Governor Blackface Wants To Take Down Virginia’s Confederate Monuments

Utterly predictable.

Gov. Ralph Northam sees attacking Confederate monuments as a strategy to change the subject and stir up a polarizing fight to survive his own blackface scandal:

“Embattled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam says that he wants to take down Confederate statues and monuments in the state.

“I will take a harder line,” Northam told the Washington Post amid a scandal stemming from a racist photograph on his medical school yearbook page. “If there are statues, if there monuments out there that provoke this type of hatred and bigotry, they need to be in museums.” …”

Confederate monuments have been used by Democratic politicians all over the South as pawns to advance their own careers or to distract from their own failings.

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  1. This is Civil War II … yet not a peep about re-booting Dixie from any platform IN Dixie ?!!! 🙂 Are the offspring of Vikings and bad ass Confederates made pansy “victims” that are, “just trying to survive at this point,” this easy ??? That’s flaberghasting. Bath house homo’s that run social media, a few Jew film producers and stuff coming out of a picture tube with audio, is all it took ? Softly into the night we go … BY BEING PLAYED PSYCHOLOGICALLY ???? 🙂 Wow man. What a trip.

    Did we take the PINK pill ? 🙂

    • Everywhere you look there’s a reason to re-boot The Confederacy. Don’t let anything but wanting to be “under” darkies, bath house homo’s, possessed Jews, and women stop you from at least trying to make it happen. Also, I have a feeling about 1/3 + of the comments here are from paid Soro’s freaks designed to get you to think there’s a “consensus” that it can’t be done and none of us want to do it, and that most of us aren’t in the south, etc etc. If we’re going to survive we have to be “thinkers.” Remember King Alfred in “The Last Kingdom” series success was attributed to him being a thinker.


  2. There are homeless people to look after, theres illegal invaders all over the shop, rape, murders and demographic transition, an endless drug scourge……and all they worry about are fucking monuments. You can sleep well tonight, knowing your taxes are hard at work with the upkeep of pollies who worry about the important things in life…

  3. Don’t forget Republican Nlkki Haley and those evil Confederate flags that sent Dylan Roof over the edge.
    Anti-Whites attack anyone or anything that’s White.
    Demoralize, demonize, Genocide.

    • @Denise

      I’ve never believed in the north/south thing, male/female, boomer bashing or Protestant vs Catholics vs Atheists. We need to unite on RACE!!! We are under external threat. Im sure nogs don’t worry about which nogs are from Alabama or Massachusetts…..they know they’re all black, and unite for that reason alone. A strong team is a united team. Division is death.

    • That would be “Yankees” as opposed to “Yanquis”. Oh, and don’t forget the
      “D A M N” that precedes.
      Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are

  4. For far too long, too many native Southerners (true Confederates) have blamed almost everything on outside forces, especially the dreadful Yankees. You are – and were – sold out from within.

    We have a white problem and that is the only problem we have. All our other problems are a by-product of that single obstacle.

  5. These phycopaths want to change history like they’ve been doing for millennia. Of course the sheep blindly fall along with this devious plan to erase our ancient and modern histories for just one reason, control. The majority of the sheep are braindead.

    Something big is going to happen and it’s going to be a total reset that doesn’t include us. I would suggest reading the Georgia Guidestones again, they didn’t put it on the 33 degree paraell in the middle of a field out in farm country for no reason. That is their monument for their ‘great plan’ they’ve been executing for millennia. Yes, you can just dismiss this as BS, but I and several other people take this quite seriously. Maybe you should too. The world is run by satanic phycopaths.

    • General, the more research I do, the more it becomes obvious that the elites are Luciferian. (This is the kind of thing I used to laugh at others about, btw.) The higher up you go, the sicker they get. Not just pedophilia is practiced, but child sacrifice.

      • Yes they’re all Luciferian. The wikileak emails on the DNC and the Podestas prove this theory. They’re literally eating children and they’re called pedovores. People dismiss and think we’re the conspiracy theorists and insane ones. The cancer runs deep.

        People complain about war monuments in our civil war being ripped down, they’ve been doing this with our past ancient history for thousands of years. These so called academics dismiss factual proof of our ancient past that’s been given and fluff it off, especially the Smithsonian Institute that hide most of the evidence given and it’s never to be seen again.

