President Trump Endorses Raising Legal Immigration In CPAC Speech

Yes, I agree it isn’t exactly what President Trump promised us in the 2016 campaign.

I’ve been reminded of that nearly every day for over two years. Fortunately, I wasn’t fooled in the 2018 midterms and I won’t be again in 2020 presidential election:

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    • I’d say “legally” is the way almost all Somalians got here. NONE of these people would be here — no matter U.S. foreign policy shenanigans- – if ‘our’ government didn’t WANT them here !!

    • We are already drowing in Third World drug dealers, terrorists and murderers, What the fuck is wrong with Trump?

  1. “As long as they come here legally” is the “conservative” justification for White Genocide.

  2. The only thing I wonder about is will Trump cry like a little bitch, when he loses in 2020. Anyone taking bets?

  3. The only solution going forward is partition. The flood will continue — in fact more people are crossing the border now then when Barrack Hussein was in office.

    If Trump couldn’t get it done no one will be able to. The interesting thing, and quite funny, is the new Democrats (negroes, mestizos, Moslems) are pushing out the Jews and Boomer tier Whites which pushed for open borders.

    The Democrat Party will very soon be exclusively colored and blatantly anti-White and anti-Jewish. Identity politics in full swing with Republicans being the party of the White Man. So a fracturing of the US is a certainty. States like Utah will remain White and as thins get worse White states may actually refuse entry to coloreds.

    Unfortunately the South will most likely fade into negroism. There are simply to many Negroes down there and their numbers are increasing. If Southern states become havens for fleeing negroes the area will resemble Haiti or Liberia with rampant crime and breathtaking poverty. It’s their nature, the negro simply isn’t capable of success in a social or cultural way.

    What will be interesting is how the mestizos out of Mexico will treat the negro. Mexico is a literal hell hole and they don’t care for the negroes.

    • Republicucks will never be the party for whites, Something else will have to be formed. And don’t count on the larger mass of white weaklings to keep browns out, either. A lot of blood would have to be spilled to erase the conditioning of sixty years.

    • I agree Ronnie 100%. Trump is as good as it gets. Its the last gasp of white conservatism. After him comes the storm. Red states need to secede and form their own Heartland Republic and go back to common sense legislation on immigration like the 1925 Immigration Act.

  4. Maybe it’s from South Africa whites and Europe.He’s not going to say from where because its racist.

  5. As I’ve said before, if he keeps making an ass of himself we’ll have to start calling him President Rump.

  6. “We will never be a socialist country.”
    “Thanks to Ivanka for crafting this wonderful new entitlement Family Leave Act.”
    “Im gonna be tough on crime and support law enforcement.”
    “I am signing the First Step act to release hordes of felons from prison.”
    “Gonna build a big beautiful wall that Mexico will pay for.”
    “There will be some new bollards along the border if I can find the funds.”
    “I will stand up for the Second Amendment without reservation.”
    “We have to ban these bumpstocks through executive action.”
    “Illegal immigration is a crisis.”
    “We need more cheap labor.”

    This guy is like watching a tennis match.

    The only thing Trump has going in 2020 is that the Dems are 100X more horrible.

  7. Why build a goddamn wall if the orange judas is just going to make these mud invaders legal? Did Hil LIE ary win and it was just kept a secret (until now)?

  8. “new immigrants will be needed to fill the jobs being created”….no kidding, are these newly created jobs so special that only (cheap) foreign labor can fill them ? …..US is ruled for the benefit of the corporations.

  9. Soft power is not working, goyim, so they must move forward with terrorizing, replacing, torturing and murdering us.

  10. This is exactly what I’ve been telling his cultists. They don’t seem to understand that he IS the Trojan horse. How long do expect to keep a Republic with a socialist citizenry? And he’s bringing them LEGALLY so that they can VOTE – unbelievable.

    • “Trump is buying us time.”
      “Republicans are the lesser of two evils.”
      “At least he isn’t Hillary!”
      “Our guy doesn’t have a chance, but the Republican does!”

      4 million more third worlders came in on Trump’s watch, and he’s wants to bring in a record number more. He didn’t buy us shit. We got 2 years older, are more outnumbered, and are still fast asleep.

