2019 State of the Movement Address

In this post, I will survey our options moving forward. It feels like the movement has reached a crossroads under Trump and is searching for a new direction:

  • Support Trump’s 2020 campaign

In theory, we could bite the bullet and try to recreate the enthusiasm of the 2016 presidential campaign, but it is obvious after last night that this isn’t going to happen. The Dissident Right simply isn’t going to support Donald Trump in 2020 in anywhere close to the numbers it did in 2016. Even if we tried this strategy, we no longer have the social media platforms to pull it off.

The last three years can’t be erased. As Richard Spencer said last night, the first two years of the Trump presidency was like “the GOP at the trough.” Lately, the Democrats have been getting things they want like criminal justice reform out of the Trump presidency. The Alt-Right got nothing it wanted in 2016 and the energy that propelled Trump to the White House has completely dissipated. We only got mass deplatforming and the ongoing FBI witch hunt over Charlottesville. Far from gaining mainstream acceptance, the Alt-Right has only been driven further underground.

If we spend our time and energy backing Trump in the 2020 election, it will be at best a strained, half-hearted and highly divisive effort that is almost guaranteed to end in failure.

  • Support Tulsi Gabbard in the Democratic primary

While this idea has gained traction over the past week, it became apparent last night the candidate has too many problems to become a rallying point for the movement:

The problem is that Tulsi Gabbard is a single issue candidate like Ron Paul. While she has some good points on foreign policy, she will prove too divisive for the movement to rally behind because of her positions on other issues like race and immigration. Also, the Democratic Party isn’t structured like the Republican Party. In the 2016 Republican primary, the Alt-Right was able to operate as a highly energized vanguard movement amid a much broader swath of the population that somewhat agreed with our ideas. There is no equivalent swath of the White population in the Democratic Party. There are just Russia conspiracy obsessed cat ladies and minorities who will determine who gets the nomination.

The costs of supporting Tulsi Gabbard in the Democratic primary are low. There isn’t going to be a competitive Republican primary. It’s also the Democratic primary and all the other candidates are objectively worse than Tulsi Gabbard. Still, the most likely scenario is that Gabbard quickly hits a ceiling of antiwar support in the Democratic Party and drops out of the race.

  • Support someone else as a protest vote

At the moment, there are no presidential candidates on the horizon who the movement could rally behind. This would be less divisive than the previous two options. While such a campaign is guaranteed to end in failure, it could have an impact on the outcome of tight races in swing states. Unfortunately, the catch here is that if a third party nationalist candidate cost Trump reelection (Evan McMullin cost Trump victory in Minnesota in 2016) it would only end up angering his supporters who would blame the movement for the victory of the Democrat candidate.

  • Separation

This is a non-starter until 2020 at the earliest because Trump’s base will stick with him until he loses. They will be deaf to secession until a radical Democrat is in the White House.

  • Revolution

As we saw in the State of the Union speech last night, revolutionary violence like the Robert Bowers mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue will only polarize the country against the movement and reinforce its marginalization. This is more of a fantasy than secession.

  • Street Activism

When President Trump started to veer from his campaign promises, we instinctively turned to street protests as an alternative. We discovered in Charlottesville that this could prove highly divisive for a movement composed of so many subcultures. It also enables violence, doxing and lawfare which are inevitably spun in the media in ways that damage the movement. As with separation and revolution, the primary problem with street activism is that it is based on the assumption that WE can accelerate a revolutionary mass movement when most people are content to sleep through the Trump presidency because they still have faith in his ability to deliver on his campaign promises. It also requires trusting law enforcement to maintain security at events which has proven to be a major error.

  • Reorganization

I think this is the most sensible strategy for at least the next two years. We need to analyze what went so disastrously wrong under the Trump presidency and ensure that it never happens again. We need to take some time off from politics and rethink everything before reengaging with the system. In the meantime, we should continue to articulate our views and build real world networks.

