National Review: Populism and The Rise of Identity Politics

This is a good article:

“Right-wing populism and left-wing identity politics have risen in tandem since 2013. Why?

The connecting thread is the contradictions of multiculturalism, which encourage a “common enemy” form of minority identity while repressing even moderate expressions of majority identity. The former produces antagonistic identity politics on the left, while both contribute to populist blowback on the right.

In the high culture, the advent of social media helped the cultural Left experience its Third Great Awakening, matching the waves of enthusiasm of the late ’60s and late ’80s. Meanwhile, multiculturalism’s half-century sway has presided over profound ethnic shifts, producing mounting conservative discontent. By narrowing the space for debating immigration, progressive taboos prevented mainstream liberals and conservatives from reaching a settlement on the issue. We are now reaping the results.

Multiculturalism, which originated among small circles of bohemian intellectuals in the 1910s, came to be established in the elite institutions and mass culture of Western societies from the mid-1960s. Once ascendant, these values created new taboos that drew the boundaries of acceptable debate. These frowned on any expression of a national identity in which the ethnic majority was accorded a prominent role. Since slowing the rate of ethnocultural change is a primary motive for restrictionists, and this was viewed as beyond the pale, the desire to reduce immigration was considered racist.

Second, multiculturalism, as its name suggests, encouraged minority groups to celebrate a politicized version of their identity. At multiculturalism’s heart, therefore, lies a contradiction: White majorities are compelled to be cosmopolitan, urged to supersede their ascribed identity. Minorities are enjoined to do the reverse. …”

It is silent on the Jewish role in the rise of multiculturalism.

Eric Kaufmann addresses it though in his book The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America. Jews played a central role in creating a deracinated, cosmopolitan American national identity in the 20th century. They have played an even bigger role in stigmatizing and policing White identity politics.

“In accepting the expanded definition of racism used by the multicultural Left, the political mainstream closed its eyes to popular demands for lower immigration, paving the way for Trump and Brexit. Liberals subsequently mobilized in response to populist extremism, and survey data show increased liberal support for multicultural tenets such as affirmative action and increased immigration. All of this has further fueled polarization and eroded the quality of government.”

If something can’t continue forever, it will stop.

Eventually, the crisis brought on by the cultural polarization will come. The two sides are drifting further and further apart with each election cycle. Just look at the State of the Union last night with AOC or when Bernie Sanders was attacked for delivering his own response.

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  1. Great article. One of the problems of the far right is the amount of lunatics it attracts.
    I was just reading the mexican white supremacist (sic) dude called Chechar and the guy is really funny, though it’s unintentional.
    He calls himself a “priest of the 14 words,” whatever that means.
    He laments that the new nazis are too much funny, lacking “gravitas.” That the young nazis “don’t know the plot of a Wagner’s opera ” and fail to recognize the poison that Christianity is for “Aryan” minds.
    He reveals that recently in the funeral of the only person he loved, his sister, his “gravitas was so severe” that he hugged nobody and didn’t shed a single tear, while around him all the other mexicans were sobbing and hugging each other. Quite funny.
    You’re a beaner but you refuse to be a beaner to emulate the “gravitas” of scumbags like Himmler and Fegelein.
    I can’t think of a single positive thing Nszism brought to.this world.

      • I started to read regularly sites in English a year and some months ago, while recovering from an accident.
        I read yours, sometimes Daily Stormer, occasionally Zero Hedge. Chechar’s site is amusing.
        I don’t know much about his life other than his hate for Christianity and love for “Aryans” and Nazism. He probably comes from some distinguished mexican family.
        If he traveled to Europe his disgust for the currrent situation there must be funny to read.

    • Chechar is severe, but he’s 100% correct on the Christian question. National Socialism came the closest to breaking the Jewish grip on the European continent; politically, economically, and spiritually. Germany’s defeat allowed Jews to regroup and formulate a secular Christianity (modern political correctness, what some call “cultural Marxism”, anti-racism, etc.).

      White nationalists insist on clinging to a Semitic desert cult while swearing that they will eventually break Jewish grip on the USA and the West. What a sad joke. Here is the future for white Christians in America:

      You whine and complain about ZOG? Your mind is already occupied by the Semitic virus. What hope do you have of victory if you cannot even turn your back on the first batch of lies?

      I like Hunter’s work on here. He sniffed out Trump’s bullshit quickly and has been an indispensable chronicler of the degradation of the so-called MAGA movement. However, he still clings to Abrahamic myths and morality.