  11. Build the Wall! Has been reduced to nothing more than just another empty, meaningless campaign slogan. But then again that’s all it ever was.

    The REAL unemployment rate in the US is around 18%, so the last thing this country needs is another 10 million unassimilable third world savages with no marketable skills putting even more of a strain on government services. Yet our hostile alien “elite” want them here just the same. There is apparently no upper limit to the number of invaders we are expected to accommodate.

    • What happens when automation negates the need for imported labor. Then you either have to deport them or give them a guaranteed income for life otherwise you have created a revolutionary situation in America lead by imported, and unemployed, immigrant labor. Good job U.S.! Way to think ahead!

  12. All those blackpill right wingers that warned us not to meme the orange kike into POTUS in 2015 should just round us all up in camps and gas us.


    • I agree. Have never felt so stupid for being happy when he won. In our defense, his campaign rhetoric, which he repeated for six months or so after being elected, was designed to trick us and worked. No more tricks, explicitly pro-White in speech and deed, or no support. If that means no support for any political figure, so be it.

      • I feel stupid because my gut knew it from the start i wrote a dozen threads on Daily Stormer back in 2015/16 about why we should take an alternate path to to the Trump train, his meeting with The Children Of Israel LLC confirmed my gut feeling but then i gave up because i was outnumbered so i jumped on the train.

        Being the only blackpilled 1 month after his inauguration was a lonely place to be.

        • I got off the Trump train in March 2017. Not once have I had any desire since then to get back on board.

      • That has to be the new policy going forward. We can only support people who come out of our own movement. No more support defectors from the mainstream, no matter how good of game they talk.
        We need to run a candidate in 2020 who is openly pro-white and part of our movement and build from there. We have to stop looking for short term influence in the GOP or conservatism.

      • Running an explicit Stop White Genocide Party against Conservatism Inc would be the ideal. If we can take a small number of votes away from them, they will have to steal our policies to remain relevant.

        If someone says we can take it all back, if only we behave and loyally support Republicans, they are grifters. The White majority is toast. All White countries were lost voting Conservative.

  13. What does it matter if it is done legally or illegally? It is replacement migration! White activists need to drop the term White Nationalist and embrace the term White Separatists or White Separatist Nationalists as we must separate from what is before we can possibly build what should be! Be on the lookout for a book called Whiteshift at you local bookstore. If deals with how whites can and should adjust to minority status and is hostile to the very idea of white Ethno-States. It does, however, contain a lot of charts and graphs.It was written by a professor who resides in British Columbia. Don’t you love how all the white advocates of diversity never live in racially diverse areas?

    • Real Southerners would have strung them up. They are not Southerners culturally, they are cultural Yankees.

      Why does a Copperhead defend Yankees? Yankee culture is the source of modern liberalism. The other liberal culture is the Midlands, which was founded by cowardly Quakers. If you don’t know what the Midlands is, read the book American Nations.

      • Here we go AGAIN! It’s not “Yankee” – it’s JEW. And JOOZ have been screwing over Southern Whites since the BEGINNING. Yet you blame “Yankees”. And those morons ARE Southerners. Are you paying any attention to what is happening, in the South, at all?

        Keep blaming “Yankees” – while jew rape every orifice you have.

        • The jews traditionally found in the South were Sephardic, madam. True, they are a bunch of sneaky North African and Near Eastern cut-throats but not quite as bad as the quasi-Mongolian Ashkenazim one finds in New York and Chicago.

        • This is where the Southerners are really dumb, they keep bibbling about Yankees rather than targeting the real villains, the jews. They overlook the fact that Irish Catholics in the North rioted for days to resist the draft during the Civil War. It’s time they just start thinking of themselves as “White”, rather than as Confederates. As for establishing a Confederacy again, they’ve got a surplus of chimps down there that may interfere with that notion.

        • The Yankee is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Yankee and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

      • I hope when you refer to Yankees you mean Northeasterners and not whites from the Midwest. Indiana and Iowa are obviously much different than New York and Massachusetts despite all being above the Mason Dixon line.

