New Spending Bill Included $200 Million Increase In Foreign Aid To Israel

Why do you think Trump signed this awful spending bill?

“A new spending bill signed Friday by US President Donald Trump to prevent another government shutdown over border funding allocates an additional $200 million increase in defense assistance to Israel.

The provision tucked in the 1,159-page bill goes beyond the $3.8 billion in funds already designated for security assistance to Israel under the 2016 memorandum of understanding between the Obama White House and Netanyahu government. …

The increase in aid to Israel was applauded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. “AIPAC commends Congress for strongly supporting Israeli security and strengthening the US-Israel relationship,” the pro-Israel lobby said in a statement. “These funds help Israel maintain its qualitative military edge in the region in order to defend itself, by itself, from mounting threats on its borders.”

The spending bill also includes provisions that would extend for two years Department of Defense’s authority to house emergency weapons in Israel and provide Israel with loan guarantees for five years. …”

It’s not even one thing a day.

There are like several victories for Israel and Jewish donors a day now.

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  1. At what point do the Jews win so much that they get tired of winning? It seems they were the target audience in that little speech way back.

  2. Let’s be honest though. It’s not just about the Jewish donors. Trump’s base IS winning. Trump’s real base was never working-class protest voters who voted for Trump as a middle finger to the system. And it certainly was never White Nationalists. Trump’s actual base – the people who would support him no matter what – has always been made up mostly of geriatric petty-bourgeois suburban Christian Zionist Teabaggers, the same people who have been the heart of every conservative mass movement since Reagan. Most of these “people” are psychotically pro-Israel and orgasmic over everything Trump does to help the Jews.They voted for Trump in part to get rid of that pro-Iran, anti-Semitic commie traitor Obama, and believed Dubya and the GOP establishment were not Zionist enough and too accomodating to the Ay-rabz.

    It’s time to admit that Trump’s ultra-Zionism is as much about playing to his insane Jew-loving base as it is about Kushner or Jewish donors.

    • I have an old friend who fits in with that zio-Christian-Teabagger shit. I’ve been giving her hints over the last couple of months, but she absolutely floored me when she told me her son, who she loves above all else, doubts that the holohoax happened. I emailed her the figures the Red Cross came up with and she actually accepted them as true. I figure that if she could start to changer her mind, a lot of these poor fools can, too.

    • That’s ridiculous. People voted for him hoping he would build a damn wall and get us out of these wars. He has now seen that politics are not business as usual.

      Sounds like you are simply upset that he didn’t deliver. You put too much faith in a man.

  3. The Jews are a rational people, that’s why they are winning. The rational move for us is

    1. Partition the United States
    2. Create a “Northern Alliance” to provide defence against a China dominated equatorial world.
    3. Channel our energies into the colonization of space.

    What are we waiting for? The knife to be half-way across our throats?

  4. colonization of space….lol i spit out my coffee everywhere.
    Yeah, that’ll happen soon.
    Maybe lets get to “space” first, eh goy….
    i find it more than moderately amusing when someone mentions space exploration as a solution to jewish supremacism that has its boot on our collectives throats across the western world.
    we can’t even get our fellow white citizens to notice that jews are evil and subversive , how are we supposed to “space travel” when we cant even protect and maintain our own nations on earth?
    what would stop the jews from just taking our space we created in “space” lol like they have all over this world?
    The frog and the scorpion.
    We have nobody to blame but ourselves at this point as to why jews rule our lives and tell us how ,what and when to think or speak.
    We are complicit in our own demise and until a massive awakening happens to the point of which we can take back our nations , nothing else should matter or ever be spoken of.
    Just my opinion, everyone is entitled to one.
    Space travel is just something i chuckle at…since its all fake.

    • @irATE
      The Jews, like any external enemy, are only ever as bad as we let them be. If we all came together, reclaimed the money, the media, the government, the narrative and ultimately, our nation’s, we could repel them overnight-but we have maggots in our ranks who won’t stand together with us. Even many on the Right can’t agree on Jews, let alone what the left believes. The Jews play us from both sides, so many white nationalists can’t decide if they’re with us or against us. Just confusion.
      In my nation, Jews are just wonderful because Israel is seen as the only democracy in a sea of evil Muslim dictatorships.
      As for space travel, no point going until we clean up our nation’s on mother Earth first. Trying to get up there now would mean effectively taking the United nations with us….meaning we’d be taking with us the exact same problems we have on earth, rather than escaping them.

  5. Yet more money on top of the 40 billion taxpayer dollars we just gifted Israel. Its not like the country is 22 trillion dollars in debt or anything.

  6. If Americans don’t defend free speech, religious freedom, gun rights, freedom from unconstitutional searches and seizures, the right to silence, and the freedom from torture and extrajudicial assassination, what part of the Bill of Rights do they support?

    What country is this?

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