Vice President Mike Pence Visits Auschwitz

It seems like this is all he does.

Mike Pence has done everything but pull his pants down, bend over and let Bibi Netanyahu give it to him up the ass. There is no way that I am voting to reelect this administration:

“Vice President Mike Pence and his wife have made their first visit to Auschwitz and were joined by Polish President Andrzej Duda to honor those killed by the Nazis.

Pence toured the memorial site of the infamous concentration camp in southern Poland on Friday morning, along with Donald Trump’s son-in-law, and adviser, Jared Kushner.

It was Pence’s first visit to the site where the Nazis murdered 1.1 million prisoners, most of them Jews, but also Poles, Roma, and other minorities during WWII.

Pence and his wife Karen were seen walking through the notorious gate with the German words ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ – the Nazi slogan meaning, ‘Work sets you free.’ …

On Thursday, Pence threatened further US sanctions as ‘the people of Iran take to the streets’ and its ‘economy continues to plummet’.

He accused Iran of plotting a ‘new Holocaust’ with its opposition to Israel and regional ambitions in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.

His colleague Kushner spoke in a behind-closed-doors meeting that day about the magnitude of the Mideast challenge, saying that the region’s history has shown that pessimists about Israeli-Palestinian peace were ‘usually right.’

But, he added: ‘It’s the optimists that bring the change.’ …”

Pure cringe.

We voted for “America First.” There is no longer any question that we got “Israel First.” Barack Obama wasn’t nearly this bad on Jews and Israel.

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  1. That’s true Obama was definitely not this controlled and obsessed about kikes and Israel as this administration is. It has been clear, especially recently, that the entire administration and government as a whole is completely kiked. Israel first is certainly their prerogative.

    Pense has done nothing but shill for Israel and Jews throughout his tenure as VP. In fact, I haven’t seen him do much for Christianity at all, but he claims hes deeply Christian. You know the religion the Jews he kikes for are outright hostile to and want to destroy.

    • Pence, like most dispensationalists, worship the jew and deny the Truth of Scripture. Pence and his ilk are not Christians no matter what they claim. God defines a Christian, not man. God will judge a Christian, not man. 1 Cor 6:14-16 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God.

    • Jews naturally work at destroying anything that is not them. Christianity worships the jewish god, history, and people. It is not an effective weapon against them in its current form. We are in bad shape if our only choices are between brown people who don’t give a damn about jews or us, and Christians who lick jew boots.

  2. When the Nazbol revolution comes, the anti-White Christian Zionist MAGA boomers who worship Drumpf and excuse everything he does will get the guillotine first.

  3. lookit that little glass thingie

    with the fake human “ashes” init;

    yes, I actually recognize them: they’re Annie Frank’s.

    such tragedy….

    f/u Pence and may you and yours

    burn in hell forever

  4. Pence is a Putz. The Hollow Cause DID NOT HAPPEN, as (((They))) think it did.

    (Something happened, but nothing that God cares about- except maybe that millions of WHITE CHRISTIANS were killed…. on the other side (the side of the damned/covenant breakers) God does not hear the prayers of apostate, satanic Jews.

      • Yeah some irony. Anti-White Israel Firsters like Pence aren’t welcome in Israel and that’s okay with him. We have to preserve the Jewish people. At the same time Pence will applaud infinity 3rd world access to White countries and only White countries. He doesn’t give a damn about preserving his OWN people. That is behavior typical of a psychopath.

        I still think it’s a great meme just the same. Bob Whitaker came up with it after all.

  5. “Mike Pence has done everything but pull his pants down, bend over and let Bibi Netanyahu give it to him up the ass.“

    Well put, but at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he’s been selected as Netanyahu’s sex receptacle. Pence is clearly the small fry in the prison yard we’re living in.

    I won’t be supporting this garbage again in 2020 either, and I will do my best to convince my friends and family to follow suit.

  6. Typical post WWII Christian politician in the West.

    2016 gave us the worst president and vice president in USA history, and from here on, it’s only going to get worse.