      You all could learn something from Chechar and the National Socialists. Abandon the Jewish god or continue to be ruled by it.

      • correct. For a time,

        Christianity stood in resolute opposition to almost everything Jewish.

        but it’s explicit universalism

        provided a re-entry point for the Tikkun Olas.

        at present, the only Christian sect not terminally Jew’d is

        Eastern Orthodoxy, i.e., Russia.

        No wonder the Jews, both Tikkun Ola and Zionist,

        are now trying to arrange a terminal White-on-White war between Russia and ‘Murka.

        • I don’t pretend to speak authoritatively on National Socialism, because I haven’t read exhaustively on the subject. Yet idiots like Hack-so, Chechar, and the Easter Bunny (above) presume exactly that, when it comes to Christianity!!!

          the ONLY viable alternative to the poison of Talmuddied Judaism (so called) is authentic, conciliar, orthodox (small ‘o’) Christianity. Yet you bastards seek to rebuild Babel in the same manner and fashion as did the most pagan of Hitler’s followers, and think THIS TIME, it’s going to work?
          What a bunch of lamebrain FOOLS!

          What was good about National Socialism can be outlined by almost anyone else on this board, frankly. What is good about Christianity, NO ONE is willing to hear. Which is typical for hardened sinners who think they are their own gods, and, in that manner, act just like Jews do… EXACTLY like the Jews, but without all the paraphernalia.

          I mentioned that article about the Spanish Civil War, and how that author sees parallels to today’s worldwide white genocide, and no one reacted to it, precisely because it has the element of Christianity to it. Franco’s reign of over 35 years, precisely because it was catholic, reactionary, and MORAL.

          Until you wrap your heads around that, there is no hope for any of you.

    • “I can’t think of a single positive thing Nszism (sic) brought to.this world.”

      Then, sadly, you have not read much in the way of history…even the badly flawed and one sided history that is peddled today. Just off the top of my head I can think of a few:
      -The NSDAP took a broken people and gave them drive and purpose again. The German nation had lost a war (one they were unfairly blamed for starting) and were driven into the dirt. They were the whipping boy of the world during the ’20s and by the late ’30s they were something to be feared, envied, and respected. The morale increase amongst our people at the outset of the whole (now badly stalled) “Make America Great Again” movement is tiny compared to what NS Germany experienced.
      -They instituted a public works and job creation program that was one of the few times that a nation has achieved almost zero percent unemployment. The result was a program that created things that outlasted the NS state. The first national highway system in modern times (the Autobahn) comes to mind.
      -They had what has to be one of the quickest rebounds in military power ever seen in history. Prior to 1933 the German military was a bad joke. It was little more than a border guard and internal security force with draconian externally enforced limits on it’s size and equipment. In 1939 it had become a powerhouse that made the whole world shake in fear…and was able to take down some of the best military powers of the time. Yes, the military prowess of the NS state is oft exaggerated. For example their tank technology and extent of motorization is often exaggerated by certain students of military history. But the fact remains they went from a bad joke to one of the best in the world in less than a decade.
      -As someone below pointed out, they came the closest anyone ever has come to breaking the stranglehold that Marxism has on the world. Yes, it eventually all came crashing down on their heads, resulting in millions of deaths and the extinction of the NS state. But they tried harder and accomplished more than anyone. The absolutely pathological obsession about and fear of that our enemies have with Nazis shows how badly the NS state scared them.

      I could list many other achievements that NS Germany accomplished, but that’s a good start…and adequate counter to your poorly informed statement.

      Oh, and just for the record, I’m not a National Socialist. I’m a Falangist. I view Spain under Franco as the ideal model for a Western nation….that is to say an authoritarian state based upon traditional values and the rule of law. But I do respect the adherents of NS (well, the rational ones anyway). Sadly, you seem to have taken the anti NS ranting of our enemies to heart.

      You really should be above that, rather than help to divide our people.

      • They had the first working helicopter before Sikorsky among other great achievements. My grandfather served under Patton and I was taught German was evil. My adult opinion now is that the (((Allies))) were the ones engaged in pure evil

    • The Reich, under Hitler, showed that Humans don’t need kikenvermin debt script, and can have beautiful and thriving societies free of the Kikenvermin plunder and depravity. Your nastiness towards poor Chechar is utterly repugnant. But that is the kind of thing you ARE. El Kike-o.