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  1. ” In the meantime, we should continue to articulate our views and build real world networks.”

    I agree, particularly on the networking. Two years is a lot of time to lay down infrastructure and prepare for action when the opportunity arises. Question is, how much of the dissident right will place their priorities in a similar order? There is strength in numbers, but I see a lot of prominent faces choosing to pursue the preceding items in the list.

  2. Trump support is at its lowest ebb yet. He could possibly turn that around with the AmNat crowd. I was willing to give him more credit looking into the 2019 crystal ball than he has deserved so far with the shutdown surrender.

  3. I’d just like to point out that the incident involving “Robert Bowers” never happened. It was a ZOG psy-op.

    Best course of action: Formation of underground guerrilla resistance units, like the Wehrwolves at the end of WWII or Quantrill’s Raiders during the War for Southern Independence.

  4. If the fake Trump couldn’t drain the swamp even he if wanted to, what makes you think anyone else can? We need lifeboats at this point. However temporary. Trump hasn’t defended any of his supporters and it all started with victim #1 Lewandowski. He served everyone up when there was a little heat or no longer a need. He moved on with each change of soiled underwear.

    We need to change course and align ourselves with our enemies. Just when we blend in perfectly, we start the sabotage from within. Quietly and unsuspectingly. We’re too true to ourselves to do such a job. But, we need to. Stealth is a word missing from our playbook. Our new playbook should be “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. If all the war colleges use it, there must be good info in it.

    Trump may one day successfully be driven from office but Jared Kushner will never be. The elephant in the room was right in front of us all along.

    Deception is their primary weapon and it works flawlessly. It’s time to accept that cold, hard fact. Blood and soil mean nothing. Of course, I’m referred to the whites. Power, wealth, and prestige is all that matters. Not having a conscience goes a long way in this world. And this war.

  5. There’s talk of the Starbucks jew running for president. If he does, he will subtract votes from both parties. Maybe this would be a good time to run our own candidate (even if it’s just on a trial basis) as the percentage that the other three candidates would recieve would be lower, giving our candidate a better showing and momentum to build on…

  6. There is another option for the movement: embrace class conscious Marxist-Leninist ideology, organize the White proletariat for mass struggle, and form alliances with Hezbollah, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria and various other dissidents around the world.

  7. Agreed. Period. I’m not voting for any-one that serves my interests. Period. SCREW (((Trump))) and his Jews. MAGATARDS are on Gab are attempting to shame WN, for “being racist” – well they need to get beaten to a pulp by their BELOVED Pet Darkies IRL.

    We need to do whatever we need to do to survive in Shithole America. Get ourselves in order, whatever that means to each individual. And we need to meet and greet in 3D world. Non-Whites have had dazzling success in advancing their causes with real world organizing. We’ve never had to do this before; we’ve never had to deal with the Brown Hordes en masse in our lands before. We are being persecuted and will be persecuted for organizing – but that’s the status quo. We are being attacked and persecuted NOW. So we must be vociferous in serving ourselves and each other. And DROP the IKAGO madness. NO YOU DON’T KNOW A GIOOD ONE.

    • “Non-Whites have had dazzling success in advancing their causes with real world organizing.”

      Now, Denise, you know darn well that they only have success because our secret rulers want them to. None of us are free including them. They organize them. They fund them. They rally to their cause. They defend them. They use them because they have a purpose. Why do our secret rulers want to destroy us and all the good that we bring?

      • What they want is control, total control. They are the slavemasters; we and the non-white hordes are their ‘goyim.’

        You and Denise are both about half right.

        I come from the heart of the Jewmerica. This is how they’ve seized the reigns, through both deception/stealth and by overt pro-white activism and organizing.

        Our problem is we fail utterly at the stealth part.

        • Oops, I mean overt pro-jewish activism.

          *We* need to do both stealth and overt pro-white activism. The Virginia debacle has me exhausted, as I have business interests there. And it’s not unlike some of the dynamics happening in where I’ll be living soon.

