President Trump Says He Wants More Legal Immigration Than Ever

When I heard President Trump say he wanted immigrants “in the largest numbers ever” to come to the United States during the State of the Union address, I initially assumed he had just flubbed one of his scripted lines or was babbling as he tends to do:

“President Trump on Wednesday said he wants to increase the number of people who legally migrate to the U.S. “because our unemployment numbers are so low.”

Trump, speaking to reporters in the Oval Office, said there is an influx of companies “coming back into our country,” and that people legally coming into the U.S. are needed to fill those positions.

“We have seven car companies coming back in right now and there’s going to be a lot more,” Trump said. “We’ve done really well with this, and we need people.”

Trump’s remarks came after he made a surprising push for immigration during his second State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

“Legal immigrants enrich our nation and strengthen our society in countless ways,” the president said, before ad-libbing that he wants people to enter the U.S. “in the largest numbers ever.”

When asked by a reporter with Louisiana’s The Advocate newspaper if he was officially changing his immigration policy, Trump said: “I need people coming in because we need people to run the factories and plants and companies that are moving back in. We need people.” …

He later clarified that he really was changing his position.

In his view, unemployment is down and wages are rising, so now we need to increase legal immigration to offset the limited gains that the working class has made during his presidency. Trump has been saying something to this effect to Big Ag for a while now, but it was still startling that he put it in the State of the Union Address. He is ditching his “Hire American” policy.

“Trump’s statement also gives a green light to the panel of GOP and Democratic appropriators in Congress who are trying to overcome the partisan gridlock over the border wall and border security, Krikorian added. The legislators are expected to draft a compromise by February 15 that can expand several migration-related programs which allow employers to import cheap, temporary “visa workers” instead of hiring Americans at market rates, he said.

Trump “is not only making it easier for appropriators to approve this guest-worker increase, it seems to be that he’s telegraphing to them that’s what they should do,” Krikorian said.

One of the draft visa-worker expansions is dubbed “country caps.” It would remove diversity provisions in immigration law to allow employers to offer citizenship to roughly 100,000 Indian outsourcing workers each year if they agree to cheaply replace the American graduates who are now working in well-paid software, accounting, design, engineering, medicine, and education careers. The panel is expected to draft their plan by February 15.

The “country caps” bill may be approved this month without any hearings to gauge the impact on the American middle-class. …”

– No border wall

– No change in illegal immigration

– No E-Verify

– No change in sanctuary cities

President Trump can’t point to any big victories on immigration during his presidency. And yet, he wants to take a marginal uptick in working class wages and an improvement in the job market – one of the few brights spots of the last two years – and erase it by caving to business lobbyists.

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    • would that were true.

      if Whites being actively genocided by the Jews and their ethnic orcs

      were stupid enough to vote for Trump once,

      they’re stupid enough to do it again.

      a couple months ago, during speech to a White MAGA! audience in Michigan, Trump mentioned his plan (now realized) to double the # of dotIndian H1b’s “to help you do your work”.

      the idiots stood and applauded.

      • Not this White woman. I washed my hands of this orange cuck as soon as he bombed Syria. I knew then he was nothing but a liar and tool. All this shit has just revived my latent monarchism. Even a libertarian came out and said we need a monarchy; at least a king wants to preserve the country for his heirs, these worms just sell it to the highest bidder.

        • A monarch would rule in the best interests of his subjects, madame. Happy subjects mean a continuation of the dynasty on the throne. Rule by an enlightened despot such as Frederick II of Prussia would be most ideal.

        • Because race comes before politics. I was persuaded by the national anarchists into hating government; but in this day and age when our race is being systematically exterminated, I’ll side with any government that protects our people, no matter how corrupt or inefficient it may be.

  1. Trust the plan! This is 1488gorillionD chess! He realizes that we need more based high IQ street shitters in this country, because what really matters is class, not race! Based Asians are far more useful and productive than stupid lazy juggalo white trash in trailer parks. Only a socialist egalitarian commie wignat wouldn’t want them to take over America since they have earned that right with their hard work and capitalist values.

  2. It was all there during the election campaign. There was one speech where he said he was for work visas, the crowd booed him, and he looked genuinly hurt.

    No one gets a shot at the Presidency unless they are anti-White. Republicans run to the right to get elected, then they move to the center and lose. Democrats run to the left to get elected, then they move the center and lose. On and on it goes. Where it stops nobody knows!

