The Trump Administation Is Inciting a Coup In Venezuela

Do you remember voting for Trump to topple the government of Venezuela?

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States is holding direct communications with members of Venezuela’s military urging them to abandon President Nicolas Maduro and is also preparing new sanctions aimed at increasing pressure on him, a senior White House official said.

The Trump administration expects further military defections from Maduro’s side, the official told Reuters in an interview, despite only a few senior officers having done so since opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim president last month, earning the recognition of the United States and dozens of other countries.

“We believe these to be those first couple pebbles before we start really seeing bigger rocks rolling down the hill,” the official said this week, speaking on condition of anonymity. “We’re still having conversations with members of the former Maduro regime, with military members, although those conversations are very, very limited.” …”

Yeah, me neither.

I was strongly under the impression that ‘America First’ meant we were going to stop fomenting regime change in foreign countries, neocons would lose influence over our foreign policy and we would focus on domestic matters like illegal immigration, deindustrialization and opioid abuse. I thought that Trump was citing Iraq, Libya and Syria as examples of what not to do as our president.

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    • The only realm where an America First foreign policy is in effect is the Koreas. Elsewhere John Bolton calls the shots.

  1. Drump is the weakest, most inept joke of a president this country ever had. He makes Jimmy Carter look like Otto von Bismarck by comparison.

    • @Spahn you’re right, plus he’s had much experience in the jew controlled media being an actor of a retarded reality show. The first lady is his own jew daughter. I’m curious what had gone on behind close doors with these two? Effin creepy! We’ve all seen the photos. But still, MAGAtards are clapping and cheering telling us, ‘trust the plan’ whilst going into another insurgent gorilla war.

      The only plan I know of is one we can’t openly discuss.

    • Yes. Extremely weak. It’s a disgrace when you consider the powerful mandate he was given and how he squandered it on the GOP donor agenda. He has the political acumen of a retard. The only thing he has had so far is this debt bubble economy keeping him afloat.

    • @spahnranch1969, I’m sure drumpf would have screwed Panama, and forfeited the Panama Canal to israhell as reparations for Panamarole during the holyhoax.

    • All of Latin America, except the kike puppet Bolsonaro, will rise up in resistance against the USA and in solidarity with Venezuela if ZOG attacks. Hopefully Bolsonaro will be overthrown and executed by an anti-imperialist faction and Brazil will resist it too. Also, hopefully Russia and China will violently resist Drumpf’s kikery, even if it starts a nuclear war.

  2. Trust the plan. Sessions and Flynn are preparing to interrogate Maduro in Gitmo about the pizza factories in Caracas. That’s why they had to resign. Trump can’t reveal this yet, but just you wait until the storm comes.

  3. A Trump-Abrams-Pompeo coup in Venezuela means alot of things and one thing it means is : The United States will very soon get flooded with Venezuelan “war refugees”, millions of ’em, and they will be LEGAL immigrants so that’s okay, they will be “war refugees” so they will be LEGAL immigrants and Trump LOVES LEGAL immigrants!

    As Christians we are called to take in war refugees. We must act like Christians, “whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto Me”.

    Never mind interfering in other countries and causing great hardship even unto lack of money and lack of food and lack of medicine for the population and killing people who have never harmed the United States has NOTHING to do with Christianity. And after they cause nothing but suffering, pain, death and destruction, on people who never harmed us Americans they remind us of the importance of acting like Christians. When it’s convenient for them to act like blood-thirsty barbarians they’re blood-thirsty barbarians, when it’s convenient for them to pretend to be “Christians” they pretend to be “Christians” and then they remind us that Christians are called to take-in war refugees, the “least of His brothers”, and give them safe haven. We are ruled by bastards from Hell. They are disgusting.

    • Point.


      “Each person must decide for himself what his obhgations are to his respective friends, family, and community. Before donating his time and money to those outside his immediate family and close circle of friends, he must decide what he can afford, without depriving those closest to him. When taking these things into consideration he must be certain to include himself among those who mean most to him. He must carefully evaluate the validity of the request and the personality or motives of the person asking it of him.”

      • lol the only comment I make that doesn’t get shoah’d is one literally quoting the Satanic Bible.

        Won’t do y’all any good, of course. You’re still going to join me one day at that elevator shaft in Leavenworth or the room with the electrodes in GITMO, assuming we don’t all die in drone strikes. Don’t y’all understand that yet? Say whatever you want and damn the consequences, you’re already ghosts.

        I gotta know though, what was the problem with my comment to Jifcf? Pretty tame by my standards I thought… is it against the rules to claim that suspicious suicides are suspicious?

  4. The generals who run the Venezuelan military are hand-picked true believers and loyalists. They are also implicated in the shenanigans of the Maduro regime, and they have personal, vested interests in seeing to it that the regime survives. If we do invade, as Adm. Faller (head of Southern Command) just implied in testimony to Congress, we will get another lesson in guerrillas and jungle warfare.

      • Yessir…that is true. But even if we were ready to “run thru the jungle” again, who really wants to? Maybe the new multicultural transwhatever army we’ve got will get them some combat time, who knows? But nobody believes in the “apple pie America” anymore, especially not enough to wave the little chinese-made murican flags and send our sons off to die in some South American Oil War. That won’t fly this time, I don’t believe…
        Will they institute the draft for service in South America? You bet your ass Bolton would!
        Wait til you hear all the horrible, hand-wringng stories from mothers of children in Venezuela and video of atrocities (((staged, of course)))
        Doesn’t seem to be going away..
        If we do go into Venezuela, thats when the Yellow Vest movement should go hot in all Europe, Canada, and America. And by “hot” I mean…well, we know..

  5. Unless there is a Discontinuity, the election 2020 will be held on schedule (634 days).

    It is possible, perhaps even probable, that Trump loses.

    What preparation is being made now for that (aka 2D chess…)?

    Nothing. Is that wise?

    (Hint: no)

    We should be putting Partition on the table in 2019, waiting till 2021 will be too late.

  6. Did you know the king jew Bibi was in Brazil early January and now there is a coup attempt in Venezuela just days after? This is no coincidence. It sickens me literally that Amurika has been taken over by these insane ziomaniacs, Trump being one of them. But still the sheep follow, clap and howel at their own destruction from the tyrant zio machine. What else is sickening is their following of Q thinking that it will save them from this satanic zio madness. I tried talking with these brainwashed idiots and asked simply, why aren’t some or all been indicted yet? Of course their belligerent reasoning, trust the plan.

    Let’s face facts we’re doomed unless some action or intervention from our creator can awaken these fools to realize we’ve been fooled again.

    God help us all, especially us that are awakened.

  7. I think the first coup attempt was in 2006. Chavez nationalized (((oil and banking))) and put a stop to other jewing activities thus incurring the wrath of ZOG. This has been going on for some time. Poor Venezuelans. I prof I was very fond of moved there about 20 years ago. I hope he and his family are doing OK. I think it is safe to assume all the problems in Venezuela now are being intentionally inflicted on them by the USA and the international (((banking))) cartel.

  8. Its time for regime change… the Israeli republic of America. They have a government the people didn’t really vote for. They are doing things they weren’t given a mandate to do, and not doing things they were given a mandate for.

  9. No wonder the jewnited states didn’t want any part of the World Court in The Hague. The legal dockets would be overflowing with war crimes charges against zog’s mercenaries.

  10. The real problem with America , the west and the white race in general is that we aren’t acting, only typing.
    As was previously mentioned above, we are all already ghosts and our children are already dead.
    The only thing that can save us cannot be spoken about on our “info forums”….
    We aren’t even allowed to SPEAK about what needs to be done….such freedom.

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