Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes Will Be Torn Down In California

Here’s our prediction about the border wall prototypes from last March:

“It would be nice if the Republican Congress appropriated the money to build the border wall. Unfortunately, this will likely continue to be just another GOP election year gimmick like ending abortion for the voters who aren’t interested in the real agenda of tax cuts, deregulation and military spending. …”

Nailed it.

After I wrote that post, President Trump went on to sign the 2018 Omnibus bill. He vowed that he would never sign a bill as bad as that one. Jazzhands McFeels and others held on to the ray of hope that Trump would have another chance to get the border wall funding last September before the midterms. He signed that bill and didn’t get the border wall funding. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell then promised Trump that the fight for the border wall funding would begin after the midterms.

After the midterms, the Republican Senate refused to fund the border wall in the lame duck session. Trump moved forward with the government shutdown only to cave when Senate Republicans revolted and threatened to reopen the government. Trump signed a temporary spending bill and gave Congress three weeks to figure out a solution. It ended when Trump broke his promise not to sign another bill like last year’s Omnibus and signed the big spending bill amnesty, which doubled H-2B visas and once again banned him from building the border wall, a little over a week ago.

Now, here we are conceding the wall will never be built:

“Eight prototype designs for President Trump’s proposed border wall, erected between California and Mexico at a combined cost of millions of dollars, are going to be demolished to make way for a second barrier, the U.S. Department of Customs and Border Protection said.

Each prototype came with a price tag ranging from $300,000 to $500,000, for a total estimated cost of $2.4 to $4 million, the San Diego Tribune reported. Border Patrol Agent Theron Francisco added that the removal will require additional funding, which has already been set aside.

“There is money already allocated to either take them down or build infrastructure around them,” he said. “But the decision has been made at the national level to take them down, and the secondary replacement project will take their place.” …”

The border wall prototypes were an election year gimmick.

The same was true of the GOP campaign ads about Antifa, Trump’s saber rattling about social media censorship and his promise to end birthright citizenship. We said as much at the time too. Nothing came out of any of that and we never heard about it again after the midterms.

What has the Trump administration and the GOP actually done since the midterms? What has been the real agenda as opposed to the phony one of the last two campaigns? The bump stocks ban. Criminal justice reform. The anti-BDS bill. More Syria sanctions. $38 billion in foreign aid for Israel. The Senate passed an anti-lynching bill. White Nationalism was condemned by Congress a second time. Steve King was purged from committee assignments. “Fighting anti-Semitism” was declared a US national security interest. Trump reversed his position on the Syria withdrawal “to protect Israel.” Finally, the latest thing is John Bolton and Elliot Abrams trying to foment a coup in Venezuela.

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  1. Trump, though he is the quintessential “American” and avatar of “Americanism”, isn’t the problem. It is America itself. I’m actually glad the “alt right” is not interested in a Campaign for Partition:

    1. Convention of States
    2. Constitutional Amendment providing for secession
    3. Senate treaty ceding territory to the new nation
    4. Supreme Court ruling legalizing secession
    5. Invoking UN Treaty and right to self-determination (once the above reaches a critical mass)

    I’m glad the “alt right” is not interested in a campaign for Partition because they would discredit it and foul it up.

    The rest of us need to start repeating the Mantra for Partition.

    • I think the biggest stumbling block that most of the Right has with the idea of partition is that, for whatever reason, Southern Nationalists want to split off the chunk of the country with the majority of blacks in it and call it a White area.

    • They won’t let you have a partition. They want to exterminate you and yours. At this point, how can you not see that?

  2. So it turns out that NONE of those prototypes will be used, because there won’t be any wall.
    Instead it will be just more of the same shitty old ineffective border fencing that has been used for years. Take it or leave it, goyim.

    I feel like Trump violated me in my dirty parts.

  3. There can be no reform within the American system. Trump was the last gasp of white conservative America and he has betrayed his base and was never a serious player. Red states need to call a constitutional convention for a redress of grievances. If that does not work secede and form a traditional values Heartland Republic of America.The United States is terminal and will not live to see its Tricentennial.

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