Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring Admits To Wearing Blackface In 1980

It goes without saying that all this phony outrage is really stupid, but it is hilarious when phony politicians like Mark Herring are impaled on it so spectacularly:

Just a few days ago, he called for Ralph Northam to resign over wearing blackface. Now, this hypocrite is admitting that he wore blackface himself back in the 1980s:

Do you know what is even funnier and more absurd than that? Shaun King is mad and leading the outrage mob at Ralph Northam and Mark Herring for wearing blackface!

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  1. It’s all too absurd to even worry about any more. What is to be, will be. Think local, make your family and community as “anti-fragile” as possible, and wait for a change of days.

  2. Is he a native Virginian?

    I have never heard an elected black or Asian or Hispanic ever talk so negatively about their own people regardless of whether they agree with them or not. The term white supremacist and Nazi is applied more often to us by these despicable people than minorities themselves. I despise them with such a passion. I hope the day comes when we can give an entire black body to all these blackface disgraces as in tar & feather. No parading them around town. Although I believe in brutal and inhumane torture for traitors, these lowlifes will go straight to the lamp posts.

  3. “Stalin, Mao, and Hitler didn’t murder millions of people.

    Their public sector workers did.

    But they were just doing their job…..” ~ A tweet by Roger Ver

    Never lose sight of this. A truly accurate statement if I ever saw one. What was true of yesterday, will be true of tomorrow.

    • That excuse doesn’t fly for Nazi “death camp” public sector workers still being hunted down in their 90’s. But then Stalin and Mao weren’t on the losing side.

      • You missed the point or you just ignored it. They aren’t/weren’t being hunted down for being “lackey” executioners. We know better on this site.

  4. What He and the Governor ought to do is simply say, they were just having fun and leave it at that.
    They did no harm to any one. The Governor’s picture was printed in the Yearbook for all to see.
    No one at the time thought any thing of it. It is preposterous to think that these two fine young Men did any thing more than dress up in costumes and clown around.
    if that is all the opposition can get on the Governor of Virginia, and I say they are scrapping the bottom of the barrel, then He is clean as a whistle. This is a very weak case to find someone unfit for office.
    Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.

  5. In 20 years the anti-Whites will be pulling out pictures of Whites wearing sombreros, as proof they are racist and using that to destroy their careers.

    • “Racist” means White person. That’s what these idiot conservatards just don’t get. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White. You can’t out racist an anti-White.

  6. I used to think about 1/3 of the white race wasn’t worth saving. I now believe that number is closer to 1/2.

  7. Get real liberalistas.

    The one, the only, the Queen of Folk in 1976:

    If Joni’s black boyfriends were okay with it, what on god’s good earth are a bunch of black and white liberals doing caterwauling now.

    This country is literally collapsing with this insanity.

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