        The world is run by Luciferian phycopaths that will never be dealt with unless humanity rises together. They are afraid of us and do everything in their power to destroy us through poisoning the air, our water, our food, our prescriptions, clothing ect… Just recently they found out fruit juices our kids drink are very poisonous laced with heavy metals and arsenic. But still they’re on the shelves in markets. The reason for the contamination the MSM claims, it’s naturally produced from nature. If this little evidence I’ve just given is dismissed by the reader, then there is no hope for you, their brainwashing MK ultra TV style worked.

        God bless all.

      • Most of them simply fall in line with whatever the prevailing belief system is current.

        They just go for whatever gives them the most status — whatever makes them feel important.

        Right now, it’s the (((religion))) of racism. In other circumstances, they’d be communists, Nazis, Christians, muslims, whatever gave them social brownie points. I’m not saying there aren’t a true believers in those categories because there definitely are, but the leftists now are simply eager to fill whatever role as extras society places on a pedestal at the moment.

        Control the means of giving status (media, communications, education, etc.) and 2/3rds of them at least would be eager to form a mob at your beck and call for ANYTHING, even the exact opposite of what they now profess to believe.

  6. How can Northam look himself in the mirror? Does he not feel deeply ashamed to publicly grovel before people, groups, and the very enemies of his own race and heritage?

    It is truly sickening that any White male or female would put money, fame, or fleeing power ahead of their own folk.

    In regards to the removal of Confederate monuments or for that matter any monument or historical marker, Orwell warned us of how the totalitarian tyranny would attempt to “memory hole” heroic historical endeavors.

    ” Those control the present, controls the past and those control the the past control the future.” ~ George Orwelll 1984

  7. Not just democrats… Haley infamously used the Dylann Roof debacle to springboard herself onto the national stage, also for “healing” by culturally genociding the people who elected her.

    I’m not sure what is to be done. There are enough interlopers and reconstructed Southerners that I don’t know if there will be a big push back, and the last time people protested the removal of a monument in Virginia the authorities maximized mayhem, got people killed, and blamed it on the right. Maybe there’s a way to fight this but I don’t know what it is.

    • I don’t fill prescriptions, so I wouldn’t know which color pill to prescribe (purple, orange or green, I haven’t seen the “Matrix,” so I don’t know the answer to everything)… but, I have found that the best method is to engage people directly. It may not always achieve the desired results, but it might serve to embolden others or give them a sense of commonality.

      The media, academia and government are all arrayed against us. So, the only real alternative is to educate yourself by reading as much as you can and then relay that information to others by talking to them and by producing and distributing literature. My means are extremely limited, but I print out short, fact sheets that contain shocking details regarding the conduct of the Union army (burning homes, slaughtering livestock, destroying crops, preventing medicine from reaching the sick and wounded, plundering anything of even modest value (pots, pans, spoons, etc… ). It has been recently estimated that nearly 200,000 Southern civilians perished from starvation, disease and exposure directly related to the genocidal campaign conducted in the South. William Tecumseh Sherman wrote to Secretary of War, Stanton, “There is a class of people, men, women and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace and order.”

      I do not stop at merely defending the South. I do my best to educate myself and others about the demographic changes that the country is experiencing and the consequences of those changes. I have a great deal of first hand experience to draw upon and I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge to reinforce and validate my positions. I have lately come to say, “you are entitled to think, feel, believe or say anything you want, but I am more interested in what you know.” Or, in the words of the immortal Joe Friday, “just the facts.”

  8. I definitely am against white on white conflict but much of our race can just be forgotten about and we should just focus on helping each other. I love my family and many of them are liberal and I am not abandoning my leftist family members but the white left of the general public I am abandoning, I really don’t even know what’s wrong with them.

  9. We have to get rid of the Republicans and Democrats. We need a Southern Nationalist Party.

    As far as people in the old Union States and on the Pacific Rim, who are like us politically, are concerned, they’re lone wolves crying in the wilderness. Between the ostensibly White working class, who still vote Democrat to protect union jobs that no longer exist, and the urban Bugmen and Yids who outnumber both, they don’t stand a chance.

    In the PacRim, folks in the Inland Empire might have a chance. But it’ll take a war and the starving out of the coastal strip and cities like San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. All of those farmers, ranchers and loggers are outnumbered at the polls, like the traditionalists in Yankeedom are.

    The Californias have got it the hardest, however. They’re going to have to fight the Mexicans, and maybe even the Mexican Government itself.

    But at any rate, this Republicans vs Democrats dichotomy is just a distraction from the big sucker punch that’s headed towards all of our collective, White faces.

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