St. Augustine: Paganism and Right Living

American mainstream politics is pretty dismal right now.

I know that the people who are reading this blog are left with the impression that is what I am focused on right now, but that hasn’t been true for several months. I’ve become much more interested in health and fitness, religion, philosophy and history. It is just easier for me to update the blog when I am exhausted at night with a daily post about politics or current events than these other topics.

Here’s an excerpt from Book II, Chapter 6 of St. Augustine’s City of God that struck me tonight:

“6. The pagan gods never sanctioned a doctrine of right living

This is the reason why those divinities have no concern for the morals of the cities and peoples by whom they were worshipped. Rather they allowed the most terrible and abominable evils to have free play, to the utmost detriment, not of land and vines, not of houses and property, not even of the body, which is the servant of the mind, but of the mind itself, the actual ruler of the flesh. They allowed this, they did not use their awful power to prevent it. Or if they did try to stop it, let us have the evidence. And we do not want to hear general assertions about whispers breathed into the ear of a chosen few, and handed down by a secret religious tradition, teaching integrity and purity of life. Let the pagans show, or even mention, places consecrated for such gatherings where what happens is not the performance of spectacles marked by lewd utterances and gestures on the part of the actors, with a free rein to every kind of depravity – not the celebration of The Flight of Kings (which is really the flight of all decency and morality) – but where the assembled people can hear the commands of the gods about the need to restrain avarice, to curb ambition, to put a check on lust, and where wretched men may learn the lesson that Persius teaches in a voice of sharp reproach:

Ye wretches, learn
What we men are, and for what life were born;
Find out your station in the race of life,
And how to turn your corners. Learn the limit
To be placed on wealth; and learn how much to pray for;
The good can be done with the crude coin;
How much to give to country, and to friends,
Find out the role that God would have you play,
The part assigned you, in the scheme of things.

Let us be told in what places those divine precepts are regularly proclaimed in the hearing of the people assembled for worship. We on our part can point to churches set up for this very purpose, wherever the Christian religion is spread.”

A few observations:

1.) First, the anything goes society that St. Augustine is condemning here as being synonymous with paganism, a society in which there is no sanctioned doctrine of right living, but where anyone is free to act on their most base impulses sounds like our society.

2.) Second, the Christianity that St. Augustine is describing here doesn’t really sound like the version presented in contemporary American churches. He condemns lust, avarice and ambition, not modern day sins like “racism” and “anti-Semitism” and “xenophobia.”

Here’s another excerpt from Book I, Chapter 9 of City of God that also resonated with me. It reminds me of our current predicament with the plague of political correctness:

“If anyone refrains from reproof and correction of ill-doers because he looks for a more suitable occasion, or because he fears that this will make them worse, or fears that they will hinder the instruction of others, who are weak, in a good and godly way of life, and that they will oppress them, and turn them away from the faith, in such a case the action seems to be prompted not by self-interest but by counsels of charity. What is culpable is when those whose life is different and who abhor the deeds of the wicked are nevertheless indulgent to the sins of others, which they ought to reprehend and reprove, because they are concerned to avoid giving offence to them, in case they should harm themselves in respect of things which may be rightly and innocently enjoyed by good men, but which they desire more than what is right for those who are strangers in this world and who fix hope on a heavenly country.

There are the weaker brothers, in the married state, who have children or look to have them, who are masters of houses and households; the Apostle addresses them in the churches, teaching them and warning them how they ought to live, wives with husbands and husbands with wives, children with parents and parents with children, servants with masters and masters with servants. Such men are eager to acquire many of this world’s temporal goods, and grieve to lose them, and for that reason they have not the heart to offend men whose lives of shame and crime they detest. But they are not alone.

Even those who have a higher standard of life, who are not entangled in the bonds of marriage, who are content with little food and scanty clothing, are often fearful of attacks by the wicked upon their reputation and their safety, and so refrain from reproaches. They are not so afraid of the wicked as to yield to their villainous threats to the extent of committing crimes like theirs; but though they do not commit them they too often fail to reprehend them, for although they might convert some by such rebuke they fear that, if the attempt failed, their safety and reputation might be endangered or destroyed. And this is not due to prudence, nor is it because they see their reputation and safety as essential means whereby mankind may receive the benefits of instruction; it is rather due to weakness – because they delight in flattery and popularity and because they dread the judgment of the mob, and the torture or death of the body. In fact, they are constrained by self-interest, not by the obligations of charity.