  8. Focus on state and local politics. If Pat Buchanan had chosen to run for Governor of New Hampshire after his two successful protest Presidential challenges to Bush Sr. and Bob Dole, Pat could have won New Hampshire and built a political organization, took over politics in NH and it would have spread to other New England States.

    American Conservatives, patriots, racialists always want to spend all their time, $ money, hopes and prayers on some Presidential savior – a Ronald Reagan and if and when he finally wins, he’s too F*#*$@ old, plus the deep state and the Jews media, cucks make it difficult or impossible to get much of anything done.

  9. We need to find the most effective option to dismantle zog, and execute that plan.

    I wish I had the answer, but together and unfractionalized, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish, especially when the stakes are this high.

  10. Utter silliness reading this. Not a peep of the best option, which indicate we’re not above being brainwashed by poison coming out of a picture tube with audio, any more than average sheeple. Here … on a silver platter for the last time, for anyone with at least 1/2 a brain and an eighth of a tank of testosterone left :

    For crying out loud, look further ahead than 2 years. You must roll out THE CONFEDERATE PARTY now, knowing not much will come of it, so the wheels are in motion FOR WHEN THE NEXT FAR LEFT FREAK GETS ELECTED. “IF” rolled out NOW … it will be family table talk in 2024. And YES, we must re elect Trump to buy us time until then.

    The sheeple will hop on board if you have A SENSIBLE PLAN, which includes a new Constitution. An enlarged all white Confederate States will appeal to enough % of white America if marketed correctly over the next 5 to 7 years.

    To NOT go this route is to “assume an inferior – we’re just weak victims trying to survive onslaughts from smart strong darkies, women and Satanists – position.” ARE we superior ? Let’s act that way then. Let’s pretend we come from Vikings and are the smartest strongest most clever race, which includes superior imaginations and creativity.

    Or we could copy blacks : Wez jus victims, so aint notin we could do cept bitch and riot … muh fuhuh.”

    Find your “center” white patriots, and stop acting like little bitches. You can have Confederacy 2.0 IF you want it. IF you’re willing to go up against dainty bath house homo’s that run big tech. If Vikings AND our Confederate ancestors were brought here in a time machine and heard the excuses we present about WHY there’s notin wez victims can do … they’d hang us !

    If presented with ALL the FACTS, they would agree Confederacy 2.0 makes the most sense. So would anyone today who had balls brains and an ounce of imagination.

    Yes … you are at a crossroads. To the left is Pussyville, where within 10 years porch monkeys will be killing you and kicking you out just like in S. Africa, and to the right is The Confederate Brick Road.

    Choose ….

    • The formation of a legitimate political party that advocates Southern secession would definitely be a step in the right direction. Someone needs to get something started somewhere, and soon!

    • Trump is not going to be re-elected. States he barely won in 2016 have flipped Democrat, due to the millions of non-Whites that came in legally on his watch.

      Campaigning for the political dead is not buying time, it is a waste of time.

      • >Trump is not going to be re-elected.

        Agreed. I’m in Florida and both the Republican Governor and Senator barely won their elections a few months ago. Given that result, and the continuing mud flows into Florida, and also throw in the constant and ongoing betrayal of Trump’s white base by Trump, and it’s most likely that Trump is going to be a one-term President.

        At this point I’m so fed-up with Trump and his constant betrayal of us, that I no longer want to vote for him in 2020, and most likely I won’t. With his skillful acting and anti-immigrant talk,Trump fooled me and millions of other whites in 2016 to vote for him, but I, for one, won’t be fooled again by that scam artist.

        • @box456:

          I respectfully disagree. I think Trump has a very good chance of winning again in 2020.

          We have naked socialists running on the Democrat side and this scares the hell out of “centrist” Democrat billionaires who were find with socialist lite, i.e. Working Class Whites paying the welfare bills of poor Non-Whites, but all these candidates coming up are serious about soaking the rich.

