Donald Trump Attacks Wacky Nut Job Ann Coulter

Drumpf is losing the crowd:

Good take:

Nick Fuentes won’t even defend him anymore:

Andrew Anglin has given up.

Is anyone but Jazzhands still on the Trump Train? I guess we will find out tomorrow.

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  1. “major sections of the wall are being built…”

    that would be the demo pieces that Trump threw up near San Diego back in his salad days as Prez: they’re just now being bulldozed down.

    “thousands are being caught…”. Last month alone, c. 70,000 illegal shitskins were caught…and released…along the Trump-vaporized “border” w Mexico. The true total, including those who walked across w/o being caught, would be tens of thousands higher. At the accelerated rate the Trump regime is punching legal and illegal shitskins into ‘Murka, Whites will be a minority in ‘Murka before 2030.

    given the disarray in the demoncrat pty and the warm embrace he’s now getting from the (((neo-conz)))/cucks/mainstream republiscams, Trump his calculated – maybe correctly – that he can remove his populist mask altogether and win in 2020 now matter how much he f**ks over the flyover country Whites who made him prez.

  2. This is beyond the pale. Listen up Trump! I would rather an Anne Counter in the White House any day than you and Jared and Ivanka. She has balls you do not! Your reelection is no longer in the hands of your base because you betrayed them on legal immigration. Instead if you do mange to get reelected it wont be on your own laurels but solely because the Democrats elected a psychotic liberal that nobody in red state America can agree with. That means they wont so much be voting for you are they will be voting against the Democrat option. So democrats if you are listening pick somebody politically sane if you want to win. Trump is a POS who turns on his supporters. No one did more than Coulter to help you get elected and she defended you among hordes of psychotic liberals.

  3. Ann hasn’t been saying much about Trump lately. She gave up on him. So I assume Alt-Right trolling #YangGang has rustled his jimmies, so he’s lashing out.

    One day he’s signing resolutions to condemn us, then calling for massive immigration. The next he spits the dummy when we stop supporting him. He’s the wacky nutjob. LOL

    • I would say she has been getting smarter over the years. She’d be better in the White House than the Orange mop-head.

      • This will be an unpolular thing to say today, but recently I have been getting the feeling Coulter is there to keep Whites like us hoping and voting Republican.

        Don’t forget Coulter is a blue blood Yankee. Recently she was retweeting pictures of blacks with the BLEXIT Republicans, saying they are the only non-Whites we owe. She has also been reminding everyone of her family’s anti-slavery pedigree.

        See what she just retweeted:

        The only reason America exists today, is because the Founders thought there would be a far worse war between the different nations of America, than they just had with the British Empire.

        Yankeedom/New Netherland/Midlands were the radical green haired SJWs of their day. Would anyone here willingly form a government with White SJW, if we could escape from them forever?

        Read the book American Nations, to see how a President Coulter would likely turn out. You have to look at the pedigre of Whites. Where they were born, the cultures they were raised up in/succeeded in, to see how they will behave when they get power.

        • Nothing wrong with an “anti-slavery pedigree”. Slavery was another huge blunder perpetrated by greedy and selfish whites and jews. Now we are all paying for it. Or would you rather defend the slave-sellers and buyers, and all the problems we now have because of them?

          • “Nothing wrong with an “anti-slavery pedigree””

            When Yankees use it to virtue signal that they aren’t racist it matters.

            When Yankees say Whites OWE blacks something after:

            1) We bought an entire country for them called Liberia, which they won’t go to.
            2) Support them at a cost of a million dollars for each of their lifespans.
            3) When they ruin our historic cities and have done so much violent crime against Whites.
            4) When it was African blacks that enslaved other blacks and sold them to traders. There is no record of a White man enslaving any blacks.
            5) We freed them when no other race in the history of the planet, has ever cared about slavery enough to free their slaves.

            “Slavery was another huge blunder perpetrated by greedy and selfish whites and jews”

            Honestly I did not like what I read of the Barbados Slavelords. They were hedonists, who owned so many slaves they were terrified of them. The South would have been better off if they had kept the slavelords out. But what could they do? People with huge wealth always run roughshod over little people. Southern Whites had no choice in the matter, any more than we were given a choice when it comes to mass immigration now.

