President Trump Declares a National Emergency

President Trump droned on for about an hour at his press conference this morning in which he announced that he was declaring a national emergency to build the border wall:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump declared a national emergency at the border on Friday to access billions of dollars to build a border wall that Congress refused to give him, transforming a highly charged policy dispute into a fundamental confrontation over separation of powers.

In a televised announcement in the Rose Garden, Mr. Trump said he would sign the declaration to protect the country from the flow of drugs, criminals and illegal immigrants coming across the border from Mexico, which he characterized as a profound threat to national security.

“We’re going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border and we’re going to do it one way or the other,” he said. “It’s an invasion,” he added. “We have an invasion of drugs and criminals coming into our country.” …”

I watched the whole thing and waited to hear whether he was signing the awful spending bill. He said that he expected to lose some federal court battles and took some shots at Ann Coulter who he described as “off the reservation,” but didn’t say whether he had signed it.

Note: I expect we will have some news on that by the end of the day. Stay tuned. All hell is going to break loose when he signs it.

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  1. The JewS “Government” is the real National Emergency. I’d write “America RIP” – but it’s not going to Rest in Pace. It’s going to be an active nightmare.

    • A national emergency should be declared due to ethnic cleansing of whites. We have bombed other nations to stop ethnic cleansing.

  2. IOTW, Drumpf (after months of delay in the courts)

    is going to make $8 billion disappear instead of $1 billion.

    meanwhile, the (((Pelosi))) budget bill he just signed effectively vaporized the entire border.


  3. What a jerk.

    He signs a open border/back-door amnesty/restrict ICE/ no-wall bill into law and on the same day he issues a declaration of national emergency indicating his intention to violate his own law.

    This won’t end well for him.

    And certainly not for us.

    • By signing an order that violates the law he previously signed, it ensures his executive order will be struck down. No one is that stupid. This has to be done on purpose. It is political kabuki theater. Stock up on ammo and popcorn, because we’re going to become Germany in a few short years if we don’t fight back. The show will be in bloody technicolor, because the majority of armed civilians are Whites with grievances. Most of us don’t want to fight, and will try not to get involved, but the left won’t let anyone alone. Interesting times are coming.

  4. Poster by feared voice from dailycaller, I’ve been there for sometime and woke some:

    NEVER FORGET! 2 entire years of Republican control:

    SUCCESSFUL invading illegal alien “caravans”: 2 (third on its way)
    Unconstitutional judicial decrees overturned: 0
    Unconstitutional agencies abolished: 0
    Unconstitutional entitlements repealed: 0
    Unconstitutional departments defunded: 0
    Unconstitutional judicial decrees nullified: 0
    Unconstitutional spying expired: 0
    Public (fake) “unions” dissolved: 0
    Unconstitutional “wars” concluded: 0
    Mass-deportations: 0

    Mass-repatriations: 0
    Marriage restored: No
    Babies murdered: Yes
    Police/surveillance-state: Expanding
    Government criminals arrested: 0
    Government gunrunners arrested: 0
    Government agents spying on Americans arrested: 0
    Government agents attacking Tea Parties arrested: 0
    Government agents murdering ranchers arrested: 0
    Sanctuary city leaders arrested: 0
    Hollywood personalities PHYSICALLY THREATENING the President arrested: 0
    Government traitors, bankrolling terrorists arrested: 0

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