Congress Passes “Worse Than Amnesty” Spending Bill

The Senate passed it this afternoon:

“The Senate on Thursday passed a broad spending and border security bill that will end a funding stalemate that has dragged on for nearly two months and caused the longest government shutdown in history.

In an 83-16 vote, the Senate approved legislation that will fund dozens of departments and agencies for the rest of the fiscal year and let the Trump administration spend $1.375 billion for fencing at the southern border.

The fight over border barriers is what led to the 35-day shutdown, but the inclusion of new money for fencing wasn’t enough to satisfy President Trump. The White House made clear just before the Senate vote that Trump would sign the bill, but also declare a national emergency in order to get access to more money. …”

The House passed it tonight:

“The House passed a spending package Thursday night, completing congressional action to avert a government shutdown with barely a day to spare.

The final vote was 300-128. Nineteen Democrats voted against the measure, while 109 Republicans, representing a majority of their conference, were opposed.

Earlier in the day, the Senate passed the $333 billion fiscal 2019 package by an 83-16 vote. It contains seven of the 12 annual appropriations bills that were not signed into law before the Oct. 1 start of the fiscal year. …”

Immigration hawks are apoplectic.

President Trump will declare a “national emergency” tomorrow.

It won’t matter if he signs this bill which explicitly forbids him from building his own border wall. The courts will strike it down. It also allows the millions of illegal aliens present in the United States to “sponsor” unaccompanied minor children and shields them from deportation.

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  1. There is much talk about building a third party. That is playing within the systems rules. We already have a multitude of third parties that are not effective and if they are effective the big two steal their platforms. Its time for red states call a constitutional convention and if they doesn’t work secede! It is the only solution. Donald Trump is living proof the system cannot be reformed from within. It is time to think in terms of alternative nationalism. Get off the USS Titanic before she takes us to the bottom with her! Tis is how nations die!

    • You need a local political party to secede. How are you going to govern the country? Who is going to run it? How will thy be chosen? Or will Republicans, the very people that wrecked America run it?

      Full Youtube version. Coulter says even Hillary Clinton won’t have signed this bill!

    • “Its time for red states call a constitutional convention and if they doesn’t work secede! ”

      You have to have a political party to do that.

      What is with the crazed hostility towards having a pro-white political party on the American alt-right?

      Seems most self styled nationalists here are addicted to being used and abused by the GOP.

      • One can be pro-white and support red state secession and form a party that does so something like the White Heartland Independence Party.

    • The moment might come when the French and Italians collapse the Euro. No way the banks can withstand this.

      • The first sign that they are controlled? The word white never passes their lips, and their greatest allies are jewish, black, mexican, etc,

  2. I’m not sure who the guys are in the picture, but on the left it’s the village idiot, on the right it’s a viper.

  3. The Senate Republicans and Trump are really screwing us big time. Trump’s stupid national emergency declaration will be stopped by some jew federal judge by tonight.

    And who cares? If he signs this bill into law the damage is already done. It’s all over.

    Ryan and McConnell strung Trump along for two years; now Pelosi knocks him out (assuming he meant what he said in 2016).

    • Classy….
      I’m as angry as anyone about this turn of event, but come on. Act like an adult….

      Hunter Wallace, shy do you let divisive and obscene trash like this through? This is not 4chan. We ought to have some standards of behavior.

  4. Cuckservatards and Boomercons will take it laying down. They support Trump no matter what happens. After the SOTU when he called for the highest levels of legal immigration ever they all came out and defended him. “We’re against illegal immigration” and “The Democrats are the real racists” just a bunch a cucks that will be happy to take it raw from the Orange Man.

  5. White Americans have to come to grips with the hard fact, that the Roman Catholic politicians in Congress are taking care of their co-religionists from Latino America. Sure part of this is drug money no doubt given to Catholic politicians, and some is the communist-socialist-Judeo-Catholic ideology of Latino America.

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