            We owe blacks nothing but a free ride to Liberia. Coulter should stop publicly indulging in White Guilt. Knock it off!

          • I shouldn’t get peeved when Coulter follows her Yankee inclinations, any more than I should when Donald Trump puts Israel First and wants lots of foreign legal workers. Donald is from New York and globalism was its founding culture.

            All we can do is be aware that these cultures exist, and they don’t share the same ideas as to what makes America Great.

  4. Why doesn’t Ann address these issues?

    Two more counties in Colorado are declaring themselves Sanctuary Second counties.

    I strongly suggest that Southerners (and any other forward-thinking folks) make sure you and all your loved ones stock up before it becomes too hard to get a gun in the first place. Right now states like NC are allowing guns in homes without a permit, but the two least restrictive neighbor states, Tennessee and Alabama, might begin to fold under the pressure to over-regulate sales.

    Conceal carry permits supposedly require background checks in states like NC for ‘mental health’ even though there’s no due process or uniformity on a federal level for involuntary committals. Wearing a MAGA hat is apparently grounds for committal in several states, as is rejecting black men if you’re an anglo in various places.

    It’s that serious. Whites need to get armed and not take our beleaguered rights for granted. Look into fighting Red Flag laws. Get trained and educated in gun safety. Seems like most Southern gun owners are men and we need to change this.

    Trump was always a decoy and distraction. Ann needs to move on to the real revolution.

    • I think weapons useful for manning checkpoints are going to be the most critical. Not sure concealed permits are really going to matter.

      • I think white women especially need to be considering concealed carry permits or even just carrying without. Conditions are only getting more dangerous for us and there simply is no other viable productive option than making guns part of feminine survival strategy.

        Part of my motive to write this is that I myself struggle with gun think, as it were. We need to normalize gun awareness and acceptance in women.

        We also need to combat the internalization of misogyny that the US foments on women, as if carrying a gun is some form of aggression or an unfeminine act. I’m an X’er so it might be more of a struggle for me, but I’m not alone.

        I see anxiety issues in women (including the young ones and even teens) related to safety issues around where I live. A 16 year old can’t walk by herself without fear of abduction or rape, a middle aged woman can’t live alone without fear of invasion…it’s taking a tremendous toll and the solution is to start arming women so they don’t succumb to neurosis and paralysis.

    • I was, too. I glossed over the lie about using an EO on Day 1 to get rid of DACA, but when he bombed Syria I figured he was nothing but a lickspittle for israel. I admit I did pretty much close my mind to my original opinion of Trump as a first class asshole and clown, but the total vileness of hillary pretty much forced me to support him. I don’t care who’s running against him in 2020, I’ll never vote for him, or probably anyone, again.

  5. Pleasureman and his MPC orbiters are probably still playing 4D chess, but I’m not willing to pay $20 in order to find out for sure.

  6. More O/T but this is important:

    A senator in Iowa also revealed that she had been raped in college by a boyfriend and that her husband physically abused her.

    McSally says she endured multiple assaults yet refused to name any names or confirm whether they were still serving. She suggested no practical means to address the problem of rape in the military.

    I am highly skeptical of McSally, and of any woman claiming to have been raped (especially multiple times of even just assault) without having exhibited significant signs of trauma. My study of these phenomena revealed that real as opposed to false (not just degree) instances of sexual assault and rape usually involved some form of trauma – extreme anxiety and/or emotional problems, eating disorders or even temporary weight gain, unstable extreme behavior of various kinds.

    One criterion for adducing a claim as false was that the woman didn’t exhibit any of these signs of trauma, among others. There was a very high level of consistency for this.

    Something is seriously up that I haven’t quite figured out yet. But I think whites should be watching and cautiously and respectfully questioning seemingly illogical claims and possible agendas might be being served.

    McSally’s story sounds like bullshit; one alarm bell is this notion that a woman could endure multiple real assaults (or even a real and harder core rape) without having suffered enough to become derailed in such a stellar career. It’s the degree of her story that doesn’t quite convince me, since I did know women who were raped once as young adults whose lives weren’t disfigured majorly, even as they carried a certain pain from it.

