid, find ways to maintain civilization wthout computers, spell checkers … how will we do in the Zombie Apocalypse or something worse coming in South Africa

  6. A tsunami , ( whether caused by bomb or quake or eruption far away, ) is prophesied to hit east coast. All white Christians should move inland. North Carolina needs you … is beautiful, and has elevation. So do parts of Georgia. South Carolina IS cool, but Charleston sits on a quake zone is hot, and there’s those little bugs they call “noseeums,” but you do “feelum.”

    Looking into my crystal ball … I see Hunter Wallace is the founder of THE CONFEDERATE PARTY.

    I see it sputtering along for a few years, not getting a LOT of traction and then BOOM !!!$$$ Almost immediately after a far left punk becomes President, it takes off like a bat out of Hell, with over 1/2 of Republican rep’s joining !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hunter saves the south !

  7. You can proceed inland not to far and find places where Sherman’s cinders are still hot. Try US 301. Orangeburg, Bamburg, Denmark, Allendale, Hampton etc– for a real treat go on into Georgia on 301

  8. So you attend a racially integrated church with great black gospel music…I can’t take anything you say seriously after that.

  9. “I attended a service in a historic Charleston SC Anglican Church – racially integrated but exclusively Southern, great Black gospel music, no bad Lib or homo politics.”

    Jaye, please forgive me if I seem to insult you, but really… that sentence! If one is Anglican (KJV, ’28 BCP) one does NOT abide integration/mongrelization…

    And the MUSIC? Anglican means ‘Church of ENGLAND’ – Tudor anthems, Vaughan-Williams, Sir Hubert Parry’s “Jerusalem” – that sort of thing. Gospel music may be fine on a concert, but in the House of God?
    Even the RC’s clearly delineated what music is sacred and which is profane, in her canons (pre-Vat II), and so did the Anglicans….just read any 1940 Hymnal frontspiece.

    Now, if by ‘Anglican’ you mean the trendy/heretical TEC (The Episcopal Church) with their womynwhore/priestesses, then yes, that abomination would have all those things. And, sad to say, even if you don’t HEAR lib or homo politics, it’s not far away… because lex orandi, lex credendi.

    My two cents. St. Clive Lewis, pray for us.

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