The Rise of Yang Gang

If you have been wondering how the Alt-Right is going to respond to Trump’s laundry list of betrayals and the 2020 election cycle, the answer is becoming increasingly clear:

Pepe is back as the clown Honkler.

Having given up on conservatism due to the total failure of the Trump presidency, Honkler only cares about taxing Boomers to get his $1,000 a month of Yang Bucks. Patriotism is for idealistic suckers. The system is hopelessly corrupt and beyond reform. There aren’t any conservative politicians who give a damn about this country – all they care about is Israel – so it is best to get paid while burning the whole thing down. Literally nothing is lost because conservatives never win anyway.

I’m posting about this again because Trump’s collapse has opened a vacuum and this is the mindset that is rapidly filling it.

Note: There are no White conservative politicians in Congress who aren’t Israel cucks.

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  1. You’re really going to trigger the hardcore WN’s with the Yang poasting, Hunter.

    I feel as though a great weight has been lifted off of us. A two-hundred forty-three pound bag of orange shit. Yang/Omar 2020! Hail our people! Hail victory! Hail Honkler!

    • I don’t see why.

      None of them believe America is capable of being salvaged. None of them believe the system can be reformed. None of them are going to vote for Drumpf. Yang is an accelerationist candidate and getting paid $1,000 Yang Bucks a month is better than the shit we have now from the GOP

    • Zogg – you don’t understand “hardcore WN” at all. Yellowman does not trigger us. Jew Worshipping Race Traitors and Cryptos posing as Whites, and Zhids of course, trigger us. But after Bad Orangeman Kushner Sock Puppet – there’s nothing left to trigger. Yang is A-Ok. He rove us rong time….

      • I just want to live in a nation state/legal system apart from Jews and Muslims. Not sure how to deal with blacks but I like Farrakan’s idea of a black homeland and I would certainly support that. I really appreciate the Chinatowns here and in Europe for their often excellent grocery stores and restaurants. Most Hindus would seem to prefer to go back to India given better income opportunities which are probably coming under Modi. I don’t think they are a problem either.

        • Blacks absolutely need a separate state, and should be encouraged to go there. Any whites who wish to join them are welcome, if the blacks would take them. Jews and Muslimes simply need to be expelled.

  2. Left and right; two wings of the same jewish bird of pray. The political system is designed to always guarantee the same outcome, a congress and a white house filled with obedient zionist pets. It boggles the mind that people still believe what politicians tells them. “But..but this one will be different”. When will they learn…

  3. The majority of our people know that Democrats will never represent White People. It’s the political party of Gays and everybody but White People. However few realize that Republicans are just as bad. Our people stopped supporting Democrats many years ago. The same thing should happen now by no longer supporting Republicans. Trump was the last hope for the Republican Party. Now he officially supports increased legal immigration. All his talk on Illegal Immigration was the same talk as Bush other other Neoconservatives of the past. Nothing changed with Trump. It’s always been about Illegal Immigration but never race focused in the Republican Party. The Republicans are in love with Money. That’s all the Republicans care about. The Jews love money. That makes a perfect couple. The Jews and Republicans. Both hate the White Race. The Empire will never do anything about Illegal Immigration. The Republicans get rich off working Illegals for $2 an hour. However those same Illegal Immigrants will become hardcore Democratic Voters. That’s the end of the Republican majority. I really don’t care. The Republican Party should have been a relic of the past years ago. The South was ignorant in supporting Republicans back in the 1970s. The Democrats became the Black Power Party. However the Republicans have always been the party of Lincoln. Was always the party of Blacks before the 1960s. MLK was a Republican. We have no hope in that system. The straight party voting does nothing for White Survival. We should support candidates based on the issues. We should have our own Nationalists running. However those candidates will be deleted from the Democratic or Republican Party in terms of Elections. The 2 party system has a dictatorship control of the entire Election System. That makes it impossible for a Third Party candidate being elected President. It’s a bad situation for the White Race in the Yankee Empire. Deo Vindice !

    • George Washington, the greatest President, knew way back then that political parties should not be allowed. Can you imagine if all candidates were independent and were able to choose the issues they wanted to emphasize?

    • I wanna see Trump cry when he loses. Muh MAGA!