    McSally pushes the limits of believability though. White women might be being nudged into accepting rape as not a big deal, ultimately, or shamed for suffering for it somehow, as we are the prime targets and most politically vulnerable to it. The ERA amendment may also be being promoted as a means of maintaining white women in some coalition with Diversity that long ago grew rancid.

  7. Haxo Angmark said “Trump his calculated – maybe correctly – that he can remove his populist mask altogether and win in 2020 now matter how much he f**ks over the flyover country Whites who made him prez.”

    Spot On. There’s no turning back – he’s discarded true Americans and has fully embraced the Deep State. The fact that he’s flat out lying about the wall being built is very telling. At this point all that matters to him is being accepted (or so he thinks) by the establishment and how he thinks he’ll appear in the history books (written by the elites).

    I wasn’t going to vote in 2020 at all but I think the best thing to do is vote for the Democratic candidate and help accelerate the destruction (get it over with).

  8. At this point it wouldn’t surprise me if Biden wins in 2020. Trump has accomplished absolutely nothing he said he was going to do.

    Immigration is higher now than under Obama. When the Democrats regain control they will flood the nation with fresh new Moslems, Guatemalans ect.

    And that will be game over. When Florida and Texas go blue, there will not be another Republican elected to the presidency. Nevada has flipped and Arizona will most likely be a solid blue state. Californians have migrated and brought their political ideology with them.

    Trump has turned out to be an embarrassment, the Left was right about him being a con man. He truly is a Semite in white skin.

  9. All Ann needs to do is run a half-hearted campaign take 1 million votes off Trump and she wins, we all win Trump will be toast. This was a planed attack on Coulter i’m guessing this is her plan and Trump has caught wind of it. She’s said nothing so far and is speaking at the Kravis center tomorrow.. could it be her announcement?

      • We’d get the same White Genocide policy as Trump, but the left wouldn’t be as amped up, they were fighting the second coming of Hitler. We’d still have free speech on social media, and access to banking services.

        The funny part is immigration was awful under Obama, but it is far worse under Trump. Obama also built more new wall than Trump.

        Trumptards thought they were voting for for the second coming of Hitler. What they got was Anti-racist Hitler. Clown world!

  10. N/T

    This article on the GSK in Ca has interesting info on both the complicity of police in various violent criminals and networks, especially sex crimes, and on how to defend yourself:

    Women living along (or anyone really but most importantly women) might note that criminals often case out a target home before striking. I have seen this happen in my neighborhood in the past year or so, we think an Uber driver surveilled a house down the street for robbery after taking the woman resident home one day.

    Article doesn’t say how GSK got into houses beforehand but it’s possible a skilled cop learned locksmith techniques.

    I don’t think nignogs are that sophisticated *generally* and they comprise most of the threat but it’s worth knowing how complexly some home invaders plan.

    Security systems that have cameras and video that can be checked, very good locks, window locks and guns in locked bedrooms are various measures to consider for anyone in questionable areas.

    Also whites need to get political and network locally, even clandestinely, with neighbors and even some cops where necessary.

    I’ve noticed italians make up more than their share of sadists, another thing to remember for white women. And another reason for zero tolerance of their Romanist ways. Always retain skepticism towards them, especially when/if they vie for public offices of any kind.

      • @Powell, Eric Striker is part Italian, as am I.

        As I’ve posted on several blogs and jewtube videos; anyone who incites animus between the European ethnicities is an tool of White Genocide, and should be treated as an accomplice to (((them))).

        • I couldn’t agree more, November Man. Not quite surprisingly, there is a massive anti-German propaganda in the Polish alternative media. Naive Catholics seem to have bought the lies spred by the priests in RCC that the Germans never have been true Christians. Neither are the Russians or Ukrainians true Christians, according to those “true Christians” in Poland, who have no idea that harping on what happened for seventy years ago is un-Christian.
          What surprises an expat living in Sweden like myself is that the same journalists/reporters/other pundits – and those who express their view in “patriotic comments”- blame the Jews for most evil, but are at the same time claiming that the German “polack-haters” collaborate with Jews – and the Kremlin- in order to take over Poland. The idea that dominates in all these media is that the western Europeans and Americans are “anti-polonists”. (Reminds me of the in Western Europe omnipresent phenomenon of antisemitisme, which you in real life seldom find by others than the migrants from MENA.) Schizophrenic indeed.

