President Trump Caves On Government Shutdown

I haven’t been posting here for the last week.

When I last felt compelled to write about American politics, it was when the GOP Congress was throwing Steve King under the bus over a gaffe and unanimously condemning White Nationalism for the second time in two years. I figured that it would be a good time in the middle of winter to take a break and not miss anything but more of the same old failure theater:

“President Donald Trump touted GOP unity for 33 days of a partial government shutdown. But by the 34th day, it was clearly gone — and so was the shutdown by the end of the 35th.

Senate Republicans had finally had it and were struggling to continue to defend the president’s position and heap blame on the Democrats. Perhaps no one illustrated that dynamic more than Sen. Rob Portman.

The Ohio Republican, along with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), had spent more than two weeks pushing to reopen the government and then negotiate on border security, only to face repeated rejection by the president and Vice President Mike Pence. So when two votes came before the Senate this week, one on Trump’s plan, the other on a stopgap with no new guaranteed wall money, Portman nearly made a rare break with his party.

“I considered it, yes,” he said on Friday after the president finally caved on his position that the government would only reopen with a down payment on his wall.

Portman and most Republicans ultimately stuck with Trump after Pence’s pleas for unity. A sustained rebellion against Trump on Thursday, Portman argued, would mean the government “would not be open right now,“ because Trump would simply veto a Democrat-backed bill. “It would have been a real problem.” …”

So, the partial government shutdown is finally coming to an end.

Trump has been humiliated by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Senate Republicans caved and that forced Trump to cave. He isn’t getting any funding for his wall. The whole episode was nothing but a waste of time to look like he was fighting for the wall funding after two years of avoiding the issue.

I increasingly think it is a waste of time to sit here, day after day, following the news cycle to document the ongoing failure of Trump and American conservatism. It just discourages me from writing. I’ve been doing it for two years now and have grown tired of it. I will probably end up pivoting to history for a while.

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  1. “I increasingly think it is a waste of time to sit here, day after day, following the news cycle to document the ongoing failure of Trump and American conservatism”

    I strongly disagree. Attacking traditional conservatism from the right is never a waste of time because it needs to be exposed as the phony alternative that it is. There are still millions of people who think voting Republican is pro-white when of course nothing could be further from the truth.

    You’re a talented writer so it would be a shame to have your voice go silent. We need people pointing out the futility of supporting mainstream conservatism. Conservatism needs to be attacked relentlessly both from the left and the right until it finally dies. At that point whites will have no choice but to take their own side or go extinct.

    I realize being an advocate and never seeing results can be discouraging, but think of it this way. In the 50s and 60s it was the left that was joyously tearing down the established order. Now their system is the established order and you have the enjoyable task of sabotaging what they have.

  2. There is no such animal as American conservatism. What is being conserved? Leftist control of culture and politics. Sabotage of the right began with the pedo anti-Bircher Buckley, then continued with the Trotskyite neo-cons. The neo-cons have done their damnedest to have permanent war and forced multi-racial and -cultural societies. Just like the left.
    Do you think that institutions in education, media, government, tech, and entertainment are beyond hope of reform? IMHO, we will have to develop our own alternatives and let them slowly spread. We might even have to go old-school if tech goes totally Stalinist on the web, communicating with radio and ‘zines through the mail. A parallel culture may be the best future for dissidents not wanting to go along with the Rainbow Utopia.

  3. You are still on the right side of the grass, so stop bitching:

    First of all, you need to do a full and cumplete backup of your blog. Then you need to dump Bluehost — which owns Hostmonster and Hostgator and is owned by jews. Bryan Reo got the very first web page taken down on Hostmonster way back in March 2010 because I reprinted a Curt Maynard article saying that Mike “the kike & Foureth Stooge” Delany and Corn Cobb were jews and ZOGbots. Reo later took down around a dozen more of my Church web pages and NIM-Busters four times after Halloween 2010 after I found out “SwordBrethren / SoredMamzer’s” real identity.and past history.

    What I recommend is that you move to Dreamhost and keep a backup on Baal Finck, the Jersey City jew spic-killer’s latest server. That way if Baal Finck makes a “haet-cumplaint” I ask one of the NIM-Busters to cumplain about Baal “Rat-Fin[c]k”‘s web pages and if they take down my haet they gotta take down Baal Rat-Finck’s haet too.