      My favorite meme is of a smirking NEET in bed, snuggled up in a blanket, with his thousand ZOG bucks. Outside the window of his bedroom in the distance, an A-bomb is going off. The caption for the picture is “Comfy”.

  4. So the same edgy, snarky shitlord millennials and their pet frog demon who memed Trump into the white House (to her them tell it) are no running off after yet another Pied Piper to lead the alt-right rats to their demise. And this one isn’t even huWhite, but a slanty-eyed gook. Of course you can believe what he says, now and when (if) he makes it to the former White House. Don’t think you might be setting yourself up for yet another disastrous disappointment. Incredible. How many times do you need to be burned before you learn your lesson? And to think these based millennials, who postured for so long as the Second Coming of the Third Reich, are willing to sell out for a lousy 1,000 yen.

  5. You know, the more I think about it, the more I see the logic in Yang. There will be no true savior in 2020. If I vote, it’s going to be for accelerationism…and so far, Yang is the only one on that front who looks like he’ll throw me a few bones while the world burns down. Why the hell not? Might as well take some pleasure where I can get it instead of getting lost in the gloom.

  6. Finally everyone is embracing accelerationism. I’m 2 years ahead of you fags.

    So far the only homos on the Yang yacht are the ones who actually really believe they will get $1000.

    I got a wall to sell you.

    • No one will get the Yang bucks.

      I’m supporting this because it is brilliant. After two years of Trump sycophancy, this sugar coated black pill was the straw that broke the back of Trumpism in our movement.

      • Yang wrote in 2018 on twitter the reasoning behind the $1000 is to “alleviate stress, decrease social and economic tensions, people will be less likely to lash out and respond to hateful ideas and messages”

        It’s a pacification pill. Not that any of this matters, we are getting $1000 a month satisfaction already watching MAGA burn.

        • Everything needs to accelerate.

          America is a rotten cesspit that needs to fall in order to save the rest of the White Race.

          And for said fall to occur, Conservatism must be extinguished.

  7. Accelerationism?

    Well as far as empire’s imploding, we have a few recent examples: the U.S.S.R. and the British. Now i’m not saying the British is an exact comparison of us because genetically, the we’ve had enough crowd left for the colonies awhile back, Britain is a great accelerationism experiment. So far it isn’t working out too well.

    As U.S. States go, accelerationism is occurring through default and is occurring much faster. In this model those affected negatively simply move to a more stable State.

    I suggest working on the State level through our political goals then engage in accelerationism on the national scale.

    We made a mistake in thinking Trump was going to fix things. We need to use our leadership(GOP/ZOG) on the national level as a retreating diversion while we fix our States. Then let the Free Shit Army have the White House.

  8. I don’t understand why people don’t believe in accelerationism after what happened under Obama. Conservatives went from voting McCain to voting for Trump in 8 years. Imagine if we had another 8 years of that kind of progress?

    • My family barely survived 8 years of Obama, financially speaking, great to see the “right wing” is ready to throw more white families under the bus again for NEET Bux. I’ve lived long enough to see every welfare scam comes out of my hide not the 1%. “Accelerationism” is code for white-niggerdom.

  9. I don’t have the time or energy for these kinds of games anymore and I’m surprised anyone does.

    Hope it works out for them though.

  10. Andrew Yang talks to some Asians over lunch here:

    He mentions White anxiety over White Minority and Alt-Right/WN agitators and says the country will break up in 30 years if someone like him doesn’t do something to stop it. The $1000 is to quiet Whites down while the process continues.

    When one Asian dude says White truckers don’t care about him, and he doesn’t care about White truckers, Yang responds with, Won’t you feel better if an Asian dude is President?

    Lets ask Andrew Yang if he would get upset if 100% Chinese Taiwan was flooded and force assimilated with negroes, whites, arabs, indians, etc. He’d be upset and would oppose it.

    Alt-Rights getting scammed again. Run and support a Pro White candidate, you lazy NEETS!

  11. Yang is fully aware of White demographic displacement and the possibility of “this country disintegrating as it becomes more diverse”

    Starts at 3:20

    But he is running to avoid that future and prevent the country from disintegrating.

    (But allow it to keep becoming more diverse)

    Doesn’t this mean he wants the opposite of what we want?

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