The Foundry #4: So You Wanna Be a Trucker?

The Foundry

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Tony and Matt cover Marco Rubio’s attempt to drag us into the diseased swamps of Latin America from which he emerged, the immediate, inevitable collapse of civilization, and then patch into the #YangGang. Afterwards, Tony interviews Matt on the dox-resistant profession of trucking, which may be right for YOU.

The State of California vs. William Planer

We are extremely thankful for the $2,200 you all helped raise for William after last week’s show. We’re confident that we’ll be able to meet the $5,000 he needs to lock in his attorneys by March 15th. If you’re not familiar with his case, and why he urgently needs your help, check out last week’s episode.

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  1. Matt and Tony,

    Enjoyed listening to your 4th podcast. Matt, you were speaking a trifle too fast for me catch your email address for submitting questions regarding the trucker life.

    Hope you get my questions via this comment section:

    1) Is there an age limit above which training academies or trucking companies reject applicants? I’m a 72 yo retired engineer in good health with no meds or disabilities, though I am hard of hearing in one ear.

    2) Is a spouse permitted to accompany a long-distance driver? During vacations my wife and I have taken many 5-or-6-week-long cross-country RV trips. I realize trucking is far more serious than pulling a travel trailer, but I have always been comfortable with long-distance driving and rarely, if ever, turn on the radio because I like silence and prefer not to be mentally distracted.

    Sincere Regards,
    Ivan Stone

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