          That’s why I don’t think it’s an accident that the former CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, is talking about forming a third party and running for office. Of course, this means that centrist Democrats who like the idea of growing their stocks and bonds and 401Ks will vote for him and though there may be more votes against him than not, Trump will win, because he has the most votes out of the three.

          Think of how Ross Perot made William Jefferson Clinton president.

          There is always a possibility that Hillary Clinton may take the ticket, but I don’t think she’s left enough for the Democrat base. If La Clinton ends up being the last candidate standing, I think that will be enough to galvanize the right to come out and vote for Trump even if they have to hold their noses while they pull the lever and take a scalding hot bath/shower later.

          The only question is if the Democrats still hold the House and even take some Senate seats. That would further hamstring Trump from implementing any Pro-White, America First reforms. He’ll hold office as long as Trump keeps the economy humming.

          But who knows? Trump may take the gloves off after winning reelection and ram through the wall and do some Pro-White initiatives. After he wins his second term and doesn’t have to run for re-election.

          Hope Springs Eternal.

      • Trump will build the wall and get re-elected as, “the least worst one.” And yes … I can see a Duke / Hill ticket, or an unknown honorable southerner out there. Perhaps even Wallace if he’s 40 ?

        But ya know what you all sound like ? The townsfolk in High Plains Drifter. Aalll the reasons why to kiss ass. THEN, hatin on the guy they need to save them. Yes sir. We’re not in the Twilight Zone. We’ve entered the High Plains Drifter zone. 🙂

        Wez jus victims. Aint notin we could do but bitch an riot. Wez not proud white superiors. Wez victims yes we is.

        IF you were Christians the strength in you would come out. But without Gods Spirit …. yooz jus victims needin dat drifter.

  11. Deal with the word racist. The anti-Whites are pushing it hard and it’s making a come back. Whites will again soil their underpants when called it. If you don’t disarm this word, all your grand plans will be for nothing.

  12. You said it all in the last sentence:
    “In the meantime, we should continue to articulate our views and build real world networks.”

    I would add that strategy talks and brainstorming sessions are in order as well. Every ounce of energy should be dedicated to outside the system ideas, or perhaps paying Dr Duke to endorse candidates just to troll them.

    We already know what the future holds for us in mainstream politics. We have approximately zero to the zeroth power chance of making any significant difference in any elections. It is not even worth the energy it takes to talk about it.

  13. I think everyone should join an IRL group, and even if it’s not perfect, work to make it better. Also, stop the savage infighting. I’m going to try to stop slamming on American Renaissance and the other WN lite groups. Reorganizing is right – every group should set growth goals. The left is driving whites straight to us.
    I think the zeitgeist is going our way. Nobody believed that Jussie story. The popularity of Wakanda is not repeating. Whites might not be ready for WN, but they are lost and confused about where their country (and president) disappeared.
    The white cultural withdrawal from greater America will be more powerful than you think. It’s not fighting in the streets, but the profit and loss of the white American dollar is very important.

  14. ‘I want as much immigration into the country as possible-as long as its done legally’
    Translation= white replacement is fine…..as long as its done in a legal and orderly manner.
    Trump was never the light at the end of the tunnel. Until there’s a revolution, every vote you cast is a waste of your time, effort and gas.
    Don’t EVER be fooled again.

  15. Beat the streets. It’s the ONLY way forward. We can’t financially or temporally afford meet and greet for even 3 years, WE DONT HAVE TIME.

  16. I will add, most of you people get on here time after time and say the exact same crap…..”enlarged Confederates states” “I’m starting my own ____” “we need to quietly_______”

    Grow some balls and get religion. I don’t care which order you do it in. Quit talking about solutions that wouldn’t have even worked 50 years ago, let alone now. National Socialism is a way forward and WILL speak to the masses.

