Vice Is Cancelled

Last week, 1,000 “journalists” lost their jobs at Huffington Post, BuzzFeed and Gannett:

“Verizon Media will cut roughly 800 jobs, or 7% of its global workforce across the organization, as well as certain brands and products. Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg told Axios earlier this month that each of the company’s three units, including the media business, needed to be able to stand on their own. (A company spokesperson later clarified to Axios that Verizon Media Group will still have access to Verizon customer data when customers opt in to provide such information.)

Buzzfeed will cut roughly 250 jobs, or roughly 15% of its workforce, including jobs within its news division.

Gannett cut over 20 jobs Wednesday, per Poynter, with more expected as the company tries to shed costs amid buyout talks. …”

This Antifa bitch was fired today at VICE:

Vice on HBO is dead and 250 more “journalists” are losing their jobs:

“Vice Media is laying off 10% of its workforce, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Roughly 250 jobs will be cut across all department and job levels. …

The company’s weekly news show on HBO is expected to end after its current season. Vice’s relationship with HBO has largely contributed to its growth up until this point. The company is reportedly prepping a new live news show that will instead air on “Viceland,” a cable channel owned by Vice and operated by A+E Networks, per NBC News. …”

Elle Reeve hasn’t tweeted lately.

I’m not sure what to make of that. Christopher Mathias survived the Journocaust at Huffington Post, but Blake Montgomery got the axe at BuzzFeed. Is The Daily Beast next?

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  1. The black pilled take on this is that soft power is no longer working and (((they))) are getting ready to use hard power.

    • Up to now, the highest virtue a white had was to hate his own people and, above all, to demand an end to white people. Every day they are finding that the wild cheers they used to get are turning into indifference from yesterday’s Faithful Colored Companions.

      Whites aren’t buying self hatred like they used to, and as their numbers increase, the coloreds are demanding real colored leadership. They don’t need or want self hating whites to speak for them any more.

      This particular white traitor is no longer useful to them, so she was dumped. I hope she enjoys her new life in the gutter.

    • Or, it COULD mean shoddy “journalism” isn’t financially viable. That coupled with less and less people believing their crap, its falling off.

      I recognize that this is a movement blog, so your comment is almost mandatory. There is no hope, we are all gonna get wiped out, no chance, all news is bad news. Gotcha. Last time I checked, every little police station in my county has armor plated personnel vehicles- the “hard power” is here.

    • Hansfransavatar – right you are. Fenris – it’s not about being “hopeless”. It’s about being prepared. The Spawn of Satan have slaughtered MILLIONS. It’s what they do. Why on Earth do you think we will be spared? Know they enemy. We must be prepared to survive.

      • “Know The Enemy”/”Know Thy Enemy” – yes, exactly.

        Meanwhile, I still find Anglin lauded internationally…or at least, by RI-

        “I am glad to see that Russia Insider is increasingly adopting this convention, but not as much as it should, really. I can think of a few other publications and public figures who do this, like the excellent Daily Stormer…”

        Just saying. When the (((ENEMY))) acts as one unit, when any one of their people are criticized by the ‘goyim,’ why don’t Anglos learn – for once- to Jew the Jew, by acting just as shrewdly?

        Atomistic hyper-individuality was a strategy Jews used on every White Nation, to ‘divide and conquer’ – guilt by the Juden.

        When will they [U.S.] ever learn? After the dust of WWIII settles?

    • Notice EVERY controlled media outlet pushes little messages here and there … here and there constantly bombarding the weak mined sheeple “not” to be racist, and racist = bad. As though THAT is news and is worthy of occupying a space on their front pages. (((THEY))) are actually “educating” generations of empty heads that some nobody in some nothing situation IS news if they said or even thought, something “racist.” We knew yahoo msn etc did this daily, but even Fox ( Faux, ) does it now.

      Then of course there’s the Lincoln worship

  2. This is probably only because internet clicks don’t generate enough revenue. So, not exactly because people don’t support their message. I wouldn’t get to giddy.

  3. Couple more quotes from from her twat feed … amusing to watch these trust fund babies whine about “rich globalists” making sound business decisions.

    “A very cool thing about the VICE layoffs is that they waited until the first of the month—you know, the day when people generally need to pay their rent—to destroy 250 people’s livelihoods. You absolute soulless bastards”

    “A really fun part of all of this is how instead of doing all of this in one fell swoop, HR calls people up individually, one by one, throughout the day, so everyone is just in a state of constant panic”

    Before she knew? … “I literally woke up to the news that at least 12 of my close coworkers (and possibly me? Who’s to say!!) have had their livelihoods ripped out from under them, because some rich people decided they weren’t rich enough yet. “Global restructuring” is corporate for “F*ck you, poors”

    Their tears are so delicious with bourbon on ice … but they are also great to clean my guns with …
    What’s a southern man to do? … Decisions, decisions.

  4. Two more names to add to the list of journos unemployed. Not sure if anyone had in dealings with these creatures.

    Kaleigh Rogers??
    “Welp. After more than four years, Rob and I said goodbye to VICE and Motherboard today. I’ll have more to say later but for now: I’m deeply going to miss my team at Motherboard. They are golden and unstoppable and I’ll be a Mobo stan for life.”

    Kara Weisenstein??
    “Some personal news: I’m one of the journalists who was laid off from VICE today. It’s been a long, strange almost-3 years, you guys. I’ll compile a thread of things I’m proud of making in my tenure asap. In the meantime, hire me!

  5. Remember, these people made $300 million last year. It’s commercially viable, they are just restructuring the pig farm to have certain pigs in the farmhouse.

  6. These are the people who delighted in learning their exposes caused firings and evictions. Now they get a taste of their own medicine.

  7. Just so you know, Kim Kelly is the same metal journalist who tried to demonize DragonForce based on lyrics some of the members wrote back when they were teenagers.

    That woman has been a cancerous influence on the metal scene for years and I’m glad she’s been fired.

  8. Guys, check out this comment from someone named Amber Merkel (sounds like a pseudonym) which is likely quite true: at

    “I may be wrong, but… Maybe I’m not?
    The ‘Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act’ included in the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2017 that Obama signed.
    It expired Dec 2018
    $160 million / 2 years / 100 journalist laid off. Comes out to $80K annual salary & benefits. Coincidence?”

    In other words, what if all these leftist bluecheck psychopath “journalists” who’ve crawled out of the woodwork and attained moderate fame over the past two years were paid by tax dollars that ran dry concurrently with a govt. shutdown, necessitating their firings?

    HarmlessYardDog is the greatest and most entertaining Twitter account of all time, btw.

    • Nothing would surpise me.

      After Obama left office, the menacing BLM street movement dwinded to nothing. The government money must have stopped coming, to pay the black rent-a-mob to come out and march.

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