      • Poor Chechar? Is he not the one who asks for the extermination of all “non-Aryans?”
        The one who probably never worked a day in his life and spends his time preaching how abject Christianity is?
        Demented nazis like you can insult and attack everything and everyone and don’t accept even a bit of sarcasm?

        • My assessment of you STANDS, you oozing slime. Every-one here is on to you already. Creatures like you are demented in the DNA. I feel pity for Chechar. He’s exhibited more nobility of soul on his worst day, than you will ever know because demons like you do no possess souls, and never will.

          Your deranged and evil Tribe controls every sphere of the West, and are crushing the life away. I don’t know if my Race will survive, No matter, All that will be left is your Devil Race, ruling over the Hell you have created. You always lose in the end. You are evil in the marrow, and will be the death of life on Earth.

          • My initial post was pretty funny, even though I don’t have a good command of English. You’re an unfunny crude bot.

          • And I’m a Roman Catholic, due to this fact I must show some respect to you, in the case you’re not a bot but just a confused naive old lady.
            Where I live there are absolutely no Jooz.

    • “I can’t think of a single positive thing Nszism brought to.this world.”

      Promotion of traditional and proper gender roles and family, value of money/economy based on labor and production, Joy through Strength, abolishment of degenerate art and promotion of inspiring art, promotion of racial hygiene, removal of hostile Semites from positions of power and influence. Those are just a few I can think of, fool.

        • Are you sure you are a pro-White? That sounds like something our enemies would spout off.

          Perhaps you are on the wrong site.

        • Poland should have got with the program when they had the chance. Serbia and Greece would have been left alone if not for Mussolini’s idiot moves. Russians behaved far worse than the Germans did.

          • You simply don’t have a clue.
            Germans had two enemies all along: Brits and Jews, maybe you could add the Frenchies.
            And of all the other nations they could most easily befriend was Russia that was suffering under the most horrible totalitarian regime.
            Thus if they had to show their barbarity that was towards Jews and Brits and if they had to show magnanimity that was towards the Russians.
            Guess what? Nazis unleashed their full barbarity towards the Russians, plus Poland, Serbia and Greece. What Greeks had ever done to Germans? Or Russians?
            Germans invading Russia was really “something.”
            With Russian untermenschen would be so easy! They were under a collapsing communist system, it should be so easy!
            Now was the chance to kill them all! They were so great attacking Russian villages and burning them slaying everyone in the process! Such glory…Why the absolutely savagery against Greek civilians and even the farm animals in Greece?
            All while being lenient toward the Jews and and ultra-gentlemantly toward the Brits? How about that?
            This is disgusting, the same Nazis who were butchering women and children in Eastern Europe would not even slap the face of British POWs but rather drink beers with them at the same time when the British airforce was incinerating German women and children in their own cities.
            Try to explain that…Because Britons were “aryans?” Sickening retards

        • Yeah, ask the communists what they thought about Nazis — and then ask the Poles. Thousands of Polish officers were systematically murdered in the forest of Katyn in Poland by Stalin. The British government knew all along since 1943 that these murders were carried out by the Soviet secret police and not the Germans and yet the Germans were blamed. The jews continued to lie about that massacre until Russian records were released in the 1990s to again prove the Germans’ innocence, which quieted most yet still not all of the jews’ lying on the subject.

  2. The Movement, which has accomplished some things and may yet accomplish more with the inertia we already have (Afghanistan pullout, some Wall) is adrift, impotent, and moribund and will remain adrift, impotent, and moribund until it embraces Partition.

    The idea that “people won’t go for it” or “aren’t ready” is anti-neurology.

    Monkey see, monkey do.

    If you want people to think something, you have to repeat it to them. Eventually they will think it.

    That is why the enemy BANS things, they just don’t argue against it. That doesn’t work. The reciprocal of that is that if you want something, you have to talk about it first.

    Look across the chess board, who is going to be there if/when Trump loses in 2020? Only those that are preparing now will inherit the political energy released from the Trump Presidency.

    Spend the next 2 years talking about the options if Trump loses. If he wins, you adjust. But if he loses, and you didn’t prepare, that is political/intellectual malpractice.

    • @Afterthought You’ve mentioned partition quite often. What form would this partition take? What’s the process that gets us accepting and going along with it?

      • “Afterthought You’ve mentioned partition quite often. What form would this partition take? What’s the process that gets us accepting and going along with it?”

        Dictionary result for monomania
        noun: monomania; plural noun: monomanias
        exaggerated or obsessive enthusiasm for or preoccupation with one thing

        He makes some good points, and he’s clearly not an idiot. But obsessive pounding at one point in just about every post one makes really does get old.

