Andrew Yang Rejects Support From White Nationalists

$1,000 a month or mainstream conservatism? It focuses the mind like a laser:

“There’s no indication that the campaign has courted that support, and when reached by The Verge, Yang unequivocally rejected it. “I denounce and disavow hatred, bigotry, racism, white nationalism, anti-Semitism and the alt-right in all its many forms. Full stop,” Yang said in a statement. “For anyone with this agenda, we do not want your support. We do not want your votes. You are not welcome in this campaign.”

“As one of the first Asian American candidates for President in our history and the son of immigrants, I see racism and white nationalism as a threat to the core ideals of what it means to be an American,” Yang continued. “I have two young children who will grow up in this country. I know what that means.”

There are some people who are mad about this.

I’m not one of those people. Why on earth would I be mad about this? The GOP Congress has condemned White Nationalists at least three times since Charlottesville. If memory serves, I believe they have done it last week and at least twice so far this year alone. Donald Trump even said after the shooting in Pittsburgh that “those seeking the Jews destruction, we will seek their destruction.”

I’m under no illusions that Andrew Yang, an Asian Democrat running in a Democratic primary, is a White Nationalist or Alt-Right candidate. He is a Green Nationalist. He wants to give everyone $1,000 a month. I’m on board with that. And let me tell you, Green Nationalism is sounding a whole lot more attractive right now than four more years of cuckservatism.

I voted for Donald Trump because of immigration, trade, foreign policy and political correctness. I’ve watched him and graded him every day for over two years. He has failed across the board on all of those issues. He has also repeatedly shown that he is untrustworthy. What ever came of his promises to end birthright citizenship, social media censorship or Antifa violence? Does he not realize what a massive bait and switch it was to endorse RAISING legal immigration?

Now, I am thinking less about trying to reform the GOP and save America – the last two years has shown that Republicans are utterly unwilling to so much as even try to amend their legislative agenda to make it more populist – than what I can get out of the rotten system. I’m now going to vote on the basis on issues like bills, health care, student loan debt and the costs of education. That’s what I want to hear about. Everyone has those concerns, not just White Nationalists.

I don’t want to hear the 1,000th podcast about Robert Mueller or the 5,000th episode of Hannity about Peter Strzok. I don’t want to read or listen to anymore copes about how Trump can still turn this around or wildly unrealistic 4D Chess scenarios about how Trump is going to do this or that at some point in the future. In 2020, I want candidates to explain to me in clear, unambiguous language what they can do to improve the material standard of living of White Americans.

The GOP isn’t going to build the border wall. It isn’t even going to deport the illegal aliens that are already here. It isn’t going to do anything about cultural decay. It certainly isn’t going to end abortion. None of the social issues that conservatives run on are real. The only thing that matters is rewarding donors with the policies they wanted like tax cuts, deregulation, criminal justice reform, etc. Cuckservatism has nothing going for it.

I’m so over pretending that anyone in Republican politics or mainstream conservatism “shares my values.” Look around and you will find that the Trump entourage from top to bottom is nothing but uninspiring grifters with stale rhetoric: Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, Diamond and Silk, Mike Huckabee, Seb Gorka, etc. If you watched CPAC and still believe that any of these types are going to somehow turn the country around, I got a 30 foot Mexican border wall to sell you!

When the GOP is running in 2020 on “Democrats are the real anti-Semites” and “they’re gonna take away our cheeseburgers,” literal Burger Nationalism which went from being a meme last year into their actual messaging, it is best to just step aside and take the Yang bucks.

Note: I don’t even believe we will get those Yang bucks. I just think it is a better idea than anything that I saw at CPAC.

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  1. I have never had much success dealing with chinks. Not really worth the effort I think. They have their own country anyway we need ours.

  2. I think it should go without saying that any candidate that wants a shot would give a token “disavowal” of “white nationalism.” It is simply prudent. He probably couldn’t care less either way, so he figures “sure, yeah, they’re bad,” and just moves along.

  3. Well, at least the latest Great (Not) huWhite Hope crashed and burned before he could take anyone but edgy millennials from /pol with him.
    NOW can we start getting serious again?

  4. this dog-eater was/is no more our friend

    than Drumpf was/is.

    STOP VOTING!. Do…you…not…realize…that…every…time…you…vote


    on election day, go to the gun store…the shooting range…or learn some other post-collapse useful skill…bicycle repair, mushroom-hunting, literally anything is better than voting.

    unless you enjoy the punishment,


    • Yah, at this point the only thing that would send a message is massive nonparticipation, that would worry the ruling class a lot more than 120 million voters selecting between Tweedledum and Tweedledee…however, I think it would be worth seeing Yang go as far as possible, even winning the grand prize, not because we’re ever going to get our Yang bux, just like a wall on the southern border, the permanent government will veto anything it doesn’t want, but rather because Yang will get noggins joggin as relates to issues like automation and UBI. Otherwise, I agree, the best vote cast is none at all…

    • If we aren’t supposed to vote our way out of this situation, are you seriously suggesting that a revolution path would work? When has that path ever worked for the Right?

