Jared Kushner Is Working On Reshaping Legal Immigration

Do you remember Trump’s ad lib comment in the State of the Union address about expanding legal immigration? How about the spending bill which doubled H-2B visas?

Here’s the scoop on what is going on behind the scenes in the Trump White House:

“WASHINGTON – As debate in public rages about illegal immigration and a border wall, Jared Kushner has been holding private meetings in the West Wing on ways to overhaul the legal immigration system, according to six people familiar with the conversations and documents obtained by McClatchy.

President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law is operating on at least two tracks — the first is working with a small group studying specific ways to redistribute employment visas and the second is helping lead a series of “listening sessions” with about three dozen interest groups important to Trump to see if there is a position that Republicans can rally around before the 2020 elections. …

What is clear from conversations with participants and both current and former Trump officials is that Kushner has helped kicked off a fresh discussion on immigration that reflects a new paradigm in the White House. It’s a shift away from priorities of 2017 that sought to prevent the influx of foreign workers who could displace American workers in favor of a new approach preferred by more traditional Republicans, particularly those close to the corporate sector who are desperate to attract more foreign workers to fill U.S. factories and tech hubs. …

While Kushner has floated to the advocacy community that Trump was willing to give 1.8 million Dreamers — the young people brought to the United States illegally when they were children — permanent protections from deportation in exchange for a larger border security deal, those involved in talks with Kushner say he’s more focused on reworking the system for legal immigration.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley emphasized to McClatchy that the president’s goals are to ensure the right foreign workers are brought to the country by replacing low skilled immigration with a merit based system that prioritizes immigrants with special skills.

According to meeting agendas obtained by McClatchy, those invited to sessions with Kushner come from some of Trump’s core constituencies in the worlds of religion, law enforcement, agriculture and business. They include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Heritage Foundation, Association of Builders and Contractors, Faith and Freedom Coalition, Council on National Policy, George W. Bush Center and Select Milk Producers. …

The senior administration official said the White House is rethinking some policies that it supported before, such as the Sen. Tom Cotton’s RAISE Act, which would institute a merit-based system to determine who is admitted to the country — that the White House continues to support — but would also slash legal immigration.

“The president said many times he wants to raise immigration,” the official said. …

Trump has hinted at some of this in recent speeches, including during his State of the Union address.

“I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever, but they have to come in legally,” Trump said during the address to a joint session of Congress.

Many thought he was ad-libbing because the line was not in his prepared remarks. But Trump didn’t back down. When pressed the next day by a small group of reporters over whether his comments reflected a change in policy, Trump said “yes” and then cited low employment numbers and business needs for workers.

“I need people coming in because we need people to run the factories and plants and companies that are moving back in,” Trump said. “We need people.” …

Kushner also is looking at increasing caps on employment-based visas and reworking the temporary visa system to ensure that those who are here on temporary visas don’t automatically get permanent ones. …”

I would be willing to stand aside and watch Trump be defeated in 2020 just to remove this little bastard from the White House. It was Kushner who got criminal justice reform through Congress. Barack Obama couldn’t even do that.

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  1. George Soros, the Bolshiveik revolution, control of all our major institutions, endless wars for Israel, endless benefiting from the Holocaust, feminism, conduct that aids and abetts our destruction, domination of the porn industry, a wall for Israel but not the West, unelected Jews deciding whats best for us……I just can’t imagine why anti-Semitism exists…

    • @ John, One could easily incur wrier’s cramps and/or carpal tunnel syndrome listing all the malevolent acts of the askennazi and their fellow travelers.

      Thus, I too cannot fathom why anti-semitism still exists.

      • @November Man

        Yes I’m still scratching my head now! Anyway…

        Jews, like some other minorities, arrogantly believe that the West wouldn’t be what it is now without their contribution, which is totally false. We were well on the way to great things before their arrival. And yes they’ve contributed….in an utterly negative way.

  2. kushner and soros/schwartz are straight out of central casting to fill the role the antichrist from the Omen films.

