Congress Prepares To Vote On Spending Bill To Avoid Government Shutdown

UPDATE: President Trump will sign the bill and declare a national emergency tomorrow.

In the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump sold himself as the author of The Art of the Deal and as one of the greatest deal makers of our lifetimes. Last year around this time, he vowed that he would never sign another spending bill as awful as the 2018 Omnibus:

“Congress faces a critical test Thursday as both chambers will vote on a giant funding deal that would temporarily end a long-running border dispute and avert another humiliating government shutdown.

The $328 billion package — which funds one-quarter of the government — is the result of roughly two weeks of frenetic talks between Democratic and Republican negotiators from both chambers.

Top GOP spending leaders insist they’ve kept close contact with the White House throughout the talks but have offered no promise that President Donald Trump would back the measure.
In a show of Congress’s desperation to keep the government funded past Friday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) began Senate business Thursday morning with a prayer that Trump would sign the bill.

“Let’s all pray the president will have wisdom to sign the bill so the government doesn’t shut down,” Grassley said, just before reciting the daily Pledge of Allegiance. …”

What has the GOP Congress come up with this year?

– A new potential pathway to an unlimited amnesty through sponsorship of illegal aliens:

– A decimation of interior enforcement:

– 55 miles of bollard fencing, which is to say, vehicle barriers:

– The vehicle barriers are specifically limited to the Rio Grande sector of the border:

– This area was chosen because local Democratic governments will have the power to veto construction:

– The bill offers TWICE as much for refugee assistance as for the potential vehicle barriers:

– The bill prohibits Trump from building any new fencing in any of the following areas:

– The bill forbids Trump from building anything resembling the border wall prototypes that were built in California:

– The bill expands catch and release by cutting ICE detention beds:

– The best part is that Israel, Jordan and Ukraine receive $5.3 billion – nearly 5x what the GOP Congress is willing to spend on our own border.

– Trump also gets less money for “border security” than he did in the 2018 Omnibus.

– The bill DOUBLES H2-B visas for unskilled, agricultural workers for Big Ag:

Mark Krikorian lays out everything that is wrong with this bill:

The bill is great for Israel though … so, will he sign it? Will it be America First or Israel First? Mitch McConnell is saying he is ready to sign it.

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  1. Drimp knows he’s going to lose a lot of the support he got from mainstream White America in the 2016 election, so now he’s pandering to the neo-con establishment instead.

    • that’s it. The demoncrats keep moving harder Left, more and more anti-White…

      and Trump follows along. Calculating, as republiscams always do, that Whites have nowhere else to go.

      anyhow, it’s all low comedy at this point even if the MAGA idiots are too stupid to get it:

      first, Trump signs a bill that basically liquidates the border altogether….

      then proclaims “National Emergency” on the “border”.

  2. To declare a national emergency, Trump will now have to argue that a bill HE SIGNED was unconstitutional.

    Ask your new AG if this is a good idea. —Ann Coulter (Don’t forget Ann Coulter is a well read lawyer).

  3. He’ll definitely sign it because there is money for Israel in there. Who cares about a wall in America as long as Israel gets money to build a wall that’s what all those kikes like Kushner and shabbos goyim are whispering in his ear. And he knows who his masters are.

  4. So you’ve already got Pelosi explaining that the declaration of emergency Orange Man is going to go through with (allegedly) can be used by a Leftist President to sanction mandatory gun confiscation.

    Let’s just take everyone to school here on how things work:

    A. Republican without revolutionary zeal declares state of emergency – Leftists file lawsuits, construction of wall is delayed on the local level or by human rights complaints, and eventually courts with Republican judges as swing votes declare move unconstitutional.

    B. Leftist declares state of emergency – Conservatives file lawsuits despite having a total track record of failure, gun confiscations occur in Leftist areas but perhaps are half-assed in deep red areas, Cucks who posted rifle memes on Faceberg throughout Obama’s Presidency do nothing and roll over like fools, courts may come back declaring the move unconstitutional (maybe), but let’s just be real and admit that nobody is getting their 30.06’s back…

  5. Who was that that said something about the right of the people to abolish existing government and institute new government? It went something like this….When in the course of human events….

  6. “But Sec.224 is a poison pill: Gives deportation immunity to any sponsor—or POTENTIAL sponsor—of an “unaccompanied” alien child.”

    I would be very curious specifically which piece of human garbage slipped that one into the bill. This traitor needs to be named and shamed far and wide.

    Oh, and I can’t think of a better justification for a line item veto…although it would be pointless here as the bill is supermajority/veto proof and I doubt the President has the courage and moral integrity to line item that one if he had the power.

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