League of the South Holds Flash Rallies In Central Arkansas

The League of the South held two flash rallies this weekend in Arkansas.

The first was at Central High School in Little Rock which was famously desegregated by President Eisenhower in 1957. The second was thirty minutes south of Little Rock, AR. Both rallies were similar to recent League events in Selma, AL and Livingston and Newport, TN.

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  1. Hello, I believe I read somewhere that the reason The League is holding “Flash Rallies” is to avoid trouble. Which is a good idea!
    No body gets hurt. This should demonstrate to the Public who the real menace is.

  2. I’m not being negative or derogatory but what do these pop up rallies accomplish? I don’t get it, there is no one around to send the message too. No MSM coverage, nothing. So what was accomplished?

    • Every little pushback helps. Yes, it will be purposely ignored by the MSM, but a large percentage of people view alternative media in addition to the mainstream. As others have pointed out, it shows loud and clear that our people were not the cause of the violence at the high profile events in the past couple of years.

      Plus it’s a nice little “screw you” to our enemies and shows that while we are still here in this fight.

      Everything does not have to have a big obvious positive effect. Small wins count too.

  3. As the Globohomo media is anti-White, doing anything in a splashy way could only bring negative attention. It’s a waste of time to try to use normie media. The best option is to use targeted appeals that might wake up the Three Percent. They’re the ones who will be motivated enough to do something that builds a better society. Everyone else just wants to watch sitcoms and eat processed snacks.

  4. Thanks, Hunter. Appreciate the coverage. We handed out nearly 300 pieces of League literature to the good folks of Sheridan, Arkansas, on Saturday. It was well worth the time and trouble. The Central High operation was about optics and poking a stick in the Establishment’s eye.

  5. Good to see some action, I pray for the day Vinland and Dixie along with Cascadia and Quebec forges an American nationalist alliance like our European counterparts

  6. There should have been tens of thousands of White Southern patriots waving the Stars and Bars at those events. Do I have to leave my penthouse on top of the PAN AM building here in Midtown Manhattan and go down to Petticoat Junction to run things myself?

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