        • Yankees spread a long way East, their expansion was halted by a culture called the Midlands, who were founded by cowardly Quakers. Quakers thought all people are basically good. If you stole something from a Quaker, they would do nothing to stop you. When the Indians slaughtered huge numbers of Whites in their territory, the Quakers refused to moblize a military to help the White. I suspect Mitch McConnell is of Midlands culture.

          The only cultures I have admired so far in the book is Tidewater and Greater Appalachia. Tidewater for their ruthlessness and orderly society. GA for its berserker warrior culture.

          If the book is not telling lies about the Barbados slave lords, they were hedonists. The Midlands disgust me for their jelly spines. The Yankees are a strong culture, but their belief they are chosen to impose their radical values on the rest of the world, is what makes America hated internationally. New York is globo-homo. The Far West I have not read up to yet.

          • “Yankees spread a long way East”

            Oops! That should be West.

            More on New York: It was founded and run by a globalist Dutch trading company, and filled with multiple races and religions. Whites, blacks, jews, indians. They didn’t like each other but were expected to be tolerant, make money, and obey the law. The Jews were in New York within 5 years of the colony’s founding. When the Dutch governor tried to kick the Jews out, the company over ruled him because Jews were big investors. So New York has been a Jewish globalist corporate shithole from day one, and it hasn’t changed one bit. This explains Trump’s real values.

            The only reason the nations of America were put under one government, is they thought if they didn’t join them all together, they would all go to war against each other. So its no suprise the country has been a seething cauldron of political conflict ever since, wIth each of these nations trying to suppress all the rest.

            The USA cannot be fixed. It was an idiotic idea from the start.

  14. President Trump has been very lucky with his opponents. By advocating open borders, reparations, (after 8 years of Obama!) and the environmental totalitarianism that is the Green New Deal, the Democrat Party could almost be accused of intentionally throwing the 2020 election to The God Emperor.

    The choice for Right-thinking Men of the West has never been clearer and no amount of black pills shall blind us to our MAGA destiny of a Trumpslide in 2020!

  15. The Electoral College Compact is now an actual thing:

    Proponents set their sights on 2024, acknowledging that it can’t happen by 2020.

    I think people in normal states should be buying as many guns as possible, urging their friends and allies to as well. Work on fighting Red Flag laws while whites still have some power, but prepare for what seems inevitable.

    We need cops on our side so anyone with a clean record who’s looking for a job might consider applying as most precincts are hiring. Most organizing should probably be local and offline at this point.

    For everyone I’ve gratuitously offended who are good decent whites I offer my apologies. I truly feel like we’re on the very verge.

    God Save the South

    • The new CSA will need to incorporate northern Mexico and Cuba as well. You will also need Oklahoma and Missouri. At any rate you MUST secede from the Union. The FF’s saw this inevitability as far back as the 1780s.

  16. Look across the Pacific Ocean to Australia if you want to understand Trump.

    Australia is thought by many people to be “tough” on immigration.
    Not so.

    They make a big deal of keeping out the illegals, and this gives their so called conservative politicians (funnily enough called the Liberal Party) credibility with the typical white Aussie.

    Trouble is, all the while, those same “conservative” politicians are saturating the country with Africans and Asians of every conceivable stripe.

    For all we know Trump got his ideas from the Aussie playbook.

  17. Appalling

    I’ve never been one of those who parrots the “There is no difference between the two US parties” line. There are some fundamental differences between the two. But they are often equally bad on an issue, albeit for different reasons.

    The Democrats use deliberate demographic displacement as a political weapon and have been doing so since at least 1965. The roots of it go back farther of course. The idea of a replacement non-European proletariat with built in grievances goes back to at least Trotsky writing in the 1930s. The Republicans on the other hand are motivated by simple base greed in that they want to keep the flow of cheap labor for the their big business base.

    Like I said, equally bad but for different motives. We have no friends in either of the two main parties. It’s pretty damned demoralizing. I’m not sure what the solution is at this point…

    • Not attempting to incite violence (only ZOG and the jew-controlled press are allowed to do that) but I’m afraid no peaceful solution to this problem is going to be found, sir.

    • What you describe…it seems to me the Repubs are even worse. At least the Democrats have a goal for themselves in mind….long term political power. The Repubs are just greedy, shortsighted fools. Both paths lead to the extinction of whites, though.

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