So this seems to me a major reason why the good are chastised along with the evil, when God decides to punish moral corruption with temporal calamities. Good and bad are chastised together, not because both alike live evil lives, but because both alike, though not in the same degree, love this temporal life. But the good ought to have despised it, so that the others might be reformed and corrected and might aim at life eternal; or, if they refused to be partners in this enterprise, so that they might be born with, and loved as Christians should love their enemies, since in this life it is always uncertain whether or not they are likely to experience a change of heart.

In this matter a uniquely heavy responsibility rests on those to whom this message is given by the prophet: ‘He indeed will die in his sin, but I will require his blood at the hand of the watchman.’ For ‘watchman’, that is, leaders of the people, have been appointed in the churches for this purpose, that they should be unsparing in their condemnation of sin. This does not mean a man is entirely free from blame in this regard if, without being a ‘watchman’, he recognizes, but ignores, opportunities of warning and admonishing those with whom the exigencies of life force him to associate – if he evades this duty for fear of offending them, because he is concerned for those worldly advantages, which are not in themselves discreditable, but to which he is unduly attached. There is a further reason for the infliction of temporal suffering on the good, as is seen in the case of Job – that the spirit of man may be tested, that he may learn for himself what is the degree of disinterested devotion that he offers to God.”

This makes perfect sense to me.

We live in a country where millions of our fellow citizens would rather kill a foreigner or allow their homeland to be overrun by aliens than break the dominant racial etiquette with an offensive, politically incorrect comment. I’m often told this could “ruin their lives.”

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  1. It seems is a cultural thing, to be self repressed. My mother for example, who comes from a “respectable” family, when she sees negroes on the TV says openly that the governments should do “something,” they procreate too much, they are ugly, they are parasites and so on.
    “Something” meaning esteilizations.
    But the ridiculous notion that we should care about blacks’ feelings comes from Anglo nations and gained many enthusiasts everywhere.
    The life of a dog or a chicken to me has more value than the life of a black.

  2. Augustine’s philosophy ushered in the Dark Ages. But the gods had their revenge when that Levantine was killed by German “barbarians” in the year 430.

    • You post here regularly ? Barbarians took down the Roman Empire
      in the Western half, took over Rome the city itself, Constantinople
      was the head of the Roman Empire which never ceased to exist
      till 1453. Germanic Tribes ushered in the “Dark Age”, which in
      general means , not much was accomplished.

      Then we have the Middle Ages, a great time of great men,
      they rebuilt, became a power center, and when
      Charles the Great was crowned , he seeked acknowledgement
      from Constantinople and it was given.

      Lots happens in these THOUSAND PLUS YEARS, of building.
      There were no ” Protestants ” , it was one Church.

      People here should try reading up on this history instead of
      making fools of themsleves.

      Who do you serve by posting nonsense on important European
      history ?

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about. I think you and buzzfash should hold hands and jump off the Verrazano Bridge together. Now get lost, you fanuc.

  3. I wish Christians had treated Jews as harshly as they treated other Europeans who refused to worship a Middle Easterner.

  4. Interesting piece Hunter. I have not read any of Augustine’s books, but I noted that Calvin quoted him copiously. Most White people in present day Weimerica, including most professing Christians, do indeed seem unwilling to *publicly* speak out against wickedness -including not just perversion, but the literal destruction of our people. Laughingly, they often refuse to even speak out under a pseudonym to condemn wickedness. Mammon and materialism has them by the soul.

      • None of the Ante-Nicaean Fathers were available to Luther and Calvin. In later centuries when the Ante-Nicaeans were translated & published, Augustine starts to fade. Luther and Calvin did the best with what was available to them.

        Augustine believe in demons and other really crazy Catholic stuff.

        Augustine was also very pagan friendly, particularly to the neo-Platonists. That doesn’t add up with his criticism of pagans does it?

      • HW, Luther was an Augustinian monk, so of course he loved the Bishop of Hippo. And I’m not the least bit surprised to learn that Calvin was a fan of Augustine’s unenlightened fire and brimstone philosophy.

  5. One of the weakest points of Christian doctrine is how it goes around attributing everything it thinks is bad to indigenous European religion. That’s an example of passive anti-Whiteness, saying Whites are nothing without this one specific ideology.

