Is Yang Gang Accelerationist?

Nicholas R. Jeelvy writes:

“Sounds nice? It’s a nice dream, I’ll grant you. For what it’s worth, I think Yang is pure of heart and intention. But UBI doesn’t work, and even if it did, it wouldn’t do diddly squat for the plight of white America, nor would it save America as a nation, as Yang believes. That’s because there is no saving America. Also, his dreams of robot workers are nothing new. …

You’ll find lots of critiques of UBI and automated socialism in other places. That’s not the point of Yang’s campaign, really. The memes will play up this aspect, but I believe that at the heart of it, Yang-memers are actually repudiating Americanism. The usual suspects will probably kvetch about how UBI and automated socialism are bad and constitutes hamburger theft, how stuffing Bezos in his own locker is an assault on free markets, and how pantsing (((Zuckerberg))) in front of all the girls is not Who We Are – as well as anti-Semitic, of course. I can already picture the three-hour Molyneux harangue – complete with poorly-portrayed indignation – that wouldn’t pass muster in a tenth-grade production of Romeo and Juliet. What light from yonder grifter’s bald dome bounces? We know. We get it. We don’t care.

Essentially, memelord and Dissident Right support for Andrew Yang is about accelerationism, about helping this enterprising fellow put America and her global hegemony in the ground. Any Right-wing support for Yang will inevitably run into Alt Lite, conservative, and libertarian opposition. This is for the very simple reason that they serve a different god, which is to say they seek to protect a different thing, make a different friend-enemy distinction, and ultimately have allegiance to a different concept. …”

I’d love to take this guy on a tour of Alabama.

We could drive through the ruins of post-industrial Birmingham, Gadsden and Anniston because actually those factories ARE NOT being automated or shipped overseas. We could drive through the ruins of the Black Belt because actually the mechanization of agriculture HAS NOT displaced all the people who used to be sharecroppers. We could drive through the collapsing small towns with their boarded up downtown business districts and Dollar Generals because actually retail trade HAS NOT collapsed. We wouldn’t see the new automated kiosks and check out lines in Walmart or McDonald’s. I doubt we would run across the fleet of UPS trucks that are constantly delivering Amazon products around here.

It’s all scaremongering and the average White working class and White middle family having an extra $24,000 to spend a year, assuming Chairman Yang’s UBI was implemented, would have no impact on their lives whatsoever. Are you kidding me? Just wait until the word about this spreads. It’s already blazing through the most internet savvy portions of the Populist Right at lightning speed flipping 2016 MAGA voters.

Yang Gang is accelerationist in the sense that $1,000 a month or mainstream conservatism has the viral potential to destroy the Republican Party and conservatism in large swathes of rural White America. Why on earth would anyone in the rural Deep South or Appalachia or the Midwest vote for a Joe Biden over Chairman Yang? The only thing Biden has going for him is name recognition.

I’m going to go on record and say that I think a lot of people in mainstream politics are going to be more shocked in this cycle about the potency of this idea than was ever the case in the 2016 election. I can’t wait to see conservatives try to convince these folks that Drumpf and Kushner share their Christian values to the point where they would turn down $1,000 a month.

THOUSAND DOLLA A MONTH and GET DAT BAG is going to be nitroglycerin in the Democratic primaries. I could be wrong about this, but we shall see.

The GOP is going to rue the day it failed to build that measly $25 billion border wall.

Note: Can you imagine a Yang-style Democrat running against Rand “MUH CONSTITUTION” Paul for his Kentucky Senate seat? I can see the result.

If so-called Neo-Nazi white supremacists would vote for Yang bucks over mainstream conservatism, what would the average normie do? At least Drumpf has won over Glenn Beck though, right?

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  1. Well, a yang gang supporter slipped through and got on the Rush Limbaugh show today. He expressed his views, which are sentiments being expressed here on OD, and the host really didn’t understand the callers points in my opinion. I was amazed the the caller was able to mention Trump had abandoned the Whites. The GOP is going to be woefully unprepared for this turn of events.

    • It’s the fact that Whites are repudiating Conservatism and everything it has promised and failed to deliver on.

      Why listen to cucks preach Christianity (a horrible nasty consumerist version just for the record) when you can’t even conserve the anal cavities of your own children?

      Why listen to cucks preach free enterprise and capitalism when all we’ve gotten is Walmart and Amazon crushing small businesses and destroying town squares North and South?

      And why listen to these cuckold vermin preach “Murica First” when all that has happened is body bags in the desert, deposed leaders across the world, and extortion on nations that refuse to embrace the joys of gerbiling and prostate massaging?

      • That last phrase is GUARANTEED to sink each and every “Yeah, but Yang said this and doesn’t support that” argument. Fuck the USA, just gimme muh $1000 Yangbucks. I’m only in it for the money now, just like everyone else.

  2. Yang just gave me a really sweet idea!

    The closer you are to the founding stock of the United States, the more money you should get. So each generation closer to the founding stock, you get $1000 per month extra.

    To fund it, I would charge all the non-Whites that demand their right to live near White people.

