Jussie Smollett Cut From Empire

Poor Jussie Smollett is just suffering from the burden of being a gay black man under Donald Trump’s white supremacist AmeriKKKa:

“As the Chicago police investigation into what really happened to Jussie Smollett in the alleged assault last month intensifies its focus on the Empire actor, the Fox drama is cutting the performer out of the action.

Deadline has confirmed with well placed sources that Smollett’s scenes in episodes of the Lee Daniels and Danny Strong co-created series are being slashed for production on Empire this week.

While the show is back at work today in the Windy City after the long weekend, Smollett will be a rare presence on the set of the Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard led show. …

There are no plans right now to make any changes to the remaining episodes of the fifth season of Empire that are already in the can, I hear.

Yet, despite the strongly expressed renewed support by Empire showrunner Brett Mahoney on February 17, upcoming episodes have seen serious rewrites in recent days to reduce the increasingly besieged Smollett’s role both in dramatic stints and musical performances.

Empire returns for the remainder of its fifth season on March 13. …”

He may end up going to federal prison now for the mail hoax.

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  1. Since it’s now official that he ruined black history month, he’ll be pulling out the anti-semite card any day now.

  2. First the victim of a white (who else?) perpetrated hate crime. Now the victim of systemic racism.
    Victim, victim, victim. The poor darkie is always the victim.
    And it’s always whitey’s fault.

  3. If I want to watch Niggers on T.V., I watch Sanford and Son. At least that’s an accurate, truthful and funny portrayal of one aspect of Niggerdom, outside of the constant warfare, chaos and predatory parasitism.

  4. Couldn’t stand watching the embedded video. The pink-wigged “Cardi B” thing is just too much with the ebonics. That these idiots made it to celeb status is very black-pilling. It speaks volumes to how screwed this country is. It’s like most of the non-White “people” in this country are a different species…

  5. Smollet is a member of three minority groups, and has all that minority status to play with, and benefit from. How many victim points does it have the potential to score from being black, Jewish and Gay?
    The irritating thing is, when they can’t find any white ‘racists’ to make them victim’s of, they’ll invent a story about them anyway, while actual attacks by blacks on whites are just ignored by the msm.
    And one must ask, if whites are so racist and terrible, then why don’t these subhuman, pitiful stitskinned nogs return to Africa where no whites are? Rescue yourselves from racism-return to Africa as a matter of urgency……oh but hang on, there’s no whites there to be ‘victims’ of…

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