Trump To RNC Donors: The Democrats Hate Jewish People

Look, I know this is getting repetitive.

Congress has condemned anti-Semitism three times this year. Ted Cruz is introducing a resolution to condemn anti-Semitism a fourth time next week. President Trump and all his surrogates also can’t seem to stop talking about socialism, infanticide and anti-Semitism:

“To prevent leaks from Trump’s Friday night Mar-a-Lago speech to RNC donors, security guards made attendees put their cellphones in magnetized pouches that they carried around like purses until they left the club.

So leakers had to rely on their memories. Trump entered to Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to Be an American,” then launched into one of his trademark stream-of-consciousness speeches, according to three people who were there. They said the crowd roared with laughter throughout.

Some of his remarks raised eyebrows.

1. Referring to the recent anti-Semitism controversies with Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, Trump told the donors: “The Democrats hate Jewish people.”

Trump said he didn’t understand how any Jew could vote for a Democrat these days. Trump talked about how much he’d done for Israel, noting his historic decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Trump said if he could run to be prime minister of Israel, he’d be at 98% in the polls, according to three sources who were there. …”

Drumpf was in Mar-a-Lago in Florida this evening.

He came out on stage to Lee Greenwood’s “Proud To Be an American.” Then he told a bunch of Republican donors that Democrats are the real anti-Semites and that if he ran for president of Israel he would win 98% of the vote because of all the things he has done for Jews.

Note: As you may have noticed, the MIGA movement has lost a lot of support lately. It’s a weird world when our favorite congressman is a Somalian refugee and our presidential pick is an Asian Democrat.

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  1. A big thread was started in April 2016 in the Politics section at SF, detailing the Trump family’s mob connections going back decades.

    It’s called
    Donald Trump Jews Israel Zionism Thread

    Read it and you will see that no one is blackmailing Trump. Jared and Ivanka are not controlling him either. Those are cope posts made by influencers who were fooled by him. What we are seeing is Trump without the scooby-doo mask.

    • As anyone else sick of that fucking boomer David Duke with his endless boomer cope shit like “Zio deep state hates you, why are you cucking?”

  2. Tax cuts! Gorsuch! Billions to Israel to build walls! Whats the problem? President Kushner delivered on all his promises!

    Adios America by Queen Ann has become prophetic. If this was a Hollyweird movie it would be titled Promises Made, Promises Broken. After 2020 the screenplay will be Democrats: The Revenge.

    How ugly can it get? Venezuela tier ugly.

  3. Hey Hunter,
    Enjoying your play by play coverage of Trump bowing to International Jewry. Someone needs to document this for us. Unfortunately, your documentation only helps those seeking truth, not those with their minds closed because of “Christian” Zionist ideology feed to them by evangelical preachers.
    Back when I was a Baptist, I came across a totally wacked out book called “How Satan Turned America Against God”. I never met the author, by knew someone who did. It basically posits that the USA exists only to serve Israel and Jews. I kid you not. You simply cannot get through to 70 IQ evangelicals who read this stuff.

  4. Gearing up for 2020: Who is more anti-Semitic than whom?
    Meanwhile, the country continues turning browner and only naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews talk about it.
    A homeland for Jews and all other non Whites = Absolutely
    A homeland for White people = Anti-Semitic

  5. “It’s a weird world when our favorite congressman is a Somalian refugee and our presidential pick is an Asian Democrat.”
    No, it’s a reminder that both of these anti-White demagogues can see reality more clearly, and speak of it more honestly, than most White people can or at least will dare to. It should remind us all that we have no friends or allies anywhere in the US government. We are on our own, and now maybe we can finally start working to solve our dire predicament without illusions or false hopes in fake messiahs.

  6. So far all of that conservative/orthodox/ultra orthodox mumbo jumbo hasn’t helped Trumpo any. If he’s lucky he will get 20% of the Jew vote. The Jews just don’t like or trust a blonde haired, blue eyed, WASP.

