National Review: Rise of The Pink Hats

It begins.

We have the first National Review article acknowledging the rise of Chairman Yang and the #YangGang and attempting to downplay its significance:

“In every meme there is a kernel of truth. And so it is with “NEETbux.” The meme, born on 4chan, is a portmanteau of money — “bucks” — that is paid out by the government, one’s parents, or an inheritance, to NEETs (an acronym coined 20 years ago by the U.K.’s aptly named Social Exclusion Task Force to refer to people Not in Employment, Education, or Training). To say you receive NEETbux is to lord that fact over people who work for a living, to put a positive spin on what is usually considered an embarrassing admission.

The truth at the heart of this meme is that the U.S., with its structural economic problems and its growing population of social outcasts, pays out NEETbux to a number of people that is large enough to give rise to the depressing term. Disability checks paid to the 30-year-old Battlefield V veteran with social anxiety are NEETbux. So too is the allowance paid to the high-school dropout who can’t be bothered to wake up in the morning, or whose job was automated away. And so too is presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s signature proposal to pay every citizen a $1,000 monthly universal basic income. …

I’ll defer to other commentators. But one truth Yang’s candidacy will cement is that while the cultural influence of the meme class may be disproportionately high, the ability of anonymous message-board users — whom credulous journalists credited with helping put Donald Trump in office and to whom Hillary Clinton dedicated an entire bewildering speech during her presidential campaign — to affect the vote count has been overstated.”

Just a bunch of 4chan memelords and NEET losers.

This isn’t going to go anywhere, right? It’s just a meme, right? These people aren’t furious with us for buying the Trump presidency after losing the 2016 primary, right? They certainly are not angry and disaffected enough to vote for Yang over Trump, right?

2016 seems like a distant memory. Do you remember all those people who gave us so much trouble in the Republican primaries? They all disappeared after Charlottesville, right? The problem has been solved by “tethering” populism to the conservative policy agenda, right?

Note: What if there was a candidate who could unite the upper left hand corner of the political spectrum? $1,000 bucks a month and everyone chills for a few years?

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  1. “$1,000 bucks a month and everyone chills for a few years?”
    You really have lost it. Who’s going to chill? The Left? The Democrats? Jews? They will keep marching on with or without any government handout/bribe.
    It looks to me that the (((Democrats))) can also play 4D chess. I think this is a ploy devised to lure Trump’s disaffected White base into voting for the very people who plan our destruction. The 1000 is the cheese in the mouse trap. Don’t bite!

      • Student loan mitigation/forgiveness will peel off the (((educated))) millennials. Add anti-war and peace activism to the mix and you might have an electoral majority forming.

    • Right now, you have thousands of angry commies and anarchists raging about how the government isn’t giving them free shit.

      What do they do the moment they get $1000/m of free shit?

      Answer: go back to drinking their pumpkin spice lattes at their parents’ houses.

      But hey, if you’d rather just not vote and watch, at best, Joe Biden win and send you off to die fighting Israel’s enemies without getting paid $1000/m, go right ahead.

  2. Why complain? The Trump White House just sent me their “1600 Daily,” which told me all about “The Blue-Collar Trump Boom!” You proles are such ingrates. There was a 1.9% wage increase rate and everything.

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