Left Behind in Chicago – Reporter John Kass

I’ve spent 2/3 of my life in and (now) outside the City of Chicago – a big chunk of that was spent in the South Side neighborhood that Barack Obama made his power base. Bill Ayers, and David Axelrod – extremely destructive Jewish 60s radicals, lying liberals are based there as is the Black Liberation Theology cult headed by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Rev. Wright later decided to move to a wealthy White suburb Tinley Park and commute with his “God Damn White America” cult. link Black Liberation Theology cult Leader Rev. Wright was bitter that Obama’s Jewish handlers (Rahm Emanuel, Axelrod) wouldn’t let him have any access to President Obama, though race hustler Rev. (not) Sharpton was a regular White House visitor.

“Wright says ‘Jews’ keeping him from President Obama” (NBC News Link)

This week’s Chicago mayoral election looks to be God awful – favorite is my Black/mixed race former Alderwoman Toni Preckwinkle. Toni P, George Soros ($400,000 donation) and assorted BlackLiesMatter White cop haters managed to push through Kim Fox as Chicago’s District Attorney. Thus, Chicago has a conviction clearance rate of ~ 17% on last year for 566 murders and 3,000 + shootings. Oh and we just elected our first Jew Governor JB Pritzger. Chicago is a sanctuary city that doesn’t enforce laws against illegal immigration and is thus the main heroin distribution center of the largest Mexican cartel.

So on balance Chicago looks to be as bad or worse than New York City when I lived there in the late 1980s.

We do have a few good things “left behind in Chicago”. One of them is Greek American reporter John Kass, who just tells things as he sees them from a Greek American, long time Chicagoan perspective. John Kass is pretty much following in the tradition of the best ever Mike Royko.

Presented are excerpts for “Fair Comment” under the 1st Amendment – here’s John Kass’ (Chicago Tribune Feb. 21 2019) take on the Jussie Smollette racial hate crime hoax and Chicago’s appalling Black violent crime (link)

“it’s easy to lose what’s important with all the panic and intersectional hatred and liberal identity politics gone bad in this Smollett story.

What’s been lost is this:

I’m told that two dozen detectives were assigned to the Smollett case.

Can Chicago afford that, what with all the unsolved murders and shootings in this town?


There were some 18 people killed in Chicago after Smollett began telling his story in late January, that story in which he cast himself as the hero, about having to fight off pro-Trump racists…..two dozen detectives for Smollett just doesn’t seem right. Make no mistake. I’m not blaming the detectives, or the Chicago Police Department.

They work for a politician. His name is Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who famously announced a few years ago that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.

And when Smollett told his amazing story, about being a black gay man attacked by racist Trump supporters on one of the coldest nights of the year, the media was all over it. National politicians were all over it.

They bought it without question.

“This was an attempted modern-day lynching,” tweeted Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris of California. “No one should ever have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate.”

Sen. Cory Booker, the New Jersey Democrat, issued a similar tweet, although it saddened me that his mythical friend, the dangerous drug dealer T-Bone, had nothing to say.

But other Democrats fell in line. And CNN and many who earn their livings in the Washington-New York liberal media echo chamber rushed to judgment….A few weeks ago, after Smollett began telling his tale — in which he’s the hero fighting oppression and hatred — a 1-year-old child was shot in the head.

It looked like a street gang may have been targeting his mother. She’s been shot before. The child, Dejon Irving, is on life support.

I don’t think there were two dozen detectives assigned to Dejon Irving’s case. But he’s not a star to be used by politicians in pursuit of power. He’s not a symbol.

Politicians don’t tweet his name. He’s just a little boy from Chicago, shot in the head.”

Jack Ryan comments:

Yes, this is true. Gang bangers actually shooting 1 year old Black African American boys in the head in Chicago – nothing to see there move on to the next.

BlackLiesMatter Jeff Zucker CNN, New York Times, Entertainment Tonight fake racist hate crime. Stay tuned.


  1. @Jaye Ryan, Sorry buddy, but you’re way off on kass the cuckservative ass.

    Kass is as colorblind and egalitarian as a sjw, but he will point out egregious acts against tradcons by the untermenchen.

    I can tell you from experience that kass drinks from the kosher tap of holocaustianity.

    Also, anthony winkleprick isn’t going to be the next mayor of shitcago. It will be either bill daley or susanna mendoza. Yes, they both suck too, but winkleprick and her fellow dyke kimesha foxxx (crook county states attorney) are magnitudes worse.

    tony winkleprick will probably be indicted in the ed burke federal case of extortion.

    If you’ve been reading your favorite shitcago cop blog, you know that fat eddie johnson (CPD superintendent) is universally loathed by the rank and file ‘blue shirts’ in partrol. ‘Special Ed’ is tide at the hip to (((rahm))), blackliesmatter, and cultural marxist (white in color only) roman catholic priest fr. phlager.

    • I can’t really argue with you on this.

      But I sort of am going with the idea that I have to promote anyone that is anything even remotely honest about politics or crime in my beloved, but fallen city of Chicago.

      God bless. I hope you are OK – you are obviously in or around our Chicago and know the major players.

      Take care bro

    • Yes this is true. There is serious resistance here to the Obama theft of (Andrew) Jackson Park – the resistance is from devoted environmentalists, Park lovers and those who want the University of Chicago Hyde Park community to be a quiet University community – also some rather brave folks who correctly accuse the Obama clique of being hypocrites who want everything downtown or on the Lake Michigan Lakefront, these neuvo riche Black elitists want the votes of poor Black African Americans not downtown or on the Lakefront, but they don’t want to mix with them or invest in their neighborhoods.

