Trump Releases Record $4.75 Trillion 2020 Budget

Drumpf has sent another dead letter budget to Capitol Hill:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump sent Congress on Monday a record $4.75 trillion budget request that proposes an increase in military spending and sharp cuts to domestic programs like education and environmental protection for the 2020 fiscal year.

Mr. Trump’s budget, the largest in federal history, includes a nearly 5 percent increase in military spending — which is more than the Pentagon had asked for — and an additional $8.6 billion for construction of a border wall with Mexico. And it contains what White House officials called a total of $1.9 trillion in cost savings from mandatory safety net programs, like Medicaid and Medicare.

The budget is unlikely to have much impact on actual spending levels, which are controlled by Congress. Democratic leaders in both the House and Senate pronounced the budget dead on arrival on Sunday, and Mr. Trump’s budgets largely failed to gain traction in previous years, when fellow Republicans controlled both chambers.” …

What’s in the budget?

More of the same old conservatism. What’s that?

– $750 billion in military spending on Boomer Toys, a $38 billion increase over FY 2019, which includes a $9 billion increase for “Overseas Contingency Operations,” i.e., a war chest for John Bolton’s stupid wars and/or indefinite occupations in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, etc.

– A purely symbolic request for $8.6 billion for the Drumpf Wall. We all know he will get nothing but chump change for it from the GOP Congress, but he has to request it anyway.

– A whopping $1.9 trillion in cuts to entitlement programs like Medicaid and Medicare. Nothing is more “populist” than cutting the forgotten man’s health care in West Virginia.

Mick Mulvaney’s FY 2019 budget also included huge cuts in entitlement programs to pay for increased military spending. It included a proposal to cut the student debt loan forgiveness program. Conservatives believe we need to tighten our belts to pay for more welfare for Israel.

This won’t go anywhere like the proposed 2019 budget, but it does tell you a lot about the mindset of these people. The request for the $8.6 billion in imaginary border wall funding is in there solely to distract from what the GOP really wants to do with federal spending.

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  1. So “the movement” is calling for an Asian Democrat pushing universal basic income, or, as Anglin recently called for, a devastating nuclear attack on America?

    Both versions of “accelerationism”?

    Why not man up, grow up and srart working on Partition?

    You mean to tell me that the next 21 months is going to be filled with childish BS, and then when the GOP gets savaged in 2020, THEN we might possibly consider Partition?


    • here’s news, midwit:

      the (((parasite))) will not release the Host.

      there has to be (((system)))-collapse, then

      hot civil war/race war.

      it’s the only way. We

      win all or lose all.

      I’ll make it even simpler for ‘ya:

      the Jews will not permit any

      White bantustans. (((They)))

      intend to kill us.

      all of us.

  2. “Racial populism” is a viable way forward. But the package of issues for Europeans hasn’t yet been laid out by anyone. Universal basic income is taking a little from TPTB, but not a self-defense program that stops or retards their progress against us. We can be lashed out against by either party at any time.

  3. Lets see…$22 trillion dollars at $1000 dollars per second pay back rate equals… just under 700 years to repay our current federal debt excluding interest growth and unfunded liabilities like pensions. Its $73 trillion dollars when you add in household, business, state, municipal, and financial debt to the mix. So I guess the rationale is to continue to pile on as its pointless to address it. Makes sense to Boomers, they won’t be here to live in the hole they created, thank goodness.

  4. That’s all Republicans care about. Spending money on the military and fighting stupid Wars for Israel. That shows when he’s even cutting Medicaid and Medicare. What’s next? The Jew Republicans invent Social Security in the Stock Market? All so the Jew can bankrupt Social Security in a day in the Jew Stock Market. I said Jew a bunch of times. That’s because Donald Trump runs this country like a Greedy Jew. We know Jews or Trump don’t care much for Senior Citizens and the White Working Class. Deo Vindice !

  5. The GOP needs to be destroyed. Unfortunately, influence operatives were quite successful in diverting the alt right energy of 2016-2017 into Republican boosterism under the guise of “American nationalism.” What started as a mass revolt against cuckservativism and the establishment became “the GOP is the white man’s party” and “vote down ticket Republican” under the sage advice of paid Republican astroturf operatives such as Rabbi weev, jazzhands mcfeels, and Douglass “Ricky Vaughn” Mackey.

  6. As long as the cash keeps flowing to Israel, bumpstocks are banned, felons are released, and McDs is open with some smelly groids handing slop out the window, all is well in the Northern Province Of Mexico. At least we know we are free!

  7. “A whopping $1.9 trillion in cuts to entitlement programs like Medicaid and Medicare.”

    Talk about a crown jewel they are handing to the Democrats for 2020. If the Democrats don’t put this in their campaign ads they are retards. Imagine throwing this up to Trump at the 2020 debates – lmao. Trump would stand there like a deer in headlights.

  8. Trump declared a National Emergency. I thought that meant that he was going to send in the army Corps of Engineers to build The Wall and the money for The Wall was going to come out of The Pentagon’s military budget. What happened to that plan? What’s the point of declaring a National Emergency if you do nothing after you declare a National Emergency?

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