Roger Stone Arrested By FBI

It appears that everyone who was close to Trump during the 2016 election is in the process of getting arrested and having their lives destroyed by the Mueller probe:

“Former Trump adviser Roger Stone said in a Fox News interview Friday that the indictment brought against him as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is “thin” and is really “about silencing” him. But, Stone said, he was prepared for the fight of his life.

“There’s a war on alternative media,” he said. “There’s a war where they’re trying to criminalize political expression. There’s a war where they’re trying to criminalize free speech.”

Stone’s remarks on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” came after he was taken into custody earlier Friday and indicted on charges of obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering.

“I’m in for the fight of my life but I will not quit. I will not fold. I will not bend. I will not bear false witness against the president,” Stone said. “I intend to fight because this indictment is fabricated. This indictment is thin as can be.” …”

Remember how upset we were about RAM?

Donald Trump can’t even protect Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen or Roger Stone. The master negotiator has been rolled by the GOP Congress and now the Democrats. WEAK!

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  1. Southern men should remember that USG is an occupying force since 1865. It is not our government. We should place no hope or trust in it. Trump is a false hope. He has failed utterly. We fail by playing their game. We are under occupation and need to behave accordingly. We need to shed the illusion that we enjoy peace and plenty. These can and will be taken from us. Only Almighty God can save us. His day is coming.

  2. Trump is the last dying breath of the America which is no more. Last Friday a women’s marcher in DC was photographed with a sign reading “White Genocide Now”. It will happen again. MSM can only black it out for so long Our enemies’ over confidence will be their undoing.

    • I was wondering why BUGS twitters were suspended, and the fightwhitegenocide website was down.

      So when is BUGS coming to Gab? There’s lots of Pro Whites there, that haven’t seen Bob’s talking points.

  3. It will be interesting to see how the yellow vest’s bank runs turn out. No point in even protesting. If the euro collapses so will the banks. An organized boycott might certainly help things along. I personally think the time to max out personal credit to purchase survival supplies might be coming soon. Europe by one estimate has three days of food supplies in the chain. The US is probably the same.

    • There is ample grounds to arrest Robert Mueller, in the Dept of Justice Inspector General file on crimes involving Mueller, a file also in the hands of Trump’s lawyers, who can use it to force Mueller to resign if they publicly deploy it … but apparently Trump’s lead lawyer Rudy Giuliani, is holding back, seems because the file also implicates Rudy’s old friend Patrick Fitzgerald

      The file was referenced in the President’s tweets, a photo meme of Mueller in jail, and the President saying, “Heroes will come of this, and it won’t be Mueller”

      File talks about Mueller indulging big crimes as FBI director, helping Mueller’s own law firm to defraud millions out of a Hillary donor, to bribe US fed judges and Mueller’s colleagues threatening to kill an ex-DOJ employee, with Mueller getting a big payday … File is here:

      Helpful too here is some red-pilling on Julian Assange, who has been helping set up Trump’s people like Roger Stone tho he did release some Hillary files … All the major govt’s know Assange is run by intel, Israel’s Netanyahu said this out loud, boasting of how Assange protects Israel, and so did Zbig Brzezinski on USA PBS TV … Assange only leaked on Hillary to have blackmail material on her in case she won, Julian apparently not even ‘living at the Ecuador embassy’, Brit intel moves him in & out

      Same goes for ‘Edward Snowden’ who allegedly first ‘leaked’ to Dick Cheney’s biographer at the WashPost, before Rothschild man & gay ex-p-rnography seller Glenn Greenwald took over … Putin openly hints Snowden is a hoax but plays along, Snowman may not even be in Russia

  4. Let’s not forget this is the same FBI that murdered women and children in WACO,Murdered people at Ruby Ridge and Murdered Lavoy Finicum. The Feds are a domestic terrorist organization.

    • “The Feds are a domestic terrorist organization.”
      Not really.
      Highly corrupt and badly compromised by both internal and external enemies, certainly. But terrorists? No. By definition a terrorist is a non-state actor that uses violence in order to further a political goal. Government agencies are by definition not terrorists. Horrible. Corrupt. Even evil. But not terrorists. Words have meanings.

      “murdered women and children in WACO”
      Um, no.
      There is plenty of blame on both sides of that fiasco, but the fire was started by the cultists. Cultists who should have given themselves up weeks before mind.

      “Murdered Lavoy Finicum”
      The mean the guy who resisted arrest and then made a very foolish move when being held at gun-point? You mean the same guy who caused his own death in the same way that 100% of those championed by Criminal Lives Matters did? Just because he’s White and more or less on the right does not mean he did not engage in a Michael “Gentle Giant” Brown sort of suicidal stupidity. The police draw down on you, then you immediately freeze and follow instructions to the letter. Period. Full stop.

      “Murdered people at Ruby Ridge”
      That one, I will grant you. Appalling stuff was done there, even if you (as I do) disregard some of the more nutty conspiracy material out there.

      I’m no fan of the post-Hoover FBI, but hyperbole and paranoia just feeds into anti-White stereotypes. It also plays into the stereotype of pro-Whites as law enforcement hating fringe characters.

      But what do I know?

  5. I thnk the establishment sent Trump to make fools of nationalists, and he’s succeeded beyond their expectations.

  6. Trump should have fired those sonavabitches the first month he was there. Mueller should have been gone a long time ago, and this should have been stopped.

  7. Trump WON’T protect his associates and supporters. He’s a paper tiger, one who can only impotently growl on Twatter. Even the Unstable Retard’s knobgobblers at Infowars is now turning on the worthless POS. He could’ve drained the swamp by doing massive firings under the government’s own personnel rules after 30 days, but didn’t. He could’ve declared a national emergency umpteen times after the shutdown started, and then gotten the whole damn wall built, but didn’t. He is a lying, spineless braggart. I won’t ever vote for another politician, unless one comes along that promises to destroy the system and salt the earth under which it formerly stood. Demoncraps and Recucklicans in office both want to take all power for themselves, and don’t give a single rat turd who has to suffer for the glorification of their unworthy egos. There is no choice currently available, except between those wanting to race what’s left of our freedom immediately over the cliff, and those wanting to merely walk it over the edge. We’ll have to build our own alternatives. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if we have to resort to older technologies and methods of communicating to express ourselves and maintain links with each other. The future looks like one where the best strategy is to ignore the gummint, and get around it as much as possible.

  8. memeories sem to be short. First thing Trump did after winning the EC was to throw over almost everyone who helped him win – Gen’l Ryan, that fat drunk from Breitbart, Stone, etc. etc.

    and replace them with Wall Street Jews, other banksters, and the usual Republicrat garbage.

    the sooner Trump is out of the WH,

    the better it will be for hardRights and WN’s.

  9. While I may be in error about this, I think that a full-dress SEAT presentation at Mr. Stone’s home was so over-the-top disproportionate that it lost contact with reality on Earth, in search of dramatic posturing.


  10. Trump does absolutely nothing to protect those who support him the most. What a weak, clueless, inept buffoon he turned out to be.

    Apparently there is a parallel government in place and it’s being lead by Bathhouse Barry and Crooked Cankles. Trump is powerless to challenge the power of this rival government, much less dismantle it.

  11. Stone is a Jew and he won’t suffer too much. In fact I think it was a plot to give Trump an “out” so he didn’t look too weak for cranking the government machine back up.

  12. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them to another….in other words its TJ time!

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