    • Just another one of the townsfolk in High Plains Drifter. Why wez “CAN’T” massah. Not how we CAN. Why wez can’t. Feels ssoooo good to find ANY reason why wez can’t …. cuz ‘can’ requires effort, and effort sucks.

      Saying the same CORRECT thing over and over is what it takes to maybe …. just maybe, get a few of the “townsfolk” to join the drifter.

    • White Americans will not support any movement that waves a Swastika. Not in great enough numbers, anyway. They have been too brainwashed for too long and many of their grandpas fought those evil Notsees.

  17. I think bankng collapse and hyperinflation is a distinct possibility. The French seem determined to bring down the euro and their banking system. No way US banks would survive an EU financial melt down. The best way forward might be to do nothing.

  18. I think 2018 was the year of reflecting and 2019 is the year we need to make a comeback. I like Richard’s idea of forming an actual third party to rally behind. One tent to rally under. A single place for us all to fall under. The gop is useless and the dems are the nonwhite party. We need a real America first party which we can rally the white working class behind. Now is the time to start building the real third position option. Now, not later, now.

  19. >I like Richard’s idea of forming an actual third party to rally behind.

    Agreed. I donated to Trump’s campaign in 2016, but those days are over. If Richard Spencer creates a political party explicitly for whites and white interests, then I’ll donate to that. At this point the Republican Party is dead to me.

  20. Before setting an agenda or establishing a strategy, I think we must first agree on the goals.

    Is the goal to obtain political power at local, state and/or federal level?

    Is it to advance pro-white interests? If so, what are they and how are they articulated?

    Build and expand, even recruit persons to our cause? If so, to what end?

    We can all dream … and some ideas presented here already are delusional … or planted (((good ideas)))? … but what can we actually accomplish or achieve? How? Where? Why?

    • I’m not sure if that is real.

      If he is running, I don’t believe he has announced it yet. I’m most likely going to sit out the 2020 election or go back to voting for the Constitution Party candidate, but if someone who is legitimately on our side runs in 2020 then I will vote for them. I would vote for Bob Whitaker in 2020 if he were still alive.

  21. Never forget that you are part of The Long March. Be prepared to do scut work. Get involved in your local Republican party (even if you don’t like the Chamber of Commerce types). Become a precinct captain and use the list of registered Republicans to register more people and get people out to vote. The other side has been on The Long March for decades to change everything from textbooks, to re-enfranchise convicted felons, or a dozen other pet projects. They were willing to so the scut work. If you’ve done it before, great. You’ve got experience and can help the newcomer.

  22. The obvious answer is to support an overtly pro-white candidate. The American Freedom Party could run one as they did in the past or it could be someone else. Hunter’s use of the term “protest candidate” betrays a lack of understanding. As if the only reason to support a non-GOP candidate were as a futile gesture.

    If we make the difference in getting Trump fired, GOOD! Let it be known that if you betray us, we will get revenge. Don’t worry if that makes boomers and cucks mad at us. We want to make it clear that we are not the bitches of those people. Anyone who disagrees with that is arguing that we should have less balls than the Green Party and Libertarian Party do.

    Hunter is still stuck in the trap of thinking short term. The strategy of trying to work within the GOP and conservatism is called “entryism.” Entryism has never worked for nationalists anywhere, ever. Look at Europe. All W. European nationalist parties were formed from scratch by hardcore nationalists. None are the result of entryism. The typical Euronationalist party’s vote shares by election looks like this: 1%, 2%, 4%, 7%, 11%, 8%, 15%, 20%+. Now most of those parties are one crisis away from power. In Italy and Austria, they are part of the goverment and are suppassing their coalition partners as we speak. They think long term and build.

    Boomers are all going to be dead in 20 years. Forget about them. The non-boomer white population will become radically more racially conscious during that time. Build for the future. Better have a small house on strong foundations with no mortgage than sleeping on the sofa in the GOP’s collapsing mansion.

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