    Secondly, the ZOG-Emperor Drumpf hasn’t actually signed the Coongressional Bill yet. Drumpf could hold it for ten daze and then pocket-veto it, or at the end of nine more daze just veto it and say that he wants to see 10 billion on it for his Wall. That and pardon his pet jewboy Roger Stone.

    Me, I never get discouraged at the God-Emperor or ZOG-Emperor or Dog-Humperor. Probably because I’ve never viewed him as anything other than a wrecking ball or a shit-stirrer. If I had to do it all over again, I’d still vote for Trump and buy five ZOGbux of McDonald’s slop for Roxie and let her eat it for her voting for Trump too although she never did like him much better than that evil bitch Hillary.

    Yes, I was sorta hoping that starving niggers without EBT would rise up and kill and eat big-shitty whiggers and jews, and that the IRS wouldn’t be giving out refunds, but here in Southwest Missouri most of the ZOGling whiggers and anglo-mestizoes really don’t give a shit if ZOG/Babylon ever opens up again.

    So, save your blog, move off Bluehost, kick Baal Finck out of the LOSers, and keep on blogging even if it is about how you think Drumpf has not lived up to your expectations, pore thang.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Candidate for Mayor of Granby Missouri

    • “Mike ‘the kike & Foureth Stooge’ Delany ”
      “Corn Cobb”
      “Baal’“Rat-Fin[c]k’ ”
      “ZOG-Emperor or Dog-Humperor”

      You know, people might take you more seriously if you didn’t write like a grade school kid. The whole childish name calling and the like gets old. It also makes you look like a low IQ fool.

      Did you get called “Marty Farty” and such like as that by the other kids in your formative years and decide that was the way to go? You’re not an idiot and occasionally I actually agree with a point you make. But you engage in patterns of behavior and speech that most grew out of before they hit their teens.

      Some days, I’m ashamed you and I share the same Christian name.

  4. I guess it’s Tulsi Gabbard for President, then… baed on her anti-Israel stance.
    And an expat strategy for those who can.. because, why stay? I’m under no obligation to watch the death of a nation.
    Why Tulsi? … to ‘slow down the brakes on this cultural genocide,’ or something like that.
    DT is done. It’s as if he has a death wish…. or was a plant, all along.

  5. Me as an outsider to American politics is cynically beginning to wonder whats the purpose of having a president if the system just runs over such a person if he did not exist at all. In this case one might as well write such a position out of the statutes. The tail is busy wagging the dog.

  6. Well, it wasn’t a complete failure. He managed to set the record for longest US government shutdown ever. A yuge accomplishment, by any measure.

    There’s nothing surprising about the end result except that it took so long. Trump can’t possibly have any pride left after this political castration.

    As for your writing, HW…it *is* almost black history month. Should provide a lengthy distraction from the ongoing clown show.

  7. I’m not sure you’re being fair to Trump, Mr. W. I personally think it amazing that he is pushing, against tremendous opposition, to seal that border. Decades in which nobody has attempted that have passed.

    Recently, you asked here, at Occidental Dissent, “Where is Julius Caesar?” You’re watching him every day, on television.

    I’ll say again: to me, it’s amazing.

  8. Hunter,
    I understand your being jaded with following the news cycle and political commentary. After I put *Rethinking The Propositions* in print last Fall, I felt a diminished desire to do ongoing political commentary. Weimerica politics is a never ending carnival. I am looking forward to you doing some history posts soon.

  9. If we can have land mines on the DMZ in Korea why not the Southern border? Might even save lives by deterring migration through the desert.

  10. Thanks for the hard work Hunter…

    As to the article: I’m wondering (not for the first, or last time) if this is a failure of American conservatism* (ism)…or a failure of American politicians claiming the title “conservative”.

    Trump’s weaknesses and failures don’t incline me to give up my ideas of free-markets, agrarianism, and the rejection of machine building. It irks me that so many in the Alt. Right (Richard Spencer, for a glaring example) insist on giving up “conservatism” (that is: the principles and philosophy) citing failure of conservatives* as his excuse.

    …as if we ought to give up Kirk in favor of Spengler because of the existence of Neo-Cons.

    True, the paleo-con crowd has rejected race-based norms in favor of abstractions and esoteric propositionalism…but that’s them being inconsistent with their own message. I get the feeling what we really have are a bunch of government-schooled socialists seeking to intellectually legitimize their ingrained repulsion of their immediate white ancestors.