    Maybe Rome was nearing collapse when the Christians came along, but Rome probably had another, more vigorous and morally healthy time period before that.

    And Christian society also ended up collapsing morally, so maybe the collapse is based on something other than “paganism”.

    Christians claim we’re seeing a “return to paganism” in the degenerate society around us, but that’s really not an explanation that passes Occam’s Razor. Indigenous European religion is gone, very few people are influenced by it in any serious way at this point.

    Paganism is dead, Christianity had a long time to develop without interference from it. Unfortunately, some other, non-Pagan force beat Christianity and today’s society is the result.

    The way Christianity developed is far more responsible for the current year, than the dead, ancient customs of our ancestors, which nobody pays attention to.

  6. Brad- It amazes me that you can calmly allow unregenerate assholes (like Spawn and Denise) to remain on this board, and insult both Christ, the saints, the Body of Christ (and you) and then have others equally as bereft of grace, pontificate about ‘Well, this is what Christianity really is,’ when they neither bend the knee nor have even the most rudimentary meaning of the “Spirit” – without which no man can say “Jesus is Lord.”

    Spawn’s earlier comment that Dr. Luther would have probably kicked me in the ‘bawlz’ is a veiled threat of physical violence against me, and yet, I can dismiss it, because I am probably one of the only posters on this forum who actually understands Luther’s mind, having been raised in the Roman Church, prior to Vat. II- and thus, knew first hand the empty attempts at self-righteous behaviour, before learning of the doctrines of Grace…. just as Luther did!

    One thing I do have a greater knowledge of, and that is I live 500 years after Luther’s revolt, to see what Protestant-schism has devolved to, and therefore, refuse to make the same mistakes he did. You, being an LCMS, want St. Augustine’s re-iteration of Pauline grace, without the accompanying Calvinist knowledge that total depravity is just that… TOTAL. Neither Denise, Spawn or any of the other commenters who exhibit their overt Christophobia, CAN COME TO CHRIST. They are still in their trespasses and sins, and are electing their own damnation asassuredly as Jared Kushner is doing the same, by merely being a godless Jew.

    You continue in this forum, to pretend that the unregenerate mind is CAPABLE of free thought, and able to understand the ‘deep things of God,’ when every utterance from their mouths is as depraved as Milo’s, albeit for different reasons. You’re like John Warwick Montgomery, the LCMS Lawyer who tried to engage the Christian Reconstructionists in the 1980’s in print and ‘dialogue,’ but failed ultimately primarily because his semi-Pelagian Lutheranism was no match for the hard-core Calvinist Theonomists, who both know sin’s pervasive infestation in the human race, (and I’m not even talking about the non-White hominids, who aren’t -human, that is) and shunned it with a tenaciousness that would make a Greek Orthodox old-Calendarist lift an eyebrow in respect.

    If one continues to pretend the godless can actually REASON themselves into heaven, you deny the omnipotence, and the election of YHWH God. And all this bs about the Talmudics either: a) having the same God as the Christians (they don’t, and haven’t for 2000 years) or b) being, IN ANY WAY, either loved by God, regarded by God as even existing to give him praise/service (they aren’t) is the nadir of Christian perversion, on the level of the great heresies.

    Comparing Jesus and the Christian incarnation of YHWH with his people [Matt. 1:21] to the ‘desert god’ of the [sic] ‘Jews, is hypocrisy and slander on a major scale. And it proves how much the [sic] ‘Jews and their lies’ have co-opted the ENTIRE DISCUSSION in the modern era. The Pagans (anyone not a baptized, and trinitarian catholic Christian) and the Jews are all (whether they know it or not) servants of Satan, and BOTH groups will (and do) gladly predestine themselves to Hell, in their attempts to avoid submitting to God and Christ. Which is why their insults to me ultimately mean nothing. I relish their damnation as God would want us to; for God is gracious, and knows who are His own – and all we can say is ‘we are unworthy servants,’ – but at least I know ‘whom I have believed, and am persuaded, etc.’ and therefore, I refuse to throw pearls at swine…. and so should you.

    • The rules here are clear:

      1.) No dirtbag leftist trolls like El Chapo

      2.) No endorsement or glorification of violence that will get the site taken down

      Otherwise, I tend to let commentators have their say and engage with each other

  7. All we know about Pagan doctrines and belief systems are Jew and (((Christian))) slurs. (((Christianity))) is a slave religion. Whites made (((Christianity))) great: NOT the other way ’round. Return to our White Gods, and they will return to us.