    Duke says here Trump stole his campain to get elected.

      • Trump was the obvious choice over HRC, no? — to criticize someone for endorsing candidate Trump over HRC is idiotic (which makes you an …) — save your vitriol for the lying backstabber Trump, not the people decided to go with him and his campaign rhetoric over HRC and hers (“deplorable”).

  3. Normies write about what a smash success the SOTU was, and almost nothing about yet another betrayal on the issue that got Bad Orange Man elected. It’s all Stable Genius worshipping: Trump cemented his reelection with this masterpiece! He annihilated the Dems!
    Am I living in a parallel universe?

  4. As I said on a previous article I have zero interest in voting again. Why waste the time?

    Trump turned out to be a complete fraud. I seriously doubt he ever had any intention of building a wall. If he had it would have been started the day he took office — before he blew all his political capital on tax cuts for the rich. He is fully aware of the fact that promising the Wall was what got him elected.

    Remember he said he was going to deport the DACA illegals too? Yeah, that never happened either.

    • As I have posted many times, the Sheriff position in my county was uncontested. You can still make a difference voting locally.

  5. Drumpf lies about everything except his deep and abiding love of israhell, so hopefully this too is another one of his bullshit statements.

  6. Having this man in power is no better than having the leftiest leftard in charge. This is supposed to be the-ahem-CONSERVATIVE side
    of politics…..but you’d have trouble picking the difference.
    Having Somalians coming in legally doesn’t make them any less Somalian. The end result will still be the same as if they were illegal-meaning crime, disease, welfare blowouts, racial tension, victimhood…….and we never asked for them to begin with.
    No votes can get you out of this. Its well past that.

  7. He is securing his re-election. Whether he is a dupe, a shill, or a failure, the result is the same. USG is a hostile occupying force. Elections will never change that because USG is not elected.

    • The funny part is he is not securing his re-election.

      A moderate Republican running against a Democrat = 2 people saying the same thing. At election time, people vote for the real Democrat.

      Adios, Trumpmerica!

      • I think he’s betting that the Dems’ candidates will be so repulsive that people will flock to him as the better of two evils. And, I bet plenty of people do it. Everything old is new AGAIN!

        • Trump didn’t win in 2016 as a moderate. No one wins as a moderate. All the moderates in the Republican Party got their asses kicked in by Trump, because he didn’t run as a moderate.

          Republicans always run to the right to get elected, then they move to the center and start losing.

    • Trump abandoning his anti-immigration stand. No one can point at a single vote he is likely to get by doing this. Dumb!

  8. Funny. Trump bashed the fake numbers previous lying POTUSes used, but they are accurate when Drumpf uses them.

    I told you all that this is exactly what we would get with Trump.

  9. The Trump article that Hunter quoted states that: “Trump, speaking to reporters in the Oval Office, said there is an influx of companies “coming back into our country,” and that people legally coming into the U.S. are needed to fill those positions.”
    What? Where are these companies? Businesses here in the rural area where I live are still closing, just like they did under Obama. In fact, just this month a local trucking firm that has been in this little county and owned by the same family for over 80 years, and which currently employs about 90 people, announced that it is closing at the end of the month.
    Further, even if Trump’s statement about needing more industrial workers to fill positions were true, which it is not, it overlooks the national aspect of nationalism. Once the whole people are employed and physically well provisioned and comfortable, why increase industry? This is especially true if it requires importing people who will dilute or damage the folk culture. The only reason to grow the economy in such situations is to make the ultra-rich even richer. It is as if *everything* that Trump does is about shekels, or love and support for those (((ultimate shekel connoisseurs))).

  10. The Dems, if they had half a brain (which they don’t) would pick some moderate Midwestern white male to run against Trump – but they won’t – they will run some brown-skinned Bolshevik dyke or some lunatic like Beto O’R and Trump will get reelected and then his 2nd term will turn into a cuck mess like RINO Reagan’s 2nd Term.

  11. The faulty assumption is that this guy ever meant a populist, seemingly pro White word he ever said.
    This is classic Republican betrayal and we should have seen it coming.
    More disconcerting, his diehard conservative supporters will remain loyal to him after he’s thrown them under the bus. Deep denial.

