Trump Nominates Jeffrey Rosen To Replace Rod Rosenstein

Has President Trump learned anything from the years long Mueller investigation or the failed Deep State coup which was all the result of hiring Rod Rosenstein?

“President Trump on Tuesday announced his intention to nominate Jeffrey Rosen, currently serving as deputy Transportation secretary, to be the No. 2 official at the Justice Department.

If confirmed, Rosen would replace current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who plans to leave the Justice Department next month. Rosenstein oversees the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference.

Bloomberg News reported Tuesday that Attorney General William Barr, who was confirmed last week, chose Rosen as his deputy.

Barr and Rosen were both formerly partners at the prestigious law firm Kirkland & Ellis. …”

What do you think? He is blaming Rod Rosenstein on Jeff Sessions, but now that Rosenstein is finally leaving his DOJ position he is being replaced with a Rosen.

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  1. Does not surprise me at all. (((They))) control the US no doubt about it. You got the Kike Kushner who is basically president plus hes Trumps son in law and that’s just (((one))) example. I challenge anybody to find one position of power or a problem this country has as a result of bad policy for whites that is not tied to a Jew.

  2. So drumpf or should I say kushner made a lateral move.

    Aren’t we getting exhausted from all this “winning.”

    The bottom line is that no matter whoever is in control of the Oval Office; the fact is they’re not our friends, and don’t share our concerns, values, or cultural outlook.

    • I agree,Nick Fuentes is the only one with big enough balls to name the joo at Zpac.Total betrayal of white Europeans at Zpac.

  3. A Rosen for a Rosentstein. And what are all those “Anti Semitic tropes” about Jews having too much influence and power? Better not notice patterns; Trumpenkike has threatened to destroy any-one that notices (((patterns))).

    No one have been punished for treason, fyi. Trumpenkike doesn’t care about ANYTHING but getting good press from his (((Masters))).

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