    So if you are a non-White illegal/legal immigrant like Yang, that demands to live in the USA, you must pay $1000 per month minumum in rent, for all that sweet White Privilege goodness. And if you want to live in a White neighborhood, you must pay a multiple of that $1000 dollars, depending on how White the neighborhood is. The Whiter the neighborhood, the more you must pay on an exponential scale.

    They will happily pay, because every non-White knows that just being in the vicinty of a White person, is like having your own personal oil well. This has nothing to do with “racism”, this is just good business! We are offering our services to the entire world!

    All the colored folk demand their right to White people. Isn’t it time we charged for it?

  3. allow me a moment of sheer empiricism:

    the $1,000/month UBI has just had a year-long beta-test in Finland:

    it’s now been canceled, because

    prices vaulted upward and ate up all the funnymoney.

    • but now that I’ve worked through the numbers,

      let’s do it, because

      the blast of resultant hyperinflation might crash the whole (((system))) right quick:

      let’s say 100,000,000 X $1,000 payments go out each month, = $100,000,000,000/month,

      or 1.2 $trillion$ additional Jewbux/year pumped into the ponzi’conomy

      all of which would be funnymoney since (((they))) are already racking up monster deficits.

      yeah, let’s do it!

      • EBT is billion$/year not trillions. And REAL current consumer price inflation (not bogus index) is c. 10%.

        also, there’s an inflection point where 10% jumps to 100%, and then goes asymptotic. I just DK where it is.

        • So you support socialism for blacks and free markets for whites?

          That’s Trumpian.

  4. If Yang actually became President, here’s what will probably happen: 1) there will be more Chinese immigrants, and no decrease in other immigrants; and 2) the $1,000/month for everyone either becomes as real as Trump’s wall, or it’s means-tested in a way that excludes most whites including all of us.

  5. Yes; structural change has occurred. Old sectors decline. And yet, Alabama, relative to the rest of the country, is substantially richer than it was in 1969. Its unemployment rate is at 3.8%, the lowest that has been recorded for that state since WWII. How much has that helped? What, exactly, are you aiming for?

    “It’s all scaremongering and the average White working class and White middle family having an extra $24,000 to spend a year”

    …and White non-working class. And Black working class. And Black non-working class…

    The money always comes from somewhere. And I’d prefer it not be me, or future me. The people of Alabama did not vote for Goldwater for nothing.

    You are, of course, correct that Yang is precisely the sort of candidate to surprise observers in how competitive he is. The debate over this idea will be huge, both within the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. I do cheer every time I see him rise in polls, because at least he’s self-aware and, being financially independent, a genuine challenge to the corrupt and decadent party establishment.

    • 1.) Yes, the State of Alabama is richer and GDP has risen by a significant amount since 1969. What is this measuring though? Who owns that wealth? Drive around and take a look.

      2.) The money has to come from somewhere. The GOP didn’t give two f**ks where the money was going to come for to pay for tax cuts for its donors. Trump literally said he doesn’t care because he won’t be president

      • The wealth is concentrated in a few suburban communities while the rest struggle to make ends meet from day to day – and note that an $8/hr cashier job at Dollar General counts as “employment.”

      • “pithom” has the typical petty bourgeois mentality. Money to feed poor white people? How dare the commies spend mah money on ’em lazy freeloaders! Tax cuts for rich Jews? BASED! They are the hard-working productive job creators that make ‘Murika great!

        • I have never thought inequality to be a problem per se. My question is who uses that inequality and how do their preferences affect society. My preferred solution to that has always been to change or regulate the people using that inequality, not to remove the inequality itself. WaPo needs regulation, for instance. Bezos does not need to be taxed to oblivion just for being as rich as he is. He might need to have his wealth expropriated for other reasons, though.

      • “What is this measuring though? Who owns that wealth?”

        That is a genuinely complicated question. The simplest way of answering that would simply be measuring the percentage of households owning common household goods, such as automobiles, washing machines, televisions, smartphones, etc. and measuring things like the distribution of running water usage, electricity usage, international vacations taken, house size, etc. The biggest progress in almost all these areas took place between the 1930s and 1970s. Since then, measuring progress has been a lot less clear and more incremental. Measuring the quality of healthcare services is far from obvious and the expansion of education services has probably been a negative-sum game. Since 2011, the pace of progress in areas such as this has been the slowest since the late 18th century.

        “Trump literally said he doesn’t care because he won’t be president”

        True. I’ll probably still be around in America for the coming few decades, though.

    • Alabama voted for Goldwater because of the civil rights act, not because they had any love for Jewbertarianism.

  6. Too bad he’s not offering virgin sex slaves from the orient for all the incels whining online over at reddit

  7. Daily Stormer has totally gone Black Pill on Trump, and now has total Anime/Yang -Gang fever. Good ruck with that!

  8. the memes are funny. that’s about it. the rest of the discussion is stupid non-serious nonsense. which ironically is what hunter accuses all his political peers of.

  9. It’s self-mockery to talk about a $1000.00 a month UBI in an unironic way because he isn’t going to win, or affect the national conversation. And even if he did win, any legislation he submitted to Congress would be quickly chewed up and spit out by corporatist Democrats and Republicans.