  8. “The pagan gods never sanctioned a doctrine of right living” This is demonstrably untrue in Hinduism with the prime importance of dharma and I’m not convinced of its validity with respect to Greco-Roman spirituality or any of the other European belief systems either. It seems like an unfalsifiable claim with a partly intentional dearth of evidence, caused by the purposeful destruction of complete texts of early Pagan adversaries of Christianity. I also do not see why the only evidence for a divine-sanctioned doctrine of right living can be proven by having consecrated places with gatherings to impart moral lessons/divine commandments, not having a particular system isn’t evidence of the lack of a system.

  9. If Christianity caused the fall of the Roman Empire as alleged then pray tell why did the Eastern empire not also fall at the same time? Do you believe it to be any less Christian? Nay! The New Testament was written in Greek and Christianity was more prevalent in the Hellenic world-the world that the Eastern Empire absorbed. Why then did Byzantium last until the 11th century but Rome fell in 476?

    • If you will recall, you idiot, Constantinople was conquered by the Turks in 1453. Less than a week later the Hagia Sophia, the greatest church in Christendom, was turned into a mosque. Constantinople remains under Turkish rule to this very day.

    • In Byzantium Jews were not allowed to hold positions of power in society. The Theodosian Code for instance forbade them from holding governmental posts, civil service and military positions. They had the good sense to keep the kikes in their place, and therefore lasted longer than other empires.

  10. Hunter, why do you allow a pathetic eunuch Kristard like Not Fr John to deface your blog with his worthless, BORING blather?

    I really don’t care. It’s your blog.

    The salient issue is that kikes created Christardinsanity to mentally, emotionally, spiritually enslave Whites. They did this by the wholesale theft of genuine White Gods. Dagda is infinitely superior to their evil demon Yahweh. “The Christ” is really BALDER. Santa, fyi, is Odin. Odin and Dagda are emanations of each other. Our Gods do not command our self abasement. Our Gods do not decree we destroy OUR Kind to serve The Other. Our Gods do not demand that we grovel to those that despise us, and wish us dead. Quite the opposite. OUR Gods are healthy, and love us. They want us to thrive, to learn, to grow in knowledge and ability. They want us to love each other, protect each other, and LIVE. Our Gods are our LIFE. Let’s remember who they our, in order to remember who WE are. Let’s love them, and serve them, so we can all live. Hail Dagda. Hail Lugh. Hail Hecate.

    • Well said, madam. Fr. John is no gentleman and certainly no Christian in the generally accepted sense of that word.

    • I will be hated by both Christians and Pagans alike but I care not. The truth is the truth. Christianity was so eagerly embraced by whites because it WAS a white religion. Jesus Christ is mythical, inspired from Israelite, Greek, and Sanskrit (yes, that’s right, Indian Sanskrit) scripture. Considering that the Gospel writers had such a poor geographical knowledge of the area, Christianity likely never originated from the Middle-East at all.

      As Gullible as Christians may be, every time pagans say that Christ was a Jewish creation to subvert Whites, or something to that effect, they make themselves sound ridiculous, REALLY ridiculous. Religion is synonymous with race. The reason why brown people embrace Islam quickly while most fair skinned races do not, is because of race. Race is the expression of the soul.

  11. The various old religions of Europe was centered around your tribe and folk. forefather worship was practiced beside the other divinities. In such an homogeneous environment loyalty to ones race was self-evident.

    Then came Christianity. Suddenly it was no longer about staying true to ones own people, but to convert as many as possible regardless of their ethnic background. The tribe had suddenly been extended to include everyone everywhere who worshiped the same Hebrew sky-demon and peculiar alliances were formed. Our ancient European ways was declared forbidden by traitorous rulers. We were instead forced to practice a Middle Eastern religion whether we liked it or not.

    How many white peoples lives have been spilled needlessly in the many wars between Protestants and Catholics? How many white pagans blood have been spilled because they refused to give up the sacred practice of their forefathers? Monotheism is not the natural state, it is something that have to be forced.

    • Who sold A MILLION PLUS northern Europeans to the Moslems ?

      Kidnapped White , Young , Blonde , Girls , murdered their families
      defending them.