    • To be clear, Trump is not a ‘blonde haired, blue eyed, WASP.’ He was raised Lutheran I believe, and did not identify as WASP at ALL. Instead, his father allied with the jewish landlord kingpins of NYC.

      And Jew York City was/is the seat of anti-WASP in America. During the Civil Rights era, the jews fixated on the WASP’s as the sole villains who needed to be taken down as a means of disarming (to some extent) the germans and irish, the other two ethnicities most vulnerable to the new regime’s anti-white ‘progress.’

      I had a friend exactly Trump’s age who grew up in NYC (he died a few years ago). His parents were german immigrants. He told me the blacks and even jews regarded him as ‘ethnic’ and therefore ‘not guilty’ during the 1960’s when he got involved with some in the Vietnam War protesting.

      He didn’t see through the plot till the early 1980’s, when the jews officially declared the irish racist and ‘white’ at least outside NYC and the germans ‘genocidal nazis.’

      It just took the jews 25-30 years to get to the WASP’s brothers. Trump, however, never saw the WASP’s this way and was known to make anti-WASP comments at earlier stages in his career (I’ve read reports and am not surprised).

      It’s not that the uber elite WASP establishment of NYC that still existed in his youth was innocent. It’s that the vast majority of ‘WASP’s’ in America were, particularly compared to the jews.

  7. @Hunter

    Not you too!? It was a dog and pony show/bait and switch/failure theater on the part of the Democrats!

    “It’s a weird world when our favorite congressman is a Somalian refugee…”

    She didn’t risk one single thing stepping off that ledge. It was orchestrated by the Jews just to Target white people.

    1) Every single Democrat voted for H Resolution Combating Anti-Semitism, even Omar herself.
    2) Bernie came out right before the vote and said he supports Omar
    3) The news goes FULL “Democrats are anti-Semitic” theater when every single Democrat voted en Bloc for the bill
    4) Trump evokes “Democrats are against Israel” rhetoric showing his overlords planned this
    5) The law only specifically named White nationalists, maybe Omar even wrote parts of the Bill herself.
    6) The Jews tested the waters two months earlier with the Muslim schoolteacher in TX

    Conclusion, every “alt-right” leader has praised Omar for being “courageous” and risking a lot for doing this, but she didn’t risk a thing! She had pre-approval for her comments and the legislation was already written. Think about it. How many Muslims are there in Congress? Do you people REALLY think she would risk that plush job/opportunity to bring Islam stronger into America by standing up to the most aggressive and powerful leaders? No way!

    Please alt right call Omar out as a fraud and full of Anti-white hatred sponsoring and voting for this garbage.

    • @Professional: You obviously don’t know how Third Worlders like Rep. Omar think. Her opinions about jewish power and Zionism are routinely and openly expressed where she comes from.

      • @Spahn
        Yes I know this and allow it to count against my arguments. But if you draw up a list and tally points you really only have one or two points on the side of “Omar wasnt a Shill.” But on my side I have already offered 6 logical reasons why she was a Shill.

        Let me give you one more. The BDS movement was started by Jews against Israel. They, like Omar, are not truly against Jewish power and Jewish lobbies, however the result was an international conflict over the direction of the Jewish communities in Israel. Now to my point-Jews have shown us in the past three months that they can call themselves out, receive no reprimands, and still manage to use it against us.

        Or I could rephrase the point like this, Gal Gadot can get lauded by fox news for her BDS views (even though it’s technically illegal now), while Steve King says essentially “it’s ok to be white” and he loses hard. Now enter Omar into this equation, she says something not as strong as BDS but close enough and she gets support-no attacks, no lost position, no requisite apologies or Holocaust memorial trips show up on her planner.

  8. The thing about 98% of Israelis, except the Arab minority, voting for Blumpf is probably accurate. Even the “leftists” in Israel love Blumpf.

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