    So $1000.00 a month = We’re going to build a wall.

  10. If unironic is really what it is, it is frustrating to watch people line up behind this transparenly obvious, threadbare, ASTRO-TURFED, inorganic, phony and artificial Yang campaign sponsored at the top by God only knows who. I don’t know if it’s a clever play by Yang himself, Russians, US deep state elements, Democratic party operatives looking to sow discord on the right while siphoning support from serious left populists like Sanders and Warren or just old-fashioned trolls. But it’s not real, not in White American interests, and getting behind it is unwise to put it mildly.

    • How so?

      1.) Yang wants to regulate social media companies as public utilities. Trump doesn’t because of free market ideology

      2.) Yang wants to give everyone over 18 a $1,000 a month. Blacks already get those benefits. It is the White majority who would benefit the most

      3.) Yang wants campaign finance reform by giving everyone $100 to donate to the candidate of their choice. This would also benefit the cash poor populist Right the most

  11. I’d gladly take that tour of Alabama, bro. Chiefly because I’m too broke to afford vacations anymore, since my country was economically ravaged by the same forces that made rural Alabama what it is.

    But on to the issue at hand: the US and the west in general are suffering from human capital degeneration. This is for the simple reason that modern industrial economies have no place for people with IQs below 95, 100 or thereabout somewhere. This presents a problem because optimum efficiency for the economy means firing everybody and we have data on what happens when you go for optimum efficiency – the enclosure movements in 16th century England brought maximum return on arable land, but produced rowing gangs of able-bodied young men who went around the country engaging in crime and begging. So, we give ’em money (UBI) and now they have money, but their hands are idle – so they start shit or just destroy themselves with booze, drugs and other degenerate hobbies out of sheer boredom and purposelessness. Idle hands do the devil’s work.

    Personally, I prefer the autarkic solution – sacrifice our standard of living by limiting foreign trade to what is absolutely necessary and thereby attain employment for our young men, as well as ban certain labor-saving technology. Also, institute some eugenic program to hopefully end the reliance on make-work at some point in the future.

    UBI ultimately plays into our hands however. Imagine all those NEETs with a bunch of free money and dying of boredom – we swoop in with tales of valor, heroism and a nice, white country and hey presto. Chairman Yang just gave us an army.

    • America isn’t running a 900 Billion dollar deficit(new record under trump I believe) because we simply automated the jobs. Our trade deficit would be zero were that the case. But whatever anyone thinks the cause is, or is even part of the cause, the economy has stopped working for the average American, and I’d rather have politicians talking about that than not talking about it.

  12. 2016 “I believe he’ll give us a wall and deport them all”
    2020 “Yeah he wants to grab guns and grant amnesty, but I believe he’ll give us $1,000 no questions asked.”

    smdh. We are post politics, stop spinning wheels.

  13. Instead of all this 5D memeing, why don’t nationalists in America make their own political party and support that like nationalists in every single other country do?

    It’s really strange how Americans don’t seem interested in doing that.

    • @AOBTL: For the past several years I have been advocating for the establishment of an American National Socialist Workers Reichspartei, or ANSWR for short. My party’s platform calls for the creation of a North American Reich that streatches from Baja California to Alaska ( we get rid of Hawaii and give it to the Japs). It would be divided into three parts: Canada, the Union and the Confederacy. Three regional capitals and one super-capital called Rockwell City. I even have the flags and uniforms already designed. The only thing that’s missing is a catchy national anthem. I was thinking maybe something by Boz Scaggs or KC and the Sunshine Band?

  14. “is yang gang accelerationist”

    it’s a banking mafia scam (it might be accelerationist by accident but it’s designed to be the opposite)

    the root economic problem is cheap labor is destroying demand

    (what the elites have been doing since 1965 is the equivalent of replacing full-time $40K jobs with two part-time $18K jobs. this leads to more profit in the short term but a drop in demand in the longer term)

    UBI is an attempt by the banking mafia to inject some demand into the economy to keep it limping along for a few more years before they move to China and let the USA collapse.

    i understand people wanting to meme against Trump and wanting to support the chaos candidate but Yang isn’t the chaos candidate – we want the Democrats to pick the most anti-white candidate.

    (however there’s a bunch of ways it might be accelerationist by accident)

  15. I’m beginning to see an advantage to this Yang Gangbanging. Shelling out all that extra currency debases its’ value, plus expanding gov’t programs and control spells maximum overreach for this multiculti imperium. Centralized authority, while pervasive, becomes so bloated, weak and enervated (due to overextension) that it soon is as meaningless as was the late Western Roman Empire. It would be easier to assert one’s identity, like what the French and Germanic tribes did, and carve out new “tribal” areas. Thanks to computerization, the empire bux would keep rolling in to sustain the peasantry. Through the magic power of connection under the currency, it would be easy for (((TPTB))) to maintain the façade that the Murican empire was still intact and powerful.

    History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes, so the saying goes. And to me, this phase seems awfully close to a period of imperial implosion. With the possibility of a cushy landing for those that keep their heads.

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