      • It won’t work in the long run anyway, due to lack of natural barriers. Whites would have to have an Iron Will of exclusion by force of arms to make it work.

    • there is no “Afghan pullout”
      or “Syria pullout”
      or Wall
      or drained swamp

      or any other Trump lies and nonsense you voted for.

      the orange baboon has, however, halved the deportation of illegal invasive shitskins,

      while doubling the insourcing of shitskin H1b’s and “refugees”. And

      released scores of thousands of Black thieves, rapists, drug dealers, and murderers from prison to prey on the Whites.

      every day this Zionist stooge is in the WH is a dead loss for the White hardRight.

  3. ” Jews played a central role in creating a deracinated, cosmopolitan American national identity in the 20th century. They have played an even bigger role in stigmatizing and policing White identity politics.”

    While our side writes essays no one reads, and try to be cool and popular, Jews just repeat memes that hurt us. They’ve been at this kind of warfare for thousands of years, while we are just babies in the woods.

    “Tip: Make use of Google ngram for tracking subversive anti-White memes.”

    Hey kids! Here’s a fun gameto play! Try and find the word racist in your Bible!

  4. why is America in the shitter?
    The five main reasons I can think of.
    1. Forcing the country to integrate in the 1960’s.
    2. Mass importing.millions of biotrash since the 1960’s.
    3. The Feminist assault on traditional values and the family.
    4. The greed and depravity of the so called Boomers.
    5. And of course Jews subverting U.S foreign policy and creating problems 1-2-3.

    A young white nationalist American should learn another languages, prospect some friendly country to settle, and be ready to escape the US when the time comes.

    • You are part of the problem and just as destructive as the jews with your stupid Boomer shit. How were we greedy and depraved? Tell me that. And let me tell you something else, you’re just dividing Whites even more. The fucking black and spics and jews never complain about their equivalent of the Boomers, do they? They stick together while brain dead fools like you attack other White people. Brilliant. Let me share the ‘greed’ of my husband and myself. Married, both had jobs for a while, mine literally paid minimum wage of $1.65 an hour. My husband made a whopping $2.50 and hour. Finally were able to buy a small summer cottage with help from my mother, who gave us the down payment. Had a kid. I stayed home to educate the kid at home. My husband worked 40 to 60 hours a week while ill with colitis and Crohn’s disease. He and other workers contribute to one of those munificent pension funds you jerks are always waving in our faces. 1984 rolls around, Reagan signs a bill allowing companies to steal the interest worker pension funds have accrued. Whizzz, $7 million in interest gone instantly. Company lays off workers and eventually declares bankruptcy. 1995 rolls around. Clinton signs bill that removes ability of workers to sue for theft of funds. Whizz, the remaining $46 million is gone instantly. Leaving us with shit. Aren’t we just in the high cotton, by God? 70% of the pensions that people contributed to for decades stolen, leaving us to scrape by on Social Security and two tiny pensions. Which is why I’m still working full time at age 69. So take your Boomer hate, your White people hate, your stupidity, and shove it.

      • Gabby, your situation is unfair, to put it mildly. I’m sorry you and yours were so screwed. I’ve had family legally diddled out of pensions, as well.
        With regards the anti-boomers, their angry whining amounts to, “We can’t be as self-indulgent and self-important as we think you were.”

        • Yes, and this anti-boomer stuff is just another wedge between White people that we don’t need. We need to unite, not pick at one another like a bunch of goblins.

      • When anons on our side go on about how Nazis are weird and should be driven out of the movement, always for respectablity reasons, I just assume they are Jews.

        Jews want to control our movement like everything else, because they are supremacist control freaks, They want Nazis out because a) they are obsessed with Nazis and b) they want to force us back into the respectability box so they can control us, just like they control the respectable conservative losers in the Republican Party.

        The Nazi are weird post he opened with, that had nothing to do with Hunter’s post, was a dead give away. No need to pin a yellow star on Nemo, brought his own with him.

      • Quite a tale, Gabby. And yes, the “muh Bewmers” hate is simply stupid.

        This Nemo fellow’s name, of course, means “Nobody.” He almost reminds me of that “El Chapo” who floated around here for a long time — there’s a similarity in style, though it’s likely coincidence.

