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  1. “As long as they come here legally” is capitalism’s justification of White Genocide.

  2. All the “Conservative Republicans” say is we don’t have Hillary Clinton in the White House. That’s like Top 5 most ignorant things a person can say in politics. Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Trump. What’s the difference? None of those Presidents really cared about White People. Deo Vindice !

    • And, of course, if you disparage their moronic ‘god-emperor’, you’re immediately going to vote for that Cortez spook or like ilk.

  3. The alt-right has been pitifully slow and weak in calling out Trump’s sellouts.

    I’m shocked at how many people are still defending Trump and trying to explain away his policy shifts.

    Our movement as whole has failed to teach our supporters to think critically and put white interests first. We encouraged ourselves into a mindless cult of personality. We followed snake oil salesmen in outr own movement who created an emotionally hysterical atmosphere where critical analysis was mocked as “helping the other side.”

    The alt-light seems to me to have been quicker to call Trump on his sell outs than the hardcore “fascist” types on the alt-right. Hopefully, our movement learn a lesson about how idiotic fascism is. Placing total, blind trust in leaders is at the foundation of fascist thought. It’s an idiotic idea that is totally wrong.

    We have to critically examine the troll-meme wave of alt-right culture than became prominent in the last five years.

    • I started grading Trump on this site from the moment he won the nomination.

      We were calling attention to his failures here as far back as December 2016. When he attacked Syria in April 2017, we broke with him and never supported him again after that. It wasn’t until the aftermath of the midterms that most of the Alt-Right began to break with him. The only holdouts left are those most committed to reforming conservatism like Fash the Nation and Daily Stormer.

      The meme brigade has moved on to Yang Gang.

    • “Placing total, blind trust in leaders is at the foundation of fascist thought.”
      Where did you learn this … (((higher education)))? (((independent research)))?

  4. This is a brilliant move by President Kushner! By moving the dregs of Beanerland to the US, Mexicostan will no longer have a 3rd world economy and their people will no longer have to come here for jobs! Ending the need for a border at all! And the money saved on the border will be spent on any pregnant single mom to sit at home catfishing on Tinder under Presidentress Ivankas Family Leave Act! 10d chess!

    MAGA = (More Anglos Getting Annihilated)

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