  12. Off topic message to Hunter Wallace:

    I notice that you are no longer pre-moderating posts to your comment forums. I think this is a mistake. Like others, I find pre-moderated comment systems (such as the one we used to have here or that of the SBPDL blog for example) to be annoying and inconvenient. They slow down the conversation and restrict the flow of information. But at the same time not pre-moderating comments allows the garbage to flow unchecked.

    As an example take a quick look at the comments section for yesterday’s post. There are some good comments on there, but at the same time there is some anti-White trash, aggressive personal attacks, and other unacceptable nasty behavior on show. For example one miscreant posted a graphic and vile sexual attack on one of the female site regulars.

    Free speech is all well and good, but allowing filth like that to go unchecked can drive off good members and harm the site’s credibility. We should be better than and have some basic standards of good behavior. We are not 4chan kiddies abusing the relative anonymity of the online world to spew filth just to shock. I understand that moderating comments takes valuable time, but you really should set the site back to pre-moderated comments only to keep the garbage from getting through.

    At least that’s the way I see it….

      • Thanks for the reply, Wallace.

        A compromise position is to allow un moderated posting, but aggressively take out the garbage. When you see someone who is aggressively attacking other site regulars without making a valid argument, someone who is clearly just trying to disrupt, or someone posting obscene crap like I pointed out above, remove their post. if they keep it up, them take steps to block them.

        In the end just ignoring the problem will kill your site.

  13. I wonder if he did anything at all for the Veterans?

    Is DACA in the trash can?

    Has all of Obamarcare been repealed and replaced with something better?

    Are the libels laws about to be reinstated?

    Is purchasing health insurance across state lines just on the horizon?

    Has even one sanctuary city been abolished?

    Has Trump gotten his mandatory minimum sentences for illegal re-entry?

    Has he ended birthright citizenship?

    Has he de-funded Planned Parenthood?

    Is he revamping US infrastructure?

    The tax cut we got sucked!

    Common Core is still on the books.

    Bolshevik indoctrination continues in the schools.

    When does his bullshit end?

    I just cannot wait to see what his next slogan will be for 2020. One thing is certain, he will continue to con many!

    All these jobs he created have probably been cancelled by more people losing theirs.

    • I believe Drump already has a slogan for his 2020 campaign, madame: Keep America Great Again. But I am of the opinion that we mustn’t wait for the next election before deciding on a course of action. I daresay we already know what needs to be done!

    • Don’t forget his appalling (and unasked for not to mention unneeded) call for “criminal justice reform”…..that is to say more black drug dealers back on the street earlier.

      Amongst all the things he has actually done (as opposed to just quietly dropped) this is amongst the worst. It’s also one that we really need to raise hell about more than we do now.

  14. Never trust a white man in an Italian-made, $10,000 custom suit. Especially one with a jumbo jet with his name on it. And, more importantly, plenty of Zionist backers. But, most important of all, one with a Jew, Israel First son-in-law and a convert daughter that he drools over and are always by his side.

    Have you noticed Antifa has been pretty quiet these days?

    The MSM attacks continue but are they really as virulent?

    When they finally acknowledge Ginsberg has retired or is deceased, the next justice will probably be a hardcore liberal.

    For crying out loud, Kushner was with him on his first trip to DC the very next day after the election.

    I wonder if those troops were sent to the border to facilitate a warm welcome for the new voters?

    And, we’ve been censored the most under his watch.

    He’s outed himself for good. I wonder what his final price was.

    What demons do these scabs worship?

    It’s going to get worse. For us. And, probably for everyone not in the club.

  15. People heard what they wanted to hear from Donald W. Chump. I supported him in 2016, but he did say “the big beautiful wall” would “have a big beautiful door” so they could come here “leeegal-eee.”

    I heard FTN yesterday and they’re still talking about how he just said “most legal immigrants ever” as a troll like Tucker saying he “loves immigrants, but–,” and how if he doesn’t call an emergency over the wall in the next ten days “he’s finished” for the six millionth time. Anyone still supporting Trump after all the betrayals is a shill or a drooling plan truster. When he fails to deliver the wall next time, there’ll be yet another 4D chess narrative spun about how this time he has a real way to build the wall. The wall isn’t even the most important issue. Anchor babies and e-verify are things a serious reformer would be talking about anyway. If a few slats on the border are enough for these regime dead-enders, they deserve their fate.