      • @Gabby

        69 years old? Only a couple of years younger than my parents. I respect you a little more in knowing that. By the time my boomer parents were 23, they were married with 3 kids, had a mortgage and were running a farm and a business in town. They are still married. They have NEVER been leftists.
        Look at the average 23 year old now-they live at home, don’t drive, call on their mother every time they need money….and just gawk at their phones all bloody day, oblivious to those right in front of them. They don’t have an opinion about a fucking thing, despite having info now instantly available. Unless this lot pull their heads out of their arses, the future of the West is in the shit.
        I have four 90’s children who are now responsible, logical adults who use their brains….but it took some work!

    • No “other” country. A country “within a country.” Confederacy 2.0 makes the most sense. Here’s a video for “the townsfolk,” ( from the movie High Plains Drifter. ) 🙂

    • Nemo, you’re stupid.

      It’s funny how you ignore the massive Christian role in the promotion of abolitionism, and, not only that, but later waves of immigration. Even today, especially in the southwest, many Christians are staunchly pro-immigration, Protestants in particular. The fundamentalist Baptist pastor Steven Anderson has even encouraged his congregation to proselytize in Spanish in order to court the mud people crossing the border, and I won’t even get into the amount of churches sheltering illegal immigrants.

      But, even then, even if you could ignore all of that, you cannot ignore the flagrant philosemitism of the average American Christian. The only ones who even remotely split off from the majority on the question of Israel are Catholics, who, in the U.S. are quite liberal compared to their old world counterparts.

      Really, I’d quite like to know how this gargantuan contingent of philosemitic anti-racists in our midst are somehow not at all at fault for the looming death of our nation.

      Inb4 muh Christianity was magically subverted by the Jews, the Puritans were praying for a Jewish homeland in the 1600s.

  5. All I know is I despise conservatives and civic nationalism. Leftists are despicable too but they organize, they put aside their differences and get out in the streets to fight. Sometimes they even get their skulls cracked open, but it’s a risk they’re willing to take. Meanwhile the “white nationalists” argue with each other online about Muh Respectabilituh, Muh Fear of Bein Doxed and Muh Jayzus is bettr’n your Jayzus.

    Cowardly wretches, the lot of them!

    • You are doing the same thing. Don’t you have anything better to do, instead of shooting Pro Whites in the back?

      • Hey, Nimrod — civic nationalists aren’t “pro-white.” Quite the opposite, in fact, though it’s less visible because of their patriotic pose.

        • According World Net Daily Nimrod and Nemo were recently spotted together at The Three Dollar Bill, an LGBTQ club in Brooklyn wearing fright wigs and heavy mascara, while a dozen shirtless Filipino boys danced around their table. More on this developing story later……

    • This, brother, is why I’m proud to call myself a fascist.

      Fascists are willing to fight for what they believe, for their race and nation. “Conservatives” are a bunch of tut-tutting chickens who follow what amounts to a creed of suicidal passivism in politics — thus enabling the victories of the Left.

  6. The left does and says anything to get and hold onto power. They’re not afraid of identity politics, they encourage it. The CivNat secular religion is still only adhered to by Whites. We’re divided and mostly conquered, and kept that way by believing in the misinterpreted CivNat commandment, “All men are created equal.” The US was founded by Englishmen talking to each other. They weren’t sending a coded message across time to the Rainbow Coalition. Most American Christians also need remedial instruction in the meaning of the Tower of Babel story.
    If Whites don’t wake up soon, America is really over.

    • ‘Murka already is “over”.

      by the 2020 election, 43% Jews/Blacks/Browns/Slants/Muslims etc.

      while 40% of the White population (urbanites) have signed on to self-liquidation for a cut of the Jewbuck.

      by 2030 (or earlier): 50% ethnorcs.


      we win the forthcoming Violent Discussion,

      we’ll have to create something else.

  7. If a nation was just all white, like Japan is all Japanese, all the divisions related to faultyculturalism just wouldn’t be there. We’d all get along with only token differences relating to barracking for different football teams, attending different churches, friendly rivalries between Chevy and Ford fans that get discussed over beers in the bar-but we’d overall be a united society with shared ancestry , culture and goodwill. We would even love non-whites more-only ever seeing eachother when on holidays in eachothers countries, getting a taste of their way of life, but then we get to leave and come home to our own.
    But when DIEVERSITY comes to your nation, it is then white against non-white, white leftists against white nationalists and also division within the Right. In other words, in the shitshow that is diversity, there’s division between white groups who would otherwise get along. Many in the Right despise others in the Right more than they despise white leftists or non-whites simply because your at odds with them on one issue, or because they once had a drinking problem-and that is nasty, and unhealthy for the cause.
    I can’t state enough the our long term future must take priority over any internal divisions within, or by late-century, we’re toast!