      Don’t write off the Liberals

      • My family and I are in the SW suburbs (Will County – a stronghold of public unions)- we are putting the house up for sale in a month and moving to West Virginia – getting out of IL has been a long time coming for us but that fat fuck jew getting elected as governor was the last straw.

        • I feel your pain. Good luck on the home sale and the move to West Virginia. I tried some “moves to the country” where the air is supposedly clean, the people honest (White) moral, healthy and brave.

          It turned out I’m allergic to oak pollen and could barely breathe. Plus my experience was like the guy in Green Acres who moves from Manhattan NYC to the country and the local country folks constantly try to scam him. Plus things you take for granted in a city just aren’t there, you have to drive everywhere and if you’re single everyone thinks you’re Gay.

          There is no doubt that Chicago and Illinois politics suck – dominated by the worst Jews, LGBT and Black AA. Think the few remaining Irish in the old Dem machine are the only White heterosexual pols left – head of the Park District is a legacy Kelly.

          Anybody else notice that the only heterosexual White guy allowed to speak at the last Democrat convention was the Irish mayor of Boston.

          The worst Lib Leftist Jew Democrats are always trying to include the Irish in the group of aggrieved minorities like in the Mel Gibson Braveheart movie. And so many Irish are willing to take the 30 pieces of silver on this.

          Take care bro.

        • The jews (along with teh spics and niggers) won’t follow White folks out to WVA, because they hate mountains and rural areas.

  2. Fun fact: Both emma goldman and saul alinsky are buried in Chicago.

    The (((tribe))) has had their hooked noses in lowering the bar of decency and corruption in “The Windy City ” for a long time.

    • Do you know where Emma Goldman is buried in Chicago?

      Sounds strange, I thought German free corp patriot soldiers just killed Emma Goldman and left her in a ditch to be devoured by rats.

        • In addition to goldman and alinsky buried in crook county, the corpse of jack rubenstein (a.k.a. jack ruby) also befouls the soil in norridge illinois (a suburb on Chicago’s western border).

          I am sure all three are vigorously rubbing their claws together with their father lucifer in hell.

        • @spahnranch1969 and Jaye Ryan, Guess who was the “Final Jeopardy ” answer on today’s broadcast?

          emma f-ing goldman.

          Spooky or synchronicity?

          I think I am going to burn some sage around the house.

      • emma goldman is buried in the Forest Home Cemetery in Park Forest Illinois.

        You can use findagrave.com to locate the final rotting places of many malicious vermin.

        WNs, please don’t deface these grave sites. All that will do is provide ammunition and additional anti-White laws and propaganda. Look at the supposed desecration of jewish cemeteries in France. Macron is attempting to use this mostly agent provocateur operation to crack down on dissidents.

        Take joy in that these foul beasts are dead.

  3. Jack I always appreciate your unique perspective on things. I live in Chicago myself and I can understand how desperate you are to find some good in the city you grew up in but it seems like the only good is for Rich lakefront liberals. Working class neighborhoods are flooded with heroin and fentanyl the south side and west side are killing Fields.it’s hard to keep track of all the childhood friends I’ve lost from the drugs that keep pouring over the South border. So f*** those liberals they Don’t Care about us they only care about there ridiculous liberal worldview and keeping their cheap Mexican nannies and gardeners. I know Jack Ryan he’s a tireless fighter for our people… Thanks buddy!

    • This is true. Extremely depressing to hear about working class friends of friends on the once proud Northwest side dying of opiod overdoses, addictions.

      I wouldn’t however write off all Lakefront Liberals or just White liberals in North America. What people say and what they actually do is often very different.

      Did you read this best ever Amren article?:

      “Don’t Write Off the Liberals”


      Lot’s of urban White/Jewish liberals do local policies that make sense – things like birth control including abortion rights for the urban underclass. Margarette Sanger was a race realist. Lot’s of White Lakefront Liberals prefer parks to bad (non White) people and this division is really coming out in the fight against the Obama presidential center theft of Jackson Park in the University of Chicago Hyde Park areas – a place i grew up in and still have family and business connections.

      White Liberals have pretty much driven lower class Blacks off the South Side lakefront. They’ve pretty much torn down virtually every last lakefront concrete basketball court, replacing them with things like Prairie Restoration environmental project – think any lower class Blacks go for this?

      As for proud working class Whites on the NorthWest side or SouthWest side or once safe and solid working class White South Suburbs – the changes in the old neighborhood are heart breaking – Sh*&## seeing nasty Muslims in Muslim garb and mosques going up.

      I know a lot of working class Whites who commute to city jobs but live in Indiana or even as far away as across the border in Wisconsin!

      Go figure.

      It’s a very, very fallen city – our Chicago.

      But, i used to talk to German World II vets and they told me what it was like after Germany lost World War II. Lot’s of people did unique things to survive and some did – now look at the former East Germany and Central and Eastern Europe once under Soviet domination. These places are the best, safest places for White European Nationalists.

      Don’t despair or give up.

      I’m not. I’ve lived through worse.

      I was 7 years old during the summer of 1968.

      2 things I highly recommend to cheer you/us up.

      Check out Russia Today everyday – RT has taken my advice and does Murdoch style Sun Newspaper sexy gal photos and stories and lots of Nationalist sports. RT takes our side in domestic American politics.

      Read the New York Times Obituaries to take great joy learning which of the worst Lib Leftist Jews, Blacks have died and have gone to hell.


      • Illinois is a dying state – the only ones that can make a go of it are the same ones that are draining the state dry – the public union workers (my B-In-Law makes $160K+ as a Joliet firefighter ffs) . The host (private industry jobs) is almost dead but the parasites (public unions) don’t realize it. Of course, Governor Ewige Jude’s solution to IL’s fiscal calamity is the typical jewish one- to issue more debt.

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