    I didn’t watch Duke’s response yet, but he’s been getting Fuentes-tier in his loyalty to Trump. I’m starting to lose respect for the guy, TBH. Check out Ramzpaul’s theory on how Zio-Trump is controlled by his greasy plastic (((daughter))).

    • Trump isn’t controlled by his daughter. This is yet more wishful thinking by the fools of the movement. If you knew anyone who has dedicated thier lives to Mammon, you would understand they only care about their wealth and comforts.

      Trump played Duke and the fools of the movement, by ripping their campaign platform exactly. He played them all like a violin.

      “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

  16. I always feared Kushner would stealthily take over. But I never saw Trump as anything more than a stalling tactic anyway.

    He really does look serpentine – sallow greenish skin, cold dead eyes and a manchurian sex doll standing next to him.

    I keep waiting for him to flick his forked tongue, lol.

  17. Had breakfast this morning w 3 friends, typical conservative, life long Republicans who, when they weren’t babbling about sportsball, they couldn’t stop talking about how they loved, loved, loved that state of the union speech. I just don’t get it.

  18. There is a disgraceful article on Vdare rationalizing Trump’s sell out on immigration. Send Vdare an email and make it clear we won’t tolerate this garbage.

    We need to put all of our efforts from now on into developing a pro-white political party and forget about influencing the GOP.

    Trump is going to lose in 2020. Steve King, the only decent GOP Congessman, will be primaried or lose the general. Let’s get a head start on building a post Trump, post GOP nationalist movement. We are in this for long term. Build now for gains that will come in future decades or future generations. Accept that things will get radically worse for the time being. The false promise of short term gains has been holding nationalists in America back from building a truly indepentdent movement not beholden to conservatism and the GOP.

  19. I soured on Trump before the election, though I did vote for him. During the election, when he backed off his statements about birthright citizenship, sending them home, etc., I knew he was suspect. I began to find it hard to believe that a man who was the son/grandson of Ellis Island immigrants, who has lived, worked and thrived his whole life surrounded by anti-American Jews in New York, would work for the interests of Middle America. It was never going to happen. Trump is a fraud. Having a daughter who converted to Judaism is another red flag.

  20. I soured on Trump during the election when he backed off statements about getting rid of birthright citizenship, sending immigrants home, etc. I realized that a man who is the son and grandson of immigrants, who grew up and prospered among the anti-American Jews of NYC, would likely not defend the interests of Middle America, and he hasn’t. He even pushed his reverse converso daughter and her Jew husband on the rest of us, as if anyone voted for them. Trump is a fraud.

  21. What do you mean by “Trump officially changes his position on immigration” He always wanted more people to migrate legally…keyword being LEGALLY. Climbing a fence or running at the border crossing with children as human shields is the opposite of legal.

  22. Large numbers of “middle-class,” voting whites benefit from globalism and a never ending supply of third-world labor: Retirees with pension funds invested in “free market” slave pits (China), business owners of all sizes and their key employees, non-profits (including churches), real estate brokers/agents/flippers, wives and adult children of same, etc. They live in affluent white neighborhoods with nice schools and churches. For example, on the southwestern coast of USA, think north Tustin, Aliso Viejo, and Laguna Hills. In Wichita, Kansas think the tiny communities of Crown Heights, Sherwood, and Westlink. Affluence, of course, is relative. Nevertheless many of these people are Republicans and form an influential subset of the party’s base. Their “civic nationalist” support of Trump’s 2016 populist program is superficial. Yes, they want a wall, but one having a “big, beautiful, wide-open gate.” More important than a wall is their need to remain affluential. Affluent neighborhoods, schools, churches, and shopping is an implicit, legal form of discrimination. For the white contractor, mestizo labor with subsidized emergency medical care is profitable. Increased demand for housing drives home equities upward and keeps the riff-raff out of his (relatively) pricey neighborhood, school, and church. This gentleman won’t allow himself to become infused with feeling toward the plight of working- and lower middle-class whites, for it is against his self-interest.To seriously consider such a thing may lead to personal disaster. Our white, Republican contractor cannot be persuaded. He will not budge until his investments are worthless. And he will continue to vote Trump, Pence, Romney, etc., until hell freezes over.

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