Mike Pompeo: US Will “Take Action” In Support of Venezuelan Democracy

We’ve known for over a week now that the Trump administration was planning to incite the equivalent of the fake gas attacks in Syria in Venezuela this weekend:

“Caracas, Venezuela (CNN)Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro severed diplomatic relations with Colombia on Saturday as violence broke out along the two countries’ borders, where international aid intended for Venezuela is awaiting transport.

After opposition leader Juan Guaido named Saturday as the deadline for the aid to cross the border, Maduro vowed to stop the supplies from coming into the country, calling the plan part of a coup attempt.

These are the highlights from Saturday:

• At least five people were killed in clashes with Venezuelan security forces on Saturday, National Assembly Representative Adriana Pichardo told CNN, without giving further details. Pichardo, who supports Guaido, said 51 people were arrested. CNN cannot independently confirm the number of fatalities.

• The Colombian foreign minister said 285 people were hurt, with 37 requiring hospitalization, after the Venezuelan National Guard fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters near the Colombian border.

• Trucks carrying supplies were blocked at most spots, but two trucks carrying Brazilian humanitarian aid crossed into Venezuela on Saturday without incident, the office of communications for the Brazilian presidency said.

• At a rally in the capital of Caracas, Maduro said he was breaking relations with neighboring Colombia and threatened the United States with “the strength of the Venezuelan armed forces.”
• Opposition leader Guaido vowed Saturday night that “We will not stop until we see freedom in Venezuela.”

• US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attacked Maduro on Twitter, saying, “What kind of a sick tyrant stops food from getting to hungry people? The images of burning trucks filled with aid are sickening.”

I contemplated starting a live thread for the event last night.

No one is surprised that several people died in Venezuela today. This wasn’t a spontaneous event. It was a coordinated neocon propaganda show on the border with the Colombia. Russia has been warning that a US coup in Venezuela was in the works for weeks now.

We’ve been watching it build up to this point since January when the Trump administration announced that Juan Guaidó is the interim president of Venezuela. It is not like there was an election and Maduro lost and Guaidó won. Washington just decided to install Guaidó as president of Venezuela in the same way that it decided to overthrow Gadaffi in Libya and Assad in Syria.

In case you missed it, Elliot Abrams was hired as ‘special envoy’ to Venezuela. The Trump administration used its ‘national emergency’ powers to impose more sanctions on Venezuela’s oil industry. President Maduro went on Facebook Live to appeal to the American people to stop the planned coup. The Trump administration began to encourage the Venezuelan military to topple Maduro. Last week, President Trump gave a speech in Florida that was solely about regime change in Venezuela. The Trump administration has been steadily rolling this out for a month now.

Marco Rubio has tweeted hundreds of times about Venezuela:

Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are in agreement:

Kamala Harris is salivating at the possibility of more Venezuela refugees:

Bernie Sanders is on board:

John Bolton is giving ultimatums:

President Trump says that Venezuelans are “standing at the threshold of history, ready to reclaim their country”:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo goes so far as to say that the US will “take action” against those who oppose the restoration of democracy in Venezuela:

Vice President Mike Pence is meeting with Juan Guaidó on Monday:

Sen. Chris Murphy openly admits that regime change in Venezuela is coming and the means to do so is likely through the backdoor of the 1947 Rio Treaty:

Suddenly, all of Washington is for humanitarian relief in Venezuela, and none more so than noted humanitarians Elliot Abrams, John Bolton, Marco Rubio and Mike Pompeo. The same people who have been starving Venezuelans with crippling sanctions and preventing the Venezuelan government from feeding its people are now clamoring for a military intervention to topple the government:

What do you think?

I would say this is worse than the Iraq War propaganda or the fake gas attacks in Syria. They’re not even really trying to disguise what they are about to do in Venezuela.

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  1. They starved a million iraqis with sanctions, and then used that as a “humanitarian” justification for a war that killed another 1.5 million Iraqis. THEIR starvation sanctions were used as evidence that Saddam Hussein was evil and oppressing his people and had to be overthrown. They couldn’t just end the sanctions without going to war, of course.

