Mitch McConnell Warns President Trump Against Declaring National Emergency To Build The Border Wall

By dividing the GOP, Mitch McConnell means that declaring a national emergency to build the border wall will reveal that conservatives never supported it, which is why they never bothered to fund it (or vote on other immigration bills) despite controlling Congress for two years:

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cautioned President Trump privately this week about the consequences of declaring a national emergency to build his border wall, telling him the move could trigger political blowback and divide the GOP, according to two Republicans with knowledge of the exchange.

McConnell (R-Ky.) told Trump that Congress might end up passing a resolution disapproving the emergency declaration, the people said — which would force the president to contemplate issuing his first veto ever, in the face of opposition from his own party.

McConnell delivered the message during a face-to-face meeting with the president Tuesday at the White House, according to the Republicans, who requested anonymity to describe the encounter. The two men met alone and conversed with no aides present. Their meeting was not publicly announced. ….

And a growing concern for Republicans — which McConnell voiced to Trump at the White House — is that they would be forced to vote on a disapproval resolution aimed at overturning the declaration, and that the resolution would pass….”

I think this is teeing up nicely.

At this point, President Trump has no choice but to declare a “national emergency” to build the border wall. He has already said that going through Congress is a waste of time. This could force the GOP Congress to vote on the issue and go on record supporting both endless wars in Syria and Afghanistan and smoke out their opposition to building the border wall.

The GOP has no objection to spending $38 billion on Israel alone. It has no objection to building a border wall in Jordan. It has no objection to declaring a “national emergency” for the sake of overthrowing the Venezuelan government. The GOP isn’t worried so much about the “precedent” that declaring a national emergency as appeasing their wealthy donors.

The trick is to dupe populist voters into voting for the GOP with campaign rhetoric and failure theater while doing a bait-and-switch and using political power to do things like regime change in foreign countries and pass tax cuts and amnesties for business interests. Trump would divide the GOP by forcing Congress to hold a vote on politically treacherous ground.

What will Trump’s voters think of Sen. Cory Gardner’s 2020 reelection campaign after he votes for endless war in Syria and Afghanistan and against the border wall?

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    • Oh, they’re nice and big, and swinging proudly for the other side.

      “Actions speak louder than words.” Yet for some reason everyone is willing to extend this orange clown infinite credit on the basis of some Tweets and semi-coherent podium-pablum, while ignoring his actions.

      Hell, half of what he says is negrolatry, yidolatry, and anti-White gobbling, but somehow that never counts, either.

      The delusion runs deep, and contemptible.

    • I wouldn’t write Trump off yet. He may still surprise us.

      Timing is everything.

      Trump made every reasonable effort to get a wall. In exchange, the Dems treated him with extreme contempt.

      He now has nothing to lose. Dems can’t accuse him of not trying to make a deal.

      People forget that Trump doesn’t work for the Executive Branch, he IS the Executive Branch. He has 100% constitutional authority to kick Congress to the curb if he deems it appropriate to maintain national security. He can also ignore the Supreme Court.

      If he declares an emergency and the RINOs and Dems pass a law to shut it down, he can veto it. If they cobble together a veto-proof margin, he can ignore them.

      Congress can try to impeach him. Good luck with that. Conservatives would LOVE it if he declares an emergency and puts a hornet up the liberal posterior. The harder he is on the Dems the more support he gets. If Republican lawmakers support impeachment, rank and file will roast them alive.

      If they somehow succeed in ousting Trump, it will cause incredible levels of anger in the conservative base.

      I don’t worry about Trump’s testicular fortitude. The guy has already faced situations that would make the average person go nuts. Remember his tax return declaring a loss of almost one billion dollars?

      Trump relishes notoriety and setting records.

      By the way, testicles tighten up when the organs get ready for action. They don’t drop.

      • Sometimes, I wonder if some people realize that the guy they’re supporting is an open Zionist while they claim to support Whites. The reality is that if Trump does as you suggest, he will absolutely be impeached (and by his own party at that) – he doesn’t have the authority to ignore an override on a veto.

  1. No balls=no walls.
    We will not fund a wall, however having troops in the Middle East should help keep you safe…
    I’m waiting for Dr Duke and Dr Steve Turley to put a positive spin on this one.
    Some how I don’t think the will of the people is being honored. You pay your taxes, you fund Israel, lose your men to war…..but your own wishes are ignored like you’re nothing.
    Fighting Israels wars while your own nation is slowly becoming minority white! Fuck me!
    Boiling frogs, have you had enough yet?

  2. It’s so blatant now, Words fail me. Tell me it’s NOT the jew, and the vile, despicable “White” males that do their bidding EVERY single second of the day.

  3. unlikely that Trump will declare his once-and-future “National Emergency”

    to get a few token jewbucks for his once-and-future “Wall”. Because,

    if he does, there’s an excellent chance that the demoncrat house

    will pass a Bill of Impeachment on him,

    and sufficient republicrat senators (c. 21) will join with the demoncrat senators

    to convict. Then it’s

    adios Trump and

    good riddance. As far as the 2020 election goes,

    I expect Trump (((et. al))) will arange a bloody false flag,

    and then – via war with Iran – wag the dog to get re-elected. Remember:

    most of the White idiots who voted for him in 2016

    are still White and

    still idiots.

  4. Mitch McTurtle-head is owned by the Chinks through his Chink citizen wife and her father, McTurtle-head’s father-in-law who is Chink billionaire shipping magnate.

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