    • Shotgun, weshould give up Russell Kirk for Spengler. Murican conservatives and republicucks are infected with shekelism (aka, capitalism, aka free market consumerism) and have been indoctrinated to loath and fear “socialism”, as if every man for himself is a basis for a lasting community. It is understandable. Murica itself is based upon the principles of, and populated by the descendants of, shekel chasing thought criminals who abandoned their kith and kin in the Old World for a prospect of advancing up the money aristocracy of the New World. Little did they realize that they and their descendants would be seduced and enslaved by smooth talking jews at heart selling “liberty” There is very little honor left in Murican conservatism, and is not worth fighting to defend or save.
      PS, what exactly has the Russell Kirk conservatives conserved … tax cuts for the rich?

  11. I see RAMZPAUL is going full Afterthought.

    Johnson is dipping his toe in the water, but not ready to dive in.

    Anglin is almost there:

    Will be interesting to hear FTN tomorrow, they probably want three more weeks to “trust the secret plan”.

    Nearly everyone will be wide awake in 649 days, the day after the 2020 election. Our task is to spend that time planting the idea in the collective subconscious to split up America.

    We’re nearly 2 months post-midterm and two months behind schedule.

    Think. Say. Do.

    • RamZPaul said he doesn’t want to live in a 100% White country. He supports Israel as a Jewish state, but does not support a homeland for White Nationalists.

      He piiines for the demographics of his youth, so half breeds and non-Whites will be welcome in certain numbers, to ensure his country is Kosher/PC. He wants to return to the policy, that led us to where we are today. He wants just enough non-Whites to tip his country leftwards, and back to open borders again.

      If there is secession and inevitable civil war between Democrats, Republicans, Trumps, I’d advise White Nats to sit it out, until they kill each other off, then carve out your new territory for Whites. If you help the ‘tards achieve their goals, I guarantee you will get nothing out of it. If you survive and win the war of the ‘tards, you will be back in a non-White country again, feeling like Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day.

      Since Anglin hates WigNats and likes Asians too, he and Weev can go with RamZPaul to RamZPaulland, and enjoy the diversity and tasty food, that only Asian restaurants in formerly White countries can bring.

  12. since I’ve been predicting Trump’s serial cuck all over the net ever since June 2015,

    none of this surprises me. Next, I’d

    like to see him impeached, convicted, removed.

    any grounds will be OK: “he farts upwind”…

    that’ll do fine.

  13. Drump is just going to keep on cucking and caving in until he mercifully gets defeated at the polls by Kamala late next year. So I hope HW will devote more time to his magesterial analysis of history instead?

  14. We don’t see behind the curtain. Give him 90 more days. Let’s see what happens. Each election cycle WE are stuck. We MUST campaign hard for and vote for the least worst one. We SHOULD BE trying whatever way we can to create a country in a country, ( Confederacy 2.0, ) but there’s too many lazy ass GMO’d chem trailed giver uppers on our side too. So ……. we vote as right as we can, or look what will get in. A real scummy piece of sh&t Jew :

  15. “Attacking traditional conservatism from the right is never a waste of time because it needs to be exposed as the phony alternative that it is.”

    That is the main battle for us right now. Trump set us back in some ways because it put us on the same side as the movement conservatives. We stopped attacking them and spent all of our efforts shilling for Trump. Let’s pick back up where we were in 2015 and get back to ridiculing cuckservatives.

    The best thing for us to do now is to demand explicit white indentitarianism. Civic nationalism is the last defensive line the cucks have. They can’t retreat from that position any further without joining us.

  16. I think I see the strategy here. After three weeks the government closes down again as Democrats hold fast and refuse to fund the wall. Trump then issues a declaration of national emergency in order to build the wall. The Deep State is ready and almost immediately has one of its judges declare it unconstitutional and hence no wall and Trump now has a way out by blaming the system. Moral of the story- you cannot fix the system from within. It is immune to conventional politics or electoral cycles. Presidents come and go but the Deep State reigns forever or at least until the USS Titanic goes bottoms up. The Chinese got their wish- we do indeed live in interesting times! Need I add even existential times?

  17. Mr. Trump is a peasant. He, being a peasant, always will be politically bulldozed by people that come from much more ancient cultures like Signora Pelosi and Rabbi Schummer.

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