    Now they pull that same shit with Venezuela.

  2. When zog starts their next illegal war against Iran in the Middle East it will need Venezuela’s oil to feed the war criminal’s death machines.

    Iran will launch missles against madrasah arabia’s oil fields and oil extraction and production infrastructure. Persia might be able to close the Strait of Hormuz for and extended period, so that will eliminate oil supertankers from leaving the Persian Gulf.

    American intervention in Venezuela has nothing to do with human rights abuses or violations, but about being needed as the globalists filling station.

  3. Mike Pompeo: ” What kind of sick tyrant keeps food from getting to starving people?”

    Answer: Abraham Lincoln

    • Lincoln, Wilson, FDR and Eisenhower were all monsters of the highest order. They served the volcano demon well.

  4. Kind of like destroying railroad infrastructure (trains and bridges) and then acting all surprised when you find starving prisoners in the camps that could not be supplied with food … making it easy to call them “death camps” add deflecting attention from your AF’s years of aerial terror bombing of civilian populations. The jew mind is eternal and completely evil.
    PS, excellent comments by Cowtown Rebel and Jijcf above.

  5. Trump is either being held captive by blackmail or some other means or he lied to us right from the get go. I’m more inclined to believe the latter rather than the former. In either case he’s totally useless and totally hostile to us.

  6. Muh (((Democracy))). Are americans really stupid enough to fall for this? I’m not sure they are. I can see a strong anti-war movement coming out of this. These wars need to stop and the troops need to come home.

  7. Is that “Pool Boy” making all those comments? For the life of me I don’t remember Trump promising to make war upon Venezuela or make the world safe for homosexuality when he ran as president! When I heard about this “spontaneous” demonstration three letters came to mind…C I A! What can I possibly add? If at first you don’t secede….We got Trumped! He has betrayed his base. Better a Coulter than a Trump any day! Hope she continues to rip him a new one!

  8. how come Maduro is not a hero? he is doing EXACTLY what the jews have done to gaza for 12 years. blocked food shipments saying there might be weapons hidden

  9. Maduro is an evil totalitarian. So are most people in the elites everywhere, including here. They’re about gaining and holding onto power at all costs. I don’t want to sacrifice one American life for the mess in Venezuela, or anywhere else. We’re just pawns in their sick, egomaniacal game. If charities can get food and medicine to those wretched people, wonderful. If not, the Venezuelans will have to do what we most likely will need to do in the future: fight for their survival.

  10. A broken stopped watch has the correct time twice a day. The Hugo Chavez and what followed government sucked/sucks – it’s a very anti White, anti White American Leftist government. Virtually the entire White/Middle class of Venezuela has left, now the mobs of lower class Mayan Indians is forming caravans to leave and go to White areas – there are still some in South America, but most will of course try to come here. The people in the USA bashing American intervention are the same old, same old Leftist that blame all the world’s problems on White Conservative Americans, American imperialism. When this American imperialism got highjacked by Zionists/Neo Conservatives in the Middle East, Serbia, Russia – yeah then it sucked and we should oppose the interventions – but we just look stupid joining same old, same old Leftist protests, plus these types don’t want anybody RACIST or anybody who voted for Trump. It’s just a show, virtue signaling and regular red State Americans end up supporting the interventions, imperialism just because they HATE the 60s type anti war Leftists.

    Just build the wall and end as much as possible bad non European immigration.

  11. People are making too many comments here following the Zionist denying “No Blood for Oil” meme. Japan doesn’t have any oil and manages never to jump in to these wars for Oil.

    We have more than enough oil in North Dakota.

    It’s a huge mistake to stop thinking and acting in a racial, national way and become obsessed with Globalists. The People that rule us are racial ethnic Jews and those who go with their agendas which includes replacing our poor and working class White Americans, flooding Europe with the worst Blacks, Arabs, Pakis etc. This all out invasion, with clear anti White genocidal designs and outcomes will not be lessened by anybody here joining Leftists to oppose American imperialism in Venezuela. OK

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