    MAGA! MAGA! Never mind.

  7. Agreed. I am 100% not voting for Trump. I have had enough of this admin.

    I will never vote for Mike Pence if he ever runs. His admin would be a total disaster. I really don’t think I have ever seen a bigger Jewish ass kisser than Pence. He would hand the whole nation over to Nentayahu.

  8. This motherfuck*r would do this on the 74th anniversary of The Dresden Holocaust!!!

    I knew pence was a cuck when he attended and then was humiliated by the cast of the abomination of the play “Hamilton.” But obviously, pence had a whole lot more shame left in the tank. In the next two years, how many more disgusting acts will he lower himself too?

    • Yes, Pence took his cornpone family to JYC to see that nigger musical and then they dined at Manhattan’s most upscale restaurant….Olive Garden.

  9. You know what makes me even more upset than Drump’s relentless tuchas kissing? The fact that anti-Trump shitlibs like Michael Moore and Jeanine Garafalo have been vindicated.

  10. Allow us to have a minutes silence for the 80-90 million Russians killed in the Jew dominated
    Bolshiveik revolution that occurred around the same time, and lasted much longer than the holohoax.

    The Polish leadership should know better-time to convert Auschwitz into a manufacturing powerhouse facility that produces cars, trucks or motorbikes or something and provides the locals with an income and injects some life into the local economy. Having to live near that woeful, dreary thing year after year must take its toll on the locals. Time to demolish the fucking place and install something that makes the locals proud, busy and happy again.
    Kill white guilt-not white countries.

    • @john: I’ve seen a lot of photos of kids who take field trips to the Auschwitz amusement park and they have a great time. Some of them even play inside the cremation ovens, because it’s like a Scooby Doo haunted house to them.

      • @Spahn
        Apparently the Holocaust industry was thought up in 1942-during the war- to allow Jews and Israel to cash in on it for all its worth. At the Wannsee conference in january 1942, Mordecai Shenhabi, a Jew from pre-Israel Palestine, presented the idea about how Jews were killed and mistreated by Germans and how they could eternally use it as a cash grab, along with other scams.
        He also presented these ideas to the Jewish national fund in September 1942, so I’m told. Make of that what you will, but its sounds as though they knew all along that they could start a war, pretend to be victims of it, and then benefit from it later on. But the really insulting thing is that at the same time all this was happening, Jews were killing untold millions in Russia!
        Have lower forms of life ever infested the planet?

        • @john

          I’ve gotta ask… why on earth do you think Mordechai Shenhabi, who was the Director of Yad Vashem from 1943-1954, was at the Wannsee Conference?

          I guess what I’m getting at here is that I find it impossible to believe that Reinhard Heydrich, Adolf Eichmann, Hermann Göring etc. would’ve allowed a known Jew in their midst at the Conference. This is also the first time I’ve ever seen anything about Shenhabi in connection with the Wannsee Conference, and I don’t really get why he would’ve presented these things.

          I think it’s far more likely you have no idea what the Wannsee Conference was.

          As far as marketing the Holohoax, that didn’t start until it became popularized in the mid-50s.

          • @FNP

            I’ll refer back to the article and see what I missed-could have misread something. Shenhabi may not have been there, but still played a role later on that year. The article was a complicated peace that was a little hard to follow-but that’s how I interpreted it.

      • If I ever visit Auschwitz, I’ll make damned sure to bring a bar a soap (non-juden fat) to take a nice hot shower.

    • The Holocaust is all about instilling and maintaining White guilt and self hatred. White Genocide is the way to atone for the 6 million and most Whites agree. BTW, I was there last spring on a Central European tour. Those barracks are well made brick structures, still usable today. Why go to all the trouble to make something permanent for people you’re bringing there to kill? Of course it’s anti-Semitic to ask a question like that.

  11. I was starting to worry about those two creeps since I hadn’t heard of a holocaust speech from either one since the SOTU holocaust speech. All is back to normal.