      Charles the Great put a stop to this, in many areas, NO MORE,
      by force of arms, Christians put a stop to this in many areas.

      Either you people are very ignorant of history and should learn,
      or maybe you lie blatantly ?

      Who benefits from these falsehoods either way ?
      Not Eurpeans today.

      There is a strong solution to our problems today.

      It has already been done successfully.

      Read all my comments , you have the answers.

      • Why can’t you write like a normal person? Your weird spacing and contrived sentences make it seem like you are trying to hide the fact that you have no clue what you are talking about and just make shit up as you go along.

  12. “He condemns lust, avarice and ambition, not modern day sins like “racism” and “anti-Semitism” and “xenophobia.””

    The battle lines today are not Catholic vs. Protestant but Historic Christianity vs. Progressive Christianity.

    Trade Catholics attending Latin masses and LCMS Lutheran’s would be examples of Historic Christianity. Also John MacArthurs ‘statement on social justice and Gospel’ is a good example of someone trying to hold the line against Progressive Christian heresy and indeed lunacy!

  13. St Augustine wrote within the Oikumene from the See of Canterbury. The stability of the greater Christian polity (the City of God ) made possible the nation state – of which the patrimony of the European nation states is even today the patrimony of the West – the dwindling inheritance that is still sustaining the post Christian population. . Even translated into pagan and secular terms – rule of law and liberty, fact based reasoning etc. – all comes from Oikumene.

    • A +

      If it wasn’t for Christianity we would all be moslems right now,
      No Europe, no modern Western State , there would be no British Commonwealth Nation State , including the USA.

      The people that are yappy about ” paganism ” have no idea what they
      are talking about.

      • Again this ridiculous meme thinking that ideology makes people into who they are, not the other way around. Even if Muslim armies did conquer Europe, the Europeans most certainly would have reformed Islam in the region. Genital mutilation and child marriage, for instance, would have been completely abrogated, as the European soul has no tolerance for such destructive activity.

  14. There is Christian Philosophy [ beyond the more religious aspects ] .

    Christianity was born in the Hellenic World.

    Christians built The West .

    I commend Hunter Wallace for reading and posting on this.
    There is a lot out there to study, too much.

    It amazes me how people on here do not want to recognize
    reality, Western History, but divide and attack other Christians.
    We do not live in a religious society, Jews though see us all
    as “Christians” to be destroyed, you are all “Rome” to be destroyed, perpetual “war on Rome” – Jews .

  15. I am with Dr. David Duke on this, he explains it far better
    than I can, RE Christianity , European Man, The West, etc,
    including some of his great guests, even if you do not totally
    agree with everything no reason to argue, just on a few points.

    • The mumbo jumbo is believing in the high priests of scientism: Darwin and Hawking. I question whether Hawking was even real.

      I’m not a Christian myself; but I think that atheism is even more retarded.

  16. Even at its height in the Middle Ages Christendom was never able to deal effectively with the JQ. We all know the list of 109 places they were kicked out of, but it was always geographically limited and never permanent. Now that every major (and minor) denomination and branch of Xianity is philosemitic, pro-immigration and at least implicitly anti-white Christ-cucks still think Xianity is the solution.
    Christians are like Republicans, they are the System’s designated losers. They help give it respectability.

    • The Byzantines handled the Jewish Question well:

      Mullins’ NEW HISTORY of the JEWS
      By Eustace Mullins

      In all of recorded history, there was only one civilization which the Jews could not destroy. Because of this, they have given it the silent treatment. Few American college graduates with a Ph.D. degree could tell you what the Byzantine Empire was.

      It was the Empire of East Rome, set up by Roman leaders after the Jews had destroyed Rome. This empire functioned in Constantinople for twelve hundred years, the longest duration of any empire in the history of the world.

      Throughout the history of Byzantium, as it was known, by imperial edict, no Jew was allowed to hold any post in the Empire, nor was he allowed to educate the young. The Byzantine Empire finally fell to the Turks after twelve centuries of prosperity, and the Jews have attempted to wipe out all traces of its history.

      Yet its edicts against the Jews were not cruel; in fact, the Jews lived unmolested and prosperously in the empire throughout its history, but here alone the vicious cycle of host and parasite did not take place.

      It was a Christian civilization, and the Jews were not able to exercise any influence. Nor did the Orthodox priests bewilder their congregations with any vicious lies about Christ being a Jew.