  11. I don’t see how Drimp can salvage his presidency. If he has even a shred of decency he will not seek another term.

  12. Presidentress Ivanka has grown weary of Queen Anns valid criticisms. This could mean President Kushner will issue a stand down order to the Border Patrol and give the undocumented highly desired oppressed indigenous migrant workers Space To Destroy. Baltimore Now! Baltimore Everywhere!

  13. Nah…”Jazzhands” is at his Time Share…so we get Moike and Marcus. They do a good enough job passing out the popcorn so we can sorta’ enjoy the inevitable Trump Train Wreck. Personally, I’d accept the pillpul of $1k/mo. over muh Burger Nationalism. It’s all a shitshow anyway…

  14. McSally’s high school track coach ‘sexually abused’ her:

    This was inappropriate and unprofessional behavior, maybe ‘abusive’ but MOST DEFINITELY NOT assault. She was 17 and she admits he didn’t use any force but instead emotionally manipulated her. Her father had died and she was needy.

    I just cannot listen to women collapse all these experiences and dimensions of sexual abuse into ‘rape’ and ‘assault’ without pointing out how dissimilar and un-analogous they are.

    I wonder if McSally was ‘raped’ by a superior officer or if she was consenting to some type of affair with him and maybe, just maybe, he pushed past no at some late point. Or dangled a promotion in front of her. Or something like that.

    I guess it seems apropos to put this stuff on an Ann Coulter thread since she hates other women, lol.

    Any survivor of actual forced assault and rape should take umbrage at the terminology being used. That said, women in the military may also have a higher tolerance for such behaviors so it’s not easy to categorically judge.

  15. I am proud to announce that i will never vote again until there is another option other than D vs R, that is openly pro white and pro nationalism…i guess that means i won’t be voting again in this lifetime.

    Who cares, what does it matter?
    What do “our guys” do when they are elected?
    They do nothing but bow to our effendi and israHell.
    Does anyone truly believe that there is a capable candidate that can actually produce anything while this rabid , zionist media machine exists?
    Or as long as jewish supremacists have the “right” to interfere with our election via lobbyism?

    I used to think that the jewish media pervert liars were controlled by and an arm of the democrat party.
    I have now come to the conclusion, based on actions and their own words, that the ZIO-media dominates both political parties and completely dictates the narrative of this nations social outlooks.

    These jew creeps definitely decide what “reality” is for most of us who are unable to think beyond what we see and hear and what we have been told is true.

  16. America is finished, no turning back.
    American white nationalists should be preparing to abandon the country and searching another place to settle. The time is coming to be a refugee.
    But to where would they go? Who would welcome them?
    I used to.think highly of American white “patriots” just until a year ago. I changed my mind. I have now no pity. I believe now the destruction of both US and Britain is esssential to European people’s survival. I think someone with a clear humble mind like Mr. Wallace is the exception.
    I don’t understand the arrogance, especially the arrogance of American females. Where that arrogance comes from? It’s ridiculous. They talk like a man. What they have to offer that is so valuable?
    It’s like the Britonic Boudicca, ludicrous ancient “warrior.”
    Where I live “rebel” women can be bought, and at a relative cheap price. If a woman separates herself from her family, from her protectors, I don’t understand why she should be treated like an equal.
    Like a negro,.their mental counterparts, know your place, or you’ll suffer the consequences. It’s a endless whining or “tough” talk to call the attention.
    Who would welcome this kind of crap mentality? A mentality that is encoded in their genes?

    I think now that by large americans are frivolous, uneducated, greedy, shallow, ignorant of history, ridiculously worship females and Jews and so on.
    But it’s funny to watch, no doubt.
    I’ll try to read a bit of a guy named “William Pierce,” I hope that it won’t be another disappointment.

  17. “I think now that by large americans are frivolous, uneducated, greedy, shallow, ignorant of history, ridiculously worship females and Jews and so on.”

    Don’t forget niggers. They also worship niggers.

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