President Trump Signs Bipartisan Spending Bill Amnesty

Here’s your confirmation:

“President Trump on Friday signed a spending package to avert another government shutdown, his top spokesperson said.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Trump approved the measure on Friday afternoon in the executive mansion. Reporters were not on hand to witness the bill signing.

The move came hours after Trump announced during a freewheeling, 50-minute news conference that he is declaring a national emergency to bypass Congress and obtain $8 billion for his long-desired border wall, a move that triggered a major legal showdown with Democrats. …”


Everything Nick Fuentes says here is true:

I can now definitively say I won’t be voting for Trump in the 2020 election.

This bill was SO BAD that for the first time in well over a year no one is attempting to put this in a positive light or downplay its significance with counterfeit white pills. No one is fighting over Trump. No one is even trying to defend him. He has lost his most diehard supporters.

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  1. This MAGA campaign started with Ronald Reagan that granted amnesty to millions. MAGA is nothing more than continuing bordeless trade.Consumerism is the engine of Capitalism and they control money supply backed by nothing.

    • For normies, Haxo, Trump was sold as the last hope for saving the CivNat republic. He was. He betrayed his supporters, except on taxes, tariffs, and reduced regulations. All of which can be wiped away by the next globalist puppet. The only hope for survival was his two main promises: build the wall (preserve national sovereignty), and drain the swamp (destroy the entrenched bureaucracy and Deep State control). His failures mean the last gasp for the US as it was is doomed. I now see that as a good thing. All false fronts are down, and the choices left are stark as possible. The CivNat religion is now exposed as a lie; multiculturalism is a failure that has only brought vicious anti-White hatred to the foreground. It’s only a matter of time before authority begins to fail. Then shit becomes real, as the homies say.

      (BTW, are you the Haxo who gets his comments continually deleted at Vox Day’s site? I wonder why he won’t let your comments be seen.)

      • yes I am.

        VD, like HW, puts up a lot of interesting stuff on his site…so I comment there regularly, even tho we disagree on a few things: Trump, Israhell, monkeyball, etc. Usually he or one of his Dread Ilk shoot them down pretty quick, but sometimes one of my gems of wisdom survives for a few hours.

        VD’s problem is one that a lot of highly intelligent people have: they just cannot admit to having been played…esp. by a con-artist as obvious as Trump.

        • Same thing with little ‘I will never abandon Trump’ Nick Fuentes, he banned me from his YouTube channel. It’s a shame, he has a lot of good things to say but I simply refuse to watch content from folks who are so thin-skinned that they think it’s okay to mute their fellow patriots rather than admit they were wrong or at least accept some criticism.

          As for Trump, I don’t believe that he is a ‘con artist.’ I just think he’s completely out of his depth and that his hard-on for his daughter doomed his presidency from day one. At least Dubya KNEW that he was out of his depth and appointed competent (albeit evil) people to govern for him. As Ann Coulter said, the one thing Trump has gotten right is judicial appointments and that’s because he delegated that task to the Federalist Society.

          He has demonstrated no loyalty to folks like Queen Ann or Steve Bannon and to the deplorables who got him elected in the first place. He deserves none.

          • Trump “out of his depth”?

            no…it’s just that he continues to fool you and millions of others.

            he’s an aggressive, smart machinator doing what he and his Jewish handlers intended to do:

            continue and accelerate the destruction of the White population.

            and his SC and other judicial picks are run-of-the-mill cuckservatives who, on any given issue, will go over to the (((Dark Side))).

  2. Funny thing about MAGA is what was Trumps definition of America being great? What is anyone’s definition? Just a bullshit campaign slogan that took so many people captive.

    These are the days of punishment, to be given over to foreigners and humiliated by them. Only a remnant of what we see today (True Anglo Saxon Americans) shall ever return.

  3. I won’t be voting for him either. Trump is extremely weak, spineless, and stupid. The exact opposite of how he championed himself during the election. He supposedly was this strong man who doesn’t take shit from nobody and is owned by nobody. That is obviously false. They run all over him. Drain the swamp my ass. The swamp drained him and they did it with ease. They control every aspect of his presidency and he just rolls over and takes it.

    • They control every aspect of his presidency and he just rolls over and takes it.

      While he claims victory. LOL! The arrogance of this asshole is beyond comprehension.

  4. Is this a red pill or a black pill?

    All I know is that neither parties represent our well being, and haven’t for over a century.

  5. This country is dying. Terminal illness was contracted quite some time ago. Whites are running out of places to flee to.

    • Running out of, that is so past tense.
      The only option for an extremely long
      time has been to stnd and fight.
      But sinply expressing that sentiment gets
      you blasted at best as a troll.
      So go ahead on and enjoy the shit-sandwich
      of cucking respectability, while another white
      western nation and it’s sovereignty is destroyed
      by unending waves of spicholers, and the
      ever expanding ethnicities of illegals adding
      to that wave.

  6. Trumpstein was a conman from day 1. He was selling a line of crap and most ate it up. You don’t become a billionaire in Jew York without having jew alliances and friends who bail you out when business deals go bad. Letting his daughter marry and convert to Judaism and his overwhelming support for Israel should have been red flags for woke people to see. The question is, how many will fall for the same blarney come 2020?

  7. Do you really think he would have done this if he knew he had this much support behind him to stand his ground? I don’t believe he would. We all know who the loudest voices are and they aren’t ours. He didn’t cave because he’s gone soft, he did it because he was convinced that it not doing so would be his demise. Make your voices of support louder and we’d get the Trump we voted for. Don’t say you aren’t voting for him in 20/20. That’s ridiculous. We don’t know who else will be running. The silent majority cannot be silent any longer.

  8. A minor white pill is that Trump stole a page from the W. Bush & Obama playbook and added a signing statement to the bill which will hopefully counter the Democrats legislative over-ridding into immigration issues

    Also a liberal judge from Hawaii or San Francisco has not nullified the emergency declaration yet which really surprises me so I thiink Trump might be on firm legal ground as he opposes the Globalists infesting the court system.

    These are very small white pills and 2020 is quite a ways off. One can always jump off the Trump Train in 2020 and vote Libertarian or for Tulsi Gabbard down the rode.

    • One can ALSO jump off the Trump Train (I prefer to thinking of it as waving good-bye at Drumpf as he leaps off the MAGA Train, though he did that hundreds of miles ago) in 2019 and GET BACK ON in 2020. In hindsight, isn’t that EXACTLY what we should have done in 2017 when he first started cucking? Ann Coulter had a great article in August, 2017 just before the Charlottesville Antifa Riot called Contract With Republicans. THAT’S what our ‘thought leaders’ should have been pushing. It basically says: If you want our votes, you’ll pass our agenda. If you DON’T pass our agenda, you WON’T get our votes.

  9. I’ve never known my mom to be wrong. A tested IQ of 150+. Over 10 years ago she stated we have no one to represent us and anybody that try’s will be run out of the country.

  10. The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution! Get off the USS Titanic before she takes you to the bottom with her!

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