    The real horror is that these fiends aren’t fictional.

  3. Low skilled Indian or an Indian with special skills?? Well, we don’t want any of them. Whatever they are, they still represent white genocide. In any case, these Indians or Africans ‘with special skills’ are needed in their OWN nations. Why take the best of their people when we have whites who can do the work, and they are needed in their native country?
    Whatever they can offer, I don’t want my race to be replaced.
    Kushner, like all Jews, just wants us genocided.
    See through the BS-that’s what his agenda is.

    • Remember the company Consolidated Southern Edison? Trump campaign on that. CSE was a company whereby management imported foreign labor and made their America labor train their replacements before they could get severance pay.

      • @Ethno

        Being replaced by, and forced to train people who shouldn’t be in the country to begin with….and they wonder why people like us exist…
        In my country we have Somalians, Sudanese and Pakis coming in who claim they’re going to be engineers, scientists and marine biologists….well why couldn’t they do these things where they came from? Gonna be this, gonna be that……but then wind up on welfare!
        Its time to slay dieversity and rid them from our midst. Fuck them all off, before we become extinct !!!

  4. President Kushner. This is why the neocon kikes have chilled out on Trump because they got one of (((their))) very own tribesmen running the White House and Trump is completely cucked and a total fraud.

    • Personally, I believe what we are seeing is the real Trump. Nobody has anything on him, he is simply a lying bag of pigshit.

    • @Karene,

      Have you seen pics of Don the Con and a teenaged Ivanka? The pics are creepy. Look up pics on the ‘Net. I think Trump banged Ivanka. Incest is very, very, very commonplace with Jews. It’s practically de rigueur. Ivanka did not “convert” to Satanism; her maternal grandfather was Miloš Zelní?ek. He was an “engineer” but he was an informer for Czechoslovakia’s Státní bezpe?nost (StB) intelligence service. “Zelní?ek” is Czech for “Zelnick”. Ruh roh. Oy vey!


      Seek early pics of Ivanka. Before she had her face re-made, to look more Aryan.

      There is anecdotal info that Trump himself is Jewish, on his father’s side. Considering his entire history, and everything he does, if he’s not an actual blood jew – he might as well be. He does EVERYTHING for jews, and NOTHING for the Whites that actually voted for him.

  5. Unfortunately, even if this “little bastard” is removed from the White House via the 2020 election they’ll probably be another one of his tribesman to take his place in the next administration.

  6. “If the question is still asked why National Socialism combats the Jewish element in Germany so fanatically, the answer can only be, because National
    Socialism wishes to establish a real community of the people.

    Since we are National Socialists, we cannot permit an alien race to impose itself upon our working people as their leaders.” – Adolf Hitler

    • you’re not getting it. I will explain:

      Trump having his daughter convert and marry a Jew bankster was a

      Ritual of Submission.

      similar to adopting a niglet (see: Romney, French, Bullock, etc.)

      by submitting so completely, the collaborating shabbatz goyim

      hope that the Jews will exempt their bloodline

      from the ongoing Judeo-globalist extermination of Whites.

  7. Get a load of all the neocon pressure groups that have been invited to the Dark House to discuss White replacement with President Kushner: the Heritage Foundation, the GW Bush Center, the US Chamber of Commerce….not one pro-White, pro-American, pro-working class or pro-middle class organization in the bunch. Not one.

    Anyone here still believe there’s going to be a political solution to this?

  8. @Hunter Wallace

    I’m reading the book you recommended called American Nations. I got up to the part where they describe the New Netherland culture, that is now called New York city.

    It says New Netherlands was multi-racial, globo-homo from its founding. The Dutch invented the global coporation, and were tolerant of all races and religions, including Jewish business people. All they cared about is that you obeyed the law and wanted to make pots of money. The Dutch even set up New York to be run not by a government, but by a penny pinching corporation!

    The above falls line with what Donald Trump is doing now to MAGA.

    This book should be required reading for all WN/Alt-Right. If we had read it, would have saved us from the waste of time that was Donald Trump.

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