      Or are you that one Southern Nationalist that thinks the South actually could win a civil war this time around?

      I mean, hey, if it does work, it’s not like you’ll end up with 35 million nogs in your new country, right?

      • Because there are exactly two solutions only to any given problem, right?

        Voting like sheep and revolution aren’t the only two possible actions in this world. You can also withdraw from participation in a corrupt, hostile system while attempting to build private networks and local capital that could provide advantages for your people in the future.

  5. Will the FBI/DoJ issue a statement naming the candidates who are acceptable to them and therefore not going to be surveilled and investigated and subjected to a special counsel?

    I agree– screw voting. It’s a f***ing waste of time and contributes to the illusion of “consent of the governed.” I’m sure some illegal alien will cast a vote for me.

  6. It really tells a lot about USSA now that the only thing left that people seems to care about, is whether or not they will be handed 1000 bucks every month.

    Everything else, seems to be gone.

    • In a choice between a neoliberal and a neocon, I’d choose the one giving me free money, knowing that otherwise, their platform is just “do what Israel wants”.

      In reality, Yang won’t make it past the primaries, which means that voting for ANP or AFP or whichever minor party is probably a better use of the ballot than burning it.

  7. By the way, I’m all for abortion for nonwhites, they can do it all they want, with a monetary bonus to boot.

  8. I will only vote for a candidate who names the jew. No exceptions.


    • @Spahn – indeed. We are oersona non grata in our own lands. I don’t trust Slopes. They are soulless yellow insects. if Yang triggers the Trumpenzoids – all is well.

  9. It is clear that our greatest threat at this time is financial strangulation. “Woke capital” is our greatest enemy. If we do not solve the financial issues, then victories on any other fronts will be completely impossible. We will never be able to grow or build anything.

  10. We are supposed to be vanguardists. The system is entirely rigged and offers zero leeway for any type of vanguardism.

    We need to organize and advocate outside of it. Comment on it but don’t encourage people to identify with it.

  11. He wants to give everyone $1,000 a month. I’m on board with that. And let me tell you, Green Nationalism is sounding a whole lot more attractive right now than four more years of cuckservatism.

    Now, I am thinking less about trying to reform the GOP and save America […] than what I can get out of the rotten system.

    I see your disclaiming note, but nevertheless, the following bears saying, because too many are taking the above statements as if they were factual: there is no way, NO WAY, that any non-woke whites woud EVER get a penny of that $1000.

    Not a chance.

    Absolute guarantee that the money will be awarded to people based on their rank in the progressive stack, according to some sort of Chinese-style social-credit system.

    In other words, the $1,000 will end up being a type of reparations to minorities, and what’s more, whites will be taxed for it.

    No one can afford to be so naive as to believe that a single white nationalist, or even a single cuckservative white, will or would ever get a penny of UBI.

    • We’re busy amusing ourselves right now with how we are going to spend our Yang bucks. It’s basically just coping with a shitty situation that lots of people are finally accepting. I accepted it a long time ago

      • If you say so. My experience is that, precisely because the dissident Right is so hopeless, it will start believing clinging with almost religious fervor to the most illusory strains of hope, even if at first it does so only ironically. It was that way with Trump — for whom our support changed from being merely a lark to being full-throated sincere, and in whom we invested all of our hopes. And it could happen here too.

        Hopeless whites are ever looking for a savior figure, because the actual steps toward recovery are legitimately so formidable.

  12. For God Sake, Americans, just swallow that bloody black pill and accept that your electoral system has been compromised. You say that Trump has been untrustworthy. Expect this dog-eating chink to be just as untrustworthy. The (((banks))) have a means of disposing any president that won’t serve their agendas.

    His loyalty is to his slant-eyed race. It was only 2/3rds of Asians who voted for the party that portrayed itself for years as the anti-white male party. Nothing about voting for the free-gibs, pro-immigration party makes any rational sense for a race that has on average higher incomes and lower crime rates. Asians don’t vote rationally at the ballot box. They vote instinctively. These statistics eventually convinced me that Asians do not belong with white people. They should live with their own people in their own countries.

  13. Why the interest over Wang’s $1000?
    Iirc McGovern’s proposal to award $1000 to everyone was met with ridicule and helped doom his campaign. I guess things are vastly different in this country 47 years later…

  14. Whether the support is ironic or unironic, however it is intended, Yang Gang feels as flawed, phony and artificial as CPAC, MAGA, American Nationalism or black shirts, armbands and stahhelms.

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