    • Great points, john. (DIEVERSITY, for sure.) The problem in getting Whites together is that open and honest discussion of race issues is automatically and defensively labeled unforgivable wrongthink. This blog should be more widely read, but as soon as a total normie would see all the anti-Jew stuff, they would get squeamish. Even if (or especially if) they agree with some of what’s written here. It might be more profitable to focus on ethnic pride. I’m dating myself, but I remember seeing items of German, Polish or whatever other nationality a family was all over the homes of people. There was a connection with their family past we rarely see anymore. The only Americans not encouraged to see themselves as hyphenated these days are White ones. To get people less concerned about the Trotskyite lie of “racism,” it might be a good idea to make pride in one’s nationality popular again. That could lead to general European pride. Racial pride is a natural thing that no other group has been expected to give up, after all.

      • @Rich

        Yeah-and other groups are united and cohesive in what they want, and how to get it. We just collapse in a heap because of division.
        I live on a farm near Barellan, just up the road from Moombooldool near Kamarah in the Murrumbidgee region of NSW. Leftards keep saying to us ‘surely we can help some desperate people in need’, but if you visit London, Paristan, Sydney or Leicester (and I’ve been to them all), you’ll see that we’ve already helped fucking gazillions of ’em! So when the left say we should help a few desperate invaders….you just know they’re taking the piss. There’s no point at which they’ll ever feel we’ve taken enough. No end game. They’ve never asked Japan to take any-its all about white replacement.
        In many western cities, humans are now in the minority. Where was the referendum so the people could decide? None of us were ever asked. EVER.
        Keep spreading the word brother.

  8. That aggressive, resentful, and downright nasty look on the face of that Cortez creature in the photo above really does sum up what our enemies are all about.

  9. Euro-heritage populist revolution, is now being led by Europe. It’s happening – Italy / Salvini etc. Europeans actually have more revolutionary capability, in the still-strong ability to take to the streets and bring down governments. EU citizens own 75-100 million civilian guns too, tho are very quiet about them (no carry laws tho).

    USA people are handicapped in several ways, one of which is how USA people are so spread out along suburban roads, their public upheaval abilities waning long ago. But the worst element, is how USA people got bamboozled by the rather Judaic Old Testament cult of law, lawyers and a ‘CON’stitution which is null & void when the 865 US federal judges gang up to agree it doesn’t apply – fed judges themselves abruptly dead after not playing along (John Roll, 2011, Scalia 2016).

    USA whites now have blowback from the last 4 decades when they let the rigged legal system put all those blacks into 25-year-long etc prison sentences. There’s a lot of black crime, but a lot of those blacks arrested were innocent of the particular crime, just railroaded, in order to lead other blacks to think you’re gonna get arrested anyway, crime or not.

    Along with that, USA people let the divorce rape courts run amok for ‘rights of wahmen’, and lawsuit rape run amok to help the monopoly billionaires destroy small business. That whole system, with the mafia of 1-million-plus USA lawyers – who get disbarred if they actually ‘defend’ aggressively, and mostly only survive by serving the oligarchy – is the US oligarchy’s praetorian guard as much as the J ethnic mafias and the cult-marx-favoured sub-groups. Almost anyone in the USA can be quickly jailed & bankrupted by that mafia with its tools of terror.

    The key circumstance up ahead in the USA, is maybe when the dollar dies, maybe not too long from now, after a global economic crunch and debt write-off. Things will get rough and local men, real men, will need to take control again amidst collapse and chaos. So people need to be ready even if what to do in the meantime is not clear.

    Seems that the USA oligarchy, is actually tilting toward letting the rather defeated-looking Trump, have a second term. They have realised they don’t have enough control over the black-Latino etc Dem party groups, who can turn rather quickly against the oligarchy’s J-team enablers and against the oligarchy itself. That’s why you see Starbucks Schultz ready to roll to split the Dem vote and help DJT win in 2020, as maybe their best ‘control’ option.

  10. Lots of nonsense obsfusication in this excerpt. Multiculturalism didn’t didn’t produce “ethnic shifts,” immigration policy did. The left didn’t prevent a “compromise” on immigration(ie the amnesty and increased legal immigration that NR wants), the sell out cuckservative right deliberately kept the borders wide open when they had the power to close them.

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