      No wonder the Jews want to eradicate the memory of such a culture.

      It was Ezra Pound who launched upon a study of Byzantine civilization, and who reminded the world of this happily non-Jewish land.

      From the Byzantines, Pound derived his no-violent formula for controlling the Jews.

      “The answer to the Jewish problem is simple,” he said.

      “Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.”

      And this is how simple it is.

      There is no need to kill the Jews. In fact, every pogrom in history has played into their hands, and has in many instances been cleverly instigated by them.

      Get the Jews out of banking and they cannot control the economic life of the community.

      Get the Jews out of education and they can not pervert the minds of the young to their subversive doctrines.

      Get the Jews out of government and they cannot betray the nation.

      • Thank you for that, JP. Puts a whole new spin on the Catholic church’s attacks on Orthodoxy, doesn’t it? The RC church has been jew-friendly since the days of Jerome..

        I can never forget that the RC church attacked Russia (for being Orthodox) while they were engaged in a battle for their survival against the East, forcing them to fight a two front war.

        • MadJack – Check out “Is the Orthodox Church Supersessionist?” by Hal Smith and “Has God Rejected His People?” by Bishop Kallistos (Ware).

  17. Use evolution as a predictive model, or prove it in a lab. Until then, it’s a faith-based religion with pretensions of grandeur. Applying our limited reasoning powers to bits and pieces of creation doesn’t tell us the mind of God, it just keeps us mired in side details.

    When you look in the mirror and believe there’s nothing beyond what you see, you open the door to the existentialist cult of personality. Throughout history, Man-as-God cults only ever leave behind piles of bodies. Whether in the form of Moloch or Marx, paganism requires blood sacrifice.

      • No. If you’re not Christian, you might see it that way. For me, it’s God-as-God truth. Religion is not an anthropological competition of mythologies to me. My faith is a reality that has had amazing, highly positive, and truly miraculous effects on my life.

    • Lot of points

      1. Christianity became a white religion after the rest of it was conquered by Islam pathetically quick too

      2. Augustine and Aquinas both encouraged out marriage to increase social ties.

      Their 1st wave feminism destroyed the tribes of Europe paving the path for universalism

      I could stop here but so basically the logical conclusion of Christianity is

      Women are immune to male logic and will fuck whoever they have the hots for

      The early church legally required the female consent and it was above her father’s

      So your classical Christianity is around you today in an unbroken stream

      Blood sacrifice is righteous such as Martyrdom in battle you’re just an old cowardly christcuck

      Why don’t we talk about the sexual degeneracy of christian with even Charlemagne letting his daughters get gangbanged

      The youth of Europe are becoming Pagan & so are her special forces

      Leave us your daughters & gtfo christcucks

      • There’s a lot of anger in your response, and much of it has nothing to do with anything I wrote. The only thing that’s a direct response is about blood sacrifice. There’s a huge difference between dying in battle for a cause, and being murdered to satisfy bloodlust that is practically cannibalistic.

        What’s wrong with Christianity being mainly a White religion? Do you forget the website you’re on? It’s obvious that Europeans became the protectors of the faith, and look at how Christianity benefited us. The philosophy of intrinsic value in each person alone changed White civilization in myriad positive ways. But your statement is incorrect, anyway. You forget about how Spain was retaken from the Moors, for just one point.

        I don’t care how the faith has been misused or misinterpreted by others, and I’m disgusted by the perversions done by those who purport themselves to be Christians. If you think I’m a coward simply because of my faith, you once again show a determined ignorance. History has legions of brave Christian soldiers to look at for examples. As for me, I may turn my cheek, but I don’t let people keep hitting me. That’s bad theology, and nonsensical. I don’t have a collection of stuffed toys in my home, but firearms and other weapons. Don’t equate all Christianity with the anabaptism of Quakers or Amish (if that’s what you were doing), because it’s a ridiculous idea not based in reality.

        Your remarks about women have nothing to do with anything. It’s without context, and quite odd. As far as paganism goes, it’s a rebuilding of tribal ties outside of the tribes that birthed the myths. There are more non-Norse people following Odin than actual Norwegians, I’ll bet. Pagan numbers aren’t large, either. I don’t need any pagan god to tell me to stand up for my people. I’d rather you didn’t go to hell, friend, anyway.

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