      • I think you have to make a distinction between America = the nation of the founding heritage and the US government and its subversion. The American nation – the unhyphenated nation – is trying to come together and restore its culture and society. And it is going to have identify its enemies, organise and choose its means of combat. This isn’t the first time a nation had all its institutions and culture subverted by an oppressor.

  12. “Maybe Pence can go dry hump the wailing wall next.”

    He needs to do a Slim Pickens on the wailing wall in he wants to be President.

  13. yeah, because obama was a muslim who hated jewish people. is this supposed to be some kind of keen insight?

    obama also hated hunter wallace, his family, his state, and his country, wanted them gone, replaced, and history. at least trump doesn’t. and actually does pro america stuff, sometimes.

    hunter makes a lot of dumb comments now. he’ll get what he wants and more when president harris shuts down this website. he’ll be lucky to not be brought up on federal hate speech charges.

    hunter was thinking about voting for tulsi gabbard, another brown person who hates hunter, hates his family, wants him replaced, and wants america to end. tulsi gabbard said the sky was blue though, so with statements of truth like that, hunter thought that maybe made her a good person to vote for. LOL.

    hunter’s got a lot to learn. trump sucks sometimes, but the alternative is a thousand time worse. this website won’t exist when president harris takes office, and hunter will be in danger of having his ability to provide for his family taken away, if he persists in talking about these issues. does hunter understand that? it’s trump or nothing. this is it. deal with his shortcomings. we all are.

      • Pence like Gorsuch is a convert from Roman Catholicism—it’s hard to take him too seriously. Neither Pence nor Gorsuch are from Protestant families. O have any Protestant history.

    • Glarg Blarg: Trump is worse than nothing – He SUCKS. We can no long redress our grievances through the ballot box. Get that through your thick MAGA-pede skull.

  14. Pence ought to just staple that yarmulke to his head. Get a Howard Stern tattoo, go full Jew, whatever it takes.

        • @SpahnRanch1869, I’m not sure. Myself and the pence family are incommunicado, after I turned down their invitation to the to buy israeli bonds in Indianapolis.

          Though Mikey does live him some kikey.

  15. I once was a Judeo-Christian my my younger days.I realize now it is heretical and based more on the writings of Darby and the Schofeild Bible. Some of its proponents have been dead wrong. Hal Lindsay predicted the rapture in 1988. John Hagee cant understand that lunar eclipses are a natural phenomena. Talking to conservatives is frustrating they know the score about race and immigration but it is my experience that they all sooner or later bring up Israel in the talk and point out God raised up America to protect Israel and if we turn our back on her he will destroy us. They believe the establishment of Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy-so do I but in a negative sense sense. It will be in Jerusalem that the Antichrist rules. Revelations mentions a beast with a head wound that almost dies but bounces back stronger than ever. That is a reference to Jews in WW II.The beast has a great voice heard over the entire world (radio and internet) and eventually has an image the whole world worshiped (TV and movies) Ask yourself who is predominant in media and movies this day as well as social media CEOS. What is the Mystery Babylonian connection to the Beast? Guess where the Talmud was written and modern Jewry developed? During their Babylonian captivity. Catholics have a saying that Satan is God reversed.What ever God does Satan mimics. Its the law of counterfeit. Millennial right of Christ? World rule by the Antichrist from Jerusalem. Christian Zionists missed that part that the regathering of Israel takes place after the coming of Christ-not before. What we are seeing now in the Middle East is a counterfeit and the false religion that actually is helping empower the Anti-Christ-…Judeo-Christianity!.

  16. All WWII movies even up to 1970s the TV citcom Hogan’s Heroes.There is no mention of Auschwitz,gas showers extermination camps. Currently I’m watching uncorroborated 1993 film Schinder’s List on TV.Man, it’s the most divisive film ever.But its projection of Khazar occupation Palestine bulldozing city blocks into rubbles.

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