Andrew Yang on The Declining White Majority

$1,000 or mainstream conservatism?

Pretty funny.

Clearly, Andrew Yang knows little about the nuances of the Dissident Right. Generally speaking, the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese are admired by White Nationalists. They don’t arouse anywhere near the same resentment as Jews because they are perceived as entrepreneuers.

Jews are perceived as a hostile elite. They are disliked for nursing their massive historical grudge against White Christians. Hispanics are perceived as just a horde of poor people invading the country which Trump was elected to stop. Blacks are perceived as a criminal underclass.

It’s true that nationalists dislike the export of jobs to Asia. They don’t blame Asians for that though. They blame their own stupid leaders for the globalist trade policies. The Japanese and Chinese were smart to take advantage of free trade to get rich and invest in infrastructure. They were even smarter to remain ethnically homogeneous and avoid wars while getting wealthy.

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  1. Pretty straighforward talk about the race angle, about the worries of the Chinese-Americans. He feels free to talk about and promote their specific, ethnically defined, interests. Just as the all other groups do….except whites, that is. It is getting maddening.

    • It irritated me no end when Trump did the same thing after he was elected. I assume the establishment do it deliberately, to troll the White suckers that keep voting them back in.

      “You mad bro? You mad?”

      • What is needed is an white-“Yang”, somebody who will advocate explicitly for the interests of the whites, no matter how small his following will be initially. No more indirect talk. The goal should be legitimizing the white-Americans as a political nation and abandoning the idea of “one state one nation”, the American nation, but instead pushing for the concept of US as a multi-national state, a state where politics is done by negotiations and compromises between its ethnic-racial “national groups” (nations).

        • I’ll keep saying this until you cucks get it:

          the Jews will permit no White bantustans.

          (((they))) intend to kill us.

          all of us.

          and we cannot stop them by “voting”

          or any other kind of normal politics.

          • Well, then go be Robert Bowers and see how well that works for the Right or for Whites as a whole…

            Hint: it doesn’t. Violent revolution has never really worked for the Right. But hey, maybe Hitler and the Confederacy were just “cucking” when they both lost that way. (Yes, I know it worked for Franco, but he created a statethat worked only for the corporate elite).

  2. Isn’t there a minor war of sorts going on between Jews and Asians over university admission places? From what I understand if affirmative action laws limiting Asian places were removed, the Asians would squeeze the Jews out.

  3. You know,for a moment I thought I’d arrived at the DS by mistake. Imagine my relief…

  4. The people in the alt-right who have shown terrible judgement in the past are the ones pushing this Yang stuff. Literally the same people who were downplaying Trump’s various sell outs until two weeks ago.
    Why do silly meme politics at all? Is this what nationalists in Europe do?

    • Which people in the Alt Right that showed bad judgement? We basically all have.

      The people that supported Matt Heimbach… yeah they dun goofed.

      ” ” ” …. suported Wanglin…. yeah they got (((Weev))) along with the deal.

      ” ” ” …… supported TRS…. yeah they got Ricky Vaugh for their trouble.

      ” ” ” …… suported Cantwell…. they got to be embarrassed for supporting a guy that cant stop drinking, while still is barely able to pay his bills.

      Shoved meth in his ass, admittedly.

      Intentionally sabotaged Heelturn, doing a huge amount of damage to a critical effort to establish funding for the Ram guys legal defense.

      And who has basically alienated everybody in this thing.

      Basically, Brad is the only guy I haven’t been utterly dissapointed in, and he isn’t getting then recognition he deserves because his platform is Southern Nationalism, something the East Coast, West Coast and Urbanite Neets in the Alt Right establishment find to be prosaic and banal.

    • Is supporting Yang what nationalists in Europe do?

      Well, Simon Lundgren of Nordfront/NRM supports Yang over the other options.
      Jobbik has voiced support for Yang.
      Golden Dawn, Estonian nationalists, Lithuanian nationalists, the White Finns, and numerous other groups have said they like him more than the others.

      So yes. Supporting Yang IS what European nationalists do.

      As for meme politics, Hungary seems to be doing pretty well on that front. Finland and Estonia have survived on a steady diet of meme politics since 1918.

      Just because you don’t like DS’s style doesn’t mean they’re wrong here – the whole point of DS is to emulate Streicher’s Der Sturmer, which was one of the most effective propaganda tools of the Right in the last 200 years.

  5. We nuked the wrong gooks. But its not too late to see if those over priced no bid Raytheon missiles even work!

  6. Imho, anything is better than what we have been doing. Infighting and 4D Chess is all we have had for over a year.

    I dont care which personality is supporting what anymore, im done giving money to anybody for anything until I see some progress someplace.

    Regarding Yang, I found it interesting that his angle on white issues was basically to sound an alarm bell to the leftoids in the audience, “Hey, whitey knows we took all his jobs and fed him opiates and sold his kids into debt slavery before they were born. If we dont appease whitey (remember he has all teh guns), then whitey will get us.”

    I mean its a start, and a noted improvement over the last generation of muh Reaganism wherein the left has been basically saying “Look, whitey is a shadow of his former self, kick him while he’s down and take his stuff!”.

    The reality of this policy though is that it is just that, a policy of appeasement until we can be disarmed and totally disenfranchised.

    • Are those supporting Yang hoping that his policies will act like a super-accelerant and burn the system down even faster? If that occurs, gov’t would quite possibly become a digital paper tiger that just sends out e-checks, while not paid attention to otherwise. There would ironically be more freedom under a system like that, even if it’s supposed to be one that’s more controlling. Big corporations might have their influence somewhat neutered if people had enough “fuck you, I’ll do what I want” money, too.

      • We’ve tried a progressive president and a conservative president. Neither worked out so my guess is the moderate president who offers free money might work in 2020

      • Literally the only reasons anybody in the Right supports Yang are because he’s running on giving out free money and that he is anti-robofactory.

        If you don’t believe in the system to begin with, surely it’s better for every White nationalist to be getting free money that could be put towards our stuff, right?

  7. I hope you all are supporting Yang as a temporary “Operation Chaos” tactic only. If not, let me emphasize the following points:
    1. President Trump is doing the best he can with 95% of the permanent government actively working against him.
    2. If Trump loses in 2020, there will only be (increasingly radical) Democratic Party governments for as long as the USA remains in its current form – due to mass migration, unrestrained voter fraud, and loss of free speech.
    3. If Trump wins in 2020, there is a good possibility that he will set the stage for the next conservative President, who will then actually start the reversal the rot.
    4. Since 2016 I have been reading about the Dissident Right members joining and eventually taking over the Republican Party, similar to what AOC and the “Justice Democrats” are doing in the Democratic Party. To date, this is all talk, no action. Why?

    • To date, QAnon has yet to be proven right.

      So why do you still support that nonsense?

      Go eat a chemtrail, you nutball.

    • “1. President Trump is doing the best he can with 95% of the permanent government actively working against him.” – He should quit hiring people that work against him and maybe fire the ones he has hired. Likewise, he has the power of the pulpit, the pardon, and the executive order(A tremendous amount of power resides here from decades of abuse). Which has he used to advance what he was elected to do?

  8. Iowa Rep Steve King was smaked down just for saying “western civilization”.Foxnews will not even give Steve King airtime.Non whites can talk about race.Media hostility toward Trump 2016 campaign,he was almost a white nationalist virtual signaling.

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