US Withdraws From Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia


– Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Elliot Abrams have been hired to run Trump’s foreign policy

– Ukraine has been armed with javelin anti-tank missiles

– NATO has been expanded to include Montenegro

– The US has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal

– Russia has been hit with wave after wave of sanctions

– Israel is being given $38 billion dollars and the US embassy has been moved to Jerusalem

– While President Trump has announced he is withdrawing troops from Syria and Afghanistan, the Republican Senate voted today to condemn the move

– We seem to be on the precipice of a US backed coup or military intervention in Venezuela

Why not start a new nuclear arms race with Russia?

“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to announce that the U.S. will withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia on Friday, CNN reports.

Two US officials and multiple diplomatic sources familiar with the matter told CNN Thursday that Pompeo would pull out of the arms treaty that the Trump administration accuse Moscow of violating since 2014.


The European Union has also accused Russia of violating the treaty.

This reported move from Pompeo follows him saying on December 4 that the U.S. would leave the INF in 60 days if Russia continued to violate it. …”

Does Trump’s foreign policy resemble anything we voted for in 2016? America First?

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  1. If all the federal government’s branches were an animal, they’d be euthanized.

    The creatures that inhabit the judiciary, legislative, and executive halls of power are mentally unhinged. These chimeras of The Seven Deadly Sins acting in accordance to the whims, designs, and desires of the descendants of the Sanhedrin.

    Their creations are the modern Tower of Babel, Soddom and Gammorah, and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

  2. “Build the wall, drain the swamp.” I’ve got egg on my face and blood on my hands for believing that line of garbage. It would be better if we became isolationist again, and somehow reincarnated Andrew Jackson to get sh*t done and (once again) ask those bloodthirsty elitists which one wants to step forward and die for their beliefs.

  3. Everything that FEDZOGUSA does, outside of giving the oligarchs and the Jews their due, is just a distraction. The wall, abortion, the Kentucky Catholic kids, AntiFa©, are all distractions.

    We’re still being invaded by Mexico and White people are still being drowned in the mud flood.

  4. “Does Trump’s foreign policy resemble anything we voted for in 2016? America First?”

    None of his policies resemble anything we voted for.

    Go back and look at the inauguration tapes. Take a good look at weasel boy Kushner and the “brilliant” Miriam Adelson applauding after the “swearing-in.” Kushner’s slow, methodical clapping was only outdone by the smirk on his face. His thoughts “(((We))) did it.” I think they won big time while the crowd out front was duped AGAIN. Didn’t Kissinger even state that there was a war on in the White House between the Jews and non-Jews (around the time Bannon left)?

    He was surrounded by (((them))) all along. And, (((they))) are always working against us.

    There is nothing more suicidal than wishful thinking.

  5. Neocon sociopaths and their lapdog Congress are hell bent on starting WWIII. These people are absolutely insane.

  6. While I agree with almost all of your other points, what’s the point in continuing to observe a treaty the other signatory is violating?

    • Holy &^G%, a believer in US government propaganda … on this site … with Us?!!!!

      Hunter, consider yourself a made man … you have been for a long time 😉 … (((TPTB))) are now sending their paid hasbara trolls to muck up the comments board. Expect it or others like to start advocating blowing up things and other (((prosecutable))) (((illegal activities))) in an attempt bait the weaker minded into talking sh*t.

      Entrapment – What the (((FBI))) does best; just your tax dollars at work; SMILE AND BE DOCILE GOYIM!

      • WP: Where to start? Should I even believe Russia exists? It’s not like I’ve ever been there, or known more than two people who claimed to be Russian emigres. One of whom whined about the unfairness of her Russian internal passport labeling her as a Jew instead of a Russian, and how that limited her educational opportunities, having grown in the period when their primary allegiance to Israel finally allowed Stalin and then actual Russians to severely limit their power.

        Long before The Culture of Critique (online free version here) was published, let alone when I read it in the light of several decades of severely sociopathic interactions with Jews that made it completely credible.

        But, sure, I’m just “paid hasbara troll”.

    • The Italian stallion Mike Pompeo is backing a guy in Venezuela who is only slightly lighter skinned than Barak Obama, with a broader nose than Obama’s.

    • It’s a fair question @Lina Inverse. All the LARPing about Russia & Putin are naive delusions. Note to WN’s: Putin is NOT on your side. ..He is on his own side ; and, nothing wrong with that.

    • Do you have any evidence? Or are you just going by the words of a government that wants hegemony over the entire planet?

  7. Intervening in Venezuela is OK in my opinion – it s the Monroe Doctrine – it s our Hemisphere. We should be invading Mexico and securing the Mexican Guatemala border from Caravan mob invaders .

    Ukraine is of course in Russia s sphere of influence

    The idiots who think Russia is the same today as when Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered millions of Christians peasants there in the 1930s – these idiots are on par with Southerners who vote straight Democrat tickets because their grandfathers did.


  8. Every time I think we’ve seen the worst…I only get surprised again.

    What is even to be gained from this? This looks like the prelude to the most insane display of dick-waving.

  9. This is to be expected when lazy Americans won’t support political parties that serve their interests. Instead they support Republicans because

    “Republicans aren’t as bad as Democrats.”

    “Republicans have a chance of winning. Our guy does not.”

    A country goes to hell, because its citizens let it get that bad.

    Bad citizens beget bad leadership.

    • We have bad voters in large part because we have a controlled media. Can’t expect good voting habits when truth is obscured by the media. Most people are too busy or lazy to look outside the box.

    • As the old Scottish proverb says, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”
      I don’t think any of us are going to (((vote))) for the (((orange buffoon))) again.
      The only question is really three … 1. vote at all? (stay home and wash our hands), 2. vote for the “lesser of two devils” (((conservative Repulicucks)))?or 3) vote for the bat sh*t craziest left wing demonrat (high yellow Booker, horizontal Harris, Fuaxahontas) and sit back to watch this corrupt house of cards burn/fall down?

  10. “Does Trump’s foreign policy resemble anything we voted for in 2016? America First?”

    As a Trump voter, no!

    • He and his ilk are fools if they truly believe they will be spared from the conditions of the society they are working towards.

  11. It should be clear that SALT I and II, START, NEW START, the Limited Test Ban Treaty, the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, NPT, ban on nuclear weapons on seabed, Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions in Europe, CSCE, treaty on Conventional Armed Forces and even the Hotline are now on the table. INF and JCPOA are merely the opening moves.

    The US could very well end up with no treaties with Russia, none. Our relationship with Russia is then reduced to brute force and local advantage. Is that really a good idea?

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